According to Vastu Shastra, the Site ‘Shape’ affects the well being of the inmates. Some shapes have a good effect, while others have a bad effect and some others can be used after making corrections by building a ‘Vastu’ compound wall in a suitable shape. 
Since Vaastu is a science, every guideline is based on logic and reasoning. As an Architect, I have attempted to explain these guidelines rationally and scientifically, so that you can decide what you want to follow and what you don’t, instead of blindly following them like a superstition.


squareSquare shaped site is the best shape: According to Vastu, it ensures the inmates all round prosperity and happiness. The Reasoning- In earlier times, since most houses were designed around a central square courtyard, for good cross-ventilation and protection from the hot summer heat, a square Site was considered the best, as the Site could be used fully, without any wastage.


Rectangle shaped Site is also considered good: especially if the longer sides runNorth to South, rather than West to East. It bestows good health, wealth and prosperity. The Reasoning- Like in a square site, it is easy to design a square or rectangle shaped house in a rectangle site even though there will be some extra land around the house. But this space can be  used for trees, outhouse etc and hence is not wasted.

Today, in the modern context, as an Architect, I also subscribe to this view. I find the rectangle shape the best for Sites- It is easier to design a house on rectangular lines since this allows for a good flow of interior spaces and the proportion of the rectangle’s sides are most suitable in designing rooms. It may be for this reason that Sites in cities are usually available in rectangular  shapes such as 30’x40′, 40’x60′, 50’x80′ etc.

triangleTriangle shaped Site is not considered good: However, if the site is very big, then it can be used by constructing a Vaastu compound wall so that it appears to be a square shaped site and then designing the house within it. The Reasoning- In a triangular site, it is difficult to design a square or rectangular house, which is the preferred shape for an efficient plan. There will be a lot of wastage of land on all three corners and very little space on the periphery of the house. Also, the plinth area of the house will be much less than, if the same plan is drawn on a square or rectangular site of the same area.

circleCircular/Elliptical/Oval shaped Sites are not considered good for houses: According to Vastu, such Sites are only good for constructing circular/elliptical shaped buildings, like public buildings. The Reasoning- Just like in a triangle shaped site, it is difficult to construct a rectangle or square house and there will be a lot of odd-shaped waste land around and hence is not considered worth buying for a house.

trapeziumPentagon, Hexagon, Octagon shaped Sites are not considered good: However, if these shapes are made rectangular or square by building a Vastu compound wall, so that it appears to be a square or rectangular Site, it can be used. The Reasoning- Just like in a triangle shaped site there will be lot of wastage of land around the building and so is  not considered worth the money you spend for the land.

l-shapeL-Shaped Site is not good for a house: However, if it is possible to buy the site on the inside of the L-shaped site to form a rectangle site, then it is fine. Or if the arms are wide enough then the site can be fenced off into a rectangle and the remaining portion can be used for a garden or  some other structure. The Reasoning- It will be difficult to design a square or rectangle shaped house in a L-shaped plot, unless the arms are very wide.

goumukhGou-mukh (Cow faced) site is considered auspicious: According to Vastu, if the plot is narrow in the front and wide at the back, like the face of a cow, it is auspicious. The Reasoning- A square or rectangle shaped house can be designed in this plot with some excess land in the back which can be used for various things like a kitchen garden, outhouse etc.

simhaSimha-mukh (Lion faced) Site is considered inauspicious: According to Vastu, if the plot is wide in the front or entrance and narrow at the back, like the face of a lion, it is inauspicious. The Reasoning- In this plot, though a rectangle or square shaped house can be designed, the excess land will be in the front, and an outhouse  or kitchen garden cannot be placed here. So the excess space will be wasted and hence not considered worth the money spent.

cutSites with cut corners are not good: If possible, you should be able to purchase the cut part as well, so that the site looks whole. The Reasoning- It will be difficult to design a house if any of the corners are cut, as some parts of the house will not have proper ventilation.

