A Staircase is a series of steps connecting different levels in a Building. In a House with more than one level, the Staircase will be used everyday, a number of times. Hence the Staircase should be comfortably designed for the users. The Staircase is usually accessed from the Dining Room.


A staircase is a series of steps connecting different levels of a house

Here, I have explained the Vastu Guidelines for a Staircase. Since Vastu is a science, there is logic and reasoning behind every guideline. As an Architect, I have attempted toexplain these guidelines rationally and scientifically, so that you can decide what you want to follow and what you don’t.


The staircase should be in the South-West, South or West. However, it is not advisable to build a Staircase on the North-East side. The Reason – The North-East is to be left open according to Vastu, in order to allow the morning sun rays to enter the house. Hence if a staircase is kept in this corner, it will block the sunlight. But if there is no other choice, the staircase can be placed here as the internal circulation is also important.

Avoid internal staircase in the corners or the centre of the house: The Reason – If an internal staircase is in the corner, the room from which it is accessed cannot be used properly. Similarly, if the staircase is in the center, a lot of useful circulation space is wasted.


Avoid an internal staircase in the centre of the house


The first flight should be from East to West or North to South. The Reason – This will ensure that the lower steps will be in the East or North, while the higher steps will be in the West or South. Thus the useful, morning light from the East and the constant light from the North will not be blocked by the Steps.

Turn clockwise when turning into the next flight: The Reason – Since most people are right handed, they tend to hold the handrail on the right hand side. So when they turn onto the next flight, it makes sense to continue holding the right handrail, for which the next flight should be on the right side which means one has to turn clockwise.


Avoid a spiral staircase in a house


There should be odd number of risers in a staircase: For example 15, 17, 19 are acceptable. The Reason – Since most people are right handed, they generally put their right foot first, while climbing a staircase. So when they end the climb, they prefer to end on the right foot. This is possible only when there are odd numberof steps. It is for this reason that the right foot is equated with gain, the left with loss.

Avoid circular or spiral staircase: The Reason – A circular staircase takes up and wastes a lot of space, especially in the corners and in the rooms adjacent to it. A spiral staircase is very uncomfortable to climb and not very safe. Also the space below it is not very usable and there is the risk of bumping into it as there is no proper head room.Avoid rooms under a staircase:The Reason - Often, people  use the space below a staircase for small rooms like Toilets, Safe, Puja etc. But every time people climb the steps, a person using the room below gets an uneasy feeling of somebody stamping on their head. He doesn’t feel safe either, as if the whole thing will collapse on him.


The ideal colours of the staircase area are light colors. The Reason-  One can see the steps clearly, if the whole area is painted a light color as this reflects light.

This post was about the Vastu guidelines for the design of Staircase. The Staircase leads to the next floors namely the Basement and Upper floors and the Terrace where the Overhead Water tanks are located. Read the Vastu guidelines for the design of these spaces here:

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  1. rachen says:

    I’m about to rent a house in first floor. It has SE main door, a big balcony on North, vacant on East, North and South. Another apartment on west side. However the stairs rise on South and go to North. Stairs is on the east wall. Is it a vaasthu violation. What is the remedy?
    Hi Rachen,
    When looking at rented premises, you need not be such a stickler to Vastu, as it will not be your permanent dwelling place. Yer of ou can compromise if at least 60% of the things are according to vastu, since you are a believer of vastu

  2. Nishchal Goyal says:

    I have stair case in north side of my house going towards north and then turning towards south. Is this direction of stairs is ok or if not ow can i rectify this without any construction work. Pls suggest
    Hi Nishchal,
    A staircase is meant to connect two floors. It should be placed in the most suitable position so that space is not wasted. So it does not matter in which direction it goes as long as it serves it’s purpose efficiently.

