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The Council of Architecture (CoA) states that, “Any person desirous of practising as an ‘Architect’ in India is required to be registered in the Register, with the Council of Architecture (CoA). He shall be entitled on payment of the prescribed fees to have his name entered in the register, if he resides or carries on the profession of Architect in India and holds a recognised qualification, or does not hold such a qualification but, being a citizen of India, has been engaged in practice as an architect for a period of not less than five years prior to 27.04.1974.”

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No person other than a citizen of India shall be entitled to registration. However, if a citizen of India residing in another country, holding an architectural qualification registrable in that country is permitted to enter and practise the profession of architect in such country, the Central Government of India in pursuance of a scheme of reciprocity or otherwise, may after consultation with the Council, direct, by notification in the Official Gazette, that such architectural qualification as the Council has decided should be recognised, shall be deemed to be a recognised qualification.


The Central Government provides a Register of Architects in India. The Council of Architecture prepares and maintains the Register in accordance with the provisions of the Architect’s Act. The Register includes the following particulars:


  • The full name with the date of birth, nationality and residential address of the Architect.
  • The Architect’s qualification for registration (B.Arch. or M.Arch etc) and the date on which he obtained that qualification and the authority which conferred it.
  • The date of the Architect’s first admission to the Register.
  • The Architect’s professional address.
  • Further particulars prescribed by rules.


Earlier a person applying for registration was required to download the registration form and send a duly filled form to the Council of Architecture office. But w.e.f. 01.04.2016 onward, only online filled up applications shall be accepted. The instructions for filling and submission of online application form are described here.

1) REGISTER AS AN APPLICANT: The first step is to signup/register yourself as an Applicant. For that, you have to fill all details i.e. the email id which will be your login ID, year of admission, other relevant details. Subsequently a password will be generated by the system and sent to you by email.

2) FILL UP THE APPLICATION FORM: With the login ID and password, you can login to the Council’s website and fill-up the application form in proper case and upload your recent color photograph of size 3.5 x 3.5cm upto 10KB (max) and signatures upto 4 KB (max).

3) ENROLLMENT NUMBER: Enrollment number i.e., (CoA-Six digit Number) is mandatory / as applicable (for admissions from the Academic Year 2008-09 onwards). Make sure that the enrollment number entered is strictly in format as given in the enrollment number list as available on the website of the Council Enrollment numbers of the students are also available with the respective Institutions.

4) TAKE A PRINTOUT OF FILLED FORM: After filling up the application take a printout of the duly filled form on good quality bond A4 size paper (preferably a coloured one).

5) CORRECTIONS: Correction(s), if any, can be made by the applicant in the hard copy of the generated/printed application form by countersigning at the place of correction before sending to the Council. Note that the CoA is strict about completing the application format. Incomplete Application shall not be processed further and no intimation shall be sent in this regard.

6) SEND THE FILLED FORM TO THE CoA OFFICE: The duly signed Form enclosing therein the requisite documents as per the checklist mentioned below may either be handed personally either by you or by a person authorized by you, at the office of the “Council of Architecture” (Payment Timings :10.00 am to 01.00 p.m. & 01.30p.m. to 03.30 p.m. on all working days Monday to Friday) or be sent to the Council’s office by registered post addressed to the “Registrar, Council of Architecture, India Habitat Centre, Core 6-AFirst floor, Lodhi Road, New Delhi – 110 003”. Each application shall be accompanied by Registration Fee (Non-refundable) of Rs.600/- by way of cash at the counter or by demand draft drawn in favor of “Council of Architecture”, payable at New Delhi or alternately the payment can also be made online through login id details.

7) ONLINE PAYMENT: Do remember to press ‘Submit to CoA’ button after making the payment online. It ensures that the application form is in order otherwise your application shall not be available for further processing.


The documents to be submitted for Registration include the following. Documents must be duly attested by a Gazetted Officer or Notary Public / Oath Commissioner or must be self attested. Documents should be properly stapled with the application form in the same order as provided in the checklist:

1) FILLED-UP APPLICATION FORM: After filling up the application online, take a printout of the duly filled form on good quality bond A4 size paper (preferably colored one) and sign it. Please ensure that the spelling of your name is strictly as per the recognised university architectural qualification certificate and mark sheets submitted by you.

