Vastu And Colours | An Architect Explains

Colours play a very important role in enhancing our well-being and happiness. Our body absorbs colour energy through the vibration each colour gives off and through colour, we receive all the energies we need to maintain a healthy body, mind, and soul. An Architect explains the concept of colour therapy and how to use the Vastu Guidelines for colours in a scientific manner to make a change and improve the overall well-being of the residents of a Home……

Paints And Colours | An Architect Explains

Paint is used to protect, preserve, decorate or add functionality to an object or surface by covering it with a pigmented coating. Physically, paint is a mixture of four important elements: Pigments, Additives, Binders and Solvents. The choice of paint and the choice of colour is an important decision as it can dramatically transform a space or a building. An Architect guides you in choosing the right paint and colours for your building…..