One enters the house compound through the Main Gate. Usually if space is available, people like to have a small garden in the front as well as at the back of the Site. Vastu Shastra lays down guidelines on all aspects of house designing, including the planting of auspicious trees and plants around the house.  


As Vastu is a science, there is logical, scientific explanation for every guideline. As an Architect, I have attempted to explain these guidelines rationally and scientifically, so that you can decide what you want to follow or don’t.

Some of the auspicious trees according to Vastu, that are good for the inmates are described below along with their usefulness:
peepalPEEPAL TREE – It is also known as the Aswatha tree. Scientists have found that oxygen is produced in large amounts by the leaves of this tree and it is found in high concentration under the branches, probably due to the thick foliage. Hence it is considered very healthy to circumambulate this tree in the morning. Probably it is for this reason that it is considered a sacred tree and is worshiped in India. It is usually found near temples or temples are erected near Peepal trees. It has a very long life and can survive for centuries. It is prohibited from being cut. However, it is not suitable near a house, since it has far spreading roots which can affect the foundation of the building.
neemNEEM TREE – This tree has great medicinal value and its extract is used in pesticides. Its twigs are used to brush teeth and neem oil is used in physiotherapy. Since neem leaves are very bitter, a mixture of neem leaves, tender green mango and jaggery is eaten on Ugadi or the New Year in South India, as a symbolic gesture, that one is prepared to face the sweet, sour and bitter experiences of the coming year with equanimity. Therefore, this is a good tree to have in a house garden.

MmangoANGO TREE – Most parts of the mango tree have medicinal value. It’s leaves are used as a pesticide, and its twigs are used for brushing teeth. Its leaves are used for puja purposes. It is considered very auspicious if the dead are cremated using mango tree fire-wood. Then of course, mango fruit is the king among fruits and very tasty. The raw mangoes are used for making pickles and as a vegetable.  Mango trees also have a very long life and can survive for 400-500 years. Obviously, this is also a very useful tree to have in your garden.JFresh_Jackfruit_Sweet_ACK-FRUIT TREE – Like the ‘mango tree, the jack-fruit tree also produces very tasty, seasonal, fruit in large numbers. The yellow juicy kernels inside the jackfruit are used to make different types of sweets and halvas. The raw fruit kernels are cut into strips and made into tasty jackfruit chips, a speciality of Kerala. The Jack-fruit’s seeds are also nutritious and are used like a vegetable in South India. The beautiful yellow coloured wood from this tree is used to make furniture, doors, windows etc. Its leaves are considered auspicious and are used for puja. Therefore, it is useful and can be planted in your garden.

BANANA TREE – The tender saplings of the banana tree are used for decbananaorating doors of houses, pandals etc, during functions and festivals as they are symbols of prosperity and wealth. . Almost every part of the plant has some sort of economic or medicinal use. Bananas are available through the year and are very nutritious. Banana fruit is the best source for instant energy and are rich in potassium. Raw bananas are cooked and eaten like a vegetable. Banana leaves are used for eating traditional meals as they can be used and thrown and so are considered hygienic. The skin of the fruit is used in dyeing. The sap contains tannin and is used as marking ink.  From the dried leaf stalks, fibres can be made and they can form a sound kind of string and are also used for tying fences, etc. A lot of illnesses can be treated with concoctions made from the roots, stem, flowers, and leaves of the tree. As far as usefulness is concerned, only one other plant can compete with the `Banana Tree` and that is the coconut. So this is  a must-have in your garden.

coconutCOCONUT TREE – Every part of this tree is useful. The tender coconut water is a very healthy, cool, low fat drink. The coconut flesh is used in South Indian cooking in large amounts and gives it a distinctive flavour. The oil extracted from coconut is used in cooking as well as a hair oil. Coir is a very useful by-product which is used in making mats, carpets etc. The leaves of the coconut tree are weaved and used as roofing for huts by the poor. Its dry leaves are also used as fire-wood. It has a long life of about 100-150 years and is prohibited from being cut. Due to its usefulness it is considered a sacred tree. Hence it is considered a must, in every one’s garden.

sandalwoodSANDAL WOOD TREE- Sandal wood is very expensive as it is used to make exquisite handicrafts, and its oil is very fragrant. Sandalwood paste when applied on the forehead, cools the head, and so is used in temples and in hot places like Kerala. The sandalwood is used to make incence sticks. It is very rare to find sandalwood trees and hence there have been so many instances of robbers cutting down trees in the middle of the night, if found in any house compound. If you like this fragrant tre, it is a good idea to try and grow one- but you may need to secure it!