2) BIRTH CERTIFICATE: A copy of the date of birth certificate attested by either a Gazetted Officer or Notary Public/Oath Commissioner. In case you do not have a birth certificate, you may submit an attested copy of Matriculation / Secondary Examination having a record of your date of birth.

3) 10 + 2 MARK SHEET:   copy of mark sheet of 10+2 or equivalent examination showing at least 50% marks in aggregate with Mathematics as a subject at 10+2 level attested by either a Gazetted Officer or Notary Public/Oath Commissioner. In case of 10+3 diploma, enclose all semester’s mark-sheets and diploma certificate.

4) ARCHITECTURAL QUALIFICATION CERTIFICATE IN ORIGINAL: The final recognised architectural qualification degree certificate on the basis of which registration is sought i.e. 5-year B.Arch. Degree or 5-year Diploma in Architecture or 5-year Government Diploma in Architecture or Membership of I.I.A. Certificate, IN ORIGINAL, for verification and return by Registered Post, along with a copy of the same duly attested by either a Gazetted Officer or Notary Public/Oath Commissioner. The recognised architectural qualifications (Indian and Foreign) are listed in the CoA Schedule. In case the final degree/diploma has not been awarded/ issued by the University, applicant may submit the Provisional Certificate/Passing Certificate issued by the competent authority of the University.

5) COPIES OF MARKSHEETS FOR ALL SEMESTERS/YEARS: The copies of marksheets (including Practical Training certificate, if any) for all the semesters/years of the recognised qualification(including Fail/ATKT/Supplementary etc.), duly attested by a Gazetted Officer or Notary Public/Oath Commissioner. Alternatively, you may also submit an attested copy of your consolidated mark sheet for all semesters/years. No original mark sheet(s) should be submitted with the application.

6) CASTE/ CATEGORY CERTIFICATE: If any applicable.

7) DEMAND DRAFT: A demand draft for Rs.600/- (non-refundable) drawn in favour of “Council of Architecture”, payable at Delhi/New Delhi towards registration fee. It must be mentioned that the option of availing of One Time Payment at the time of applying for registration has been discontinued. The registration shall be granted initially for two calendars years and after that period, you can opt for one time payment. 

8)  SELF-ADDRESSED ENVELOPE: A self-addressed envelope of size 12”x ́10″ for sending the certificate of registration by Registered Post back to the candidate.

9) REGISTERED POST: The original degree/diploma certificate should preferably be sent by Registered Post to avoid any loss in transit along with a self-addressed envelope large enough to contain it. However the Council of Architecture will not be responsible for loss or mutilation of any original certificate in transit.
Application for registration of arhitect
Application for registration of architect with the Council of Architecture

Since I get many queries and doubts regarding registration with the Council of Architecture, I have addressed them here.


In case, you have not received the architectural certificate pending the award of the same by the University, you may for the time being submit, IN ORIGINAL, a provisional certificate/passing certificate issued by the competent authority of the University i.e. Asst. Registrar/Dy. Registrar/Registrar or any other competent authorised authority, along with a duly attested copy of the same. As soon as you receive the original architectural certificate, you must send an attested copy of the same to the registrar of the Council of Architecture.

NOTE: The Council of architecture will only accept the Provisional Certificate/Passing Certificate issued by the University and will not accept a provisional certificate issued by an institution. Also, the provisional certificate will not be accepted if the final degree/diploma for the applicant’s batch has already been awarded.

In case a mark sheet(s) for any particular semester/year is/are missing or untraceable, you must apply for the duplicate mark sheets to the concerned institution/university and submit duly attested copies of the same. Before submitting the form, ensure that details such as name, course name etc. are correctly mentioned on the mark sheets.

In case of change of surname consequent upon marriage, you should fill up the  application for registration online with the changed name along with supporting documents such as,  application form for change of name and a copy of the Marriage Certificate duly attested by either a Gazetted Officer or Notary Public/Oath Commissioner OR alternatively, an attested copy of a joint affidavit submitted along with husband executed on a non–judicial stamp paper of Rs.10/-, towards change of surname consequent upon marriage.


In case where name is changed due to reasons other than marriage, you should fill up the application for registration online with the changed name along with supporting documents such as, application form for change of name and a copy of the Gazette Notification from the  respective State/Central Government, duly attested by either a Gazetted Officer or Notary Public/Oath Commissioner.