Sites with cut-corners in the North-East are not good and  should not be purchased. It is like a headless body, because as per Vastu Purusha Mandala the Vastu Purusha’s head lies in the North-East. The Reasoning- The North-East is the direction from which the sun light engulfs the house in the morning and hence should be kept open without any obstructions. So, if it belongs to someone else, that portion cannot be kept open to the useful sunlight.

Sites with projections/extensions in the North or East are considered good: The Reasoning- The North-East is the direction from which the sun light engulfs the house in the morning and so if this corner is projected, there can be a lot more open space that will ensure more unobstructed sunlight.

Sites with projections/extensions in the North-West, South-East or South-West are not considered good: but can be used after corrections by building a Vaastu compound wall. The Reasoning – Having open spaces to the South and West of a site are not preferred, as the hot sunrays projected towards these directions, will heat up the house.

Irregular shaped sites have a negative effect on the human psyche, but can be used after building a square or rectangular compound wall around it: The Reasoning:  The compound wall protects the building and the space surrounding it from negative energies and so, in irregular shaped properties, square or rectangular shaped compound walls can be  built and the remaining area should be left for growing trees and plants.

This post was about the importance of  ‘Site Shape’ in the Selection of a Site. Read about another important Vastu Shastra consideration when Selecting a Site, namely:

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  1. LINA says:

    Hi Lina,
    From what I understand, it is not an extension but the site is tapering towards the south. Leave it as it is.

  2. kumar says:

    can we buy site near to public water tank??

  3. jegee says:

    Thanku for valuable advice! If the piece of land is L shaped ! Can we use d extra arm as a car park n make d house into an rectangular one? Or we can only make it as a garden
    Hi Jegee,
    Both ideas are good.

  4. pushpa manjunath says:

    Hi, I want an advice for this size of the plot.
    I have built a house on foll dimension of the plot
    North East- to south east 54
    southEast to south west 90
    north east to north wast 72
    north west to south west 54

    Please suggest any alteration required as I am staying in this bldg. for last 17years but not a penny can be saved pl advice.
    Hi Pushpa Manjunath,
    You have not mentioned which side your site is facing. Anyhow, don’t blame the site. But if it is constantly niggling in your mind, I think you should plant some hedge or compound wall in such a way that the plot becomes rectangular in plan. This way you may feel some change will be there.

  5. Amit Laha says:

    Hello sir
    I have seen a house which is on triangular site. But it is very big site of 950 SQ M. Front is very wide and back became slick but all three sides are in straight line House is already built. quite rectangular. house.and it has big back yard. If we construct an wall at the very end to make it rectangular then is it good? Please let me know your views
    REgards, Amit Laha
    Hi Amit Laha,
    Preferably have walls or fences on three sides so that the site appears to be a rectangle.

  6. abhilasha udainiya says:

    My plot is east facing with 40 ft in front 40 ft on south side but 48 ft at backside giving it an irregular shape.The house built on it will be in a rectangular shape. Kindly advise how to avoid the effect on it.
    Hi Abhilasha,
    There is no problem as you will be having a rectangular building. Use the irregularly shaped land around the building for a garden etc.

  7. Sam says:

    Hi, I’ve been searching for explanations on why the shape of a plot is so important and your post is the only explanation that I have found so thank you. I can see the reason for downward sloping plots being less favourable – the Sun’s energy can not flow through them as easily. Any thoughts?
    Hi Sam,
    You are right that sloping sites can obstruct the Sun’s rays. But then, if the site is higher in the South and lower in the North towards the NE corner, then it is a favourable site, because the Sun rises in the NE and moves to the SE, then the SW and finally sets towards the NW. So at any time of the day, every part of the site gets sunlight. This is the reason why in vastu, the NE part of the building should always be lowest and the SW part, the highest.

  8. Rakesh says:

    Dear sir,
    I have one house which is shape of 7 and east facing, front: south east – north east 30 ft but middle : south to north is 15 ft on 10 ft from west (back side) and west-north to east-north is 30 and west-south to east-south is 10 and 30.back:: south west – north west 24 ft. Please advise can it be gaumukhi if we setoff 6 ft from front where size of plot is west to east is 24-15-20-25-30.
    Hi Rakesh,
    I have not understood the plan of your house/site clearly. But from what I can make out, I assume you want to setback by 6′ so that the site dimensions are more regular and rectangular. You can do all that provided the room dimensions are not affected. There is no point in wasting site space and making small rooms around just for following Vastu.