Smaller shrubs– may be planted on the East or North sides, but no trees should be planted in the North-East corner as they block the useful morning sun rays.

Tall trees– like Coconut can be planted in the South-West, West sides but should should not be too close to a building as they block the sunlight completely. A tree should be planted such that it’s shadow should not fall on the house, at least between 9.A.M to 3P.M.

Large trees– like Peepal, Banyan should not be located too near the house as their roots can damage the foundation and compound wall. Also, the large trees absorb most of the sunlight, meaning these positive rays will not be received by the building.

Good trees– that can be planted in a house compound are useful trees like coconut, neem, betel, sandalwood, lemon, pineapple, bilva, almond, jackfruit, pomegranate, mango, amla, and katha.

Avoid flowering trees in gardens: Reason – They shed leaves during the summer.

Trees with insects, worms, honey bees, bumble bee, owls, serpents, should be avoided for obvious reasons.

If a tree must be removed because it is inauspicious or for other reasons, the day before cutting the tree, one should express regret to the tree, and it must be removed from its rooting. A new tree should be planted in its place within the next three months. This is a way of conserving nature.


tulsiTULASI (BASIL) – It is also known as holy Basil and it is always good to grow a Tulasi plant on one’s property. Tulasi should be located on the North, North-East, or East sides of the house, or in front of the house. Tulasi is a medicinal plant and is used extensively in Ayurvedic medicines. It purifies the blood and improves the digestive system. It is believed to be useful in treating many types of diseases. Hence it is recommended to eat a few leaves every day. Its probably for this reason, that it is considered a sacred plant and used in daily worship.

JASMINEJASMINE – In general, plants with sweet smelling flowers like jasmine, red lotus, blue lotus etc are good in the house compound as they give out a pleasant perfume, and can also be used in daily worship. Flowers like the Jasmine are stringed together and used as a decoration on the hair by Indian ladies. Moreover, as these flowers are produced round the year, they are always available.

THORNY PLANTS – Thorny plants should not be planted near the house. Cactus should not be planted at all. Thorny plants other than roses have a negative energy. Ideally all thorny plants should be pulled up and destroyed. The reason could be that the thorns can hurt you when you brush past them.

tree-creeper-vineCREEPERS – Creepers or other plants should not be grown using the building or compound wall as a support as their clingers will  slowly creep into tiny cracks in the walls and gradually widen them as they grow, causing damage and seeepage of water through the walls. Creepers should only be grown in a garden, and they should have their own independent supports. A creeper like a money plant can be grown within the house  but should not be grown outside, using a tree for support.

FLOWER POTS – Flower pots should not be kept on the  compound wall  in the North, East or North-East as they will block the useful morning sunlight coming in from these directions. Flower pots and decorative plants can be placed on the ground in these directions, but they should  not grow taller than 3 feet.

lawnLAWNS AND WATER BODIES– Lawns should be in the East or the North.  A small water-fall of three to four feet or a water body  can  be constructed in the East or the North leaving the North-East corner. If there is a swimming pool in the garden, it should be in  the North or North-East direction, so that the people using the pool benefit from the sun rays and also, the water will get purified by the  U.V rays of the Sunlight.

BENCHES – Benches are useful in big gardens and can be placed in the open space in the East and the North direction so that people sitting in these directions, can benefit from the useful sun rays.

