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  1. adil says:

    Dear Sir,
    I have looked into a house where the door opening is west towards South. the kitchen is located in the North r=east direction. Please advise to go in for it or not this is a rental transaction.
    Waiting for your reply
    Adil Mohsin
    Hi Adil Mohsin,
    You cannot get a house that is 100% vastu compliant, especially when you are looking at rental houses. But You need to look at the overall layout of the house, whether it is planned well with good movement space, whether it is well-lit and well ventilated with good cross-ventilation. And whether you get a good feel when you stand inside it.

  2. RAJ (USA) says:

    Respected Sir,
    Thank you so much Raj for your appreciation and taking the time to leave a comment.

  3. Meenakshi says:

    Dear Sir,
    thx a lot for sharing a very useful info with us. I have a query n request u to kindly reply it. we have bought a house which has an entrance in north east its living room is if we have to place our pooja in north east then it will come in front of the main door. so is that ok??? or should we place it else where???
    Hi Meenakshi,
    There is no point in blocking the front entrance with the pooja room just because the North-East is the ‘ideal position’ according to Vastu. Instead look at some corner in your house, which is well-ventilated and well-lit for your Pooja space.

  4. Saravana says:

    Dear Sir
    Can you give suggestions about good weathering course to reduce heat from the roof ?
    Hi Sarvana,
    The time tested method is to put brick-bats and for added insulation cover it with terracotta tiles. But ideally this will have a much better effect, if you can create a air gap between the terrace and the tile layer. Another option is to paint the terrace white so that heat is reflected. But it can be blinding to the eye. The best solution is to have a terrace garden, provided you have water and get it done by a professional. Otherwise there is the chance of leaks.

  5. ashutosh says:

    Great work..very good explanations abt science behind vastu…hope it will help ppl to apply vastu science in logical way…rather than applying in ‘tona-totka’ way
    Hi Ashutosh,
    I really hope so. Thank you for appreciating my efforts. I hope my site gives people the confidence to apply Vastu to their spaces in a logical way instead of relying on vastu pundits and ignore what ‘well-meaning people’ have to say.

  6. rinku says:

    pls let me know if there is window on back of bed is it a problem
    HI Rinku,
    Generally a window behind the bed is not a good option as your heads are exposed to the gust of air through the window. But sometimes, when there are limitations, you are forced to place the bed against the window. In such a case, make sure the window is airtight so that you can keep it closed while you sleep.

  7. Pallavi says:

    Hello, I want to know where we can plant Mango tree on terrace garden? Direction good for health & prosparity
    Hi Pallavi,
    You can plant the mango tree in the South or West. Avoid the East and the North.

  8. We are making wooden houses , wall cladding and floor cladding.

  9. Rahul Sati says:

    Thank you
    Good Explanations of all things..
    Hi Rahul,
    Thank you for your appreciation. Please share

  10. Sreeja says:

    Our plot is facing North . Can the main door be placed on North side. Is it okay to enter the house to South? Also we redesigned carporch to centre since NE is not ideal.The stair case inside the house is nearby bedroom in the South.So we need to climb up from North to SOuth. Is that okay according to vaastu. Please share your thoughts
    Regards, sreeja
    Hi Sreeja,
    When the plot is a North facing one, it is better to have the main entrance door in the North. Why should one go to the back to enter the house? Also, the porch is ideally in the NE as it allows lot of open area in this corner.

  11. DEEPAK says:

    I wanted details on cutting of corners of flat / house on all directions and it importance in our day to day life. which cut is serious & which cut can be allowed. request you to send me details on this topic. Regards’Deepak from Pune -Maharastra.
    Hi Deepak,
    Cut-corners in flats, sites are not considered ‘vastu-friendly’. But in today’s world, it is not practical to avoid such designs. In fact from an architect’s perspective, I can say that having cut corners is an advantage, as more windows can be added and more corners can be created.

  12. Arun says:


    My house is East facing. We are renovating it and the portico/balcony on the 1st floor is constructed on the NE corner and SE is left open. Is this right according to vastu? Please advice.
    Hi Arun,
    Ideally it should have been the other way around – the SE corner in the first floor should have been constructed and the NE corner should have been left open. This way the heat would have been reduced. Now if it has already been constructed, make the SE terrace heat proof by adding a terrace garden or an open tiled roof above it.

