A Staircase is a series of steps connecting different levels in a Building. In a House with more than one level, the Staircase will be used everyday, a number of times. Hence the Staircase should be comfortably designed for the users. The Staircase is usually accessed from the Dining Room.


A staircase is a series of steps connecting different levels of a house

Here, I have explained the Vastu Guidelines for a Staircase. Since Vastu is a science, there is logic and reasoning behind every guideline. As an Architect, I have attempted toexplain these guidelines rationally and scientifically, so that you can decide what you want to follow and what you don’t.


The staircase should be in the South-West, South or West. However, it is not advisable to build a Staircase on the North-East side. The Reason – The North-East is to be left open according to Vastu, in order to allow the morning sun rays to enter the house. Hence if a staircase is kept in this corner, it will block the sunlight. But if there is no other choice, the staircase can be placed here as the internal circulation is also important.

Avoid internal staircase in the corners or the centre of the house: The Reason – If an internal staircase is in the corner, the room from which it is accessed cannot be used properly. Similarly, if the staircase is in the center, a lot of useful circulation space is wasted.


Avoid an internal staircase in the centre of the house


The first flight should be from East to West or North to South. The Reason – This will ensure that the lower steps will be in the East or North, while the higher steps will be in the West or South. Thus the useful, morning light from the East and the constant light from the North will not be blocked by the Steps.

Turn clockwise when turning into the next flight: The Reason – Since most people are right handed, they tend to hold the handrail on the right hand side. So when they turn onto the next flight, it makes sense to continue holding the right handrail, for which the next flight should be on the right side which means one has to turn clockwise.


Avoid a spiral staircase in a house


There should be odd number of risers in a staircase: For example 15, 17, 19 are acceptable. The Reason – Since most people are right handed, they generally put their right foot first, while climbing a staircase. So when they end the climb, they prefer to end on the right foot. This is possible only when there are odd numberof steps. It is for this reason that the right foot is equated with gain, the left with loss.

Avoid circular or spiral staircase: The Reason – A circular staircase takes up and wastes a lot of space, especially in the corners and in the rooms adjacent to it. A spiral staircase is very uncomfortable to climb and not very safe. Also the space below it is not very usable and there is the risk of bumping into it as there is no proper head room.Avoid rooms under a staircase:The Reason - Often, people  use the space below a staircase for small rooms like Toilets, Safe, Puja etc. But every time people climb the steps, a person using the room below gets an uneasy feeling of somebody stamping on their head. He doesn’t feel safe either, as if the whole thing will collapse on him.


The ideal colours of the staircase area are light colors. The Reason-  One can see the steps clearly, if the whole area is painted a light color as this reflects light.

This post was about the Vastu guidelines for the design of Staircase. The Staircase leads to the next floors namely the Basement and Upper floors and the Terrace where the Overhead Water tanks are located. Read the Vastu guidelines for the design of these spaces here:

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  1. Ms Yogini Thaker says:

    Sir, I am from Ahmedabad. We are renovationg our house. We have cellar in north-east corner of house. We want to reconstruct stairs for Cellar and Terrace. Can we build stairs for cellar & terrace in north direction of house? it does not block the light coming into house. We do not see any other option too. Can you reply soon as renovation is going on. ………………..
    Hi Yogini Thaker,
    If the staircase is not blocking any light and if you have no other option, then go ahead. Just make sure while renovating, to allow as much light as you can into the basement from any direction.

  2. swamy says:

    Dear Sir,
    We have a mezzanine floor in our home office situated at south west corner.
    Want to know where should be the staircase for the mezzanaine floor and entrance for the office.
    Also do let us know in which direction staircase to be fitted.
    Thank you,
    Warm Regards,
    Hi Swamy,
    Ideally you can have a door facing North or East. Have the staircase, either spiral or a straight flight along the west wall.

