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A house is a building that functions as a home for human beings. Architects design houses to meet the needs of the people who will live in the house. There are different ways in which Architects approach the design of Houses. They may draw inspiration from Vastu Shastra an Indian building science, which lays down guidelines on the ‘design, location, direction and disposition of the interior and exterior spaces of a house’ so that the inmates derive maximum benefit from the natural elements or from Feng shui, originally a Chinese method of designing houses according to climates, that promotes harmonious effects on the people living inside the house.

Stephen Fisher residence, Singapore

As an Architect practicing in Bangalore, India, I have been designing houses for the past 20 years. I have applied Vastu Shastra principles in most projects because of the desires of the clients. Nowadays I see a lot of interest in sustainable or Green buildings. So there are so many criteria in designing houses. I have addressed the common queries and doubts expressed by my clients here, for your benefit:

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