NOTE: In case of change of name, only the new name must be entered under the column provided for. However, if there is any correction in the details of the name i.e., name order (First name, Middle name and/or Surname or any correction, the same can be done by cutting and correcting the same on the hard copy, at the place but it has to be countersigned by the applicant.

Application form for change of name
Application form for change of name of Architect

In case, your name or the nomenclature of the qualification pursued by you is mentioned incorrectly in your architectural certificate, or the mark sheets that you are submitting,  you must get the same corrected from the competent authority of the University/institution before you submit it for registration.


An architect is entitled to have any additional architectural qualification(s), entered in the Certificate of Registration as an additional qualification on payment of additional qualification fee of Rs.200/- (per qualification).  But only recognized architectural qualification(s)  included in the schedule of qualifications appended to the Architects Act, 1972, can be entered on the Certificate of Registration.

The additional recognized architectural qualification certificates IN ORIGINAL, for verification and return by Registered Post, along with a copy of the same duly attested by either a Gazetted Officer or Notary Public/Oath Commissioner must be enclosed along with the application for registration.

NOTE: Please ensure that the nomenclature of the qualification pursued by you is correctly mentioned on the recognised architectural qualification certificate and marksheets being submitted. In case, the nomenclature of the qualification is not mentioned correctly, you must get the same corrected from the competent authority of the University,before submitting to the Council.


If the Registrar is of the opinion that the applicant is entitled to be registered, then he shall enter  the name of the applicant in the Register and issue a Certificate of Registration.


After the first day of April every year, the Registrar prints copies of the up-to-date Register, which are then available to persons applying for a copy, on payment of the prescribed fee and shall be evidence that on the said date, the persons whose names are entered therein were architects.


Any person whose application for registration is rejected by the Registrar, can within three months of the date of rejection, appeal to the Council.


The registration shall be granted initially for two calendars years. In order to renew your registration after its expiry, you may make payment of the prescribed renewal fee annually or opt for one time payment as and when your renewal fee falls due. One Time Payment can be opted at the time of renewal, subject to submission of a duly attested copy of the final Degree/Diploma certificate received after convocation, if not submitted earlier.

NOTE: Even though you pay a one time payment, the registration is given for a period of 10 years at a time and the certificate of registration must be sent IN ORIGINAL for further endorsement before the 10 year period ends along with the form for further endorsement.

For details regarding renewal of registration go to my next post:

The Council Of Architecture (CoA) in India has stipulated guidelines and regulations regarding an Architect’s profession and education. To know more, go to:

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162 thoughts on “CoA | Procedure For Registration

  • January 18, 2016 at 1:34 am

    i completed my diploma in architecture, 3 years regular. can i apply for COA.
    Hi Madeeha,
    Please go through the Schedule of the Architect’s Act which lists all the institutions In India and abroad that are recognised by the Council of Architecture India.

  • January 21, 2016 at 9:59 am

    Dear Sir,
    I had sent my application by post to COA for registration two months ago, I have received no reply from COA till now. How much time it usually takes for reply or do I have to call them and ask?
    Thank you
    Hi Jerome, Normally it takes about a month to 45 days for it to come back. 2 months is the maximum you should wait. I think you should definitely call them.

  • January 27, 2016 at 5:43 am

    Hello Sir.
    I completed my B.Arch in 2013 and I then went to on to do a Masters’ Degree in the UK which I completed in 2015. In order to register in the CoA, do I fill in the particulars of my most recent qualification, or the one I completed in India, or both?
    Hi Rohit,
    You need to fill in the application form with all the particulars of your B.Arch degree as explained in my post on CoA Procedure for Registration. You can also attach the original M.Arch Degree Certificate for verification and an attested copy with additional fees of Rs 200, to have it entered in your Registration Certificate. But this is provided your qualification is recognised by the CoA as per it’s Schedule in the Architects Act.
    However, in the recently updated CoA website, there is an instruction which states that, this is possible “provided such a qualification is obtained subsequent to registration as an architect”. So there is some confusion and you need to clarify.

  • February 3, 2016 at 12:37 am

    my admission year is 2007 . how can i get my enrollment number to fill in the form??
    does coa except forms without the enrollment number?? should i go to coa office for the enrollment number ??
    what details are required for the coa to find my enrollment number???
    Hi Sayali,
    The enrollment number to be filled in the form, is the one issued by the COA and communicated to the institutions w.e.f 2008. So in your case it is not applicable. Leave it blank and mention it in the covering letter.