  3. Tomal says:

    I stay in a duplex (gnd and first) house and since my wife is a vastu follower, we tried to make our house vastu complaint as much as possible. However, since this is a row house there is no proper stairs to the terrace. We have a big balcony (1st floor) in the NE and below the balcony is the parking. This way we made sure that the north-east is open. Now I want to construct (fabricate) a iron stairs to the terrace from the balcony. We have the usual stairs in the west side.
    Will the construction of the iron stair case to the terrace adversely effect vastu principle? Please suggest.
    HI Tomal,
    Since you cannot continue the existing staircase to the terrace, you can introduce a compact staircase (any material) in the balcony. But make sure you do not place it in the NE corner of the balcony or in front as it will block out the light. Let it be placed in a corner that does not come in the way of your movement and does not block you view to the outside.

  4. Nishant says:

    Dear sir,
    I have done my home plan for my plot with size is 30 ft x 40 ft facing west to roadside.
    I am constructing single bedroom house on the ground floor & first and second ( dupleix for me. My plan and engineering drawing too is done but now i am told by my family astrologer that the staircase going to second floor from first floor has to be shifted. I dont know what to do now. My door is facing north and the moment you open the door you can see the staircase to second floor. We are climbing towards south and clockwise on the next flight. Is the position of the staircase wrong . If i shift it then it will become a new design , i have to redo the whole thing again. Is there any way we can do without changing the engineering drawing or the position of staircase is fine. it may not cause me any major problem from the vasthu point of view. Kindly advice me .

    Hi Nishant,
    If there is sufficient space between the main door and the staircase (4’to 5′), then go by this plan. But if you have a seed of doubt in your mind, then go by your astrologer. You have to make the decision.

  5. johns martin says:

    Dear Sir I have taken a plot 43 length and 15 width.
    i want to build a duplex house. which is is best place to keep the
    stairs internally according to the vastu.
    please advice me.
    Johns martin
    Hi Johns Martin,
    You have a very narrow site, so the rooms will be arranged in a row like a train. So ideally the staircase should be in the middle of the site to one side. This way all rooms will be accessible from the staircase lobby.

  6. Kim says:

    i am staying in uae.. and in a snhirag flat. i hav only 1 room that is bedroom with attach bathroom .my bed’s head pointing towards the south and facing north and the problem is that my bed is facing to my bathroom,s door and it is in north so plz suggest some of solutions to this one no money is staying in hand always flowing and no saving and no increase of money ..
    Hi Kim,
    I would not connect your problems with the fact that you face the bathroom door. But since you seem to have it in your mind, I suggest you shift your bed position such that the head is in the East. Always keep your bathroom door closed.

  7. Bibhuti says:

    I built a toilet cum bathe room under staircase. what is the remedy as per vastu please reply.
    Hi Bibhuti,
    It should be okay as the space below the staircase is used. Just make sure that there is enough ventilation and a false ceiling to flatten out the ceiling.

  8. C.M.NAGARAJ says:

    Dear sir
    We constructed a house having ground, first and 2nd floor. Main door is at north side and road is at westside.we made internal staircase from 1st to 2nd floor in front of main door ( 12 foot distance between maindoor to 1st step of staircase )and direction of staircase is from north to south and it is in middle of house. Site measuring east-west 40 foot and north- south 30 foot.
    My question is it good or ok as per vasthu or any changes is required. pls suggest me.
    Hi C M Nagaraj,
    Since there is ample distance between the main door and the staircase, it is okay.

  9. RPS Rathore says:

    Dear sir,
    I am constructing a house in a north west facing plot of size 40 x 70. According to my plan the stairs are placed in the northwest 40 feet from front main gate but the stairs do not rest on the east or north boundary. But as i have read it is not aspucious so advice me the correct place.
    Hi RPS Rathore,
    A staircase in the North-West is actually good because it acts like a barrier between the hot afternoon sun and the house.

  10. amar says:

    I want to make stairs in north east outside of house
    Plz suggest how to make. There is no other space to make
    Hi Amar,
    If you have nowhere else, then place it in the North- East. But make sure you have large windows in the NE corner either below or above the stairs so that ample light will permeate the house.

