Vastu Shastra Principles

Vastu Shastra Principles

Vastu Shastra, an ancient mystic science for designing and building, unifies science, art, astronomy and astrology. The goal of Vaastu Shastra is to restore the balance between buildings and the universe so as to make the lives of the inmates better. Vastu lays down some principles which are set, rigid rules and were originally carefully guarded and meant for only temples, palaces and for the elite. However, these principles gradually spread by word of mouth and were used for houses as well. Today we have been handed down the science of Vaastu Shastra and the surprising thing is that it’s principles are applicable even today, though ancient India has changed from a largely agricultural society to the birth of many urban cities today.

Vastu-Shastra-BannerThis is because the Vastu factors namely the elements of Nature, Sun’s effects, Earth’s magnetic field, cardinal directions and Earth’s energy fields have not changed over the centuries and Vaastu Shastra is essentially the science of manipulating the above-mentioned Vastu factors in a building, so that they are in harmony which in turn will make the lives of the inmates happy and peaceful.

As an Architect practising in India, I have realised that the the guidelines that we follow in designing which are the sub-conscious outcome of all that we learn in 5 years of architectural education, in subjects like climatology, structural design, architectural design, building materials, history of architecture etc are actually very similar to the Vastu Shastra Principles.


There are five fundamental principles on which ‘Vaastu Shastra’ stands and they are:

  1. Site orientation – also called Diknirnaya.
  2. Site planning – also known as Vaastu Purusha Mandala.
  3. Proportions of the building – also known as Maana.
  4. Dimensions of the building– also called Aayadi
  5. Aesthetics of the building –  also known as Chanda.

These five principles are very similar to the principles of Architecture taught in Architectural colleges all over the world today. A look into these principles will help to dispel the ignorance about Vaastu Shastra: that it is only a spiritual science meant for the construction of beautiful temples and is not useful for the design of Houses and other secular buildings. These principles are a guide for designing  and planning a proportionate, aesthetic and beautiful building with the right measurements.

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24 Responses to “Vastu Shastra Principles”

  1. Sabin Pravat says:

    We have to follow Vastu shastra for our welbeing and prosperity.
    Hi Sabin Pravat,
    Vastu Shastra is a science and following it will definitely benefit us.

  2. sundararajan says:

    in my house, toilet is placed in south west direction. shall i shift it to west side centre of the house. ( middle of the west side). kindly send your reply. north west side one portico is there and i convered it in to a room for study. low ceiling and low florring. will it affect me.
    Hi Sundararajan,
    Why do you want to shift the toilet? Unless it affects the flow of your house, do not make major alterations just because vastu recommends “ideal” locations for rooms.

  3. mahesh says:

    pls advice me as i constucted a new house with northside road&west side road and i have my bedroom in south west corner but i am confused that my head position is towards west&legs r towards east <is it a correct pls sugeest me
    Hi Mahesh,
    Your plot direction and bedroom position is in accordance with the ideals of vastu. It is preferable to have the head in the South but even west, east are acceptable. Only avoid the North as it interferes with the magnetic lines of the Earth.

  4. RAVEENDRAN says:

    I have a plot of land purchased for constructing a house. But the plot is exactly in square and rectangular shape. The length of front side is more than length of back side
    Hi Raveendran,
    Yours is a Gou-mukh shaped site. You can have a garden in the excess land in the front after building a house.

  5. RAJU says:

    i have a east facing home,my kitchen is on the North side and my toilet is placed in south west direction and my stair is in northeast directions and i am not in a position to shift them to other side kindly send you reply with some solution.
    Hi Raju,
    Since you cannot shift the rooms you have to accept the positions of your rooms as such, and not worry about the ‘IDEAL’ vastu positions. Instead try to bring in as much light as you can possibly do by adding more windows on the north and eastern sides. If such changes are not possible, try yo keep most of your windows open during the day to allow for good circulation of air in the house. Also use light coloured furnishings, curtains etc to improve the light quality in the house.