This post was about the Vastu guidelines regarding the useful trees and plants that can be planted in a House garden. One passes through the front garden to reach the front Verandah and it is adjacent to the Car Porch. Read about the Vastu guidelines for these spaces, here:

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  1. Disha says:

    Hello sir,

    I have bought a plot in which a silver oak tree of age 25 to 30 years is there. Should we cut it down or could we keep it it in the backyard.
    Hi Disha,
    If there is going to be at least 3feet distance from your foundation to the tree,then keep it as it will provide shade. However check the condition of the tree. if there is any sign of rotting or drying, better remove it before you start construction

  2. Boopathi says:

    I bought a Badam plan. But my parents not allowing to plant itin our garden. The reason is as per vasthu it is not good to plant Badam tree in garden. Could please tell me, is Badam tree is not good to plant in house garden?
    Hi Boopathi,
    There is a lot of confusion in the net about ‘auspicious’ plants and trees. According to me, any plant or tree that is useful either because of it’s fruits, flowers or medicinal value, is auspicious and can be planted within the house compound. So a badam tree can be planted.


    Our home is south facing home near nh road Infront on my home tamarind tree is placed is this any problems

    Hi Vigneshwaran,
    Any spreading tree like a tamarind tree will provide shade. But remember such trees have spreading roots as well. So keep a watch. if you notice the roots invading your foundation, then get permission from the authorities to cut the roots and block them off.

  4. Ramesh Koppal says:

    I have Neem and Muringa (Drumstick) plants where to plant them, which direction of the hose. My house is east facing.
    Thanking you
    Hi Ramesh,
    The neem and drumstick plant can be in the south or west.

  5. Sharon Dsouza says:

    i have recently seen a house that i liked but the owner said that there was a coconut tree and a banyan tree the banyan tree was 20 feet in height and 3meters in width, there is also a well and swimming pool in the south west corner, the plot is L shaped 502 sqmts of total plot size is it good
    or worth buying it. the entrance . is morth facing the kitchen and cooking stove is east facing, master bedroom is in the southwest. so please help me by telling if it is worth buying the house.
    Hi Sharon,
    Vastu-wise the house seems to be okay. But are the coconut and banyan trees close to the house? Are the roots invading the house foundation? Check on all these aspects, before you make a decision.

  6. Jyoti says:

    we have planted a christmas tree now it is so huge we want to cut it is it ok? as it is touching our building and more than 40 ft tall
    Hi Jyoti,
    Any tree that affects a building should be cut with the necessary permission from the concerned authorities.


    Hello Sir,
    I have kept two aparajita plant in the hanging window veranda (south). As, i like to see green just after getting out of the bed in the morning. Also, I put two water bowl for birds(to help them in this summer), one adjacent to those plants and other one in the middle of northern side roof. Are these ok sir. please let me know.
    With Regards,
    Hi Shamayita,
    Do whatever makes you happy. It can only bring positivity.

  8. sanjay says:

    Dear Sir,

    Whether we can grow Chikoo tree with in our garden, we asked this because it is said that milky fruit should not be planted with in garden. Also we heard that Indian Almond tree should be avoided with in compound. Please guide us.
    Hi Sanjay,
    Any useful tree or flowering plant, with or without milky sap or thorns can be planted in a garden.

  9. Dr Jitu Patel says:

    Dear Sir,
    Many valuable & logical talk.
    I wish to know whether Fox tail palm can be planted on north side of the home garden.And also to the south west side of the house particularly on outside the compound wall.
    Any reason , why palms are not considered good as per vastu?
    Hi Jitu,
    Yes you can plant the palm in the north side or west side. THey are not considered bad according to vastu.

  10. Dr.madhavan says:

    as per hindu beliefs trees like- figs, agathi ,cotton trees( paruthi) murungai and curry leaves tree( karuvapillai) should not be grown in residential houses. is it true? if true is there any scientific basis ? please answer
    Hi Dr Madhavan,
    Any plant or tree that is useful to us can be planted in the house compound, even if it has thorns.

  11. archana says:

    Can I plant amla tree two feet from my house?
    Hi Archana,
    Any useful tree can be planted in a house compound as long as it is a little away from the foundation. It is okay to have the tree at 2 feet distance from your house as it is not a very tall tree.

  12. Talish says:

    Hi I brought roots & fruits of pine & oak Tree to keep in aquarium. Is it good for house or.not I took these from ground
    Hi Talish,
    I don’t see why they should be bad unless it is affecting the fish.

