Architectural Institutions In India

As of 2016, there are about 484 institutions in India, imparting undergraduate degree course in Architecture. The standards of Education being imparted in these institutions is governed by Council of Architecture Regulations, 1983, which set forth the requirement of eligibility for admission, course duration, standards of staff and accommodation, course content, examination.


These standards as provided in the Minimum Standards of Architectural Education Regulations, are required to be maintained by the Institutions. The Council of Architecture oversees the maintenance of the standards periodically by way of conducting inspections through Committees of Experts and keeps the Central Government informed of the standards being maintained by the institutions. The Council is also empowered to make recommendations to the Government of India with regard to recognition and de-recognition of a qualification.

Here is a list of Architectural Institutions in India as on 1st January, 2016, with the Institutional Code, the name of the University affiliated to, the Year of Commencement and the Intake of students.

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    I feel you have an excellent site and full of very useful information for applicants and parents. It is a bit out of date as there are now 328 schools. I am not sure how you can expand your members on the site?

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