  6. anu says:

    i purchased individal duplex house. kitchen is in north west corner adjacent to the toilet. will it affect us especially head of the family?
    Hi Anu,
    According to Vastu Shastra, the second best position for a Kitchen is the North-west. As long as the toilet does not open into the kitchen, I do not see a problem.

  7. Balaji B says:

    Dear Sir/Madam,
    I came across your site “”. Its a truly amazing site, with very practical / logical explanations for Vaastu principles. It is extremely useful.
    We also would be very happy, if any alternate suggestions are given for better practices if suggestions given in the site. For eg: You have suggested the best place to have a stove in the kitchen is South East, and to cook facing East. If this is not possible in a present layout, what is the alternate best practice. Looking forward to your valuable suggestion.
    Regards, B Balaji
    Hi Balaji,
    Choose the best position in your kitchen layout where there will be proper exhaust, light for placing your cooktop/stove. Also make sure that there is a lot of space on either side of it for placing pots, chopping vegetables etc.

  8. ARVIND KUMAR says:

    Dear Sir/Madam,
    My House is East facing and my stair Block is in North-East side.and Septic tank is just under it (North-East).
    Please advise me wheather i have to remove them or any other alternate.
    Hi Arvind Kumar,
    If the stair block does not block the light to the house then it is okay. And if the septic tank is not adjacent to the water sump, then leave it as it is.

  9. vikas says:

    Hello Sir,
    What are the problems of having master bed room in the north west corner? can you explain a bit about this.
    thanks a lot in advance.
    Hi Vikas,
    If the master bed happens to be in the NW, do not imagine that it is a problem. Many vastu pundits will say ” A Bedroom in the NW will cause instability and so it is better as a daughter’s bedroom”. So, daughters can be unstable! The logic is skewed and so ignore all this nonsense. According to me a master bedroom or any bedroom should have good ventilation, ideally cross-ventilation. You can keep the bed in the SW corner of the room so that the space near the window is free.

  10. Rahul Yadav says:

    Dear Sir/Madam,

    I have a house which have some points which are not as per Vastu which are;
    1. Plot shape is SHER MUKHA..
    2. Number of Stairs are 19 per floor..
    3. Mirror is in side of bed in bed room..
    Please suggest me some solutions for these.
    Hi Rahul,
    According to me none of these points are problems that require solutions. It is a different matter if you are looking for problems. The mirror should not be directly opposite the bed, otherwise it is okay. For a trapezoid shaped site, plant low hedge plants to make the site appear to be a regular rectangle.

  11. Pratiksha Tarun Vithal says:

    Hi, I have read some advices which ie quite helpful. I’m going to build my house and I need some advice by vastu. My house is west facing house and I tried to followed by vastu. My floor plan is ready but its hard to follow all directions. House has some different positions per vastu.
    my garage which is located in southwest. My kitchen is in southeast but stove is in south facing.
    Stairs is in north. one bedroom is in southeast and one is in northeast. I can’t make changes please advise me
    Hi Pratiksha,
    Everything seems fine. Just change the position of the kitchen stove. Try to place it on the east counter or somewhere other than south.

  12. prabhupada says:

    my toilet is in north west direction should i change or not.
    one of my bedroom entry is in south direction should i change or not
    Hi Prabhupada,
    Please do not go for such major changes. Leave it as it is. The structure of the house may get affected.

  13. Balasubramanian says:


    Iam planning to build a house(3 portions) for rental purpose. Is the vastu to be considered for individual portions or as a whole builing. Is the location of septic tank near to south-eat corner would be ideal.

    Moreover since the house will be rented & i dont stay in it. Will the vastu have any effect on me. Logically i dont see any relation on the vibrations of the house on me. I consulted some vastu guys who says that there will be effect of vastu on me as iam the owner of the building. Can you please clarify. Thanks inadvance. Best wishes.
    Hi Balasubramanian,
    Use logic and science in such matters. Obviously the vastu of the rented portion should not affect you if you are not living there.