  13. Mahesh says:

    We have Coconut tree in road (SouthEast Corner) on a plot. Now we are planning to construct a house. The Builder is telling to remove coconut tree which is of 20 years old. Can we do this ? or can we leave 1 feet of space and construct the house. Please give your valueable suggestion.
    Hi Mahesh,
    I suggest you spare the coconut tree and leave 1 foot and build your house. It will add greenery to your house, give you coconuts and shade. But beware of falling coconuts and leaves.

  14. Gayathri Hegde says:

    Our house is east facing.. There is a big rubber tree stands opposite to our plot, on the side of our house.. it’s branches are spread vast and reachable to our balcany and terrace.. since the trees belongs to roadside does it still effect our well being..
    Hi Gayathri,
    No it does not affect you adversely. Instead enjoy the shade and greenery from your balcony.

  15. Tarun says:

    Hello sir i want to plant a tree which gives shadow & fruit,give me advise which tree i can planted
    Hi Tarun,
    There are so many options such as mango, jackfruit, almond, fig (anjeer), jamun tree. The last one drops hundreds of jamuns on the ground and they stain, so think before you plant one.

  16. mahesh bl says:

    Hi sir,
    we are planning to buy a plot, which has some trees such as Neem and coconut tress, as per vaasthu can we cut it.
    Hi Mahesh,
    If the trees are coming in the way of your proposed house or if you cannot design the house around the trees, then you can get them cut after doing a small pooja (basically a prayer asking the tree for forgiveness).

  17. bsv ramana says:

    My son purchased a house with north east facing. There is some space with in the compound wall. Which plants to be plant in east and north side, Out side of the compound wall in east and north side which plants to plant.
    Thanking you
    Yours Sincearly,
    Hi BVS Ramana,
    Keep very low shribs or flowering plants (below 2-3 feet in height.

  18. sir, we have a corporate office in Bangalore situated in a commercial complex. The commercial complex has two entrance gates. one main entrance gate has jack fruit tree and other entrance gate has tamarind tree. both are grown up trees of around 20 years old inside the premises just at the entrance of the gate. it would be sometime difficult to get ingress and egress of vehicles due to these trees. approached BBMP/Forest department to remove the trees but since it is healthy and grown up, did not got permission. Somehow we feel to remove the jack fruit tree as of late, the compound wall next to this jack fruit tree collapsed due to neighbour another commercial complex digging work has started. Please advise whether it is fair to remove it and does it affect in any way the occupants of the premises (around 10 members on jack fruit tree with 3 floors occupied with basement). Rgds
    Hi Babu,
    The trees will only have beneficial effects on the inmates. But if the compound wall has collapsed, you should get the forest officials to inspect the site and the extent of the root growth. If they are sufficiently convinced that the tree is affecting the building (not compound wall) foundation, then they may give you permission to cut it. But I personally feel that the compound wall collapsed due to the fact that the neighbour did not shore uo the mud while excavating close to your office. iT is better you take up the matter with the neighbour, before further damage.

  19. Sachin says:

    Dear Sir,

    The North and North East corner of my plot is higher than the other directions outside my house by 4ft. What can I do to solve this vaastu dosh as leveling the plot is not possible.
    Thanking you for reply.
    Hi Sachin,
    It all depends on which side your house is facing. The site should always slope from the back to the front for proper drainage of water. So if the back of your house is the N and NE, then it is okay and there is no “Vastu dosh”.

  20. Rathna Kumari says:

    Can I keep rose plants in my house.because some body had
    Said throne trees should not keep in houses
    Hi Rathna,
    Generally speaking, thorny and milk producing plants should be avoided for obvious reasons – they can hurt/burn your skin. But this rule does not apply if the plant is useful or is a thing of beauty. So it is okay to have rose plants. Only be sure they are not in your way.

  21. S VENKATA REDDY says:


    I have seen a house to purchase. i noticed one Coconut tree was planted at Esaniyam, height about 40 feet.

    All are telling Coconut tree at Esaniyam is not Good. It is very near to foundation- car park.

    Can i go head or drop the idea to purchase.
    Hi Venkata Reddy,
    I am not aware of any such vastu principle. If the tree roots have not caused any damage to the building (look out for cracks on the walls adjacent to the tree) then you need not fear this tree. But it al depends on what you believe. If you are affected by what others say, then do not go ahead.