  11. Meghana says:

    Are there any guidelines in Vaastu for stair case that opens to the main entrance door?
    Hi Meghana,
    A staircase bang opposite the main door is like an obstruction. But if there is enough space between the main door and the staircase, it should be fine.

  12. Soumya says:

    We have a spiral staircase outside in the south west corner. Can you please give us some tips to avoid ill effects of a spiral staircase that connects us to the terrace.
    Hi Soumya,
    What are the ill-effects of a spiral staircase connected to the terrace? I am not aware of them. I do not see anything wrong with your staircase.

  13. saravanan says:

    my house will going to construct on next month in there may i fit staircase clock or anti clock wise, give correct idea to build staircase.
    Hi Saravanan,
    A staircase turning clockwise is somehow more comfortable for the majority of people who are right-handed. But it doesn’t really matter if it is anticlockwise. The important thing is that the overall plan should not be compromised. So, fit the staircase that is most suitable to your plan

  14. t n gupta says:

    I Want to construct staircase for g+4 bldg of 100meter plot. staircase in north-west area of plot.
    Hi Gupta,
    It is a good position for the staircase as it can be a barrier between the afternoon sun and the house.

  15. manju arora says:

    I am going to construct a house of 25by50 size plot and its directions are oriented , so it’s northwest facing (not a corner) ) please guide where to place which room according to vastu. also , should I construct a basement ?
    Hi Manju Arora,
    You can refer to my post on planning according to Vastu Shastra principles and Vastu guidelines for the design of a house.

  16. dvvgopalaraju says:

    Can I construct staircase block in north west corner in north,in a duplex house.
    Hi DV Gopalaraju,
    Sure you can.

  17. Santhosh says:

    I wish to know about stairs no. with one landing, it should be odd or even? Landing should be counted as one step or not?
    Hi Santhosh,
    The number of steps including the landing should be odd number.

  18. Jyothssna.L says:

    I have planned a house on 30*40 east facing site.
    The external staircase is planned from north to south on south side, but it is anti clock wise as that is the only option for that plan . Is it ok as per vaastu.
    Hi Jyothssna,
    Please do not be dictated by the “ideal” vastu positions and directions for rooms and staircases. Any other positions or directions are okay provided the overall flow of light and air and the circulation in the house are not affected. So a staircase in anticlockwise direction does not mean it is negative. If it is the only option, then it must be the right one.

  19. Dhyana says:

    Hi we are building a duplex house. In the north-east corner we have a Well and leaving around 6 feet from the the northeast , we have a wall and from Inside the living room we have started construction of the staircase ( duplex house). The stairs are going from west to east and then we have a landing where there is a window in the east and then again the next flight of stairs is from east to west.
    Is this ok for vastu or should we change the plan for stairs?
    Hi Dhyana,
    Since you have left space in the NE corner and have a window at the landing level, the new staircase will not hinder the light into your house. So you can go ahead with your proposal.

  20. Dhyana says:

    Thank you admin
    I have one more doubt. In all the vastu for staircase they say that we cannot start the stairs from west to east, But I am building from west to east is that ok ? Vastu says that there will be loss of wealth
    please suggest
    Hi Dhyana,
    There are so many things that Vastu recommends and discourages. But it does not mean that some bad things will happen if you are unable to follow the ‘ideal’ vastu recommendations. If there is no other choice, then you must go ahead with the choice that you have. But in doing so, just make sure that you do not compromise the light and ventilation. Then the Vastu of your house will be right.

  21. Sanjay says:

    Should the upper floor landing be counted in number of steps to consider vastu of stairs?
    Hi Sanjay,
    Of course, it must be counted as it is one more step that you climb.

