Vastu Guidelines For Kitchens | An Architect Explains

Vastu Guidelines For Kitchens | An Architect Explains

The Kitchen which is usually adjacent to the Dining room, is an extremely important part of the house, where healthy food for the family is prepared and cooked.  In ancient times, many activities like cooking, washing of utensils and preparation of food were done outside. Hence Vastu guidelines were primarily based on the Sun and the main wind directions. However today, the Kitchen has become a compact, efficient, safe and easy place to work in and so the planning is different. Yet, some of the vastu principles still hold good.

small-apartment-kitchen-432To ensure that the flow of cosmic energy through the house is not affected by the improper positioning of the kitchen, Vastu Shastra lays down guidelines on it’s position, the positions of the fixtures, hob, sink, refrigerator, doors, windows etc. Here, I have explained the Vastu Guidelines for a Kitchen. Since Vastu is a science, there is logic and reasoning behind every guideline. As an Architect, I have attempted to explain these guidelines rationally and scientifically, so that you can decide what you want to follow and what you don’t.


South-East or North-West: The Scientific Reason – In earlier times, when the cooking was done on open stoves outside the house and combustible building materials were prone to catch fire, the cooking fire was preferred in the S-E corner or the N-W corner, where the hot summer wind, blowing from the S-W to the N-E direction could not cause damage by carrying sparks.

Avoid the Kitchen in the North-East : The Scientific Reason – Since the constant, morning sunlight enters from the North and East sides, these areas are reserved for a Meditation room and a Living hall from which all other spaces open. Hence it is a waste to have a Kitchen here.


A kitchen should be lit with the morning sunlight


The door to the Kitchen should be in the North, East or North-East: The Logic – In a South-East kitchen, it makes sense to have an L-Shaped counter on the South and East walls for efficient use of space. Therefore, the entrance can be only from the North or West walls. Since the Living and Dining areas are in the Northern part of the house, it is natural that the door to the Kitchen should be from the North side.

The door should open clockwise: The LogicMost of the population being right handed, it is easier to open the door in a clockwise direction when entering into the Kitchen.

The larger windows should be in the East: The Scientific Reason – The early morning sunrays are very beneficial to health and the UV rays of the sunlight kill germs. Hence the morning sunlight should be allowed into the house, especially in the Kitchen where germs thrive and multiply. Moreover, the sunlight is good for the health of the person who is busy in the kitchen in the mornings and doesn’t have the time to go out and get exposed.

Additional smaller windows can be in the South, for cross-ventilation: The Scientific ReasonIn a Kitchen, where there is a lot of cooking fumes and odours, cross ventilation will ensure that the hot air and fumes exit out of the house and are replaced with fresh cool air from outside.


The windows in a kitchen should preferably be in the East


The cooking stove should be in the South-East corner of the Kitchen: The Logic – In a South-East kitchen, it makes sense to have counters running on the South and East walls, for proper and efficient use of the space. Naturally the S-E corner becomes suitable for the main kitchen appliance, namely the Stove,  as the rest of the counter space can be used for preparing and cleaning food to be cooked.

One should cook facing East: The Scientific Reason – Since the women get tied down with kitchen chores from early morning, they don’t get a chance to get exposed to the useful morning sunrays. So the best solution, was to force the women to cook facing East so that they would benefit from the sunlight falling on them.

The cooking stove should not be visible from the outside: The Logic – One feels uncomfortable to cook if people can see form outside.  Hence a little privacy helps.


The kitchen sink


The Kitchen sink should be in the North-East: The Scientific Reason – In earlier days, when there was no running water and water for washing purposes was stored in open vessels, it was preferred in the N-E corner where the morning UV rays would kill the germs and keep the water and the whole area purified.

The Kitchen sink and cooking stove should not be close to each other: The Logic being fire and water do not go together.

Avoid water taps in the corners of 2 counters: There should be no leaking taps in the kitchen. The Logic – It is quite difficult to wash if the sink is in the corner of two counters, as you tend to lean uncomfortably forward. Leaking taps just waste water.