  22. rajeev kumaR says:

    Hello sir,

    there are papaya (papita )plants In my house garden .is it good according to vastu.
    Hi Rajeev Kumar,
    Any useful plant like a flowering or fruit producing tree is worth keeping in a garden.

  23. somasundaram says:

    Dear Sir,
    My home is North facing.
    I wish to plant banana tree in front of my home. Can I plant it. Please suggest. Thanks.
    Best regards,
    Hi Somasundaram,
    You can provided it does not block any windows or light to your home.

  24. Tejaswini says:

    In which direction the scared plant bilva should be planted inside compound wall?
    Eshanyam mula is considered as the scared one and elders ask to put kalasham with water and flowers in that corner,so can be the sacred plant bilva planted in eshanyam corner?
    Hi Tejaswini,
    The NE corner (eshanyam) is considered God’s residing space in Vastu Shastra so that we do not dirty it or block it off while designing a house. We are expected to keep it open and clean so that the beneficial sun rays can enter the house from here. So planting a bilva plant in the NE corner is ideal as it is a clean open and sunlit space.

  25. Balaram Bora says:

    I am planning to buy a site. but one big neem tree is there in northeast of the site.but that is in the area of road. Under the neem tree a small durga temple is there. If we construct a house , our doors may be infront of the way of the small temple. Small temple means there are no walls, only two inch wall constructed in four feet height temple and goddess durgadevi kept there. Another thing is that the shade of the neem tree may fall on the our house if we construct. Kindly advise whether to go forward or not
    Hi Balaram Bora,
    If the tree is outside your property then you nedd not be so concerned. Just make sure the NE corner of your plot is kept neat and open. It is better to have your main door ‘not opening’ towards the temple. So you can have it on the northern side.

  26. Gaurav says:

    I have got Estonia plant outside our house for many years it was planted by Government and has been there for almost 15 years, people are telling to remove this plant as this has a negative effect on the house,My house is a west facing house.The biggest blame they give the tree is that because of the tree the marriage of my sibling is not happening,
    please advice.
    Hi Gaurav,
    Yours, being a west facing site will be protected form the harsh west sunlight by the shade of this grand tree. So please do not get rid of any useful tree. Moreover, it is said that having a tree in front of your house, makes the residents look much younger probably because of the oxygen released from it. I do not believe that your siblings marriage prospect is affected by the tree.

  27. BHAVANI says:

    Hi, the information you provided in your website is very very useful.
    the logical reasoning was quite amazing and factful.
    We constructed our home recently. We would like to plat Arali Plant and Pavazha mall tree in our garden. Can we plant those trees? Pls advise.
    Hi Bhavani,
    Thank you for the appreciation. I am glad it was helpful to you. I am not conversant with the names of the plants that you have mentioned. But as a thumb rule, you can plant any tree or plant that is useful to you, by way of giving fruits or flowers or shade.

  28. Dr. shantala Arunkumar says:

    Sir. we have a plot of 60X40 feet east facing one, sir in the north east region about 15 feet from northeast corner and 3 feets from the north side compound there is shami tree. It is now 7 feets and the stem is thick. Is it ok if we keep the tree according to vaastu. many are giving different opinions
    warm regards
    Shantala arunkumar
    Hi Dr Shantala,
    This tree is worshipped by people in deserts like Rajasthan as it serves to prevent further desertification and is a source of food. It can grow upto a height of 35 feet. The only problem I foresee is that it may cast shade to your house and to some extent block the sunlight to your house. So you need to take the call. You could probably keep it but maintain it trimmed at a height of 6′ to 7′.

  29. shanmugaraj says:

    hi sir,

    i have one coconut tree in my house on the north west corner. is this okay to have one tree and in the north west corner. thanks.
    Hi Shanmugaraj,
    A coconut tree is useful. But just be sure that it is not too close to the house (should be at least 3′ away) as the roots can affect the foundation of the house. Also make sure that there are lots of windows in the NW side.

  30. AARTI DAS says:

    Hi I stay in a flat, please let me know which plants that can be planted for happiness, health and prosperity.
    Hi Aarti Das,
    Plant anything that you like. But make sure you spend some time everyday in nurturing them.