  9. Raja says:

    Hi Sir,
    I want to take a home for rent which is in cross direction,i had compared to other houses of that street, they are also constructed in same manner.please suggest me can i take it.
    Hi Raja,
    I do not clearly understand what you mean by cross direction. Does it mean that the house is not aligned to the cardinal directions? Either way, it is fine and will not make much of a difference. You can be reassured by the fact that all the houses in the street are in the same directions.

  10. Sowmya says:

    There is a corner site that we are interested to purchase and we would like your advise on the same. The North and West sides are bound by roads and the South and East sides are bound by sites. It is a trapezium and the site measures as follows – 47 ft on the North side, 42 ft on the West side, 60 ft on the South side and 40 ft on the East side. Please advise if it is auspicious to proceed further.
    Hi Sowmya,
    This is a gaumukhi site from the North side which is considered auspicious in Vastu Shastra.

  11. praveen says:

    I am thinking of buying and house. The built up house is exactly square shaped but the plot is odd shaped. Two sides are straight and these are the north and east facing sides. the west side is straight up to half the length of the plot and then tapers directly joining the east side point resulting in a trapezium. Hence the effect is that the garden is kind of triangular shaped. Will this pass vaastu? Is it worth proceeding based on the fact the house is facing north and is square shaped
    Thanks for any advice!!!
    Hi Praveen,
    The good thing is that the house is square shaped. In my opinion the triangular garden is okay. But if you do not feel comfortable about it, then build low compound walls on the west and south sides to make the plot square/rectangular.

  12. Rakesh says:

    Dear Sir…

    the size of plot is below mention…Please advise can it be gaumukhi if we setoff 6 ft from front(East-south)
    **** *******
    s-9* *
    * *
    ***** * N-31
    * *
    S-31* *
    * *
    * *
    * *
    or How can i remove remedies of vastu or Singhmukhi house.
    Hi Rakesh,
    As it is the site is small, so why do you want to set off from the front? Instead build a rectangular house in the available space.

  13. Rajeesh S says:

    Dear sir,
    we have one house which is build on 30 X 40 site. the ground floor is L shaped building,moulded with concrete and remain site constructed with brick wall with sheet roof. and in the 1st floor moulded building on longer arm of L. now we want to build up a room on smaller arm of L.
    In the plan view the building on 1st floor will be looking like L shape. is it good as per vastu.Please advise
    The site facing east.
    Thank you
    Hi Rajeesh,
    If the L-shaped plan of the house is functional and there is no wastage of space, then why worry about the shape of the plan.

  14. selvii says:

    Sir Namaskaram.
    We have seen a corner plot facing east facing park but the size of the plot is EAST48.6 NORTH IS 60 WEST IS 44.2 & SOUTH 60.2. i AM IN A DILEMMA BECAUSE OF SOUTH EAST EXTENSION. WE HAVE ROADS ON SOUTH & EAST SIDE. HOW TO MAKE IT VASTU PERFECT? Pls suggest. Thanks.ii
    Hi Selvii,
    Since the extension is on the SE corner at the junction of the South and East roads, it should be fine. Moreover the site is east facing which is a positive, and faces a park which is a bigger positive. So do not bother about a slight extension.

  15. Swaroop says:

    My plot is west facing with front as 38′ and side as 50′.On the East side the plot is longer by 11′.It joins the West side at 38′.Is this vastu wise auspicious??
    Hi Swaroop,
    Your front is shorter than the back which makes this an ideal site.

  16. anand says:

    I am looking fora builtup house. The plot is in triangle shape. The east and south side are straight line and a cross atnorth joining the east and south wall. The builtup house is at square shape and facing east. Is it okay and good ? The total area is 1300sqft
    Hi Anand,
    Since your building is square in shape, the vastu of the house is fine.