Drinking water should be stored in the North-East of the Kitchen: The Scientific Reason – When water is to be stored, it is better to have it in the N-E corner where the morning UV rays can kill the germs and keep the water purified and clean for consumption. 

kitchen appliances 11

All the kitchen appliances should be kept along the walls


The refrigerator should be in the North-West or South-West  corner of the Kitchen: The Logic – Since the counters are fixed on the South and East walls of a S-E kitchen, the corners available for appliances like a refrigerator, are the N-W or the S-W corners.

The microwave should be in the South-East corner of the Kitchen: The Logic – A microwave just like a cooking stove is used for cooking food and so can be placed next to the stove in the South-East corner.

The exhaust fans should be in the East walls: The Logic – Since the cooking is done in the S-E corner, while facing East, it is obvious that the exhaust fan or chimney should be placed here.


Avoid overhead storage above the cooking stove: But it is useful to have overhead storage in the rest of the areas. The Logic – The space above the stove should be left open or fitted with an exhaust system (like a chimney) for the fumes to dissipate. Otherwise there is the likelihood of the overhead cupboard catching fire. Also cleaning the cupboard, shelf etc will be quite difficult as it will be covered with oil and grease.


Ideally, there should be a dining table in the kitchen


The Kitchen is the best place for the daily meals: The Logic – In earlier days, the lady of the house first served the meal to the rest of the family before eating herself and so it was convenient for her to make hot food and serve it right there instead of making it before hand and then transferring it all to the Dining room. Moreover, there is a charm in watching the lady cook the food right in front of you. The anticipation of the food makes it taste better and worth the wait.

The dining table should be in the North-West and not in the centre of the Kitchen: The Logic – If the Dining table is placed in the kitchen, it is best to keep it in a free corner, where there is less activity and the ideal place for that in a S-E kitchen, is the North-West corner. If it is placed in the centre of the room, it will be an obstruction in movement and the efficient use of the kitchen.


The colour of the Kitchen walls: It is good to have a lot of green colour in the kitchen. For example green granite for flooring or green pictures, as this helps improve the appetite of the family members, Other suitable colours are soft pink and orange. The Logic – Studies have found that the color of a food can greatly affect how its taste is perceived. Some colours are thought to be stimulating, like the bright yellows and oranges at fast-food outlets that are intended to make you eat more, while others are thought to be soothing, like the greens of a rainforest.

This post was about the Vastu guidelines for the design of a Kitchen. The Kitchen leads to the next spaces namely the Store Room, the Kitchen Garden and sometimes the back Gate. Read the Vastu guidelines for the design of these spaces here:
The Vastu Guidelines are very similar to the guidelines used by modern Architects in designing a house. To read about an Architect’s guidelines on the Design of a Kitchen, go to:
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152 Responses to “Vastu Guidelines For Kitchens | An Architect Explains”

  1. athu says:

    in our new flat (facing east) have the kitchen in middle west, not proper south west. kitchen slab is in north west and stove west side, that is cooking face to west side and that side one door and window also (west). and washing area in north. please tell me is it okay.
    Hi Athu,
    It is okay.

  2. shivakumar says:

    if i use black coloured beautiful tiles in my kitchen then will there be a problem? I liked the black tiles…they were excellent but my friend said black is inauspicious which I cannot believe as even shivalinga is black n shaligram is black and brings good luck….please reply
    Hi Shivakumar,
    Just remember that black tiles on a floor can make the space look very small. Moreover, you will never know how dirty they have become. Black floor also attracts mosquitoes.

  3. Nicky says:

    I know the direction of the house but I would like to know how to check the direction for rest of the house? Do I stand ant the entrance and start checking direction for kitchen and living room or do I go in the center of the home facing the direction of the home and then calculate kitchen directio?
    Hi Nicky,
    The right way of checking the directions is to draw a rough plan of the house with the site. Then place the cardinal directions on the edges of the plan. Then divide the site into four quadrants. Now check which quadrant the kitchen falls into.