  3. Vivek Panvelkar says:

    Hello Sir,
    I am planning a house on a corner plot, its 18mt X 14mt.Roads on the south and East.want to make commercial and garage on ground floor and residential on first and second, due to limitations my stairs will start exactly in front of the main door on east.
    length on the south 18 mt
    length on the east 14 mt
    1. I want to keep my main door on eastern side but stairs will start after 1.2 mt from the door.
    2. garage towards north.
    3. one shop towards south side.
    HI Vivek,
    As long as there is maneuverable space around the main door, it is fine. Since your staircase starts 1.2m from the main door, it should be okay.

  4. kalyan says:

    Hello Sir,

    I am trying to buy a home which has east facing door, when i open the door the internal stairs on on right hand side. the stairs are attached to the north corner but raising towards north west and turns south to living room. Garage door is facing west from the road. Please let me know if it is suggested to buy such home. this house I am trying to buy is actually in US. I am worried if i would have any health concerns or financial concerns.

    Thank you for your advise.
    Hi Kalyan,
    There is a simple solution when you have fears or concerns. Go with your family to the house. Spend some time in the house and trust your gut-instinct. If you and the other family members feel that you get a positive vibe from the house, go for it. Otherwise avoid it. Moreover, vastu principles are applicable to India and are based on the sun and wind directions. So You need not even look at a house that is in sync with vastu principles in the US.

  5. elakya says:

    hi sir,
    i want to construct my duplex house in north facing flat(two sides road,like east & north).the main gate facing north and house main entrance door facing east. in front of main door is parking.staircase is besides entrance, The stairs are going from west to east and then we have a landing where there is a window in the east and then again the next flight of stairs is from east to west (is in north wall nearly parking).under the staircase is dining.
    Is this ok for vastu or should we change the plan for stairs?
    Hi Elakya,
    A dining under a staircase will feel cramped. If it is only a small part of the dining, then it is okay.

  6. urmi says:

    My house renovation is going on.
    In my house there is 1 step at entrance.
    and 1 step between hall and living room.
    Please suggest me if this is ok.
    and please suggest step colours also.
    Hi Urmi,
    One step is okay but if you feel that people do not notice it and tend to trip on a regular basis then you must think of making the hall and living at one level. For colours, refer to my posts on Colours and paints.

  7. Suniti says:

    Hello sir
    I bought a house which has a a reserve underground water tank under the staircase.what are the remedies for its harmful effects?
    Hi Sunithi,
    According to me it is okay. But if it is inside the house, it can be a potential problem as water could overflow, there could be leaks and it can cause some dampness in the house.

  8. Yash says:


    We have staircase on roof to go the upper roof. Actually it is duplex kind of, so 75% covers the duplex portion and 25% is vacate and open which connect the North and East. In that Vacate place we have Iron staircase in Northeast direction to go to the upper roof.
    By any chance, is there any Vastu Dosh? Because Staircase are outside of the Room.
    Hi Yash,
    A spiral staircase does not take up much space but is not very comfortable to use. If it is used only once in a while for accessing the roof, then it is okay to have it in the NE corner.

  9. JAYAKUMAR says:

    Sir,I have plot size of 40×40 my builder construced the staircase at NORTHEAST and other rooms/hall/kitchen/toilets all fine except staircase please advise what to do.Thanking you.Awaiting your reply.
    Hi Jayakumar,
    THere is nothing to be done as the staircase is an important connector between the rooms and floors. But just make sure that there are ample windows on the north and east sides.

  10. Arun says:

    Hi Sir
    Our house work is in progress. Earlier there were 17 steps together, but to keep the washbasin under one landing, they made it 18. Now only we’ve noticed it. We have stairs to terrace from first floor. Heard that as per vasthu the total number shiuld be odd. Can we add the stairs to the terrace( internal we construct a small stairs room) make the number odd? That construction is going on. So we can do something now.
    Hi Arun,
    If it will give you some mental peace, then go ahead. But in reality it is not necessary to follow this rule strictly.