  17. Jodee says:

    Hello, I am planning to buy an east facing site, which is not rectangle. the site dimensions are below.

    The east side width is 30 feet and the west side width is 35 feet.
    North and south side length is 50 feet. The south west corner is 5 feet more
    compared to south east corner.
    The site can be made as 30X50 feet rectangle shape.
    but the extra space & cross shape will be there on the south west side.
    This site is the last site of the layout and dead end of the road.
    Can this site be purchased?
    if yes, will there be any negative effects & positive effects.
    can you please clarify the same.
    thank you!
    Hi Jodee,
    Build your house in a rectangular shape within the 30’x50′ space. The extra space in the SW corner can be used for a washing stone, hanging clothes or a kitchen garden.

  18. shiva says:

    we found one North facing plot ( N04 inclined towards West) measuring
    North to South -> 91.39+65.70 and East to West ->145.70+119.59.
    North facing Road =91.39
    South dimentions =65.30
    East dimention =145.70
    West dimention =119.59
    Could you please let me know is this good to buy this plot and construct a house.
    Hi Shiva,
    This is a quadrilateral shaped site, which means it has odd angles and not regular 90 degree angles. But the good thing is that it is a North facing plot and is long along the east-west axis. So you can build a rectangular North-South house so that all rooms get light from the East-West directions. Since the site is large, you can easily accommodate a rectangular house without being constrained by the odd angles. You could also plant shrubs or hedges in a rectangular shape around the house so that the site feels regular.

  19. Ravi Patil says:

    I am planning to purchase site. and below are the site details which i saw yesterday.
    site is West facing , odd site , on the north side Water tank and there is a walk way of 3m between site and water tank compound. On the south of this site is one more odd site bit smaller in size. and on backside(east)it is open as such, they are planning for layout extension where again odd sites may come up.
    Road side(west face) 36.42
    backside(east face) 37.51
    Right side(north face) 37.5
    Left side(south face) 45.4
    Total area 1535 sqft, in that we can make 36*37 square.
    Please suggest.
    HI Ravi Patil,
    The way I see it, the front is slightly narrower than the back and so is considered a goumukh site which is considered auspicious in Vastu.

  20. S says:

    Dear Sir,

    I’m looking to buy a plot which is East facing & gomukh shaped. It is regular on three sides except the north. The north boundary is stretched on
    HI S,
    Go ahead. It is goumukh shaped and East Facing.

  21. Amrit says:

    I’m looking to buy a plot which is East facing & gomukh shaped. It is regular on three sides except the north. The north boundary is stretched on the north west.

    I read on the blog above how this is inauspicious as it will block morning light, but adjacent to the north side there is a huge open green space which will never block the light. Also the plot is big enough for me to build a regular shaped house.

    Please suggest whether I should go ahead with the project or if I should look for regular shaped plots.
    Thank you
    Hi Amrit,
    Go ahead. It is goumukh shaped, East Facing and has an open space in the North Side. you cannot expect all aspects to be perfect.

  22. thiyagu says:

    Hi Sir,
    I am planning to buy a west facing plot of the following dimension:

    North side – 44.5′
    South side – 55 ‘
    East side – 34.75′
    West side – 35.25′

    We are planning to construct a commercial shop downstairs and our residence on the first floor. Please guide us if we can buy this plot.
    Hi Thiyagu,
    There does not seem to be much difference between the dimensions of the front and the backs of the site. So though it is irregular shaped it seems to be okay.

  23. Sarav says:

    I would like your advise on purchase of odd sized plot with following dimensions

    North : 30ft
    East: 45ft
    West : 63 ft
    Direction of facing: North (30 ft)
    It is increasing from 45 ft (east) to 63 ft (west)
    HI Sarav,
    The site is North facing, a positive. But it is trapezoidal in shape. it does not matter as the odd triangular space can be used for a garden. But the main thing is how do you feel when you stand inside the site. Do you get a positive vibe? then go ahead.