  31. Biraja says:

    We have a lemon tree in front our house. It gives fruit round the year. does it is against the vastu sastra to have a lemon tree infront of the house.
    Hi Biraja,
    Any useful tree is good, according to vastu.

  32. Karthik says:

    I have been looking around for a rented house.I came across a house with garden in front with hibiscus and jasmine.The entrance to the house faces north.The two bedrooms in the house are in the north part of the house adjacent to each other.The first bedroom has two set of windows, one opening towards West and other set of window to the adjoining garage (North).The second bedroom has windows opening on north and east to the garden adjoining the house. Both the bedrooms have no attached bathrooms or toilets.The kitchen is located towards south east part of the house.The cook would be facing east while cooking.The bathroom and toilet is located on the north east corner of house.Behind the house there is a stretch of land with few trees.There is a banyan and mango tree near the compound wall of the house, about 3-4 feet from the house.Both the trees are extremely tall and give good shade to the house.However the kitchen was not dark even with the window opening towards east.
    Could you tell me about the vastu compliance of the house and if the trees are a source of concern?Expecting your reply at the earliest.Thank you
    Hi Karthik,
    So much analysis for a rented house! I shudder to think what you will do when you buy a house. You cannot expect a perfect vastu compliant house even when you construct one as there are so many limitations and restrictions. So I suggest you stop looking into so much detail. The one you have described seems to be vastu compliant to a great extent with lot of greenery and shade. But the final decision is yours. If you feel happy when you are in that space, then go ahead.

  33. Murali Mohan K says:

    I constructed house in a North facing plot and planning to plant Neem outside (North-West). But I have heard of Neem root protrusion and possible damage to house foundations.
    Have a drainage of 3 feet width between (where I’m supposed to) plant tree and my compound wall. Is it advisable to grow a new neem tree considering protrusion.
    Hi Murali,
    Since there is a drain and a gap of 3′ the tree roots should not affect your house foundation.

  34. navneet sharma says:

    sir ! recently we planted NEEM tree. It is in north side and our entrance is also north side . Is it okay .
    Hi Navneet,
    It is okay provided the tree does not come in the way of your entrance.

  35. Dr Prema says:

    Hello sir . I have planned to plant trees in front of our hospital. Gardening area is in the NORTH the our hospital. Planned to plant bamboo trees in the WESTand foxtail palm in the EAST in the garden . Is it right ?
    Hi Dr Prema,
    It’s a good idea to have tall bushy shrubs/trees to the west as the afternoon sun can be quite overwhelming. But remember that bamboo is a grass and spreads by runner roots very fast. It can go deep and wide and may affect the foundation of your building if it is too close to the building. Avoid any tall bushy plants in the East but a palm is fine.

  36. Dr.Shantala Arunkumar says:

    Sir, Thank u so much for valuable advise
    Hi Dr Shantala,
    Thanks a lot for the appreciative feedback.

  37. Vishal says:

    I have two 15-feet tall fruit trees (one West side and other southwest side) inside my plot behind my house. I think this is wrong place for these trees. i cannot remove these trees. What is the best easy solution(s) to negate the ill-effect of these trees. Please help.
    Hi Vishal,
    What makes you think they are bad for you? For me, they are in the right position as they can reduce the harsh sunlight that comes in from the West and the South. Moreover they give you fruit. But they are a tad bit too long and could considerably reduce the amount of sulight into the ground floor. So you could trim them regularly.

  38. Jagadeesh P B says:

    As I had to move on an urgent basis, I moved to a flat near to my office. But only now realized it has 2 tamarind trees within the compound. Though we are staying in 5th floor. It is very near from our kitchen balcony. Is there any ill effects because of this? What can we do to overcome this? We are not in a position to shift again
    Hi Jagadeesh,
    There is a lot of superstition associated with the tamarind tree. It is believed to harbour spirits or negativity etc. and so a house under the shade of the tamarind tree is not recommended. But the scientific reason for this is that the tamarind tree is an acidic one. The leaves fruits are sour and contain tartaric acid and so, even the air around this tree is acidic and can corrode metals and affect buildings over a period of time. Keep the tree in your complex trimmed so that its branches are not that close to the building.