  • February 3, 2016 at 8:37 pm

    I passed out from Architecture School in 2002, unfortunately I didn’t register then. I recently applied in October,2015. I did not get any response from the council. I could only give my passport number for inquiring about my status, as we were not given COA enrollment No. in 2002.Kindly let me know how to go about.
    Hi Sumathi,
    The CoA started giving enrollment numbers only w.e.f 2008. So it does not apply in your case. Send the CoA a reminder regarding your application. Also make sure you have filled up the application form correctly and submitted all the certificates as required.

  • February 8, 2016 at 10:52 pm

    I have done 10+, 2 years-Civil and Architectural Drafting & Estimating + 3.5 years-Diploma in Architectural Assistantship + 3 years Bachelor of Architecture(From Deakin University, Australia)in 2011. It just wonder if you can guide me, may I eligible to get certificate from COA? Also Australian Institute can’t give all the year mark sheet but they provided Academic transcript so is that valid for registration?
    Please Reply
    Hi Hetal,
    You could go through the Schedule in the Architects Act to see if your degrees and education are recognised by the CoA.

  • February 11, 2016 at 3:19 am

    Respected Admin sir/madam
    I want to say that i have completed B.Tech in civil engineering (4 year course) in the year 2012. Do i am eligible for applying in the council of architect registration. Hoping for your favourable resonse as soon as possible.
    With regards
    Ajay bansal
    Hi Ajay bansal,
    You are not eligible for registration with the CoA. You could go through the Schedule in the Architects Actwhich clearly mentions the degrees and education that is recognised by the CoA.

  • February 11, 2016 at 8:05 pm

    I am three year diploma in civil engineering. I working as planer 10 year. Can I registration with coa.
    Or other way I working legally plz reply
    Hi Rajkumar,
    You are not eligible for registration with the CoA. You could go through the Schedule in the Architects Act, which clearly mentions the degrees and education that are recognised by the CoA. You can practise as a civil engineer legally, but not as an architect.

  • February 11, 2016 at 8:29 pm

    I have completed my b.arch degree and now I am planning to pursue my masters from the UK. I wanted to know more about the colleges/universities which are recognized by COA. Where can I find it. Please help me.
    Hoping for a positive response
    Thank you
    Hi Purva Kothari,
    You could go through the Schedule in the Architects Act, which clearly mentions the degrees and standards of education that are recognised by the CoA.

  • February 15, 2016 at 6:17 am

    i got coa registration no in 2010 showing the provisional certificate
    after that i din’t renew my coa registration no till now because i dont have original pass certificate.what can i do?how can i renew my registration no?pla. help me and pls. tell me how much amount i will pay for renew my registration no.
    Hi Satyajit,
    You have to get the original certificate from your university as it is required at the time of renewal.

  • February 18, 2016 at 9:39 pm

    Hi, I am david a b.arch graduate.I got graduation in 2015. My Friends and me applied for registration also.but they got their coa registration number from website. But whenever I tried to login to the site it says “coming soon” again and again. I got so much frustrated. So can you please guide me to get the registration number? Thanks in advance!! 🙂
    Hi David,
    If you have got your registration certificate, the registration number will be mentioned on it. Enter that to sign up with the CoA for using it’s new online services. A Login ID and Password will be generated by the system and the same shall be sent by email to you.

  • March 7, 2016 at 10:06 pm

    Hello sir,
    Needed an information on renewal of registration number. There is no other post on that, although you have mentioned to check your “next post” on that same.
    I’m going to Delhi for one time payment and I can;t find what documents I need to carry for the same apart from the original COA registration certificate and my additional degree. Would be great if you reply asap on my email id –
    Thanks a lot in advance.
    Hi Bhoomika,
    I delayed putting up the post. But now that it has been put up, other readers can refer to it. CoA Procedure For Registration

  • March 8, 2016 at 3:19 am

    Dear Admin
    My son Niket Shah have completed M.Arch program of Savannah college of Arts and Design,Savannah ( SCAD ),Georgia,USA in 2008. This M.Arch of SCAD is accredited to NAAB , USA. He is back in India and would like to register with COA. Kindly guide. For ready reference I am attaching link of NAAB USA showing accredition of SCAD M.Arch
    with warm regards,
    Nitin Shah ( Father )
    Hi Nitin Shah,
    If he got his B.Arch degree from a recognised Architecture college in India, listed in the Schedule in the Architects Act., he is eligible to be registered with the CoA. His M.Arch degree can also be entered provided his qualification is recognised by the CoA and listed in the above mentioned Schedule. The original M.Arch Degree Certificate should be attached for verification along with an attested copy and additional fees of Rs 200.