  22. Rajan Kannan says:

    Dear Sir,
    I am planning to construct a commercial office site (60 x 40 SQFT) with double sided road with 60 ft on main road (West) and 40 feet on street road (North). Since it’s double sided road, I don’t want to block North West corner with staircase as I planned for show rooms or super market.I wanted to keep 2 doors, main door on West entrance and another door on North street accessible from inner side and from the entrance. I am confused and couldn’t make any decision, I would like to know which is best option for staircase as per the Vastu,
    a) South West corner on West side clockwise landed in West
    b) North East corner on North Side clockwise landed in North
    c) last option is on North West corner on West side land in West
    Also If it’s in north east is ok, whether I can keep the stair along with North Side entrance. Kindly advise me in this regard Sir.
    Hi Rajan Kannan,
    The best option according to me is the first one, in the South-West corner.

  23. Sanjay says:

    Thanx sir, Its mean if roof is higher than last step it will count in number of steps ok now question is that if roof is lower than last step, is it counted in steps and what its effect on vastu. Generally uppermost roof is kept lower than step because of rain water.
    Hi Sanjay,
    The number of steps is counted as the number of steps that you take totally. So even though you climb up and then climb down, then count all the steps that you take in total.

  24. N. Swain says:

    Can we contruct utensil washing basin under stair case according to vastu. We were planing to do toilet under stair case but now what are the other alternatives. Please reply sory. Thankyou.
    Hi Swain,
    If there are no other alternatives, you can have a toilet or sink under the staircase as they are essentials. But be warned that the space will be cramped, and uncomfortable to use. If you have a toilet under the stairs, make sure that there is a ventilator and enough headroom for you to stand comfortably. Block off the unusable space inside the toilet.

  25. avanendra says:

    sir, i am planning to construct a internal staircase in north direction. facing north then turning east, climbing to east and turning south and landing to south. is it ok
    please help.
    Hi Avanendra,
    There is no need to go into the minute details in vastu. As long as you have a comfortable staircase, wide enough, well lit your vastu requiremnts will be met.

  26. Amrutha says:

    I’m in US, planning to rent a house. Can there be a staircase as soon as you enter the main door. The staircase takes you to the living room. There is another door on the side of the staircase which will take you to the garage. The distance between the staircase and the main door is very less. May be 4-5 feet. Please help. Thanks in advance.
    Hi Amrutha,
    A staircase directly opposite the main door is not considered good in vastu shastra and in Feng Shui. You can read about it in my posts.

  27. Amrutha says:

    What about staircase beside the main entrance door and not directly opposite to the main door? The stairs takes you to the living room.
    Hi Amrutha,
    A staircase beside the main entrance door is acceptable.

  28. Shoba Rani says:

    I have purchase house west facing and road also in west
    Stair case in North West ( It is called Nyruthi) ), My Arch told it is not suggestible, and he suggest to change the stair case Narth East
    Pls suggest
    Hi Shoba Rani,
    A staircase in the North-West is preferable to one in the North–East as the NE should be kept free for light and ventilation. Moreover, yours is a west facing site and your main door is also in the west, so space for a staircase is likely to be available on the west side, either in the NW or the SW. If SW is not possible , you can go for a staircase in the NW, provided it does not affect the layout of the house on the first floor.

  29. Muralidhar says:

    We want to construct Duplex on 1st & 2nd floors. Ours is North facing house. After corridor of 6 feet, we t will be entering house living room. My doubt – whether we can have inner stair case on East wall after leaving around 8 feet from NE corner of living room, climbing from North towards south and then turning clockwise towards west. That means actually inner stairs start after 14 feet from NE corner of house. Is It correct as per vasthu? Or any better suggestion?
    Hi Muralidhar,
    What you propose is perfectly fine according to me, as you are not blocking the NE corner. Go ahead.

  30. asbind kumar says:

    I build my own house. Can you please tell me About vastu combined toilet bathroom under staircase landing is right place in house? Is it ok? Is it not ok then What remeady in this case please guide me?Thanks in advance.
    Hi Asbind kumar,
    If there is no other choice then you can have a toilet under the staircase landing. But make sure that there is enough headroom inside the toilet and ventilation. If headroom is a problem and it is difficult to stand inside the toilet, then avoid it.

  31. MANMOHAN says:

    Is POOJA ROOM Opposite STAIR CASE advisable. Please let us know.
    Hi Manmohan,
    It’s okay.

