Bedroom Planning Guide | An Architect Explains

A bedroom is a private room where people usually sleep for the night or relax during the day. A well-designed bedroom should be comfortable, relaxing, soothing and stylish. When planning for one, you will have to think about who will be using it and in designing the layout of a bedroom, all the furniture that is required must be accommodated without making it feel cramped. An Architect explains how this can be done…..

Bedroom Furniture | An Architect Explains

A bedroom has a bed and in addition, a closet, nightstand, desk and dresser. Sometimes, users want to accommodate a TV too. Furniture and other items in a bedroom depends on the usage of the bedroom- master bedroom or a children’s bedroom or a guest bedroom. It also depends on the size of the bedroom, the style (minimalist or decorative) and the requirements of the users…..

Vastu Shastra Guidelines For Bedrooms | An Architect Explains

Sleeping takes up approximately one third of your life and therefore is an extremely important factor in your overall health. The Bedroom is the private place, where you can unwind, relax and sleep. So it should be a comforting space and have a soothing, positive energy. This can easily be created by the scientific application of Vastu Shastra principles which take advantage of sunlight, air and magnetic directions. An Architect explains how to use them…..