  4. sanasithara says:

    informative, thank you
    Hi Sanasithara,
    Thank you for the appreciation

  5. Naveen says:

    Hi, I’m planning to buy house in which Kitchen and dinning hall are 2 steps down than Hall or bedrooms, what will be impact of this. Kitchen is in SouthEast direction. Site is South facing, main door is East facing.
    Hi Naveen,
    No harm in having 2 steps down. But be aware that you may tend to trip. Its not ideal for elderly persons. It is always best to have a level floor without any level differences.

  6. Kailash says:

    My kitchen is located in SE direction . Kitchen platform is black . Any issues ?? If any problem then what is the remedy without ? I do not want to break it. Kailash
    Hi Kailash,
    There is no problem and no remedy required.

  7. atul says:

    Our house kitchen is in the north east advice solution
    Hi Atul,
    Keep the kitchen counter with cooking hob in the east. You can have the sink in the N or NE.

  8. Avinash says:

    What are the solutions if my kitchen is placed in North East direction? However while cooking we face East and outside. Is it ok?
    Hi Avinash,
    Yes it is okay.

  9. Thirusangu says:

    This is very intersting.
    Hi Thirusangu,
    Glad you found this info interestin.

  10. sunita says:

    Can kitchen be made on same place where previously toilet was there. Because of place constrain new kitchen has to be made where previously toilet was there. Suggest remedy By which new kitchen can be made where tiolet used to be
    Hi Sunitha,
    If by planning a kitchen in the place of the old toilet helps the overall layout of your house to be more efficient, then go ahead. But make sure you pull out all the tiles and sanitary fitting in the floor and water-proof and seal it well.

  11. Seema says:

    I want to make little bit isolated place for madir in our house. However our house has many doors, mainly near kitchen. So I am planning to break the washbasin and build a proper pooja room at that place.
    Will it be good.. ? our house structure is something like below
    Main entrance – North
    Living room – North West of entire flat
    current wash basin is adjacent to kitchen in between kitchen and bathroom kitchen – North ( west) – inside part of flat (adjacent to living room toward east)
    bathroom is some what in center to north wall, in between kitchen and bedroom.
    Study room – South
    Bedroom – East side
    Suggestions will be appreciated.
    Hi Seema,
    In an apartment, you cannot expect to get the ideal position. You need to figure out a practical, usable space for the pooja room. So I guess the position suggested by you is the best.

  12. kumar vivek says:

    My open kitchen entrance is from east side 6ft wide and length of kitchen is 7.5 ft. slab is L shape in west and north wall. Sink is in SW. South wall is free. where should i cook west or north or What best modification u may suggest for re modeling of cooking n sink location in existing space.
    Hi Kumar,
    You can face both west and North, though the latter is preferred. Not much modification can be done.

  13. paramesh says:

    Dear sir,
    I purchased flat in that kitchen position is in south east corner, kitchen two sides east and south side two balcony are there because of place constraint i want to add one balcony to kitchen which side balcony good vastu for adding to kitchen.
    Please suggest me
    Hi Paramesh,
    Practically speaking, it all depends on the internal layout of your Kitchen. Because a door has to be provided to the balcony from the kitchen and this will eat into some of the counter space. But form a Vastu point of view, it is better you have the balcony in the South, as it will provide some shade and prevent the direct, harsh sunlight into the kitchen.

  14. Shrilata says:

    Dear Sir,
    we have taken a flat where there is small wash area at south east corner. adjacent to to that we have Kitchen. we have kept the washing machine in that wash area. the wash area is open to sky. Could you please suggest , 1. is that ok as per Vastu to have wash area.
    2. if not what is the remedy.
    3, can we use washing machine in that direct.
    4. could you suggest any other area for washing machine.
    5. AS that wash area is open to sky so shall we close and use that as kitch , having the washing machine on the same place.
    Thank you.
    Hi Shrilata,
    A wash area and an adjacent kitchen in the SE corner is ideal. But keeping a washing machine in the open is not at all a good idea. If your flat assocition permits you to cover the wash area, then go for it. But make sure that there is ample light to your kitchen before this is done.