  32. Chandra Mohan says:

    Sir, I am planning to construct a house.As there is a not enough space on the ground floor for common toilet,my architect has suggested me to take toilet and basin under the staircase.But I read somewhere that toilet under staircase brings illness and losses.I don’t know what to do.please suggest me vaastu remedy for it.Thank you.
    Hi Chandra Mohan,
    Sometimes you have to be practical and use the space that is available. If there is no other space , then go for the toilet under the stairs. No harm, only make sure you have enough headroom and you do not have to stoop anywhere in the room.

  33. Sarbjit Pandey says:

    I am constructing a house in which toilets are coming under stair case.Direction of staircase is starting from north and after a height it is facing east.Under the stair case there is sufficient space to construct 2 nos of toilets, one from west side room attached and another from north entrance. In the north side of 2nd toilet will be bath room whose entrance will be in north west side .The height of the false ceiling will be about 6 feet.One can stand comfortably . Kindly advise as per vaastu.If you give ur e-mail address i can send u the house plan drawing .
    Thanks and regards .
    Mirzapur, U.P
    Hi Sarabjit,
    If you can stand comfortably in the toilet then go ahead with your proposal.

  34. Prasana says:

    I’m planning to construct a G+2 building and a lift is necessary. It is a North facing plot and therefore I would like the entrance to be in North or East. The problem is that the lift will usually be with the staircase. Kindly provide your suggestions.
    Hi Prasana,
    Have the entrance in the East and the staircase/lift lobby adjacent to it.

  35. Puja B Soni says:

    We are planning to move to rented house. We like one house but it has staircase in SE corner clockwise.
    It has still parking on ground floor. Entry to the 3rd floor (the one we plan to move in) is from south. House is corner facing east and south. Lift is in south center.
    Also the house has toilet in both NW and SW corners which are attached to respective bed rooms.
    Kitchen is towards southeast after entering the house. East wall is mainly glass wall. Except the part belonging to staircase.
    I am mainly concerned with the position of stairs and the toilet in SW, is it fine as per Vaastu.
    Can we move into such house, on rent?
    Hi Puja,
    Like I always say in this blog, first you must get a feel of the space – if your feeling is positive, go ahead. Second, you can never get a space which is perfect in all aspects, especially in a rented place.

  36. Vinay says:

    I have a terrace right of the top floor flat, while we enter into house, we face east, I have a space to make staircase in north west corner ,one offset available after 6 feet enter into main door, so I mean there is a north west corner available for staircase, climbing is from south to north and then turns climbing facing east (north wall). Pl suggest is it ok
    Hi Vinay,
    It is the best available space. So it is okay.

  37. rupali goyal says:

    hi sir,
    I m planning to buy a new pentahouse in which staircase is in northwest direction near kitchen and in anticlockwise direction.. how is it according to vastu.
    plz reply
    Hi Rupali,
    No problem.

  38. K.Arvind says:

    Ian building a house and staircase is inside house from north to south facing and turns in left side rectangular shape. Is it good r bad? Please advice in this.
    Hi Arvind,
    The most important aspect to consider in the design of a staircase, is whether it serves the users well. So, if your proposal for a staircase helps you to access the upper floors comfortably and centrally, then it is good. The shape is secondary.

  39. karthikeyan says:

    We have started construction in landspace of 32 -11,,length being 32,and breath being 11. East facing house, staircase was build from outer part of house starting from southwest coming straight and moves towards outer northwest (left) and with few more steps to go up and takes a right turn and finally landed in northwest facing east. Is this fine, since people’s are saying that stair should not be built in such a manner. Appreciate your views on the same.
    Hi Karthikeyan,
    If the staircase is serving you the purpose then why bother about others comments?

  40. prabha says:

    Hi Prabha,
    Why do you need to add a step that you do not want to step on?

