One enters the house compound through the Main Gate. Usually if space is available, people like to have a small garden in the front as well as at the back of the Site. Vastu Shastra lays down guidelines on all aspects of house designing, including the planting of auspicious trees and plants around the house.  


As Vastu is a science, there is logical, scientific explanation for every guideline. As an Architect, I have attempted to explain these guidelines rationally and scientifically, so that you can decide what you want to follow or don’t.

Some of the auspicious trees according to Vastu, that are good for the inmates are described below along with their usefulness:
peepalPEEPAL TREE - It is also known as the Aswatha tree. Scientists have found that oxygen is produced in large amounts by the leaves of this tree and it is found in high concentration under the branches, probably due to the thick foliage. Hence it is considered very healthy to circumambulate this tree in the morning. Probably it is for this reason that it is considered a sacred tree and is worshiped in India. It is usually found near temples or temples are erected near Peepal trees. It has a very long life and can survive for centuries. It is prohibited from being cut. However, it is not suitable near a house, since it has far spreading roots which can affect the foundation of the building.
neemNEEM TREE - This tree has great medicinal value and its extract is used in pesticides. Its twigs are used to brush teeth and neem oil is used in physiotherapy. Since neem leaves are very bitter, a mixture of neem leaves, tender green mango and jaggery is eaten on Ugadi or the New Year in South India, as a symbolic gesture, that one is prepared to face the sweet, sour and bitter experiences of the coming year with equanimity. Therefore, this is a good tree to have in a house garden.

MmangoANGO TREE – Most parts of the mango tree have medicinal value. It’s leaves are used as a pesticide, and its twigs are used for brushing teeth. Its leaves are used for puja purposes. It is considered very auspicious if the dead are cremated using mango tree fire-wood. Then of course, mango fruit is the king among fruits and very tasty. The raw mangoes are used for making pickles and as a vegetable.  Mango trees also have a very long life and can survive for 400-500 years. Obviously, this is also a very useful tree to have in your garden.JFresh_Jackfruit_Sweet_ACK-FRUIT TREE - Like the ‘mango tree, the jack-fruit tree also produces very tasty, seasonal, fruit in large numbers. The yellow juicy kernels inside the jackfruit are used to make different types of sweets and halvas. The raw fruit kernels are cut into strips and made into tasty jackfruit chips, a speciality of Kerala. The Jack-fruit’s seeds are also nutritious and are used like a vegetable in South India. The beautiful yellow coloured wood from this tree is used to make furniture, doors, windows etc. Its leaves are considered auspicious and are used for puja. Therefore, it is useful and can be planted in your garden.

BANANA TREE – The tender saplings of the banana tree are used for decbananaorating doors of houses, pandals etc, during functions and festivals as they are symbols of prosperity and wealth. . Almost every part of the plant has some sort of economic or medicinal use. Bananas are available through the year and are very nutritious. Banana fruit is the best source for instant energy and are rich in potassium. Raw bananas are cooked and eaten like a vegetable. Banana leaves are used for eating traditional meals as they can be used and thrown and so are considered hygienic. The skin of the fruit is used in dyeing. The sap contains tannin and is used as marking ink.  From the dried leaf stalks, fibres can be made and they can form a sound kind of string and are also used for tying fences, etc. A lot of illnesses can be treated with concoctions made from the roots, stem, flowers, and leaves of the tree. As far as usefulness is concerned, only one other plant can compete with the `Banana Tree` and that is the coconut. So this is  a must-have in your garden.

coconutCOCONUT TREE - Every part of this tree is useful. The tender coconut water is a very healthy, cool, low fat drink. The coconut flesh is used in South Indian cooking in large amounts and gives it a distinctive flavour. The oil extracted from coconut is used in cooking as well as a hair oil. Coir is a very useful by-product which is used in making mats, carpets etc. The leaves of the coconut tree are weaved and used as roofing for huts by the poor. Its dry leaves are also used as fire-wood. It has a long life of about 100-150 years and is prohibited from being cut. Due to its usefulness it is considered a sacred tree. Hence it is considered a must, in every one’s garden.

sandalwoodSANDAL WOOD TREE- Sandal wood is very expensive as it is used to make exquisite handicrafts, and its oil is very fragrant. Sandalwood paste when applied on the forehead, cools the head, and so is used in temples and in hot places like Kerala. The sandalwood is used to make incence sticks. It is very rare to find sandalwood trees and hence there have been so many instances of robbers cutting down trees in the middle of the night, if found in any house compound. If you like this fragrant tre, it is a good idea to try and grow one- but you may need to secure it!

Smaller shrubs- may be planted on the East or North sides, but no trees should be planted in the North-East corner as they block the useful morning sun rays.

Tall trees- like Coconut can be planted in the South-West, West sides but should should not be too close to a building as they block the sunlight completely. A tree should be planted such that it’s shadow should not fall on the house, at least between 9.A.M to 3P.M.

Large trees- like Peepal, Banyan should not be located too near the house as their roots can damage the foundation and compound wall. Also, the large trees absorb most of the sunlight, meaning these positive rays will not be received by the building.