  13. rathnakar reddy says:

    Respected sir,
    my house is east facing.there are two entrances at the northeast corner one is at northeast-east and the second one is at northeast-north.the kichen is at southeast corner.the pooja room is adjacent to the kitchen and next to the northeast-north door to the east wall side and facing west side. the master bedroom is at south west and it has the entrance at the pooja room door and the bed room door are opposite to each other. is it right or wrong ? and the bed room should have the bathroom at southeast corner? and can we leave the kitchen as open ?
    Hi Rathnakar reddy,
    A pooja opposite a bedroom door is okay. You can have an open kitchen. But why do you need two entrances? keep only one.

  14. A G Augastin says:

    Dear Sir,

    Having West faced house, entry thru North to South.Bed room in North East. Children room in North West. Living room in South West, Kitchen in South East. Please suggest arrangements of rooms in 1st floor which we plan to construct shortly. Your kind reply is awaited.
    Hi Augastin,
    Please consult with an architect since you cannot just arrange rooms as you like. It all depends on the structure.

  15. Padma says:

    My plot slopes from north to south !! And my main entrance is at south east . When I open my main door in few distance I have the stairs and do have a restroom under the stairs . My north east corner extends towards north . And my master bedroom attached toilet is in SW corner . Is it good to buy this place ??
    One more question that I have is my friend says that one of her relative moved to a new house 2 yrs back and that the vastu was not good . They are now suffering from cancer!! Is that true because they moved into this new house which has bad vastu that they have got cancer now . Please clarify !
    Hi Padma,
    Honestly it is how you feel about the place – your instinct. You cannot blame vastu for problems. Of course, if there is no proper ventilation or lighting in a house, it can affect the inmates adversely. And using vastu principles will enable you to have more light and ventilation in a house.

  16. A G Augastin says:

    Can I plan bed room with southeast attached toilet in first floor above kitchen (southeast) in groundfloor. Please advise.
    Hi Augustin,
    It is not the ideal scenario, because the toilet lines and toilet sinking may affect the kitchen below. But if you take adequate precautions and do proper waterproofing of the toilet, it should be okay.

  17. kasturi says:

    Hi, can you provide architectural reason as to why it is considered bad to have swimming pool in SW location on the plot per vaastu. Thank you.
    Hi Kasturi,
    SW corner should be the most stable part of the house and the tallest whereas the NE should be the lowest. This is to allow the morning sunlight that rises from the NE to permeate all parts of the house. So you can put a swimming pool in the SW corner of the site and have a regular house nearby. But if you cut off the SW corner of the house to put a swimming pool , then the vastu gets disturbed. But just for your interest, in feng shui, water in the SW corner is considered good as long as it is not at the back of the house.

  18. Harsha Prakash N says:

    Dear Sir,

    We are interested in understanding comparison of Kolte Patil Mirabilis vs Prestige Gulmohar in Horamavu Bangalore. Your review of Gulmohar talks of review for Mirabilis but it is no where to be found. Can you kindly share some insights of Mirabilis or please share a link to the same
    Hi Harsha Prakash,
    I will be putting up a post on kolte patil Mirabilis soon.

  19. SANDESH says:

    Dear Sir and Madam,
    Impressed with your articles, specially connecting Vastu with Science with appropriate reasoning. Wish to see more of such information useful for everyone. Thanks and good luck
    Best Regards,
    Thanks Sandesh for your appreciation.

  20. RaviKiran says:

    Sir I needed to know if you can come for a sitevisit for vastu corrections and for planning n designing?
    Hi Ravikiran,
    I do not take up vastu consultancy.

  21. deepak says:

    Sir Namaskaram.
    We have a corner plot facing east but the size of the plot is EAST 44.6 NORTH IS 60.10 WEST IS 39.1 & SOUTH 66.7. i AM IN A DILEMMA BECAUSE OF SOUTH EAST EXTENSION. WE HAVE ROADS ON SOUTH & EAST SIDE. HOW TO MAKE IT VASTU PERFECT? Pls suggest. Thanks.ii
    if making rectangular remaining land can i use for garden.
    & it will be in my same compound wall.
    Hi Deepak,
    Since the roads are in the South and East, keep more open space in this corner and build a rectangular house with 90 degree corners. You can also plant shrubs in such a way that the plot appears rectangular and the remaining portion can be used for garden.

  22. raj Dangi says:

    We have 5′ in east so we can place stove in East and there is no sufficient space to place water filter and sink at North East corner of kitchen. It’s U shaped peninsula kitchen opening towards North direction facing to Dining area. Can we place sink and water filter in north side (open Platform) or South-SW direction of kitchen ? If we place it at South of SW then where to keep fridge?