  24. mishalpali says:

    My lot is pie shape and situated between exactly N and NE also there is a lake in north east
    Lot is facing north from road and back (south) is open
    right side of lot (east line, still in north zone) is slightly towards NE =178 sq. ft. (this line is right angle)
    left side of lot (west line, still in north zone) is =124 sq. ft.
    front portion of pie lot is =25 sq. ft.
    back portion is=55 sq. ft.
    is it good forresidential
    Hi Mishalpali,
    Honestly I haven’t understood the orienttion of the site. But other things like North-NE facing, lake in the NE are all favourable points according to vastu. But I always say that the final call is to be made by you based on your instinct when you stand in that plot and ‘feel’ it.

  25. Dr navin mittal says:

    Sir I want to buy a plot in which North East corner is cut but have 40 feet wide road another road is south facing please tell me can we made a rectangular house in it
    North west wall 18.3 Metor
    North East wal. Is 5.1 North then tilt towards East an it the corner 6.8
    East south wall 13.95
    South west wall is 10 Metor. All measurements is in Meetor
    Pl reply me soon I have faith on u
    Hi Dr Navin,
    You can construct a rectangular house in the site though it is slightly disadvantageous that it has a cut NE corner. Consult an architect in your area.

  26. aishwarya says:

    Hi sir
    I want to know whether booking an apartment which has a wider front in south direction and tapering as it goes towards north.
    South 40 ft and
    North 33 ft
    Hi Aishwarya,
    You do not need to look at the shape of the apartment.

  27. AG says:

    I want to buy a house. The plot has a road in the north and a road on the east. The plot shape is triangular with north side almost cut. If I draw a line from the north point to southwest point. There is no west side. example, east 20 units, south 20 units, north 5 units. No west.
    The shape of the house is rectangular and faces east. There is another opening on the north side.
    Is such a site/ house favorable?
    Hi AG,
    A triangular site is not considered good in vastu shastra because after placing a rectangular house, there will be a lot of wastage of site. But in your case, if the house is comfortably sized and well lit and ventilated, then you can consider this house. But the best judge is you- trust your instinct.

  28. Rashmi Pugalia says:

    I am interested in taking a flat in a society the shape of the plot is northwest extended …that is north is front east is a straight line south is also a straight line the northwest tapers towards south west so as north lenght is double of south side length …roads on north n west side n the buildin we want to take a flat in is in south of the plot ….is it ok..does the plot shape affect flat vaastu
    Hi Rashmi,
    The plot shape does not affect the individual flats. It is only considered when you look at the entire apartment building as a whole. So you can choose whichever flat you want.

  29. IG says:

    I am planning to buy and industrial plot whose shape is rectangular but its measurement is as follows:
    North Facing Plot
    North to South distance is – 95 ft
    East to West distance is – 135 ft
    Hi IG,
    What’s the problem? If you like it go ahead.

  30. gursimran says:

    i have purchased a plot in parellegram shape with sides 12><48,how can i remedy,this is commercial shop site,plot is facing west and one longer side is slight forward than other and makes parellogram,how can i remedy this,,please help…
    Hi Gursimran,
    Construct a rectangular building within it.

  31. Raja says:

    I am planning to buy a site with built houses. the land is wider at the front and Narrow at the back.

    ! !
    ! ! S
    ! ! E W
    ! ! N
    ! !
    ! !

    Main Road 20FT
    Need your advice.
    We are going to letout all the housed for rent and they are all east facing houses
    at the front left corner there is a Shop.
    Hi Raja,
    The site is a simha mukh as it has a wider mouth. This is not preferred in vastu. I am just saying this because there will be lots of vastu specialists warning you about the bad effects. But according to me it is a good site as it is north facing and you are planning to build hoses facing east. But the ultimate decision in such matters is to be made by you.

  32. Lds says:

    Hi, I am planning to buy a plot of very slight odd dimension,west facing plot towards road.
    west – 30 ft
    East – 30 ft
    north – 54 ft 10 inch
    south – 54 ft 8 inch
    Is it ok to buy as per vastu? Need urgent help. site is west faced with road on west side.
    Hi Lds,
    There is hardly a difference of 2″ between the sides. And 2″ is negligible when you consider the dimension of the site, 656″. So it is okay.