  • March 14, 2016 at 9:10 pm

    I applied for a Renewal and sent in the payable amount, but was given a notice to resend the application as I had not enclosed my original certificate of registration. I intend to apply again now using a One Time Payment, but the amount that I sent before as payment has not been returned to me. Can I expect money back from the CoA before registering again?
    Thank you.
    Hi Surya,
    I doubt if you will get that money back because it is very difficult to communicate with the CoA, as there is no specific person to whom we address the letters. So no one is answerable. I advise you to only send the original certificate as instructed by the CoA with a covering letter and a copy of their instruction. You can do the one time payment when it is due again for registration.

  • March 29, 2016 at 12:59 am

    i did my b.arch course of 5 years, now i want to get register as an architect, i filled my architects registration form but didn’t know my enrollment number , how and from where should i get my enrollment number? my admission year is 2006 and completed in 2013.
    please help.
    Hi Kamraan,
    The CoA started giving enrollment numbers only w.e.f 2008. So it does not apply in your case. So leave that space blank in the registration form.

  • April 1, 2016 at 12:24 am

    Hello sir i have completed my architecture (B.Arch) now want to apply for registration i went to coa they told me to do online registration can u pls. brief how can i apply
    Hi Pawan,
    According to me, online registration cannot be done as you have to submit your degree certificate in original and attested copies of other documents. Follow the instructions as mentioned in my post on CoA Procedure For Registration and send it by post to the CoA address. That is a surer way of getting registered.

  • April 3, 2016 at 11:43 pm

    or “” does not hold such a qualification but, being a citizen of India, has been engaged in practice as an architect for a period of not less than five years prior to 27.04.1974. “”
    Hello sir,
    I am mechanical engineer and I have various certifications in designing mechanical, architectural structures and designs. I am practicing architectural related designs and structural designs.
    It’s been 3 years now. Can I apply for COA after two years from now for an architects license? I am currently enrolling for m. Tech is structural engineering with my b. Tech in mechanical engineer completed in 2013. So after two from now I would be practicing architecture related work for 5 years. Can I apply for COA? Do let me know if this acceptable. I asked this cause I read the info and I gave quoted it.
    Thank you and regards,
    Praveen Kumar
    Hi Praveen,
    Without a B.Arch degree, you cannot apply for registration. And I believe that practising as an architect without the necessary qualifications is illegal. The statement you have quoted is applicable for citizens who practised as architects prior to 1974, which means ‘before’ 1974. So it does not apply to you.

  • April 4, 2016 at 6:12 am

    i have just come back to india after completing my B.Arch in Australia. It would be great, if i could know that i am eligible and the procedure to register with COA, so i can start my practice.
    Hi Vinesh,
    You could go through the Schedule in the Architects Act to see if your degrees and education are recognised by the CoA. For details regarding the procedure for registration go through my post on CoA Procedure For Registration.

  • April 23, 2016 at 12:35 pm

    This is regarding an issue I faced with applying online for registration as an Architect. I filled all the information, except ‘University/Institution’ under ‘Particulars of Qualification (Architect)’. It is appearing as ‘Select’ and is Greyed out, so I cannot submit the form without fixing it. Please help.
    Hi Naveen,
    I have got some queries regarding online registration. I personally faced some problems while trying to login into the CoA site. So, I am not at all convinced that online registration is a good option right now. If the website is improved, then maybe it will be an option. You can be sure to get registered if you do it by the old, traditional method of sending all the documents and DD by post.