    Secondly what main thing to follow strictly while constructing Bathroom cum Toilet like WC commode facing or Sink or shower or geyser placement in kitchen as it is becoming tough to follow altogether as per vastu. Pls tell us ideal locations for all also. Bathroom sizes are 6’x7″ in East, 6’x9′ in SW, 5’x6″ in W, 4’x7′ in NW.
    Hi Raj,
    You can keep the sink in the North platform. In bathrooms it is not possible to put commodes and sinks as per ideal ‘vastu’ directions. More important is to make sure that the arrangement in the bathrooms are efficient. You can refer to my post Designing a Bathroom

  23. Senthil says:

    I am planning to construct a house in my home town. Can you provide details like, if you could make vastu compliant plan as well as 3D elevation and what will be the charges for it.
    Hi Senthil,
    I only take up projects in Bangalore since I want to regularly visit the site.

  24. Rajesh Gupta says:

    Dear sir ,
    My self Rajesh Gupta , I have aplot 60 feet width & 22 feet depth it is East facing plot. I want main door in 60 feet side which is situated at east facing.
    I wan t to know that in east can we open a main door 3, 4, 5,(pad) how to get I measurement from ishaan direction & what it is size & what is the door size & hight.
    Hi Rajesh,
    If you want to place it exactly as per pada, then divide your house facade length into 9 parts. The main door should either be in the 4th or the 6th pada preferably more towards the NE.

  25. Om Maurya says:

    we appriciate the effort made by you to clear the concepts of vastu.I need a house plan for my plot.
    My plot is North Facing dimention is 34*45fee. There is T junction, road coming from North hits the plot on NW corner of the plot. Rear ie.South is open due to Govt. vacant land(Railway and will be vacant in future also). soil is rigid, hard and have good load bearing capicity.
    on ground floor, I wish to construct a shop on NW side,stairs in mid if west
    ,A big room in SW,
    2 toilets on either south or west(both sides of stairs),
    a covered open garage in SE and covered open free space in NE. and main gate 2 feets away from north.
    on first floor i wish to construct a kitchen on SE, 2 toilet cum bath either on south or west. a large room in SW, a room on NW, NE open and a s store on any suitable place.
    there should br provision for stairs for second floor for future expansion.
    please reply soon as my home loan for Rs.18 lacs have been sanctioned and I’m in hurry.
    my budget is 18 lacs +-.
    Hi Om Maurya,
    Thanks for the appreciation. I suggest you hire an architect form near your place.

  26. Sriman says:

    Dear Sir,

    We have planned to build a new house east facing .
    we have planned kitchen in southeast .
    can we have a projection at southeast for kitchen and north east for portico/car-parking. we get a L shaped house.whether this okay .kindly guide me.
    Hi Sriman,
    Yes you can project the kitchen if it helps you to have an efficient plan. But make sure the portico in the NE is open to allow ample sunlight to your house.

  27. Jignesh shah says:

    Dear sir, My home built in 1988. It has main entrance & stairs in NE and underground water tank at SE direction and borewell in SW corner. Overhead tank is above the stairs, that is NE again. should I go for restructuring ? pls guide.
    Hi Jignesh Shah,
    This is a 28 year old house. If you have not had much problems living here, why do you want to redesign it. Unless you want to make some changes in the design do not touch it.

  28. Mamillapalli Nanaji says:

    sir i want to purchase a east facing plot with the below sizes. kindly suggest this plot is good or bad. If bad which remedy will follow for making a good plot.
    East- 56
    West- 28.3
    South- 66.2
    Hi Mamillapalli Nanaji,
    I cannot comment much as you have not mention the road direction. The shape of the site is quite irregular and you will need a clever plan to ensure a reasonably good sized house on this site.

  29. Ravi says:

    Are you based in Bangalore. If yes, can we reach out to you for a consultation? Please write to me on my email id. Thank you!
    Hi Ravi,
    Thanks for your interest. Have sent you an email. You can see our work at our website:
    Ravi and Minu Architects

  30. Hi,

    Our team was on your site today and we’re very interested in pursuing an advertising partnership with you.

    Are you free for a phone call sometime this week?


    Heather Kennedy

  31. riddhi says:

    i stay in a rented accommodation in Gurgaon hence structural changes cannot be done. i am looking for a simple vaastu remedy/ies for bringing in happiness and positive attitude which ultimately lead to finance and health upgradation. let me know if this is chargeable and how can i provide details.
    Hi Riddhi,
    I am an architect by profession and do not want to be a vastu consultant. I have used my blog to allay the superstitions and fears that surround Vastu shastra by giving scientific reasoning for vastu principles.
    But just as a start, you could consider de-cluttering your home. get rid of the things that you have not touched for the past year or so. Make sure that you keep your home clean, tidy and neat. Also open out all the windows in the morning to admit light and fresh air.

