The first step in the construction of a House is the excavation at the Site and laying of Foundation. The excavation may be for footings (in a column-beam structure) or trenches for the foundation.

Listed here, are some of the Vastu Guidelines for construction. Since Vastu is a science, every guideline is based on logic and reasoning.  As an Architect, I have attempted to explain each of these guidelines rationally and scientifically so that you an decide what you want to follow and what you don’t instead of looking at Vastu as a superstition.


Before Excavation: Before commencing the Excavation for the Building, certain rituals and work should be done. This has been explained step by step in the post, Vastu Guidelines | Before Construction.

These steps include:

  1. Determination of the Site Orientation.
  2. Clearing of the Site.
  3. Vastu or Bhoomi Pooja.
  4. Soil Test.
  5. Balidaana (offertory ritual).
  6. Hala-Karshana – Levelling of Site.
  7. Ankura-roopana  (Seed Sowing ritual).
  8. Digging of Well/Borewell.
  9. Construction of Storage Shed.
  10. Construction of Sump (underground Water tank).
  11. Construction of Compound Wall.

Direction of Excavation: The Excavation work for the foundation of the Building should start on an auspicious day, from the North-East corner of the building and end in the South-West corner. Therefore, the direction of excavation should be from N-E to S-E, then S-E to S-W corner. Simultaneously, the excavation should be from N-E to N-W, then N-W to S-W corner. The Logic – This is because the Vastu pooja is done in the North-East corner, and psychologically it feels right to start from this corner. Moreover, according to Vastu principles, the North-East should always be lower than the South-West at any time of the construction. This is to ensure a flow of light and wind at all times from the N-E to the rest of the construction if the N-E is lower.

The excavation work should start from the North-East corner

Shilaanyaasa: It is the foundation laying ceremony. After the excavation for the foundation has been completed, the stone which is consecrated at the time of the Vastu Pooja, is laid first in the South-West corner of the excavated trenches. The Reason – According to Vastu principles, at all times the construction structure should be lowest in the N-E and highest in the S-W corner for the same reason as explained above.

Construction work: The construction work like laying of the bed concrete, stone foundation or column footing, etc. should be started from the South-West corner to the North-East corner. The Scientific Reason – This way, at all times the N-E corner will be lower than the rest of the areas, thus ensuring flow of light and solar energy from the North-East corner (morning light and constant light) into the rest of the construction.

Filling: The filling of earth within the foundation should be done from the South-West to the North-East for the same reason as above.

Demolition: In case of demolition of an old building, the work should start from the North-East corner. The Reasoning – In all the above Vastu points, it is obvious that the construction is done such that, the North-East part is always lower than the rest of the area. This is to allow the useful sunlight from the North-East to permeate the rest of the construction at all times. So it is easier to start demolishing from the lowest part of the building.

Old materials: The old building materials should not be re-used for the new construction, unless their quality is guaranteed. The Reasoning – Old material will never be as strong or as long lasting as new material. So it is not worth using old material just because it is cheaper.

It is not worth salvaging old material for a new construction

This post was about the Excavation and laying of Foundation/Column Footings. Read about the Vastu Guidelines for the Construction of the rest of the House in:

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