Kitchen Fixtures And Materials | An Architect Explains

The Kitchen has work areas, fixtures like sink, hob, fridge, lot of horizontal and vertical surfaces, kitchen countertops and kitchen backsplashes. In designing a kitchen, all these need careful consideration. The surfaces need to be finished with additional materials to protect them and to give the Kitchen a finished look and a neat appearance. They should be easy to clean, durable, scratch and stain resistant and suit your kitchen style.

kitchen materials
Materials used in Kitchens

KITCHEN MATERIAL OPTIONS: There are so many material options for Kitchen counters and backsplashes and many brands of kitchen accessories. They have been described here with their advantages and disadvantages.

VAASTU FOR KITCHEN: The ancient Indian science of Vaastu Shastra lays down guidelines on the ideal location and design of Kitchens and Dining rooms. If it interests you, you can implement some of these guidelines in yours.

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One thought on “Kitchen Fixtures And Materials | An Architect Explains

  • March 24, 2017 at 11:26 pm

    Sir the post was really helpful. Very great. I want to construct a small house of about 600 sq.ft. in about 1000 sq.ft. land in Chennai and was not getting idea. Here I got many ideas and vaastu tips. But to open each and every article was difficult due to tower problem. Can I get these tips as an e-book sir. I will pay the fees by transfering to your account.
    It will be a great guidance for me.
    Thank you Sir
    J sundara
    Hi J Sundara,
    Thank you for your appreciation. I am glad the information on my site has been helpful to you. I am working on the e-book idea since I have got many such requests. But it will take time.

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