The Earth’s magnetic field is similar to that of a bar magnet with one pole near the geographic North pole and the other near the geographic South pole. The Earth’s magnetic field is mostly caused by convection of molten iron within the outer liquid core, along with a Coriolis effect caused by the overall planetary rotation, which organizes these “electric currents” in rolls aligned along the North-South polar axis.


When we allow a bar magnet to swing freely on a string, the end that points towards the geographic north pole is called the North seeking pole of the magnet, and is labeled “N” .  Its opposite end is labeled “S” for South magnetic pole. So this means that the Earth actually has a magnetic South pole near the geographic North pole in order to attract the “N” end of the bar magnet.  But, we call it the magnetic North pole because it is close to the geographic North pole. Similarly, the Earth’s stronger magnetic North pole is actually near the geographic South pole but is called the magnetic South pole.

The magnetic energy flows out of the stronger magnetic North pole (near the geographic South) into the magnetic South pole. To avoid confusion just remember that the magnetic energy is stronger in the South and flows to the North as shown in the diagram above.

Vastu Shastra has a scientific basis.  It is therefore, worthwhile to understand the importance of these Vastu factors, their positive and negative effects on Man and how the positive effects can be used to advantage in the design of his dwelling. All this has been explained under the following headings.

How does Earth’s magnetic field affect living things?
Why is Earth’s magnetic field an important factor in Vastu Shastra?
How does Vastu Shastra take into account the earth’s magnetic field in the design of structures?


It is scientifically known that the Earth’s magnetic field affects humans and animals in different ways because every cell within  them not only reacts to electromagnetic currents but also produces them. For example the Earth’s magnetic field could generate electric fields and currents around the heart and slightly impede the flow of blood.
Humans: Psychiatrists have noticed a correlation between increased geomagnetic activity and increased suicide rates and clinical depression. This has been explained by Kelly Posner, a psychiatrist at Columbia University in the US: “The most plausible explanation for the association between geomagnetic activity and depression and suicide is that geomagnetic storms can desynchronise circadian rhythms and melatonin production. The circadian regulatory system depends upon repeated environmental cues to synchronise internal clocks, and magnetic fields may be one of these environmental cues. Geomagnetic storms could disrupt body clocks, precipitating Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD) and therefore increased suicide risk.”
Animals align themselves with the Earth’s magnetic North
Herd animals: It has been observed that cattle and other herd animals, such as red and roe deer apparently don’t just stand around randomly chewing the cud – they in fact behave like huge compasses, aligning themselves with magnetic north-south axis, as if involuntarily directed by the earth’s magnetic field lines to the poles.

Lobsters: have been shown to exhibit magnetic sensitivity, relying upon the earth’s magnetic lines to navigate.

Birds: Though it’s not conclusively proven, there is compelling evidence that birds can actually see the Earth’s magnetic field. Their eyes contain specialized light receptor molecules that communicate with the visual center in the brain, just as a compass relies on a tiny magnet to “tune in” to the earth’s magnet.

Baby sea Turtles: rely on the earth’s magnetism to make their way to and fro in the Atlantic Ocean (that’s 8,000 miles round trip). Their bodies tell them when they’ve strayed off course – it’s just like having an internal GPS.


Though geomagnetic storms have a negative effect on humans, on the positive side, it has been observed that the stronger magnetic North pole (Earth’s geographic South) has a positive effect on the body while the magnetic South pole (Earth’s geographic North) has a negative effect. The reason for this has not been scientifically explained. But this effect has been likened to a shower. The shower head is symbolic of the  magnetic North pole’s energy. It is fresh, clean and powerful in its delivery whereas the magnetic South pole is similar to the drain. The grungy, spent water flows more slowly down a bigger opening.
It is astonishing that the ancient Indian pundits, so many thousands of years ago, knew of the adverse and positive effects of the Earth’s magnetic field on humans. Thus the Earth’s magnetic field became an important Vastu Shastra factor and was taken into account in the designing of buildings. One of the goals of Vastu in designing buildings, is to ensure that humans are constantly aligned in the right magnetic axis while they are inside the house, so that the Earth’s magnetic field has a positive effect on them rather than the opposite.


Some of the Vastu Shastra principles that ensure humans benefit from the positive effects of the Earth’s magnetic field are explained below. Since Vastu is a science, every guideline is based on logic and reasoning. As an Architect, I have attempted to explain these guidelines rationally and scientifically, so that you can decide what you want to follow and what you don’t.

One should never sleep with the head in the North. In fact it was said that only a dead body should be allowed to lie with the head in the North. To make it easy for us  to remember, Vastu Shastra likened the Human body to a magnet with the Head as the North Pole and the feet as the South pole.  Therefore, if the head is directed towards the Earth’s North Pole, the two North Poles will repel each other and cause tension, disturbed sleep and other related health problems. So, the Vastu rule is that one should always keep the head away from the North while sleeping or sitting for long periods.  The Scientific Explanation – Since the Earth’s magnetic North pole (situated near the geographic South) is stronger and has a positive effect on humans, especially on their brains, one should always try to sleep or sit with the head in  the South. Also, because the magnetic South pole (located near the Earth’s geographic North) has a negative effect, we must avoid sleeping with our heads in the North.  

When sitting at the dining table or in the living room, one should sit facing East, North or West but avoid sitting facing South: The Scientific Reasoning When you sit facing South,  your head is effectively in the North and your feet in the South. So, this causes the negative effect described above.

