Only a ‘registered Architect’ or a ‘registered firm of Architects’ can use the title and style of “Architect” in India.  Every time an Architect signs an agreement with the client, he is supposed to quote his ‘Registration Number’. If any person misuses the title and style of Architect, such acts tantamount to committing  a criminal offence, which is punishable under section 36 or 37 (2) of the Architects Act, 1972, on first conviction with fine of five hundred rupees, and on any subsequent conviction with imprisonment which may extend to six months or with a fine not exceeding one thousand rupees.

So Registration with the Council of Architecture (CoA) is absolutely necessary. Every fresh graduate is advised to register with the CoA as soon as s/he passes out. “S/He shall be entitled on payment of the prescribed fees to have his name entered in the register, if s/he resides or carries on the profession of Architect in India and holds a recognised qualification (Indian and Foreign) listed in the CoA  Schedule.”

As an Architect, practising in India, I have explained why the Council of Architecture deems it necessary for an Architect to be registered in order to be able to practise, the procedure for registration, the recognised qualificiations and the penalty for not registering here, under the following headings:

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