  39. Parvatharaj says:

    Dear Sir,
    There is a Coconut tree which is very close to our building. WE plan to cut this tree as the roots may damage our building & neighbours as wee. Kindly suggest about rituals before cutting tree.
    Thanks & Regards,
    Hi Parvatharaj,
    Consult a priest. Even the tree cutter may be able to suggest something

  40. K.J.Nair says:

    I have got a thorny bonsai tree, looks like a min iature tamarind tree, but full of thorns.
    about 2.5 feet in height & width, and about 15 years old.
    Actually it is very attractive to look. Sine the stems are covered with full of throns. Sir As per Vasthu can we keep it any area around my house ?
    K J Nair
    Hi K J Nair,
    A bonsai is manageable as it can be placed anywhere and it looks good too. So there is no harm in having it in the house. But keep it away from places where visitors sit as they may accidentally touch the thorns.

  41. vijay says:

    Hello Sir,
    I have purchased nimbu,banana and orange tress, i have doubt now where should in plant then ? I mean east or west or north or south.
    could you please guide me ?
    Thanks in advance
    Hi Vijay,
    You can plant these fruit trees in the East.

  42. dr.himani says:

    Sir, we want to buy a plot, which have so many tamarind’s trees in front of the plot….should we buy this. Plz tel us. Plot facing towards north directon…plot is rectangular..
    Hi Dr Himani,
    Tamarind trees are beautiful, provide good shade but are quite acidic and can pollute the air around them with the acidic vapours. So if the house is going to be built under the tamarind trees, there is a greater likelihood of tarnishing and rusting of metal components. But if the trees are away from the proposed position of the house, then it should be okay. But the ultimate test is to ‘feel’ the site. If you get positive vibes from it, go ahead.

  43. pankaj paliwal says:

    we well cultivation drum stick north west in our farm land.they are banfit or sum person ask me you dont cultivation durmstick.
    Hi Pankaj,
    Why should drumstick cultivation be bad? It is a useful plant and hence good for the farm.

  44. Naresh Miryala says:


    I have seen an house, which is 130 yards and having the following two concerns, please advice
    House is East Facing and is constructed in a Square Plot (by constructing an Square Compound Wall and there is 2-3 yards left behind the house [outside the compound wall] which is cross.
    1) Can we purchase the house, as the back side is little cross (even though the house is build leaving the area of cross i.e square compound wall)?
    2) There is 10-15 years Mango Tree just outside the Front Compound Wall I,e the space between the Compound Wall and Raod, is it good or bad to have Mango Tree.?
    Naresh Miryala
    Hi Naresh,
    It is good to have a fruit tree. Only make sure that its roots have not affected the compound wall. Since the house that you will be building and the compound wall will be square, there is no need for any concern.

  45. Siddhant says:

    I have a bonsai banyan tree in a pot which is 45years old, and a bonsai banyan with bonsai peepal with neem and tulsi in the same pot.. Where to keep them…
    Also I have a lot of cactus which are 20 years old or so.. How to deal with them
    Hi Siddhant,
    Why are you all of a sudden concerned about these plants which have been there for so many years? Tulsi can be grown in a seperate pot. Place the cacti in such positions as not to harm anyone with their thorns.

  46. K. Raj kumar says:

    Dear Sir,
    East facing House. Opposite main door there is neem tree. good or bad.
    Hi Raj kumar,
    A neem tree near a house is good as it has medicinal benefits and the air around it is also beneficial. If it is bang opposite the main door, but there is enough space to enter and exit the house, say around 6′ then it is fine.

  47. Moses Dsouza says:

    I have small 88 ft x 38 ft plot and have build a compound wall. I plan to plant some trees like coconut,mango,jack fruit,nutmeg etc and later construct a house.I want to know the minimum distance to leave from compound wall and house wall.Please give your valuable advise.
    Hi Moses,
    Keep a minimum distance of 4-5′ from the house and/or the compound wall.

  48. Sonu says:

    Hello sir
    I have no trees in my house as it is not that spacious
    Can l plant a gauva tree on the top of my house in a drum.
    Hi Sonu,
    You can do that, but make sure that the drum does not leak.

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