Architect | Educational Qualification

Architect | Educational Qualification

In order to obtain the skills and knowledge required to design, plan, and oversee a diverse range of projects, Architects are required to obtain extensive, specialized, formal education coupled with a requisite amount of Professional practice to obtain a license to practice Architecture similar to the requirements for other professionals. The requirements for practice vary from place to place. In India, an Architect is required to have completed a 5 year Bachelor of Architecture Course (B.Arch.) and be registered with the Council of Architecture in order to practise.


In India, Architecture is taught through diploma or degree courses in the different colleges/schools of Architecture throughout the country. The Architecture degree course (B.Arch.) is of a minimum period of 5 academic years or 10 semesters and includes 6 months or 1 semester of practical training in a Professional Architect’s office.


On completion of the graduate course, if interested, one can study Architecture at the post graduate level (M.Arch) which will be for a minimum period of 2 academic years or 4 semesters. Further specialization in this field can be in Industrial Design, Urban Design, Landscape Architecture, Town Planning/ Urban Planning, Environmental Planning, Building Engineering and Management, Transport Planning, etc. These courses are open to B.Arch. degree/diploma holders.


The candidate seeking admission in the Architecture course must have passed 10 +2 or equivalent higher secondary / pre-university examinations in the science group of any recognized University/Board with Mathematics as a subject of examination with at least 50% aggregate marks.
The candidate with a good academic background in physics and mathematics is better suited for the study of Architecture, as the work involves complex designing problems, building economies and cost estimations.



The National Institute of Advanced Studies in Architecture (NIASA), Pune, an Academic Unit of the Council of Architecture (COA), conducts a National Aptitude Test in Architecture (NATA) far admission to first year of 5-year Bachelor of Architecture (B.Arch) degree course for all Architectural Institutions in the country. It is mandatory for every Architectural Institution imparting 5-year B.Arch degree course in the country to join the NATA and to admit students on the basis of valid NATA marks. To know more about NATA, go

Candidates, who are not admitted on the basis of valid NATA marks, will not be considered for registration as an “Architect” under the Architects Act, 1972 with the COA irrespective of their obtaining a B.Arch degree. Registration as an “Architect” with the COA is mandatory for pursuing the profession of Architecture and employment in Central/State Governments Services in the country



An Architect is required to have knowledge in a vast variety of subjects so as to be able to grasp the requirements of any type of Client. A brief description of the subjects listed in the Architectural Course is given here:

  1. Architectural Drawing & Graphics
  2. Surveying & Levelling
  3. History of Architecture
  4. Structural Mechanics
  5. Principles of Human Settlements
  6. Estimating & Costing
  7. Workshop Practice for model making
  8. Building Construction
  9. Building Materials & Specifications
  10. Building Services
  11. Humanities
  12. Theory of Structures
  13. Town Planning
  14. Landscape Design
  15. Building Bye-laws

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19 Responses to “Architect | Educational Qualification”

  1. Ivan andrei says:

    All the information on how to get your dream house is there for you on this blog. Take a look and and you will find all that you need to know.
    Thank you Ivan Andrei for the appreciation. Please share in your circle.

  2. nitesh says:

    gud info on architecture
    Thank you Nitesh.

  3. bhumika jain says:

    really very innovative idea to make future come very creative and designfull

  4. sanjay pawar says:

    i am Sanjay Pawar 12th science pass with 42 %. Also completed architect assistance ship course. doing job in architect office since 12 can i give architect exam externally. Please help me about this.
    Hi Sanjay,
    Even though you have worked in an architect’s office, you will have to do an architectural course (either B.Arch or diploma in Architecture) to become an architect. You can refer to the Council of Architecture Admission guidelines for more information.

  5. nandu says:

    i am interested in ARCHITECTURE plz tel me the details and wt is the qualifications.
    Hi Nandu,
    The candidate seeking admission in the Architecture course (5-year Bachelor of Architecture (B.Arch) degree course) must have passed 12th in the science group with Mathematics as a subject, with at least 50% aggregate marks. He should have also passed the National Aptitude Test in Architecture (NATA) far admission to first year of architecture.

  6. sanjay says:

    Hello ! I am interested in architecture plz tel me which qualification required & 12th sci is required
    Hi Sanjay,
    The candidate seeking admission in the Architecture course (5-year Bachelor of Architecture (B.Arch) degree course) must have passed 12th in the science group with Mathematics as a subject, with at least 50% aggregate marks. He should have also passed the National Aptitude Test in Architecture (NATA) far admission to first year of architecture.

