Bathroom Planning Guide| An Architect Explains

A Bathroom is a small space but there is a lot going on. It has to be very functional, efficient, clutter-free and stylish. When planning for one, you will have to think about the type of bathroom that suits you and in designing the layout of a bathroom, you must accommodate all the bathroom fittings/fixtures that you want, at the right heights and positions without making it feel cramped. An Architect explains how this can be done…..

Bathroom Fixtures | An Architect Explains

Nowadays, most bathrooms contain the three basic fixtures for personal hygiene – the wash basin, the toilet (WC) and the shower/bathtub. Other fixtures like bidet, dressing cabinet etc may also be present. But it is imperative that these fixtures and fittings are placed at the right heights and positions. An Architect explains the commonly used bathroom fixtures/fittings, the best brands available in India and the standard heights and positions……

Vastu Guidelines For Bathrooms | An Architect Explains

In ancient times, when there was no water supply through pipes and no drainage and sewage pipeline systems, bathrooms were not allowed inside the house as they were considered dirty, stinking spaces. However today Bathrooms are a part of the house and even attached to the bedrooms. To ensure that the flow of cosmic energy through the house is not affected by the improper positioning of bathrooms, Vastu Shastra lays down guidelines on their positions, the positions of the fixtures, doors, windows etc…..