  • May 8, 2016 at 6:13 pm

    Good Morning Sir/maam,
    I Shubham (FRESH GRADUATE from N.I.T RAIPUR, India)
    I have a query about applying for registration, if not received Architectural Certificate. By the process of Institution we shall receive the certificate by January Next year, and I want it now for the Architectural Firms, I’m applying are asking for Registration No. I have got Provisional Certificate from the Institution for the time being. So how long it’s going to take for the process of registration, also may I apply for registration if I’ve not received the original mark sheet of final semester, so with the copies of other semester mark sheets I can send duly attested copy of final semester mark sheet generated from the website of the college, so am I eligible for the registration or I’ll have to wait for issue of final mark sheet.
    Hi Shubham,
    Without all the marks cards, you cannot apply for registration. So wait for the final mark sheet.

  • May 12, 2016 at 1:35 am

    I have done three years diploma in architecture assistantship in 2003. . I have 13 years working experience in architecture , now i am working as a LBS CLASS 1. i want to enlistment in coa. am i illegible for registration?
    Hi Vandana,
    You could go through the Schedule in the Architects Act to see if your degrees and education are recognised by the CoA. But I doubt if a 3year diploma in architecture will make you eligible for registration.

  • May 12, 2016 at 9:44 pm

    Dear sir i would like to start LLP with one of my collegue. I have completed B.arch 2 years before from mumbai. My colleague is interior designer. We wanted to start LLP in partnership which can carry Architectural activities as well interior designing activities. Pls guide for the same
    Hi Snehal,
    You cannot have a legal partnership as only you are the architect. All partners in a firm must be architects.

  • May 12, 2016 at 10:34 pm

    Hi, I am Bachelor of Architecture graduate, from 2011-2015 batch (from an university in Tamil Nadu and recognized by COA)University provide me four year degree (mentioned as Lateral entry after Diploma and NATA qualifying exam certificate ). I would like to apply for the registration. However, in the application form, the enrollment no column provides 6 boxes prefixed by COA, whereas our enrollment number format was different, seeking your advice on how to proceed.I need your clear and final advice n guidance for registration in COA. Its related to my career.
    Hi Kamal Kant,
    The enrollment number to be filled in the form, is the one issued by the COA and communicated to the institutions w.e.f 2008. So it is surprising that your enrollment number is in some other format. Leave it blank on the registration form and explain it in the covering letter.

  • May 18, 2016 at 8:17 pm

    What is the procedure to apply for registration online
    Hi Saikrishna,
    I am not sure because the CoA site does not respond well sometimes when you try to login. I feel it is better if you go by the old traditional method of sending the dtails and registration form by post.

  • May 24, 2016 at 1:23 am

    i have completed my b.arch degree in 7 years instead of 5 .(passing year 2015)
    then what will happen and how i can get my architecture license on the basis of my b.arch.
    Hi Parmindr,
    It does not matter that you took 7 years to complete the B.Arch Course. You need to submit attested copies of all the years’ marks cards, and your dgree certificate in original for verification. Read about it in my post on CoA Procedure For Registration.

  • June 1, 2016 at 10:08 pm

    I have completed 3 years diploma in architecture i have 6 years of experience is it possible to register to COA.
    Hi Pinky,
    I doubt if a 3year diploma in architecture will make you eligible for registration. But you could go through the Schedule in the Architects Act to see if your degrees and education are recognised by the CoA.

  • June 9, 2016 at 5:14 am

    Dear sir,
    I Challa Ravikumar babu. I did Diploma in architecture in 1993 after that I completed B.E in civil engg. in distance mode in 2007 after that I completed AMICE Architecture which is recognized by MHRD Equal lent in degree in architecture. after that I got 9th rank in PGECET And I completed M.Arch in Interior design from School of Architecture and Planning At Secundarabad. As an Architect and Builder I did so many major projects. I enrolled as an Architect from our Municipal Corporation since 6 years. may I enroll my name in council registration may I practice as an architect or not. because architecture is my passion, breath and my employment.
    Hi Challa Ravikumar,
    I think you must be eligible for registration with the CoA. You could go through the Schedule in the Architects Act to see if your degrees and education are recognised by the CoA.

  • June 12, 2016 at 3:13 am

    I was completed my 3 years diploma in architecturebfrom the government college of west bangal so could i able to get coa certificate…if not…then what should i do to get coa certificate…
    Hi Ajay,
    You cannot be registered with the CoA. To be able to do so, you will have to join for a B.Arch course in a recognised college. In your case since you have done a diplma, you will have to study only for 4 years instead of the usual 5 years.