  32. Soni says:

    Dear sir,
    We purchased a flat at ground floor and the main entrance is facing at NW. We are planning to place the Mandir exactly opp to the main door ie.the idol will face NW and anyone coming to our house will see the Mandir at first. Is this location favourable. Your valuable suggestion will be appreciated.
    Hi Soni,
    If you are comfortable doing pooja in the living area, then there is no harm in putting the pooja mandir there. But if the idols are placed facing NW, then the worshipper will be facing south, which is not ideal.

  33. shaji says:

    i newly constructed a house 250 meters away from temple. any astological problem, its a east facing land
    Hi Shaji,
    A temple 250m away, is quite far off. It will not affect you adversely


    Hi Virendra,
    Now that you have started construction, do not get distracted and upset by people’s comments. I cannot see your layout. But the solution is quite simple – build a high compound wall or plant tall plants opposite the spearing road. That way your privacy is maintained.

  35. Rajasagar says:

    Dear Sir, My name is rajasagar from Malaysia I have a house facing south. My back door is at north east. My bathroom is at north west. My two rooms at south east. my hall is south west towards north west. My dining room is north east. my kitchen is in-between north east and north west. Please help me to improve my house direction and position.
    Hi Rajasagar,
    Leave it as it is. There is no need to change anything.

  36. rajasagar says:

    Dear Sir,
    Thank you so much.
    Hi Rajasagar,
    Thank you for your acknowledgement.

  37. Anuradha says:

    I have constructed first floor of my house recently . our pooja room door is facing north and idols will be facing towards north and while doing the pooja I will be facing south. As per your article it is not correct. Also behind pooja room I have a bedroom attached toilet but there is no common wall and we have seperate two walls with gap.Please let me know what is to be done?
    Hi Anuradha,
    Try to place the idols on the East or West walls so that you can avoid facing south. But if you do not prefer that and want to see the deities as you enter the room, then do not spend a lot of time doing pooja. A short pooja time is okay.

  38. Hema A says:

    Dear sir,
    a small clarification.
    Does alumium sliding doors of balcony count towards Number of doors. And also pooja room doors which does not touch ceiling can be counted towards No of doors? please guide
    Hi Hema,
    Any opening is counted as a door.

  39. Jagadesan says:

    Hi Sir, I would like to construct bathroom cum Toilet inside of my old house. It is east facing house and main door locate at east side (North-east corner), kitchen at south-east, one bedroom at south-west and another bedroom at North-west corner of the flat. Can I construct the separate bathroom (South side) in between Kitchen and south-west bedroom? Is it ok for vastu shastra? Kindly let me know your views.
    Hi Jagadeshan,
    yes that would be the best position in your arrangement.

  40. naresh says:

    I have got a nort east facing house. I want to built a pergola facing ne. My builder is offering to make a pine pergola unpainted covered with clear roofing. Can you tell me if it is ok to make it in ne. I am worried about the sunlight shadow falling on my house.what other option are for me to make in ne. Can i make a conservatory in this area.
    Hi Naresh,
    The pergola with clear roofing is the best option.

  41. S.Kumar says:

    Sir, kindly opine on my query:
    1. I own a NORTH-EAST facing small piece of irregular shaped land about 150 meter down the motorable road in hills in Uttarakahnd. It has long triangular extnesion towards West-North. I can get a square of 40’x40′ plot on which I intend to construct (or wooden structure) a very small single room house of about 300 sqft (say 20’x15′) to have a bath-cum-toilet in one corner, a platform for kitchenette and 1-2 almirahs only for my vacations and reitred life.
    2. Kindly suggest placement of Bed (with head direction), kitchenette (with sink & gas position) and bath-toilet (with position of taps & commode).
    3. The village trail touches at SOUTH-WEST and passing with the West-North extension of our plot and going down towards North-west. So we can enter the property by making West side boundary wall as stairs OR by using West-North extension part to enter from West-North corner of the boundary OR take half circle from West side to reach from NORTH-EAST side.
    4. If desired, I can mail you a sketch of the plan.
    Thank you,
    Hi S Kumar,
    Keep the bed in east west axis, with the head in the east or west. place the kitchen counter in such a way that you face East while cooking.

  42. vivek singhal says:

    a very knowledgeable site,great work,
    Hi Vivek,
    Thank you for the appreciation.

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