Good trees- that can be planted in a house compound are useful trees like coconut, neem, betel, sandalwood, lemon, pineapple, bilva, almond, jackfruit, pomegranate, mango, amla, and katha.

Avoid flowering trees in gardens: Reason – They shed leaves during the summer.

Trees with insects, worms, honey bees, bumble bee, owls, serpents, should be avoided for obvious reasons.

If a tree must be removed because it is inauspicious or for other reasons, the day before cutting the tree, one should express regret to the tree, and it must be removed from its rooting. A new tree should be planted in its place within the next three months. This is a way of conserving nature.


tulsiTULASI (BASIL) - It is also known as holy Basil and it is always good to grow a Tulasi plant on one’s property. Tulasi should be located on the North, North-East, or East sides of the house, or in front of the house. Tulasi is a medicinal plant and is used extensively in Ayurvedic medicines. It purifies the blood and improves the digestive system. It is believed to be useful in treating many types of diseases. Hence it is recommended to eat a few leaves every day. Its probably for this reason, that it is considered a sacred plant and used in daily worship.

JASMINEJASMINE - In general, plants with sweet smelling flowers like jasmine, red lotus, blue lotus etc are good in the house compound as they give out a pleasant perfume, and can also be used in daily worship. Flowers like the Jasmine are stringed together and used as a decoration on the hair by Indian ladies. Moreover, as these flowers are produced round the year, they are always available.

THORNY PLANTS - Thorny plants should not be planted near the house. Cactus should not be planted at all. Thorny plants other than roses have a negative energy. Ideally all thorny plants should be pulled up and destroyed. The reason could be that the thorns can hurt you when you brush past them.

tree-creeper-vineCREEPERS – Creepers or other plants should not be grown using the building or compound wall as a support as their clingers will  slowly creep into tiny cracks in the walls and gradually widen them as they grow, causing damage and seeepage of water through the walls. Creepers should only be grown in a garden, and they should have their own independent supports. A creeper like a money plant can be grown within the house  but should not be grown outside, using a tree for support.

FLOWER POTS - Flower pots should not be kept on the  compound wall  in the North, East or North-East as they will block the useful morning sunlight coming in from these directions. Flower pots and decorative plants can be placed on the ground in these directions, but they should  not grow taller than 3 feet.

lawnLAWNS AND WATER BODIES- Lawns should be in the East or the North.  A small water-fall of three to four feet or a water body  can  be constructed in the East or the North leaving the North-East corner. If there is a swimming pool in the garden, it should be in  the North or North-East direction, so that the people using the pool benefit from the sun rays and also, the water will get purified by the  U.V rays of the Sunlight.

BENCHES - Benches are useful in big gardens and can be placed in the open space in the East and the North direction so that people sitting in these directions, can benefit from the useful sun rays.

This post was about the Vastu guidelines regarding the useful trees and plants that can be planted in a House garden. One passes through the front garden to reach the front Verandah and it is adjacent to the Car Porch. Read about the Vastu guidelines for these spaces, here:

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  1. ritu says:

    very very informative and useful
    Hi Ritu,
    Thank you for your encouraging comments. As an Architect practicing in Bangalore, I want to share my knowledge and experience in Vastu, in a scientific way, so that you will understand why Vastu is so popular and meaningful even today. However, this site is still under construction and it may take some time for me to put up all the information that I want to. So kindly bear with me.

  2. Abhishek says:

    Very informative. I further wish to know where should we plant bamboo trees in our industrial compound. Someone said they should not be directly visible. Please advise
    Hi Abhishek,
    Bamboo is a fast growing plant of the grass family and so you should restrict it’s spread. It is preferable to have it in the South West.

  3. Krishna says:

    Dear Sir/Mam and hello every one
    My House is north facing, and land is also facing north to the road. I would like to plant a Mango tree in souch or South East direction,
    I have planted a small Banana Tree in my house, some one is suggesting me to remove the plant immediately. What should I do now. Your suggestions is highly appreciated.

    Hi Krishna,
    It is advisable to have more trees on the south, west and south-west sides, to serve as a buffer to the afternoon heat. It is better to keep the north and east sides more open as it will allow the useful morning sunlight into the house. as far as I know, useful trees like banana, mango, jackfruit, flowering shrubs etc are worth having in any house garden.

  4. deepakpatade says:

    what plants can i keep in my house and in what direction
    HI Deepak,
    Any plant that is useful by way of fruits, flowers and medicinal value can be kept in a garden. But avoid tall, bushy trees in the North, East and North-East. Please refer my post.

  5. Naresh Pise says:

    I want tp plant Bilva Tree in my farm house.can you plaese suggest me where it should be planted. ( which direction and which position. Behind the House or infront of House. Or away from house any where within the farm . There is Villa with swimming Pool in the South west direction of Farm House. The swimming Pool is bacyard of the Villa that is to the south of the Villa. The Villa is contructed as per Vastu.
    Please guide
    Hi Naresh Pise,
    The Bilva tree is a sacred tree, usually found in Shiva temples since this tall, tri-folate leafy tree is associated with the hindu god. It is a medicinal tree used for treating some ailments. It can be planted anywhere for example in a farm. However, keep in mind that there is the danger of falling fruits which are very hard and heavy. They can cause damage to persons and buildings. So keep the tree away from the buildings.