  15. Nishu says:

    Hey there,
    what if I build the kitchen in the north east direction of my house is there any problem.
    HI there,
    In kerala kitchens are preferred in the NE corner. So there is nothing to fear.

  16. Sandeep says:

    HI ,
    I am staying in a North-East corner House. However, the bathroom sitting facing is towards south direction.Is this is the correct position. if it is not correct.kindly provide an Remedy for this.
    Hi Sandeep,
    Its not advisable to sit facing south, especially for long periods. But you will not sit in this position for long in a bathroom, so it’s okay.

  17. Priyanka says:

    Builder has placed our cooking hob in south n sink in west. We are changing the position of hob n bringing it to east.but this ll make hob n sink opposite to each that OK..cos they say hob n sink should not be very close to each other.
    Hi Priyanka,
    From what you have described, they will not be close to each other, but instead will be opposite to each other, which is okay.

  18. Rachna Khandelwal says:

    I want to know which color and material will be suitable for flooring and shelf of kitchen
    Hi Rachna,
    Ideally use light colours. You can see the dirt and ensure that it is cleaned and hygienic. Also light colours are a good background to see the utensils and stored items.

  19. joyita says:

    We are buying a house that has the kitchen in the south west quadrant where do you suggest should we place the gas and sink.Also just above the kitchen we have the master bedroom is that a problem.Our house is West facing and slightly extended on the west side of the southwest corner is that a problem .Can you suggest some recommendation if there is problem.
    Hi Joyita,
    Place the gas facing East or North as is convenient. The sink can be a little away from the gas, ideally facing any direction other than South.

  20. sudheer says:

    I need images of slanting open kitchen platform for having breakfast on it sitting on seats.This platform should be in between kitchen and dining hall.
    Hi Sudheer,
    I do not understand the meaning of ‘slanting’ platform.

  21. silvia dsilva says:

    I need vastu advise on the following:
    1. kitchen in the east, entrance west, window, balcony, sink on east wall. Where to place stove n fridge.
    2. 2nd bathroom door faces master bedroom door.
    3. Master bedroom door opens near the feet of the bed which is on the north wall.
    4. Master bedroom bed faces attached toilet.
    Please help with remedies.
    Thank you.
    Hi Silvia D’silva,

    Hi Silvia,
    Place the stove on the east wall away from the sink.Try to change the position of the bed so that your head position is either East or west but not North.

  22. D R JAGTAP says:

    Dear sir, we have north facing middle row house. Kitchen is of 7 shape of two sides: North East.North facing . Sink is in north west wall. while cooking we face North disha. Is it OK?
    Secondly, because of cooking otta 7 shape we placed our God in East wall facing West where 7 shape otta get finished. Please suggest whether it is good place for God? please suggest? In Eshanya cornor gas top and cylinder is there
    Hi Jagtap,
    Your position of pooja and the direction you face while cooking are all fine. You need not bother so much about the minute details like cooking gas in the NE etc

  23. Arka says:

    Hi ! In my house, the kitchen is in the west,sink on the north,stove in the west. Bt there is an additional room there in the nw corner. There is a stove for wood in nw corner. Nw, is it ok or i hv to change it ?
    Hi Arka,
    The additional wooden stove is okay as it is. But if you have space to make some changes, then have a stove either facing East or North.

  24. Amit Agarwal says:

    I have Aries sun sign and my wife is scorpion sign, we have white kitchen top, whether it is ok as per vastu. we are running a school, at campus its northeast side has a pit, whether it is ok as per vastu.
    Hi Amit,
    If one starts to think of sun signs, names, dates and times of birth of each and every family member in applying vastu, it will be impossible to find an ideal house on this earth. So take it easy and do not go into too many details as it can affect you psychologically.

  25. Vandana says:

    My kitchen is at North side in the middle of the living room and bedroom. Washroom is at the South East corner of the flat. Kindly suggest the remedy.
    Hi Vandana,
    Why do you need a remedy? Be happy with what you have.