  33. Shyam says:

    Dear Sir, Iam looking towards purchasing a land to build office infrastructure. The site that has been shortlisted has following dimensions. North 51.7m, East 39.2m, South 42.4m, West 16.4m. The site is facing North which is the road, all other directions are surrounded by other properties. Since the plot is tapered, where West is shorter than East, someone mentioned it may be Vastu complaint, Please advise
    Many Thanks,
    Since the site is extended in the North and East directions, it is vastu compliant eventhough it is not a goumukh site.

  34. Priya says:

    Dear Admin,
    We are looking at a west facing plot with the following dimensions:
    West: 55 ft
    South: 180 ft
    East: 150 ft
    North: 208 ft

    The house can be built with a 75ft setback on the west side due to a county rule. Though being a westfacing goumukh plot with a wonderful north east extension is it a good plot to go for. Our only concern is with the 75ft foot set back for the house on the west side ,though the plot is narrow at the front should we consider that the west is more open than the east or is there a separate rule for goumukh plots. When we look area wise east area is still more than the west.
    Please Advice.
    Thanks in Advance
    HI Priya,
    Like you say, you have an extension in the NE corner and this is a goumukh property with shorter front and longer back site dimensions, which is all good as per vastu. IT is always advisable to leave more area in the front as the light to the house is unobstructed. So it does not matter that this is a west facing property. Keep the 75′ setback in the west but it would be nice if you can keep some space in the east as well to allow morning light into the house. Since you have a plot of such big dimensions, I think it will be possible.

  35. umesh says:

    I Have buy a house which is simha mukh, front- West….back-East… is 35 square meter,2 room are present in this house.the last part after 2 rooms which is narrow, we want to use this to make wash-room. Would It be fine? Please suggest.

  36. kiran kumar says:

    Can I construct house on a triangular shaped plot .road is on south and it possible to carve out a rectangular plot and then to construct house on it
    Hi Kiran Kumar,
    Yes it is possible to carve out a rectangular area, but this is possible only if the plot is large enough.

  37. Verma says:

    our lot is north east facing but the east corner is not 90 degree but 75 and west corner has extension of 115 degree rest two corners are 90 degree is there a remedy we can use to fix it. Thank you
    Hi Verma,
    Your site is okay provided you build your house in a retangular shape with 90 degree angles.

  38. durai says:


    I bought a East facing plot and size given below,
    East(Front) – 37
    west(Back) – 35
    north(Right side) – 30
    south(left side) – 30

    Is it good for residential?
    Hi Durai,
    It has a wide mouth since the front dimensions are more than the back. Just make sure that the house you construct is rectangular with 90 degree angles.

  39. MAHESH says:

    We built a Ground plus one building in Triangle plot. In which Aagneyam corner is not there. Only Eeshanyam, North & west sides are there. Complete narrow in East and wide in west side. little North west road face is hitting the building. Please reply with your valuable suggestion. Shall we keep the building as it is or sell it immediately.
    Hi Mahesh,
    Such a big decision should be made only after you have given it a good thought. ll the family members must try to ‘feel’ the house. If you get positive vibes then there is no need to sell.

  40. arun says:

    i have a plot with following schedule and planning to build a house.
    1: It is a North East corner site.
    2: – North (facing Road) : 30 Ft
    – East ( facing Road); 43 Ft
    – South ( facing other site) 50 Ft
    – West ( Facing other site) 40 Ft
    { It is like perfect rectangle(30×40) attached with a triangle of 20 X40 on east side )

    I am thinking of utilising 20×10 0f the triangle with rectangle (30×40) for my construction just to accommodate extra space either for kitchen or dinning space. is it recommendable. and also i am planning to use outer stairs in in the remaining triangular space to reach 1’st floor.
    Please give your suggestion.
    Hi Arun,
    Since yours is not a particularly big site it is advantageous to utilise any extra space that you have. So your proposal is fine according to me.