  41. Suresh says:

    We are planning a house in which grnd floor would be parking plus house for rent and first and second floor would be duplex for personal use

    1. We are not able to decide whether we need stairs from outside as well to all floors. Any thoughts.

    2. Stairs from 2nd to 3rd floor, is it safe security wise to have it from inside or you prefer outside. Also, any water logging on terrace issues might cause problems if there are internal stairs from 2nd to 3rd floor which is terrace.
    Hi Suresh,
    It all depends on you. If you want the tenants to have access to the terrace, then having a staircase from ground to terrace is meaningful. But it will take up space. It makes sense (and saves space) to continue the internal staircase to the terrace. A threshold at the door to the terrace will prevent water from entering. The terrace should be sloped properly to drain water out.

  42. Taruna singh says:

    our main entrance to our building is north facing whereas main door of my 4th floorflat is from west side, facing east north.
    i want to make staircase from inside floor for roof terrace.can v make it on northeast direction which is shaft guide which is the best side for staircase….
    HI Taruna,
    Since you are planning to add a staircase inside the flat, you need to find a space that does not come in the way of your rooms and movement. If there is a shaft in the NE which does not obstruct movement, then have it here.

  43. J SURESHA says:

    Dear sir, I want to construct a duplex house in 25 by 50 south facing site.please guide me the plan as per vastu.
    Hi Suresha,
    If the site is in Bnagalore you can contact us at 080 2545 0507.

  44. Abhishek says:

    Hai, sir we are constructing a duplex house which is south facing plot and the entrance is towards east which is placed @ north east potion of the plot.. and we have a internal staircase which is @ north west of the plot.. which is from south to north and clockwise direction.. as well have we have a plan of constructing a rent house @ second floor. The stairs for second floor Is designed for north east side of the plot.. I am confused with it plz suggest me some remedies as we have no option towards it.
    Hi Abhishek,
    It is not advisable to have a staircase in the NE corner for your tenants, since your entrance door is here and they will be intruding into your privacy. Why don’t you plan a staircase in the front in the SW corner?

  45. Ramesh dash says:

    I have a 2BHK house.In that a single bath room is there.Another bath room is under the staircase.What will be its effect & what should I do as a remedy.
    Hi Ramesh Dash,
    Don’t worry about ill-effects of the toilet under the staircase. Use it, if it has adequate head room.

  46. Venkatesh Kumar M says:

    Sir v r planning to build new house east facing site can we have internal stairecase in northwest corner of the house plz let me know
    Hi Venkatesh Kumar,
    Yes you can.

  47. vijaya g says:

    the main bedroom of our house is in south west. can we have another bedroom in the south east?the south west bedroom has an attached toilet in its south west side. is it ok ?
    Hi Vijaya,
    Yes it is okay.

  48. Abhijeet Aggarwal says:

    Dear Sir,
    Is there any way I can share my duplex plan with you as an attachment? My internal staircase in towards NE side but not in corner. We left a balcony after that and kept enough glass to flow the sun light in the house.
    We could not find any alternative and this is creating lot of tension in our minds.
    Please advise.
    Hi Abhijeet,
    No need for tension. If there is ample light why worry?

  49. Hafiz says:

    Dear Sir,
    I am having a north facing plot, planning to construct a house. Engineer designed the house as per vastu and said, as per vastu staircase should raise clock wise. Due to this almost 8″feet space is getting wasted.Because of this a bed room become small in size. Am just having in mind to put stairs on anti clock wise to save space and make the bed room Bigger. Is it a right way to do it or not? It casue any problem as per vastu? Kindly share your suggestion.
    Hi Hafiz,
    Vastu principles are scientific and it makes sense to walk in a clock wise direction. But it does not mean that it should be followed at the cost of space. But if you are a strong believer of vastu it is finally your call because tomorrow if there is a problem, you should not regret your decision.

  50. Nishchal Goyal says:

    I have stair case in north side of my house going towards north and then turning towards south. Is this direction of stairs is ok or if not ow can i rectify this without any construction work. Pls suggest
    Hi Nishchal,
    A staircase is meant to connect two floors. It should be placed in the most suitable position so that space is not wasted. So it does not matter in which direction it goes as long as it serves it’s purpose efficiently.

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