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There is confusion on how to apply Vastu Shastra principles to apartments – whether to take the apartment building as a whole or the individual flats. You need to consider both. When applying Vastu principles to the whole apartment building, the main points to be considered are the selection of the Site, the Site Planning – right arrangement of the building, open spaces, water bodies and amenities in the Site. This has been explained in the previous post: Vastu Guidelines For Apartment Site

Apply Vastu Shastra principles to the whole apartment building and to the individual apartment

The next step is to apply Vastu Shastra principles to the Apartment building. These Vastu tips have been listed here:


It is preferable to have only part-basement, and that too, only in the North and East of the apartment building: The Scientific Reason – The UV rays of the morning sunlight are useful in destroying the germs and bacteria that would have multiplied at night. Therefore it is important to allow the morning sunlight into any space. For this, there should be ample openings on the  East and North-East facades of a building, since the Sun is positioned in the North-East and East from early dawn till around 9 am.  Since a basement is a dark and dingy area, it is all the more necessary to have it more in the East and North-East parts of the building to allow the morning sunlight in.

A part basement should be avoided in the Southern and Western sides: The Scientific Reason – A basement can be in the South and West provided that it extends right upto the North and East parts as well. Otherwise, the morning light from the North-East and East sides will be blocked and the basement will get sunlight only by afternoon.

The Northern and Eastern parts of the basement should be used for car parking: The Scientific Reason –Even cars need sunlight – exposure to sunlight will prevent any blockages in the fuel lines. So, it is better to park the cars in the Northern and Eastern parts of the basement to allow the morning sunlight to stream in after a cold night.

Preferably, there should be sunlight in the basement

The Southern and Western parts of the Basement should be used for store room, and servant’s room: The Scientific Reason – The Sun is in the Southern part of the house by noon and the heat intensity is high, ensuring the rooms remain dry and moisture-proof. This is necessary for the long term storage of things and so it is ideal to have the Store room in the South.

The South-East corner of the basement can be used for the transformer and generator if they cannot be located outside: The Scientific Reason – The South-East is the Agni  (energy) corner and therefore energy gadgets, in this case, the generator and transformer can be located here.


If there are penthouses on the terrace, they should be built in the South or South-West corner of the apartment building terrace. The North and North-East parts should be left as an open terrace: The Scientific Reason – By keeping the East and North open, the rest of the built-area will get useful sunlight in the morning and constantly through the day.  By building up the South and West, the hot afternoon sun is blocked and prevented from heating up the rest of the building.

The terrace of the penthouse should be to the North or East

Similarly, in case only a part of the building is to be built on the last floor, it should be on the South or South-West portion. The Scientific Reason – The same as above.

The  lift room, staircase should ideally be in the South and South-West of the apartment building: The Scientific Reason – The staircase room and lift rooms are the tallest structures on a terrace and therefore should preferably be in the South and South-West for the same reason as above.

The overhead water tanks should be located in the South or South-West corner of the apartment building: The Scientific Reason – The overhead tanks are also tall structures like the lift rooms and should be restricted to the South and South-West for the same reason as above.


The main door to each flat should be from the North North-East,  East North-East, South South-East, West North-West quadrant when the main entrance to the apartment is in the North, East, South and West respectively: The Scientific Reason – The door should be placed more towards the East or the North, so that each time the door is opened, useful morning sunlight floods in from the East and constant sunlight from the North.

South facing apartments can have south facing doors, provided they are in the South South-East quadrant:  The Scientific reason – The same reason as above

The balconies can be located in the North and East but should be avoided in the South and the West: The Scientific Reason – A Balcony is a good place to sit out and sun-bathe. So, the ideal position for this will be in the North, where there is constant sunlight and the East where there is morning Sunlight. The West and South sides are too hot to sit and hence should be avoided.

A balcony is a good space to sun bathe

The Kitchen can be positioned in the South-East or the North-west corner of each flat, with the cooking platform on the Eastern wall: The Scientific Reason – In earlier times, when the cooking was done on open stoves outside the house and combustible building materials were prone to catch fire, the cooking fire was preferred in the S-E corner or the N-W corner, where the hot summer wind, blowing from the S-W to the N-E direction could not cause damage by carrying sparks.

The Pooja room should be in the North-East corner. If a seperate room is not possible, then a shelf for placing idols should be placed in the North-East corner of the flat: The Scientific Reason – Early at dawn, the Sun is in the North-Eastern part of the house. These hours are ideal for Yoga, meditation, prayer or study as it is very quiet and peaceful. Also, the early morning Sun’s rays have a very beneficial effect on our  health. Therefore, the North-East corner is the best position for the Puja Room/prayer room or meditation room.

The other rooms like bedrooms, living room, bathroom, dining room etc can be as per the Vastu Mandala Plan: The Scientific Reason – The Vastu Mandala Plan is actually based on scientific principles wherein, the Sun, the five basic elements (panchabhutaas), the Earth’s magnetic field, Earth’s energy fields and the eight directions are manipulated to create an atmosphere beneficial to man. The Vastu pundits figured out that, when the different rooms were placed according to the Vastu Mandala plan created by them, good disposition to the Sun, proper ventilation and lighting and privacy would be ensured in the building.

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