Vastu Guidelines For Living Room | An Architect Explains

Vastu Guidelines For Living Room | An Architect Explains

The Living Room is the front room where guests are entertained, once they enter the house. This is the room where they make their first impression. Members of a family also sit around, and have their daily discussions here. In a way, the living room is the heart of a home. The Living Room is accessed through Main Entrance Door.


A living room with a beautifulview

Here I have explained the Vastu Guidelines for a Living room. Since Vastu is a science, every guideline is based on logic and reasoning. As an Architect, I have attempted to explain these guidelines rationally and scientifically, so that you can decide what you want to follow and what you don’t, instead of blindly following them.


Since the Living room should be near the entrance, the  location of a Living room is based on the direction a house faces:

In a North facing site: The Living room can be in the North-East.
In a West facing site: The Living room can be in the North-West.
In a South facing site: One can have a South-East Living room.
A living room can also, be in the Central East, central West, central North or central South of a house.


Sofas should be placed against the walls


Sofa sets should be placed against the South and West walls: If there is no other choice, then place them against the East walls. The Reason – It is best to have big window openings on the North and East walls as they allow theconstant North light and the morning East light into the house. So it is better not to obstruct these windows with furniture.

Avoid a cluttered sofa arrangement and allow free movement:The Reason It is obvious that a cluttered arrangement will not allow free movement and creates tension in our ordered minds.

Avoid furniture near sharp corners of columns:The Reason – These sharp edges can be dangerous when moving around and can cause damage to the furniture when moved against them. Hence it is better to camouflage them by placing something in front of them, like indoor plants.

Water fountain/Aquarium should be in the North: A small, wall/floor or tabletop mounted water fountain that runs throughout the day, and made of natural materials like copper, stone, glass, clay, stainless steel, bamboo, etc., or a Fish Aquarium is recommended. The Reason – The soft and soothing sound of falling water in a fountain is pleasing to the ear. Also, watching fish is a very relaxing pastime. This helps in better interaction between the family members and guests as the aquarium becomes a talking point.

Watch TV, facing East or North: The Reason – Since one tends to sit in front of the T.V. for long hours, it makes sense to sit facing North or East, as will be inadvertently exposed to the suns rays, entering from the North or East windows.

Air conditioners should be placed on West walls:The Reason – Since the Sun is in the West in the evenings, the West wall tends to get heated up by evening and during the night, hence it is logical to have Air coolers or air conditioners that release cool air on this side.

Fireplaces should be in the South-East or North-West: since South-East represents Agni (Fire). But avoid the North-East and South-West corners since North-East represents Water. The Reason – The North-East corner is reserved for windows to allow the sun’s rays into the house, so blocking it with a fireplace defeats the purpose.

Avoid exposed beams: As a rule avoid sitting under a beam as it excites your stress zone and disturbs your rational judgment in matters of importance. The balance can be partly restored by concealing beams with the help of a false ceiling. The Reason – When sitting in a room with an exposed beam, your peripheral eye vision is constantly disturbed as the ceiling is not uniform and the beam is projecting out. It is just like the feeling of irritation you get with a small speck of dirt on a clean surface. So it is better to conceal the beam.


A fire place is a nice addition to the living room


Paintings have a profound effect on the home or workplace. They can either create an active ambience or have a negative impact. Paintings evoke strong sentiments or ‘rasas’ in us. The positive sentiments are “seductive” induced by beauty, “comic” and “peaceful or meditative”. So images that are uplifting, positive, harmonious  and calming should be hung throughout the house.

The negative sentiments like “anger”, “fear”, “repulsion”, arousing pity, contempt etc  should be avoided. As a rule, avoid paintings that depict death, violence, negative aspects of life, fearful scenes, battles, wounded animals and gore. The Reason – Negative images can remain in our sub-conscious mind causing some negativity in us.

In vastu, certain pictures should be hung  in specific directions. For example:

The North Wall can have paintings/pictures of water bodies to stimulate the positive aspect of the primary element water. It can also have pictires of wealth.
The East wall can have a painting or picture of the rising sun— the beginning of the dawn of a day. The East wall can also have pictures of flowers and fruits.
The South and West walls can have innovative paintings of a gentle elephant herd, high rise mountains with heavy plant life and similar pictures or paintings that denote strength.


Colour of the Living room walls: should be white, yellow, green, or blue, never red or black. The Reason – The Living room is engulfed with light from the north and East sides and if it is painted in light colours, the room will be bright and appear large also.


