According to Vastu Shastra, the Site ‘Shape’ affects the well being of the inmates. Some shapes have a good effect, while others have a bad effect and some others can be used after making corrections by building a ‘Vastu’ compound wall in a suitable shape. 
Since Vaastu is a science, every guideline is based on logic and reasoning. As an Architect, I have attempted to explain these guidelines rationally and scientifically, so that you can decide what you want to follow and what you don’t, instead of blindly following them like a superstition.


squareSquare shaped site is the best shape: According to Vastu, it ensures the inmates all round prosperity and happiness. The Reasoning- In earlier times, since most houses were designed around a central square courtyard, for good cross-ventilation and protection from the hot summer heat, a square Site was considered the best, as the Site could be used fully, without any wastage.


Rectangle shaped Site is also considered good: especially if the longer sides runNorth to South, rather than West to East. It bestows good health, wealth and prosperity. The Reasoning- Like in a square site, it is easy to design a square or rectangle shaped house in a rectangle site even though there will be some extra land around the house. But this space can be  used for trees, outhouse etc and hence is not wasted.

Today, in the modern context, as an Architect, I also subscribe to this view. I find the rectangle shape the best for Sites- It is easier to design a house on rectangular lines since this allows for a good flow of interior spaces and the proportion of the rectangle’s sides are most suitable in designing rooms. It may be for this reason that Sites in cities are usually available in rectangular  shapes such as 30’x40′, 40’x60′, 50’x80′ etc.

triangleTriangle shaped Site is not considered good: However, if the site is very big, then it can be used by constructing a Vaastu compound wall so that it appears to be a square shaped site and then designing the house within it. The Reasoning- In a triangular site, it is difficult to design a square or rectangular house, which is the preferred shape for an efficient plan. There will be a lot of wastage of land on all three corners and very little space on the periphery of the house. Also, the plinth area of the house will be much less than, if the same plan is drawn on a square or rectangular site of the same area.

circleCircular/Elliptical/Oval shaped Sites are not considered good for houses: According to Vastu, such Sites are only good for constructing circular/elliptical shaped buildings, like public buildings. The Reasoning- Just like in a triangle shaped site, it is difficult to construct a rectangle or square house and there will be a lot of odd-shaped waste land around and hence is not considered worth buying for a house.

trapeziumPentagon, Hexagon, Octagon shaped Sites are not considered good: However, if these shapes are made rectangular or square by building a Vastu compound wall, so that it appears to be a square or rectangular Site, it can be used. The Reasoning- Just like in a triangle shaped site there will be lot of wastage of land around the building and so is  not considered worth the money you spend for the land.

l-shapeL-Shaped Site is not good for a house: However, if it is possible to buy the site on the inside of the L-shaped site to form a rectangle site, then it is fine. Or if the arms are wide enough then the site can be fenced off into a rectangle and the remaining portion can be used for a garden or  some other structure. The Reasoning- It will be difficult to design a square or rectangle shaped house in a L-shaped plot, unless the arms are very wide.

goumukhGou-mukh (Cow faced) site is considered auspicious: According to Vastu, if the plot is narrow in the front and wide at the back, like the face of a cow, it is auspicious. The Reasoning- A square or rectangle shaped house can be designed in this plot with some excess land in the back which can be used for various things like a kitchen garden, outhouse etc.

simhaSimha-mukh (Lion faced) Site is considered inauspicious: According to Vastu, if the plot is wide in the front or entrance and narrow at the back, like the face of a lion, it is inauspicious. The Reasoning- In this plot, though a rectangle or square shaped house can be designed, the excess land will be in the front, and an outhouse  or kitchen garden cannot be placed here. So the excess space will be wasted and hence not considered worth the money spent.

cutSites with cut corners are not good: If possible, you should be able to purchase the cut part as well, so that the site looks whole. The Reasoning- It will be difficult to design a house if any of the corners are cut, as some parts of the house will not have proper ventilation.

Sites with cut-corners in the North-East are not good and  should not be purchased. It is like a headless body, because as per Vastu Purusha Mandala the Vastu Purusha’s head lies in the North-East. The Reasoning- The North-East is the direction from which the sun light engulfs the house in the morning and hence should be kept open without any obstructions. So, if it belongs to someone else, that portion cannot be kept open to the useful sunlight.

Sites with projections/extensions in the North or East are considered good: The Reasoning- The North-East is the direction from which the sun light engulfs the house in the morning and so if this corner is projected, there can be a lot more open space that will ensure more unobstructed sunlight.

Sites with projections/extensions in the North-West, South-East or South-West are not considered good: but can be used after corrections by building a Vaastu compound wall. The Reasoning – Having open spaces to the South and West of a site are not preferred, as the hot sunrays projected towards these directions, will heat up the house.

Irregular shaped sites have a negative effect on the human psyche, but can be used after building a square or rectangular compound wall around it: The Reasoning:  The compound wall protects the building and the space surrounding it from negative energies and so, in irregular shaped properties, square or rectangular shaped compound walls can be  built and the remaining area should be left for growing trees and plants.

This post was about the importance of  ‘Site Shape’ in the Selection of a Site. Read about another important Vastu Shastra consideration when Selecting a Site, namely:

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  1. B.Phanikumar says:

    Good Afternoon sir,

    I have a Purchased a Plot in “L Bow ” Shaped Plot.

    Dimensions are

    North -9′ feet
    South – 27’8″ feet
    west – 25’6″ feet
    South-East Corner -20’3″ feet
    North-East Corner -25’2″ feet

    This is plot is having a North East facing Road.
    Is it suitable for Residential House? Please advise me sir. I am Waiting for your Valubale Suggestions.
    Hi Phanikumar,
    I am unable to visualise the site plan. From what you have described, it appears to be a 5 sided site with the NE corner cut. If that is the case, according to Vastu it is not ideal. But since yours is a North facing plot, this cannot be considered very inauspicious in Vastu. Just make sure that your house is designed in such a way that you are able to benefit from the sunlight in the NE corner.

  2. abhilasha says:

    Hi, we have purchased an east facing site which is 40ft in front and 47 ft at the back which makes the north west corner extended than the north east corner. The house is built in 30*40 area leaving rest of the space towards north end vacant. please advise if any corrections need to be made.
    Hi Abhilasha,
    From what I have understood, you need not make any changes.

  3. Richa says:

    Dear Sir
    I am planning to buy a vacant land which is north east facing, the only problem is – it is not a perfect rectangle. The dimensions are
    1. Front- 22.5m
    2. Back- 22 m
    3. Right Side- 51m
    4. Left side- 48 m
    The front of the land is in a straight line . I will be building a rectangular house on it.
    Please advice, if this is OK from Vaastu aspect.
    Grateful for your advice
    Hi Richa,
    The width variation from front to back is not too much. And since you are builing a rectangular house, it should be okay.

  4. Sharanya says:

    I am looking to buy a plot with these dimensions. Overall the plot is West facing and in Trapezium shape.
    E 40′
    W 40′
    N 55.8′
    S 53.4′
    Please suggest if I can go ahead with the purchase. Thanks in advance!
    Hi Sharanya,
    The site seems to be okay though it is not clear in which direction there is an extension. If it is in the NE it is very good according to vastu. But anyhow, construct a rectangular house on it.

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