  7. pankaj sharma says:

    I have a talent to make models and buildings. but I doesn’t have the qualification that architecture need…I completing my 12th with commerce stream through nios
    Hi Pankaj Sharma,
    Use your talent to make models for architects. Nowadays, there are lot of requests for models from clients, So if your models are reasonably priced, you could get work from many architects.

  8. Aishwarya shetty says:

    I am intersted in doing architecture after 12th as I am good in preparing models I have taken science stream but this year I can complete only four subjects physics,maths,computer-science,english according to nios rules so I really wanted to know that can I seek admission on the basis of this four subjects then I would give next year chemistry is it possible?is there any college in india?plz help me…
    Hi Aishwarya,
    You will have to contact the Council of Architecture and find out if you are eligible. The COA is in the process of amending their guidelines and criteria for the Architecture course. So I cannot comment. Best of luck!

  9. rajakosuri says:

    i am complited diploma civil engineering but i am interested on architectural disining can i qlifid to do b.arch?
    Hi Rajakosuri,
    To apply for B.Arch. you must “have passed with an aggregate of 50% in a 10+2 scheme of SSCE with maths as a subject or must have passed after 11 years schooling, the Higher Secondary/pre-university/pre-engineering or equivalent examinations in the Science group of any recongnized University or Board with English, Physics, Chemistry and Mathematics as compulsory subjects. Also, you must clear the NATA aptitude test before you join a college. I believe, that having a civil engineering degree does not give you a shortcut.

  10. Priyal says:

    Hi i m greatly interestd to become an architect.i read the qualifications u had written. I understood it. So i m in 10th n almost passed. I m going to take commerce. So wht is the level of exams fr bcoming architect. If suppose I fail thn will i get second chance?
    Hi Priyal,
    If you want to do architecture, you need to take up the science stream in 10+2 with mathematics as a subject. Then you need to give a NATA exam.

  11. G. SHUBHAM says:

    hello i am shubham i have compleated my qualification till 12 standed i am intrested in architecture so what qualification is needed to do architecture and what would be the salory for 0 year experiance and witch degree college is needed for architecture please give me advice
    Hi Shubham,
    I hope you have taken up science with amths as a subject in your 12th. Only then you will be eligible. For more information on the Architecture course in India, go to my link. Salaries are not very high, but you always have the option of starting on your own and it is a creative and satisfying field.

  12. bruvi says:

    hii!! I m 1n 10th right now and I have opt for science stream.I wann ask that is drawing important very much in architecture? can i become architect by giving nata and doing b.arch course…?
    Hi Bruvi,
    You can become an architect after giving the NATA exam since you have opted for the science stream. Drawing is not really important though it helps to be able to sketch to explain your ideas. But you should be able to imagine spaces.

  13. Kunal Patil says:

    Hello I am Kunal I complete my 12th science in 2011 thane i do Architecture Draftsman in ITI 2 years now i am working in Architect Company.I wont to do B.Arch so tell me Can i do B.Arch But i was pass 12th in 2011 in NIOS so its is ok to take admission to B.Arch? They Have ane age le-met to do B.Arch?
    Hi Kunal,
    According to my knowledge there is no age limit for joining B.Arch. Since you have done 12th, you are elligible to apply for B.Arch. after giving NATA exam.

  14. shreya says:

    if i wish to get admission in architecture but without giving any competitive exam- can i?
    Hi Shreya,
    No you cannot.

  15. king master says:

    Hi I’m raj i have completed my qualification till BE civil engg but i interests in architect so can i qualified to do b.arch / m.arch?
    Hi King master,
    Yes you can try for B.Arch, after giving the NATA exam.

  16. karthick says:

    Right now I’m in class10 I wanted to become an architect, can you suggest me the best subject in intermidiate?
    Hi Karthick,
    You have to take science and maths.

  17. Janvi shah says:

    i have taken science stream for xi & Xii and wish to go for architecture by giving nata. Should i give jee mains paper ii for this field?
    Hi Janvi,
    If you are planning on joining IIT, then you will have to give the Jee entrance exam and NATA also.

  18. UDIT AGRAWAL says:

    I am student of commerce with maths ,I pass 12th board exam in 2015.
    I want to become an architecture ,can i able to do barch cource.
    Hi Udit,
    Though you have done maths, knowledge of physic and chemistry to a small extent is necessary for doing the architecture course. So I do not think you are elligible. But you could contact the COA directly.

  19. Madhu says:

    I am interested in architecture. Now, I’m studying diploma CE. So, i need u to tell me how can I get into architecture course?
    Hi Madhu,
    You could read more about it in my site on Architectural Education in India or on the CoA website.

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