  11. chakrapani says:

    My proposed house (a north facing site) has staircase on eastern side,and covered car parking on north side.It has North- north east entry to the staircase/house.Although it is more or less a rectangular building it has a small cut/truncation/openness (there is slightly more open space on north-north east and east- north east) to have sun exposure.Is it ok?
    Hi Chakrapani,
    If you have more open space in the NE corner, it is ideal.

  12. Vijay Kumar says:

    Hello Sir,

    My existing east facing house has an external staircase at SE corner (immediate left after we enter the main gate). Steps start from North towards South. My kitchen is in SE direction. Now, I am building a first floor and want to make this as an internal staircase without disturbing the existing structure. The entrance to this staircase will be from living room. Idea is to build an elevation to close the external staircase and also build wall from entrance main gate till entrance of house to close the staircase. Is it ok from vastu perspective? Appreciate and thank you for your time.
    Hi Vijay Kumar,
    Since you are planning to build a double height wall for the staircase in the SE side, it is okay. But make sure that the light to the kitchen is not compromised by your changes.

  13. SATHISH says:

    Hi Sathish,
    The staircase position is not going to affect your well-being. The most important aspect is enough light and ventilation in the house.

  14. Subha laxmi dangol says:

    Sir I have a south facing house with entrance in the south west, we have a back door to a garden in the east. However just above the back door is a bathroom for 1st floor. I read some articles and it seems to be wrong as per vastu. If I cant make any physical changes is there any remedy???
    Hi Subha,
    How can you have a bathroom over the back door. Is it jutting beyond the back door? In any case you cannot make any changes, so why stress yourself over it?

  15. jitender kumar says:

    Sir, my house is on west face, gate is on south-west, one step of stair is on enterance, stair is on north-west corner, after stairs bathroom on north wall, then kitchen on north wall and in last drawing room touces north -east-south direction having door of drawing room facing main gate, tell me any remedies for any type of vastu dosh
    Hi Jitender Kumar,
    I do not see any vastu”dosh”.

  16. Chintu Agarwal says:

    Thanks for ur superb suggestions in the post.
    However,My main staircase is in straight line with my both main gates of the house n office. Is this wrong if yes then please suggest a rememdy without having to break it.
    Hi Chintu,
    If there is a little space for you to stand between the staircase and entrance, then that is sufficient.

  17. V. K. Gupta says:

    MY house stairs is situated at east north direction. is no alternative to change the direction of stairs. Pl.tell me the vastu solution regarding this problem
    Hi VK Gupta,
    There is no need to stress out. Just make sure there are many windows in the NE corner.

  18. sukhdev Misal says:

    Dear Sir,
    I have land area 23.5’x 37′. On west side and north side 6 mtr road is there. I am planning to build house facing towards west. I am planning to construct staircase at north-east corner first climbing towards west because i wanted to keep hall at west side and kitchen at east side.But as per vastu staircase suppose to be in clock wise direction. Kindly guide us in which corner will be suitable for staircase.
    Hi Sukhdev,
    In Vastu, there are no hard and fast rules. So if the only option for your staircase is the one you proposed, then go ahead. Only make sure that there are enough windows in the NE corner.

  19. Narayana Murthy says:

    Hi Sir,
    I have a plot 20ft by 30ft. 20ft side facing south road. We are planning duplex. Please suggest on External stair case from parking to 1st floor. Since the road is on south side,not sure how to manage stairs as per Vastu. As per plan the Steps will start from south go towards North . Is this acceptable ?
    Please help.
    Hi Narayana Murthy,
    When there are limitations like south orientation, you need to be practical. There is nothing wrong in having a staircase starting from the South towards the North. In fact that is the best solution for a South facing Site and the ‘best solution’ is always acceptable in Vastu.

