Lighting | An Architect Explains

Lighting is an important aspect of all interior and exterior designs. Proper, well designed lighting is absolutely essential for a room to be functionally and aesthetically perfect and to enhance task performance whereas there can be wastage of energy and adverse health effects if the lighting is poorly designed. An Architect explains the different types of lamps and lighting fixtures and how you can use them in your house efficiently and strategically to create a good ambience and correct amount of light………

Lighting Lamps | An Architect Explains

A lamp is a replaceable component such as an incandescent light bulb, which is designed to produce light from electricity. These components usually have a base of ceramic, metal, glass or plastic, which makes an electrical connection in the socket of a light fixture. This connection may be made with a screw-thread base, two metal pins, 2 metal caps or a bayonet cap. There are more than 200 Lamp types today……

Lighting Fixtures | An Architect Explains

A light fixture is an electrical device used to create artificial light and/or illumination. It consists of one or more lamps (bulbs or tubes that emit light), along with the socket and other parts that hold the lamp in place and protect it, wiring that connects the lamp to a power source, and a reflector that helps direct and distribute the light.A light fixture provides directed light and helps to avoid the visual glare of a naked bulb. Lighting fixtures come in a wide variety of styles……

Lighting Design | An Architect Explains

All architectural plans are incomplete without a detailed and well thought lighting plan. An interior lighting design takes into account, the architecture of the entire space, specific task needs for different rooms, placement of basic furniture, special decorative accessories and the overall colour of the room. Different types of lighting can create different moods, add beauty to your home and of course help prevent you from bumping into the furniture…..

Sustainable Lighting | An Architect Explains

Clients, whether Corporates, Institutional or private, are getting more interested in sustainable solutions in their projects. This is due to the growing concern about irreversible environmental damage and a frightening escalation in energy costs as governments compete for a better share of the earth’s resources. Designers are coming up with several options for Sustainable Lighting that are getting better and better by the day…..