Interior Design of A Study/Home Office | An Architect Explains

A study or a home office is a must for kids and for those of you who work from home. A study space should be a functional area that’s organized, fun and above all, practical. Size is not as important as good organization and tidiness. Choose a desk that offers plenty of space to spread out your books, then add fun personalized accents that reflect your style. Since a study is an intimate, personalised space, it should be designed with specific individual needs in mind. An Architect guides you in the design of a study…….

Designing A Study Room | An Architect Explains

A Study is used for Studying, Writing, Reading, Using the Computer, Storage of files, Books and as a Library. Sometimes, in smaller houses, a Study is also used as a Bedroom by a teenager or pre-adolescent child or an adult. The planning considerations include size and type of furniture, space allowance, clearance and space around the furniture for movement, storage space for books, files, clothes, etc. The Furniture in a study room typically includes, a desk or a computer table, a chair and in addition a single bed or twin bed and bedside table. An Architect explains all these considerations…..

Vastu Guidelines For Home Office | An Architect Explains

A Home Office as the name suggests is an Office within the House. There are many advantages in working from a Home Office such as saving the cost of renting a commercial space, cost of commute to work, cost of childcare, cost of clothes etc. Since it is a business setup, people are turning to Vastu Shastra, to ensure good output, increased profit and efficiency in work by its employees, which in turn will be beneficial for the Owner. An Architect explains these Vastu guidelines scientifically…….

Vastu Guidelines For Study Room | An Architect Explains

The Study room, as the name suggests is used for studying or as a library or as a Home Office. Sometimes it is also used for Sleeping. The Study room should have a lot of natural light and quiet. Vastu Shastra lays down guidelines regarding the location, shape, furniture arrangement, colours, door and window positions in a study room. An Architect explains these Vastu guidelines scientifically…….