  20. Sambasivarao says:

    Dear Sir,
    Namaskar.. We are building a house in a east facing plot. Stairs are planned in the South-east corner. The stairs arrangement is as follows..
    1) Steps starts at about 8 feet distance (on east side, in South-East corner) from the house.
    2) First climb from North to south till south side border line of the house (about 3 steps).
    2) Then turn and climb towards west (climb from east to west) till near east side wall of the house (about 7 steps)
    3) Then turn towards north and climb till top of the house (about 7 steps).
    Please study this arrangement and suggest.
    Thank you very much..
    Hi Sambasivarao,
    The stairs that you have proposed is a U-shaped staircase. You can read more about it in my blog on staircases. Since it is ina corner of your house it seems to be okay. But the efficiency of a staircase depends on the way it is connected to the upper floor and the riser, tread dimensions.

  21. Rashmi says:

    There is a stairway, exactly opposite to the main door of my east facing flat. It leads to other floor flats. It rises in east and turns to west. Is it fine or in-auspisious?
    Hi Rashmi,
    This is common in apartment buildings and not something you have control over. You need to only be sure that there is a free movement space from your main door to the lobby. And that is okay.

  22. jeetendra rath says:

    every vastu book i have studied that north east staircase will damage the financial position and health, is there any logic behind it ,is there any example of such thing or people are being scared.
    Hi Jeetendra,
    To prevent you from loading the NE corner with a heavy structure that will block the light, Vastu advisers will say that it will cause a problem. So if you ensure that there is ample light and ventilation inspite of the presence of a staircase, then there is no harm in having it there. Sometimes the site orientation and restrictions force us to have it in the so called ‘inauspicious’ corner.

  23. Arun Kumar Dash says:

    Respected Sir,
    I have plot size (29×60)feet. I want to construct 1200 sft home. I have bring home plan from Plan Consultant about 1200 Sft. He has suggested exit door in east side in dinning room, Please suggest me, it is positive for me & in which place the stair case will be construct. I am waiting for kind suggestion.
    Arun Kumar Dash
    Hi Arun Kumar,
    The position of the staircase depends on the plan of the house and your requirement – whether you want it to be within the house or accessible from outside etc. So consult with your architect and finalise it. An east exit door is okay.

  24. Vivek says:

    I am constructing a house. Total no. Of steps are 19 and 20 th steps will be First floor.
    We shall consider this as 19 or 20 steps?
    Hi Vivek,
    It is considered as 20 steps as you will be climbing 20 steps.

  25. kamal says:

    sir ,we are constructing our staircase section in N-E corner,having its own separate section, i.e meant for connecting two floors of the house.but what is bothering me is the position of my main door….can we construct main door in the central part of our house,i.e most probably brahamsthan.
    is it okay or it is having some vastu dosh
    Hi Kamal,
    Brahmasthan is the exact centre of the site. From your description, i do not think that your main door will be in that position.

  26. balasubramanya says:

    Hi sir

    I have constructed a house on the existing ground floor ( 1st & 2nd )but my stairs is in north east as i couldn’t change it, does it create any problem. As vastu it is not recommended.
    Hi Balasubramanya,
    It is okay. But make sure that there are windows in the NE corner.

  27. NR JAGANATHAN says:

    I have purchased a 150 Sq yds land in a gated community and the builder is constructing a duplex house on the said land.It is a west facing plot, west side being road. In order to big kitchen with dining table within the kitchen area, we modified the builder’s plan to build toilet cum bathroom under staircase landing with the flooring being slightly lower than the house flooring so that there is enough head room. In the above deviation should roof under the bathroom be flat or left as it is?
    Hi NR Jaganathan,
    Lowering the toilet floor is not ideal since people will tend to trip as they step in. But you needed to do it so as to accommodate the head room. This is why tioilets are generally not advisable under stairs. Now ideally the ceiling of the toilet should be flat but I doubt if it will be possible in your case. So leav it as it is.

  28. anti clock wise stairs good or bad.
    Hi Geetha,
    Good if it helps you to reach the next floor without a waste of space. Bad if the placement affects the circulation space around it. But just for your interest, do you realise that if a staircase is clockwise while climbing from ground floor to first floor, then while descending from first floor to ground floor, the movement is anti-clockwise. So does it matter which direction it is????

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