  26. lima says:

    Hello sir
    Our proposed kitchen is in the north west. The stove in the north and the zink in the west. Is it okay
    Hi Lima,
    The NW is the second best position for a kitchen (after SE corner) according to vastu. So what you have is okay.

  27. Desai says:

    I have recently bought a flat with entrance from east. My kitchen will be a little off Center of the house facing west with Windows on the west wall. Kindly advise if it is ok to have he stove facing west so that the Windows can help in ventilation. Also is it ok to have the refrigerator in the Center of the house facing north.
    Hi Desai,
    Yeah it is okay if the stove is facing west towards the windows as there will be good ventilation.

  28. Ashish says:

    I am staying in a rented gnd floor house which is north facing and west facing corner plot with roads on the north and west side of the plot.
    the Kitchen is in the S-W corner and the master bedroom adjacent to it in the SSW. The Kitchen has windows on the west wall and entrance to kitchen is on NE from dining room. The counters are on the east, south and west walls. Sink is on the west.
    Request advise how to place the gas stove and provide remedy.
    Hi Ashish,
    Place the stove on the East counter.

  29. Rohan Dighe says:

    We have a 1 bed room apartment in dubai and we would like to consult with you on the position and direction of the wooden mandir. Placing mandir in the living room is not feasible, thus the only option is either in the bedroom on the south west wall where the idols will facing north east and we will be facing the south west while performing puja. Or the other option is in the passage on the west wall facing where the mandir will be facing east (we will be facing west while performing puja) Please let me know if you have contact number where you can be reached.
    Thanks and Regards,
    Hi Rohan,
    Both are not great options. Look for some place in the kitchen.

  30. Latha says:

    In our new flat,the hob & chimney are fitted on the west side platform and sink on east side platform. Is it okay? I read that one should not face west while cooking. Please give me a remedy. Thank u.
    Hi Latha,
    According to me, it does not matter. It is advantageous to face cooking East only if there is a window on the eastern wall.

  31. Sir mere house main kitchen ke bagal me puja ghar hai kya yah uchit hai.
    Hi Niraj,
    A kitchen near the pooja ghar is okay.

  32. kuldeep says:

    there are two doors of kitchen entrance from west side from drawing room and to go outer yard one door is on north east side in front of entrance door.Gas stove is at the front of entrance but elder mom of the house don’t want to keep gas stove on second shelf if i will keep gas stove on that shelf then while cooking face will be south side but now its back to southside/east side while cooking.colour of tiles is white and floor colour is wooden /orange shade tiles. I have two big losses ONE IS father in law and second is my husband.
    I have two kids son and daughter,I want all peace and happiness for my family members i cannot make many changes but pls suggest little remedies that I can do personally.
    Hi Kuldeep,
    Cook facing east. the colours are okay. But make a few changes in your life by de-cluttering your home. Get rid of any stuff that you have not used in the past couple of years. Keep the house tidy. Rearrange the furniture in such a way that there is smooth movement from room to room. Along with these changes, change your mindset and start thinking positive. All this will bring improvements in your life. God bless.

  33. KS Jayaraj says:

    Dear Sir,
    Is it advisable a kitchen in south-east corner in Kerala.
    Hi KS Jayaraj,
    All over India, the most preferred position for a Kitchen is the SE corner. So do not hesitate.

  34. Krishun Rau says:

    Can I have green cabinets in the kitchen as the house am painting combination as green and white paint.
    Hi Krishun Rau,
    You can have them. If it is your preference, go ahead. Only make sure they are a lighter shade.

  35. Vinod chaudhary says:

    Hello my kitchen is in South east corner. Stove is in south and facing south while cooking , is it OK or any vastu problem. Please guide me.thanks
    Hi Vinod,
    It is better to shift the cooking stove to an East counter.

  36. Vandana Aggarwal says:

    My inquiry is regarding black coloured gas stove & black coloured utensils. Should one use them or not????? I had read somewhere that it is not good. FUTURA UTENSILS ARE ALL BLACK. I use these utensils & my gas stove is also black!!!!!! Kindly tell.
    Hi Vandana,
    I do not have any idea regarding this.