The living room should be in light shades

This post was about the Vastu guidelines for the design of a Living Room. The Living room leads into the next spaces namely the Dining Room and the Pooja Room. Read about the Vastu guidelines for the design of these spaces here:
The Vastu Guidelines are very similar to the guidelines used by modern Architects in designing a house. To read about an Architect’s guidelines on the Design of a Living Room, go to: Designing A Living Room
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19 Responses to “Vastu Guidelines For Living Room | An Architect Explains”

  1. Gauri says:

    What about the location of the living room for the east facing house?

    What concerns me is: in my case I plan to locate the main door on the left side of the central imaginary line drawn in the E to W direction. If I plan to have the door opening inside and clockwise, I think, I would be forced to use the South central location. But I would prefer to have the living room in the central NE location.
    Hi Gauri,
    I think you are confused. The way I see it, you need to stand outside your East facing site. Draw a central imaginary line from East to west and place your main door on the ‘right’ side, that is in the NE quadrant and open it clockwise. It will take care of all the vastu principles.

  2. Prathima says:

    My living room has 2 huge paintings (each 4 feet x 3 feet) hand painted by my husband.
    One is the picture of a teenage french boy and a half naked girl with transparent clothes swinging on a swing in a garden.
    Other is the picture of a teenage guy riding on a horse trying to lift a teenage girl (again with transparent clothes).
    We are into interior decoration business for the past 15 years. But we have very very less business. and into lot of financial problems for the past many years.. We have hung these paintings on the walls of the sitting room for the past 13 years. Should i shift these paintings to the bedroom. Please advise.
    Hi Prathima,
    These paintings, I assume cannot be called ‘nudes’. I feel if they are aesthetic, you should leave them in the living room as they are interesting for conversation. But if you feel that they may make some visitors uncomfortable because of the ‘nudity’, then shift them to the bedrooms.
    Interior decoration businesses have so much of competition- you cannot blame the paintings for that. You have to shift your focus on the best ways to market your business.

  3. Connie Nirmaier says:

    Very informational. Thanks.
    Thank you Connie for your appreciation.

  4. Payal Mishra says:

    Thank you so much for sharing this. Very helpful :.
    Thank you Payal for taking the time to leave an appreciative note.

  5. mary kumar says:

    hi, recently v changed our building colour to orange red. and the living room is one side pink and the other with light green mix now recently my husband not well. we changed all colours according to vaastu. now I want a suggestion from u. which wud be the best colour for the living room.
    Hi mary kumar,
    I would suggest you use light colours like off-whites, beige, pale green or yellow. You can read more about it in my post vastu colours for rooms of a house or in choose the right vastu colours for your house.

  6. shagun rana says:

    i have sofa covers of brown and golden colour and having elephant print who is carrying doli of a girl on his back . its good for us and our business ? plz help
    Hi Shagun,
    You cannot look at sofa cover designs or colours to decide the fate of your business

  7. pooja says:

    i would like to hang a horse painting in my living room, but want to know few things before doing it:
    1, On which wall shall i hang (Direction)?
    2, How many Horses should be there on the painting?
    3, In which Direction the Horses shall face?
    4, Horse colour shall be White, Black or Brown??

    Please clear my doubts because i have heard that it is very good for
    the peaceful and prosperous atmosphere of vastu.
    Hi Pooja,
    I do not know about the finer details about horse paintings in vastu shastra. But I believe that galloping horses and white ones are the best. It is preferable to hang them on the North wall.

  8. srinivasarao says:

    My house is west facing,once enter the house ,southwest living room,north west bed room,south east kitchen room,north east children room,and north east extend and road view is there north east,is it preferable?
    HI Srinivasa Rao,
    As long as gthere is enough light and ventilation in the house in all rooms, it is oky.

  9. kavya says:

    Hi sir
    I would like to ask a small question.Recently we have booked a flat which is north facing, but my husband modified to west facing and their booking note was like this “West facing conversion required for north entrance apartment”.
    so i am confusing whether west facing is good or not ?
    Please reply as early as possible
    HI Kavya,
    A north facing apartment is preferred to a West facing ones for those who follow Vastu. But there must be some reason why your husband chose to have the door on the west. If the benefits of having a west facing door outweigh the original north option, then go for it.

  10. Somya says:

    We are renovating the living room now, it has started. Can you please tell me how should the ceiling be according to vastu.
    And any preferable colors? In our other 2 bedrooms we have got the modern tray done.
    Thank you.
    Hi Somya,
    The ideal colour for a ceiling is white and it’s shades, like cream, ivory etc.