  14. sumathi says:

    The kitchen in my flat is in the northeast and the master bedroom is in the southeast. Kindly suggest some alterations. Can i interchange them and use the bedroom for elderly member of the family.
    Hi Sumathi,
    You can interchange the rooms. But why go to such extents as you will have to do major renovation works including getting water lines to the existing SE bedroom.

  15. GEETHA says:

    we did bhoomi puja before 6months but ae could not able to start work due to finance problem. Now we are planing to start the work.
    Please explain whethr we need to do bhoomi puja again
    Hi Geetha,
    You need not do the pooja again. But then if the previous pooja was not done to your satisfaction or if you associate the delay in starting work with the way the bhoomi pooja was sone, then it is advisable to do another one just so that you feel positive about the future construction.

  16. ANURADHA says:

    My house has toilet inthe southwest direction which is actually an attached bathroom to the master bed room. should i change it.
    If I build master bed room upstairs , then should i change the toilet in the ground floor.
    Hi Anuradha,
    There is no need to change the toilet as it is attached to your master bedroom and your master bed is in the right corner, the SW corner.

  17. kaja says:

    Overhead water tank is at south east direction and
    underground water tank is in south west direction.
    Is there any problems?
    Hi Kaja,
    The underground and overhead tanks must have been placed in these respective positions because of the orientation of the site. So there is nothing that can be done. Stop worrying about it and just ensure that there is ample light and ventilation in the house.

  18. Raghav says:

    Can kitchen be north-west and cooking facing West? also can we have main entrance close to south west and door facing south?
    Hi Raghav,
    Kitchen in the NW is good. But try to cook facing North or East. Personally, I do not see anything wrong with a South facing door.

  19. Vishal Raman Singh says:

    MY kitchen is NNE and Pooja room in ENE Master Bed Room in WNW Living room in East & South, Main Entry is in South dircetion. Its apartment on 8th floor. Swimming pool is in the South direction. Your comments
    Hi Vishal,
    No comments. If you and your family members liked the apartment then, just trust that it is the best.

  20. Praveen says:

    Mine is a north facing plot. Kitchen is in SE. My entrance door is from North Side. And my back door is on South side.
    Is there any vaastu problems.
    Hi Praveen,
    No vastu problems.

  21. N Laxmi says:

    pl inform whether I can place a Pooja cupboard in the north east corner since many are of the opinion that heavy articles should not be placed in north east. But we have placed this cup board containing God’s photos and idols for pooja purpose along with lamps in the north east corner. pl advise.
    Hi Laxmi,
    Yes you can place the cupboard. It is like a pooja mandir and cannot be considered heavy.

  22. Phani Kumar says:

    Hi sir,

    Thank u very much sir for giving very important information about vastu.
    My plot facing east which is cross extended towards north now what I want to know is on east side of the road middle of the plot having electrical tower is Thier having any vastu problem plz suggest any remedy for this sir thx.
    Hi Phani Kumar,
    I am not able to visualise what you have described. If the electrical tower is within 10′ of your site it is not good, otherwise it is okay.

  23. Anu says:

    hi Sir,
    we are building a house. it is a rectangle and angle direction lot. Front door is facing NW and kitchen is in the east corner of the house. The cook face east while cooking. Is there are any vastu defects?
    Also the main house is rectangle shape. we want to add a porch in the middle of the back side. so it will not look rectangle any more. it will look like a cut in the east corner. is it vatu defect? please advise us before we proceed. I really appreciate your answer.
    Hi Anu,
    I do not see any vastu defects in the description of your house.

  24. Neelkamal says:


    I have just bought a piece of land and we are planning to start construction. We live in Mauritius, in the southern hemisphere; the land is east facing. I am wondering whether you can look at our plan and how much do you charge for your services.
    Hi Neelkamal,
    We are architects and give architectural services but do not comment on the vastu aspects. Moreover, the vastu shastra principles might be different for buildings in the southern hemisphere due to difference in sunlight and wind directions.

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