  41. Nagapal D says:

    Planning to buy a site which is facing towards east
    NE to NW 27ft
    SE to SW 23ft
    Please advise will it be a good as per Vastu shastra
    Hi Nagpal,
    What are the front and back dimensions?

  42. Sri says:

    I would like to puschase an appartment in ground floor with a wide garden. The appartment is a square. The garden on the other hand has a side cut in north or an extension in west. I do not know how to consider it. If I construct a small wall of 50 cm, the garden will be squared shape. Is a wall of 50cm good enough? Or is it preferable to not buy this appartment?

    Is there any other remedies?

    Thank you in advance for your reply.
    Hi Sri,
    Just be happy that you have a garden attached to your apartment and stop worrying about the cuts!

  43. ARG says:

    Dear Sir,
    I am planning to buy a site facing North . it is a corner plot North side and West side are roads. plot size is 70 ft (width) on north side and length is 50 ft. i.e frontage is wider 70ft and length is 50ft. Please advise is it a good site as per vasthu or i should go for other better options.
    Hi Arg,
    A wider frontage is always advantageous as you will get more light. But ultimately it depends on your instinct, the way you feel while standing in this site. If it’s a good vibe, then go ahead and buy it.

  44. hemant singh says:

    Hi i m going to purchase a plot of 1950 sq feet. Facing west. Its front is 45 feet back is 32.5 feet rigt side is 50 feet and left side is of 51 feet. On back side i get additional triangular shaped open space of 400 sq. Feet facing east touche with an open park. Pls guide me
    Hi Hemant,
    You have a simha-mukh site with a wider mouth. Refer to my post on Vastu shastra: Site Shape. BUt you have a nice site as you have a park on the East side. So design your house in such a way that a lot of windows open towards the East and North sides.

  45. naresh kumar chaudhary says:

    dear sir i have a plot having norh side road of 84 N, 64 S, 50 E and 49 W plse suggest whether it is good or not as Vastu shastra
    Hi Naresh Kumar,
    This is a wide mouth site and not the ideal site according to Vastu Shastra. But according to me it’s not a problem. You can plan a rectangular house in this site and plan landscape in the extra triangular space. But the most important is to stand in the site and feel the ‘vibrations’ before you take a decision. If you feel positive and happy there, go for it. Otherwise avoid it.

  46. Deepak says:

    Ca you please advice whether the below shaped site is auspicious, as the North east side is extended.
    | |
    | |
    | /
    | /
    | /
    | /
    | /
    | /
    | /
    | /
    The total area is 1825 with road on North and East side.
    Hi Deepak,
    A site extended in the NE is always good from morning sunlight, point of view. Just make sure the rectangular portion enough for constructing a site.

  47. Satish says:

    Dear Sir,

    I am planning to by an East facing plot with the following sizes:

    East – 57’4
    North – 60
    South – 60’3
    West – 51’9

    Is the above plot is good for residential purpose, do wee need to make adjustments in the plot while constructing?
    Please advise
    Many thanks
    Hi Satish,
    While constructing, make sure that your house is rectangular in shape. Arrange landscape trees/shrubs in such a way that the plot appears to be rectangular in plan.

  48. sudha says:

    dear guruji,

    Am planning to buy a plot to construct a preschool.Please advise if the dimension of the plot is profitable .details below
    DImensions-EAST-36 FEET
    WEST-40 FEET
    sudha chinnappa
    Hi Sudha,
    Since your site has a narrow mouth in the front, it is called a “Gau-mukh” which is good according to Vastu Shastra. But the ultimate test in such matters is for you to stand inside the site and ‘feel’ it. If you feel positive and happy, then go ahead and buy it.

  49. abhilasha says:

    Hi, we have purchased an east facing site which is 40ft in front and 47 ft at the back which makes the north west corner extended than the north east corner. The house is built in 30*40 area leaving rest of the space towards north end vacant. please advise if any corrections need to be made.
    Hi Abhilasha,
    From what I have understood, you need not make any changes.

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