  • June 13, 2016 at 11:02 am

    may i submit registration fees in cash.
    Hi Sandeep,
    The CoA website clearly states that they accept a DD only. So you cannot give cash.

  • June 28, 2016 at 12:19 pm

    Dear admin
    I have completeted my b.arch in 2009. I am applying for registration in 2016. Can I apply without coa enrollment number
    Since I don’t have the number. Is it better to post the documents or by hand to the office
    Kindly guide me, Sujith
    Hi Sujith,
    You can apply without the enrollment number. It is better to post the documents.

  • June 30, 2016 at 4:52 am

    Respected Sir / Madam
    I have done my Bachelor’s of Engineering in Civil Branch Can i Apply for registration in COA.
    Hi Mohit,
    No you are not eligible for registration.

  • July 8, 2016 at 2:16 am

    may I send my D.Arch, B.E civil, AMICE Architecture, M.Arch (ID) scan copies for your reference. with out council registration I am practicing as an Architect I am feeling very guilty.if my qualifications and experience won’t satisfied, please conduct a professional test sir.
    thanking you sir
    Ravikumar babu
    Hi Ravikumar,
    I can do nothing by seeing your certificates. It is best you contact the CoA.

  • July 10, 2016 at 6:06 am

    thank you sir,
    Can you give Coa FAX Number.

    Hi Ravikumar,
    Here are the details of the Council of Architecture India.

    Council of Architecture,
    India Habitat Centre, Core 6A, 1st Floor,
    Lodhi Road, New Delhi-110003 India
    Tel: +91-11-24654172, +91-11-24648415
    Fax: +91-11-24647746

  • July 12, 2016 at 12:56 am

    i have post all my documents with DD to COA office.then i got a mail that i have to fill the form online for registration.I filled the form(from online services option)but how will i know that all the procedure i did is correct and when would i get my COA registration?They neither recieve the call nor they reply to mails..
    Hi Pooja,
    Unfortunately this new ‘online registration’ thing with the CoA is causing trouble for many applicants. But there is no other way. You will have to wait for at least 3 weeks to 5 weeks to get your certificates back. The CoA does not acknowledge the receipt.

  • July 12, 2016 at 2:38 am

    Hello sir/madam,
    I have completed B.arch in 2007 do I get a enrollment number?
    I’m now applying for registration is done without enrollment number?
    Thank you
    Hi Pallavi,
    The enrollment number to be filled in the form, is the one issued by the COA and communicated to the institutions w.e.f 2008. So you can apply without one.

  • July 14, 2016 at 9:40 pm

    would it be fine if i take admission in institute which is not approved by coa? would i be able to register in coa after 5years b.arch ?
    Hi Ritu,
    No it is foolish to do so as you will not be able to be registered with the CoA.And the college may even have to close down.

  • July 15, 2016 at 6:21 am

    I have two year diploma of draufghts man civil approved by NCVT,if I pass b Arch,am I elligible for regestration of an architect from coa.
    Hi Devi Dass,
    If you complete your 5 years B Arch course successfully, you are elligible to be registered with the CoA.

  • July 15, 2016 at 11:53 am

    Hi Sir,
    I have been told that as of 2016, there is a new procedure for a person to get an architect’s licence. This involves working under an Indian architect for 2 years, creating a portfolio of the professional work and taking another exam. Nothing of this sort is mentioned on the COA website but our college insisted that it has been implemented. Just need to clarify that.
    Hi Sakshat Goyal,
    I am not aware of anything that is not mentioned in the CoA website and I am not sure if these are authentic and I do not validate anything that is not specified by the CoA. And I think you should not.

  • July 25, 2016 at 8:18 pm

    I did in architectural I eligible to register for coa?
    Hi Pallavi,
    Just check whether your college comes under the list of colleges which are considered for eligibility with the CoA.

  • July 26, 2016 at 12:36 am

    hi sir,
    I want to register with coa but my problem is I am working outside india and cant visit coa office.i want to know the online procedure.i tried it but at make payment it is not proceeding further
    Hi Sabby,
    You do not have to personally go to the CoA office as it is not practical. I am getting so many queries similar to yours ever since CoA made this ‘online registration’ mandatory. I am not really sure how to proceed once you hit a stumble as there is no response from them.