  11. shital says:

    Hello Sir,
    We are extending our 2 room house in a 2BHK ground floor home. It’s a South facing plot. So, if I am standing facing South and in the middle then, our living room will be on my right, kitchen on left and both bedroom at back. Also, there will be toilet bathroom between kitchen and left bedroom.
    Here, entrance to the house will be from South adjacent to Kitchen wall and our pooja room is coming adjacent to toilet and in the kitchen i.e. at North east corner of kitchen. I need your advice on this structure.
    Hi Shital,
    Most of the room positions are according to vastu. But are you extending upwards or on the ground floor? I cannot comment unless I know the position of the proposed rooms.

  12. Pravin says:

    What should be the colour of North facing wall.What kind of wallpaper colour on can choose for northfacing wall.please share your answer .
    Hi Pravin,
    You could go through my post on choosing the right vastu colours

  13. RATNA GHOSH says:

    My flat is west facing, once enter the house, south west living room,south east master bed room, north east kitchen room, north west dinning room and north east extend and road view to the west is there, is it preferable?
    Hi Ratna Ghosh,
    Most of it is okay considering that it is a west facing site. The only point is that the NE kitchen is not preferred by many, though I must say that in Kerala, the kitchens are usually in the NE. So it should be okay, but you must be convinced.

  14. manoj.shirodkar says:

    very helpful, & clearing doubts.
    Hi Manoj,
    Thank you for the appreciation.

  15. Sujatha says:

    Hi..its been very helpful info abt vasthu etc of all rooms..thanq very much..Ive got one query..i have 3 bhk..where the main door(placed in south east corner of the flat… entering towards north) is the DIRECT entrance into the living room. To give a little privacy and make sound proof to the living room..I want to place a roof to floor divider(with pvc sliding glass doors) leaving an entryway kind.. of 3-4 feet frm the main door entrance wall. So another door would be coming in front of the original door to enter into the hall it ok to cross one main door and enter another door to enter the hall..any restrictions on the number of doors and windows present in the flat?
    Hi Sujatha,
    You can have the other door if you want to make it sound proof. But in placing it, make sure that the space does not get cramped.

  16. Shilpa says:

    My tv set is on south wall and we watch tv facing south dirrction will that create any problem
    Hi Shilpa,
    It is not ideal since you will be sitting for long hours facing south. Think of shifting the TV elsewhere.

  17. C. Siva says:

    Hello, very nice practical explanation for vasthu principles. Clear my doubt also. Can south west corner be airy and almost like open space. Expecting your valuable suggestions.
    Hi Siva,
    SW should be closed and ideally have thick walls as it gets hot due to the strong sun rays from the South and West.

  18. RG says:

    Hi. We live in a north facing apartment. My living room, and two bedrooms (which are in the same line as living room) all have large windows opening in the east/ south east. Living room opens into a balcony which is east facing. Two bedrooms are one is kids bedroom and other guest room both have large windows opening in east/ south east. My kitchen is north west and master bedroom south west, toliets mid of west and north west. We get too much Sun all through the years due to this large amount of east exposure. Is this good placement as per vastu? There is a little anger around my place and family gets irate very easily. Is this because of the over exposure to sun rays/ east? Please advise if there is any vastu correction possible to make my family little calmer.
    Hi RG,
    I do not know of the anger spikes that ‘too much Sun’ can cause. But since you believe this is the cause, go in for curtains or blinds, preferably dark ones, and keep them down in the mornings in the east facing rooms. With blinds you can control the amount of light that enters.

  19. Bharat says:

    Firstly – God Bless You! Your website, the presentation and the Font, it all, exudes some energy which, I am very attracted to! Thank you!
    I have been blessed with lot of money, prosperity and happiness throughout my life and married life. Other than hard work(smart work) I do follow Vaastu and Feng Shui. However, my money flow has never accumulated. It comes when we need it most and thereafter it just keeps the candle burning. Nothing extra. I AM NOT greedy and I just am keen on giving my WIFE (very nice lady – married for 30 years!) a more than a just average financial comfort. I am more keen on working and then earning money through that and giving it to my wife. That will give me immense satisfaction – more than winning a billion dollars in lottery!
    my DOB is 13/11/61 if that helps. My temple faces south west (I do puja facing east) and my house entrance also faces SW. Would you be so kind to help, please! Thank you kindly!
    Hi Bharat,
    Thank you for your appreciation. Dont worry about the vastu aspects of your life. Your approach to life is right according to me. So best to remain the way you are. There is no need for any change.

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