  37. sripal says:

    I have opened pizza restaurant. Kindly suggest me the directions of which facing should kitchen, cash counter, staff, washroom to be placed. Much appreciated.
    Hi Sripal,
    It all depends on the directions in your restaurant. But the thumb rule is that “avoid facing south for long periods of time”. So place counters, cash counters etc in any direction other than South.

  38. tejal Sawant says:

    pls sugest the right colour Of Tiles for kitchen.
    Hi Tejal,
    Go for light colours.

  39. Gopal Dey says:

    Sir,My kitchen is in Middle East side..Is it OK?
    And in NE corner there is one bedroom having door on south west of South it OK???Or is there any remedies for any problem..
    Hi Gopal,
    The kitchen on the East side is okay. a bedroom in the NE is okay too, but do not use it as a master bed.

  40. parvati says:

    We have a south East kitchen with attached utility. Please suggest the stove position and the washing machine position.
    Hi Parvati,
    Keep the Stove on the East wall/counter. Washing machine can be placed in the South or anywhere else.

  41. Krishnaveni says:

    Hai sir….is it ok if I face west for cooking?….I read that if face west while cooking will cause health problem for ladies …is it ok if face west while cooking?
    Hi Krishnaveni,
    If you have no other choice, then it is acceptable. Only avoid south facing.

  42. Neha says:

    I have read that extension in Southeast leads tonleagal issues and police cases at my new flat the kitchen is in the south East corner but it is extended from both East and south side. Will it be harmful. East entrance flat SW bedroom northeast balcony, Northwest room, Plz suggest if any remedy is required. Thanks neha
    Hi Neha,
    You cannot expect a perfect rectangular plan in an apartment or for that matter even in a house. So dont apply vastu principles meant for houses on an apartment. Be happy with what you have.

  43. Sangotra says:

    Very valuable tips. Thank u sir
    Thank you Sangotra for the appreciation.

  44. Santosh says:

    Hi my kitchen chimney and gas stove is in it ok by vastu pls tell
    Hi Santosh,
    Yes it is okay.

  45. anjani says:

    I want to use black platform in kitchen.Any issue or any problem? Please suggest.
    Hi Anjani,
    No problem.

  46. chandu says:

    I have a south faceing indepenedent house with main door facing south and I have east door also. I have bed rooms in SE, NW & SW. MY hall is SE and kitchen is in between the house. is it ok as per vastu
    Hi Chandu,
    Except for the south facing door, the rest of the house seems to be in accordance with Vastu.

  47. Suresh says:

    We have south east kitchen, south west dining & north east is living room. It is open kitchen from dining area. As the width (north to south) of the kitchen is only 7 feet placing sink & stove on east side will be too congested. Kindly suggest alternate place for sink. L shape kitchen platform im planning on East & South.
    Hi Suresh,
    Place the stove on the East counter and the sink on the south counter.

  48. prasanna lakshmi says:

    hai sir, planning to buy gas stove. 2 or 3 or 4 burner which is good. some people telling to avoid 3 burner. which is good as per vasthu.
    Hi Prasanna,
    Even number of burners looks symmetric and so is preferable. But you must look at your preference and requirement – if 3 burner is more suitable, then go for it.

  49. Nehal Dedhia says:

    Sir my main door is in southeast … kitchen is exact opposite to main door in northwest corner…I m facing west while cooking….is it very bad location ? There is extension in south side…
    Hi Nehal,
    It is not very bad, though east or north facing is better. As long as the kitchen is not directly visible from the main door it is okay.

  50. Kiran Kumar says:

    My kitchen is in south east corner. But, there is a utility / wash area on the east side. The water flow in this utility area is in the south east corner. A vastu pandit suggested that the water in utility area should not be in south east corner. Could you please suggest if this is correct? What are my options? Please advise.
    Hi Kiran
    SE is considered the agni moola and probably that is why the vastu pundit advised against the water flow in that corner. But my interpretation is that in a house, the SE corner should be considered ideal for the kitchen and the placement of stove, sink, fridge etc can be anywhere within that space.

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