  • August 3, 2016 at 3:08 pm

    Hello Sir,
    I sent my registration form and all the requisite documents and demand draft to COA by post then I got a mail from them saying I need to fill up the online form take a print out and send it asap. After I registered online a login I’d and password was sent to may mail I’d which opened the online form but I could not complete the form in one go as I lost connection and closed the browser. Next time when I tried there is no option to do so. I sent mail to COA regarding my problem but haven’t received any reply. My draft will expire soon. Is there any way I can register myself again and fill up the form? Because as many times I try to register it shows that my enrollment no. Is already registered. Please guide me. Thanking you.
    Hi Nancy,
    I am at a loss myself. This new rule by the CoA has caused problems to so many people. They have an issue with the online registration format and problems like the one you mentioned have affected many. I don’t know what to do or how to help you.

  • August 12, 2016 at 2:24 am

    Hi sir,
    I have registered with COA in personal 5 weeks before,but till I haven’t got my registration number or any reply from them…is their any procedure to get my number soon?
    Hi Dhananjayan,
    It takes about a month to a month and a half to get a response from the CoA. Sometimes it can take 2 months. So wait for some more time. There is no other way of speeding up the process

  • August 20, 2016 at 11:15 am

    I have applied for the registration 1 and half month before but after that doesn’t get response from COA. Every thing was verified but i didn’t get any kind of information from COA so please give me the information regarding time taken by registration.
    Hi Ajeet,
    It takes between a month to two months for them to send back the certificate and registration certificate.

  • August 24, 2016 at 12:23 am

    I completed my barch in 2016 from pune.
    However i took admission in 2010 in other college and got a enrollment number from there, but i left the college and took fresh admission in pune college in 2011.
    So there will be no mention of the college i joined in 2010 in any of my marksheets.
    Will the enrollment number from that college will still be valid for me to register as an architect.
    I have all marksheets and final certificate from my other college.
    Thank you
    Hi P Verma,
    The first college is irrelevant since you have taken fresh admission in another college and completed your course there. So the enrollment number of the first college is not required and will only cause further confusion.

  • August 27, 2016 at 12:36 pm

    Hello sir!

    I have a query regarding the application form. Is it compulsory to do it online or can i get the application form in the COA office? It is convenient for me to go and i am not able to generate my online application form as I mistakenly typed my email address wrong and the login details are sent to the wrong email id which is nt in existence. Its just a matter of an alphabet in the email id and it went wrong. So i want to know if i can get the application form directly at coa office rather than applying online and paying online.
    Hi Swetha,
    The new format has caused so much confusion for all concerned- the CoA insist that you should apply only online. But many people have faced problems like yours while applying and there is no clarity from them as to how to resolve the issues.

  • August 30, 2016 at 2:34 am

    Is there a link to access the online COA registeration application form? The links in the article above is invalid.
    Many thanks!
    Hi B,
    The CoA website had undergone a lot of changes and the CoA rules regarding registration have been revised. I have updated my post on the Procedure for Registraion. So you can refer to it.

  • August 30, 2016 at 6:54 am

    Hi sir,
    I have interest in b.arc course , i have qualified in jee mains paper-2 exam , can i get license in b.arc with this exam after the completion of b.arc or NATA is compulsory to get license in b.arc for practice . plz reply me soon it’s really urgent, thanking you
    Hi Sravya,
    NATA is compulsory for getting registered with the CoA.

  • August 30, 2016 at 11:11 pm

    When I fill the form for registration, the form not accept apostrophe marks on my name and its not editable. Any suggestions?
    Hi Nathaniel,
    I think you should enter your name as D mello with a gap and then after taking a hard copy, insert the apostrophe and sign there to indicate that you have edited the matter.

  • August 31, 2016 at 7:54 am

    Hi i did my barch in 2011 and in 2006 coa ca not issue any enrollment no now i want to registre my self with coa and in reg. Form they require enrollment no so what can i do
    Hi Manoj,
    Since you were not issued enrollment numbers in 2006, leave that column blank and apply without it.

  • September 1, 2016 at 9:35 am

    My b.arch is completed this year and I also done my training period under the register C.O.A Architect. But he got his licence in 2013 so the certificate he gave me is it OK for me to register with C.O.A.?
    Hi Deep,
    As long as he is registered, it does not matter ‘when’ he got his registration. You are anyhow entitled for registration with the CoA, if you have successfully completed your B.Arch course. The professional training certificate is not compulsory.

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