In the Puja room avoid idols facing North because then the worshipper has to face South which is not advisable. The Scientific Reason – When a worshiper sits facing South, his feet are towards the South and his head is in the North. This causes the negative effect explained above.
This post was about the Vastu Shastra Factor, the Earth’s Magnetic Field and it’s effects on living things and their buildings.  Read about another Vastu Shastra Factor that affects us and our buildings, namely,

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    Dear admin,
    In your diagram the geographic north and the magnetic north are in the same place while your text indicates otherwise or did I misunderstand something ? can you pls clarify this. thanks.
    Hi Chidambaram,
    You have noticed this discrepancy, but like I have explained in the text, to avoid confusion the geographic North pole has been called the magnetic North pole and vice versa. But if you notice, the flow of magnetic energy is alwamagnetic

  • November 6, 2011 at 9:02 am

    in my understanding you mention geographic north ( magnetic south ) is therefore a south magnet. If the head is the north of our body magnet, then when sleeping facing N, we are aligned with the head at the magnetic S, right ? and this is good rather than repelling right ? so how can head facing north be facing the geographic and magnetic north ?
    Hi Chidambaram,
    This whole thing is confusing, I agree. But the head is not really a ‘north pole’ but was likened to one in Vastu Shastra just so that it is easy to remember that the Norh-pole-head and the geographic North pole will repel each other. This way, people will conciously make an effort to sit with their heads away from the North. The actual reason is that the weaker, negative magnetic South pole is in the North and so avoid sleeping or sitting with your head in this direction.

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    Hi Alysha Agarwal,
    Thank you for the appreciation. Please share among your friends.

  • July 11, 2015 at 9:03 am

    thanks, hoping maybe you can shed some light please, I’m looking for info because every night I go to bed lying on my back and with the direction of the bed, head end about north east, every morning I wake up on an angle in the bed, in the exact north south line with my head at North, if this was bad for me why would my body do it while I’m asleep? Do you know if this is common? Maybe being in the southern hemisphere,(New Zealand) makes a difference to the polar opposites effect?? I have a lot of metal and earth influence in my Chinese and western horoscope, and am most drawn to metal objects, rocks and trees, just wondering if that is a factor in this alignment thing. thanks for your time 🙂
    Hi Fiona,
    The fact that you are drawn to metal objects indicates that you are strongly magnetic and that explains why you tend to align in the North-South axis unconsciously, just like animals do while grazing or flying. I feel that your head ends up in the North because when you go to sleep your head is close by, in the NE corner. If you went to sleep with your head in the SW or SE corner, it probably would have ended up in the South as your body aligns to the magnetic axis. Since you live in New Zealand, close to the pole, your sensitivity to the magnetic field may be stronger, but that does not mean that the magnetic effects are opposite. It is still preferable to sleep with your head in the South or East. Very interesting query. Thanks.

  • September 10, 2015 at 4:28 am

    Hi is it possible to sleep with head in position north east or the south west since the bed room is in such a way that either east or west or north or south it points to the corners.
    Hi Alex,
    Sleep with your head to the SW provided there is a wall behind your head.

  • March 14, 2016 at 6:08 pm

    After a couple of years looking for some scientific explanation on Vastu Shastra based on magnetic fields, I have come across your website. Thanks, very informative. My house is constructed in an L Shape (the attached garage is the extension to L) which results in the South and Southwest missing. I have suffered much but have also been blessed with this knowledge, which was earlier unknown to me. I have read and experienced similar health/emotional/relationship problems based on the missing/defective areas and its consequences. Is there a course that I can do, specifically to know why and how a missing/defective area causes a particular problem, as predicted in Vaastu Shastra. For example,”quote-According to the scientific findings of India Scientist Dr. A.R.Hari, when a severe defect in the northeast combines with a defect in a different direction the combined disturbed bio-energy fields give rise to various types of cancer.Northeast defect combined with south or west may cause the cancer of uterus.-unquote.
    Thank you in anticipation.
    Hi Sarah,
    Thank you for sharing this quote from a scientist. But honestly, having a scientific bent of mind, I cannot agree with his statement. I do not believe that a missing corner can create a situation that will cause cancer. In fact, I feel it is clutter, lack of proper ventilation and light and obstruction to the natural flow of air in a house that can cause ill health. But You never know- a building is placed in the earth’s magnetic field and because of the missing corners, there may be an unusual flow in the magnetic lines. So, to remedy your situation, you could construct a low wall so as to complete the square. And de-clutter, keep windows open through the day. I do not know of any such course.

  • April 21, 2016 at 4:28 am

    Some Vastu consultant has polluted my wife’s imagination stating that the present location of our kitchen situated in the southwest corner as against vastu suggestion of southeast corner. Similarly our bedroom should be in the place where our kitchen is presently placed. Should I redo my house and renovate as per Vastu sastra.
    Hi Venkat Iyer,
    It is all in the mind. Now that this thought has struck both of you, you will have to decide whether the trouble and cost of redoing your house is worthwhile. Otherwise try to convince your wife that the present position is okay

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    Hi I have just built a home and it is designed in a way that I must have my head in the north direction. Is it possible to use mirrors and magnets to reverse the pull of the north dosha behind my head? By using a long mirror behind my headboard to reverse the direction and magnets in reverse to reverse the pull, also I thought of just tilting the bed by a few inches so that it is not true north but rather more north west? I’m so stressed since I didn’t know about this dosha to begin with.

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