Vastu Shastra Factors

Vastu Shastra Factors

Vastu Shastra, which literally translated means ‘the Science of Buildings’ is an ancient Indian science developed thousands of years ago by ancient Indian sages and takes into account the factors influencing a Site. Vaastu Shastra, an intangible part of Indian Architecture has its roots extended in Indian Philosophy, maths, geology, geography and religion.


The factors influencing a Site are topography, roads, surrounding structures, the Sun’s effects, Earth’s magnetic field, Earth’s energy fields, the cardinal directions and Nature’s elements. Vastu shastra lays down guidelines and tips for the ‘design of buildings’, so that Man can benefit from the useful and positive effects of these factors and is protected from the harmful and negative effects.

It is therefore, worthwhile to understand the importance of these factors, their positive and negative effects on Man and how the positive effects can be used to advantage in the design of his dwelling. All this has been explained under the following headings.

  1. Vastu Factors | Five Elements, Panchabhutaas
  2. Vastu Factors | Sun And It’s Effects
  3. Vastu Factors | Earth’s Magnetic Field
  4. Vastu Factors | Eight Cardinal Directions
  5. Vastu Factors | Earth’s Energy Fields

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5 Responses to “Vastu Shastra Factors”

  1. bharat says:

    bahot achha guide hai.
    Thank You Bharat. Please share.

  2. komathi says:


    Good Day

    I’m from Malaysia and impress with your vasthu guidelines.
    Since in Malaysia most of us buy ready house I manage to choose facing North with additional land on my east side.
    With your guideline, I could fit my kitchen, hall, prayer room.
    On the other hand, I have 3 rooms – north east, south west (small room) and south room.
    I intend to give NE room to my son and SW to my daughter ( this room cannot be extended because the wall attached with the next house).
    We, couple decided to take up south room ( can be extended cause I have some land on my east side) and intend to extend our room to the right side which is east. After the extension, I have no idea the location of the room either south or south east.
    We thought put our bed in south (right the edge) and the wardrobe and bathroom will be located at the extension area .

    After I read your guideline, I’m worried to put my girl in SW room cause will give any negative effect i.e.studies or attitude . She is just 6 years old.

    Kindly provide your thoughts/opinion on how to solve my problems.

    Thanking you in advance

  3. Rubi Ferrandino says:

    Hey There Architectureideas,
    I am intrigued in recognizing more about vastu shastra. With so a great deal (and at times conflicting) information and facts readily available on line and in textbooks, I’m from time to time at a loss of what to feel. Not all information and facts is conflicting however.
    On the other hand a lot of situations, there is no solution defined for vastu doshas. Specific placements of bedroom/kitchen etcetera are past our regulate.
    One more factor that is bewildering is that another person explained to me at the time that vastu is different for each individual. I am not guaranteed how accurate that is.
    Anyway, my motive for putting up this query is to request for help from all of you to introduce a good vastu shastra info supply that points out from the essentials.
    Thank you.
    Hi Rubi Ferrandino,
    In a way, Vastu is “different for each individual” because it depends on the way you look at it. If you are intimidated by the seemingly ‘rigid’ rules of Vastu then it can psychologically affect you if you cannot follow them perfectly. I have put down the recommendations of Vastu Shastra and tried to find the possible scientific reasons, so that you do not have to be unnerved by Vastu Shastra.
    In short, Vastu Shastra is a science which lays down guidelines that ensure lot of pleasant sunlight and good cross ventilation inside a house. If your house has all this, you do not have to worry.

  4. Hi,
    We have done the aayadi pooja and fixed the aaya. However, now we want to change the aaya because we want to keep the bhramasthana open or free of construction. In other words, we are shifting to build a courtyard house. To do this, we will need a bigger aaya. Now, can one change aaya and redo the dimensions after the pooja and a little bit of earth work is done. Does vasthu sastra allow this or not? Many thanks.
    Hi Prahibha,
    According to me it should not be a problem. But if you are particular about all this, consult a vsatu expert.

  5. Balaji says:

    I need Suggestion buying this plot

    North Facing
    North 30
    South 30.8
    West 34.6
    East 41
    Please give your advice
    Hi BAlaji,
    Vastu-wise it seems okay. But you need to make the decision based on your instinct. If you get a positive vibe then go ahead.

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