  6. patrick says:

    I really liked your blog! great

  7. Sumit says:

    Sir/Ma am,
    Is it good to have moeny plant in house according to vastu shastra? Please let me know It’s in my florida room. It is good place for it or not?

    Hi Sumit,
    Living, healthy plants in a house symbolize life and vitality and they add colour to your space. Use plants that are vibrant, healthy and lush. They should be placed in the eastern parts of the house since they will be flooded with morning sunlight. Place a money plant in the eastern section of the main room, namely the living room.

  8. Hans Brough says:

    I can guess the hard work it must have been needed to research for this post.All what i can say is just keep providing such post we all love it.And just to bring something to your notice,I have seen some blog providng your blog as source for this information.
    Hi Hans,
    Thank you for the appreciation. I cannot do anything about others using my material. But I don’t mind if they give a link to my post.

  9. Praveen says:

    Quite informative
    But specifically would like to know more about bamboo trees in the house garden…
    some say it isnt good to have a bamboo at home according to hindu tradition, but its so pleasant to see the colors of the bamboo…. could anyone throw light on this topic
    Hi Mr Praveen,
    Vastu is interpreted differently in various regions and by different practicioners. So you may have heard conflicting opinions on having a bamboo tree in your garden.
    But if I apply logic and reasoning, I think it is not a good idea to have a bamboo plant because it is a very fast growing, tall plant with lot of foliage and very invasive as it spreads by running rhizomes. So a single bamboo plant could transform into a forest in very short time and block off most of the light and air to a house. But like you say, it looks very aesthetic with its yellow trunks hiding between the long, green leafy blades. So maybe if you have a large plot like a farm, you can have a clump of bamboo basically from an aesthetic point of view.
    Of course in feng shui, it is considered an auspicious plant as it is a symbol of long life and strength – basically because it is a highly evolved grass that has withstood time. But if you notice, even in feng shui only small bamboo shoots are encouraged to be used in jars in the house.

  10. narayanaswamy says:

    Dear Sir,

    I have a plot of 120×60 feet. Roads north and east side. (east side road 120ft). west and south sides are other houses. south side there is an empty space of approximately 20ft x 60 ft. I am planning to plant the trees and maintain the garden. Many people are suggesting me to construct another compound wall so that this space will be separated. They say that back side (south side) space should not be vacant and even it should not be with Garden/trees. Is this true? appreciate your guidance.

    Dear Mr Narayanaswamy,
    I understand from your query that you have unused area behind your building towards the South. In that case it is a good idea to have a garden with tall, shady trees as this will block out the hot afternoon sunrays projected from the South and West. There is no need to have a seperating compound wall, but instead you could have tall trees as the barrier between the house and the garden.

  11. Sameer yadav says:

    Please Answer My Query Please

    I live in part of a large house facing north north east. I live in the west pArt of the house I have a road on the west out of which I have constructed a small lawn along the western part of the house using a small wall of one half feet and filling mud in it. Moreover o. The south west corner of the house I have a small octagonal room with a mezzanine. On the ground floor is a bed room. On the top is a jaccuzzi. I am planning to extend the outer boundary of my house in the north now. ,What am I doing wrong or if all is right can I plant some tree like bamboo in south west corner of the new lawn.

    Dear Mr Sameer,
    The west tends to get very hot and so it is generally advisable to have tall, shady trees/shrubs on this side, to reduce the heat. however, in your case as you have a road on the west and you live on this side of the house, you will be deriving most of your light from here and so it’s better not to block off the light. But if you can have a tall plant like a bamboo on the south west, without it obstructing the light to your house, then go ahead. But remember that the bamboo grows very fast ands can become overwhelming – it’s shade may not allow the lawn to thrive. So make sure the plant doesn’t obstruct or overwhelm by regular pruning. Otherwise go in for some other shady shrub or tree like a mango or jackfruit tree.

  12. Laxmi says:

    …its said, its not right to plant a peepal in a residential plot. i have seen a peepal sapling growing out from a crack in the terrace slab……can i plant it in a pot like how its done in a bonsai ?…

    Hi Laxmi,
    Peepal tree is not suitable near houses because it has very far spreading roots and branches that can affect the foundation of the house. Obviously, you need to remove the peepal sapling from your terrace, as the roots will further widen the crack and affect the terrace slab. You could however, try to grow it in a pot, but I suggest you read more about growing bonsai in order to be successful in your attempt.

  13. Vijay says:

    I have recently purchased a plot which faces North-east. I was scouting for information on trees and their orientation and came across your site. Very informative.
    I am planning Ashokapalav on the southwest , southeast and northwest side, Coconut on the west and south corner. Need to plant Mango and Sandalwaood….would you pl you comment on my plan and requirement.
    Many thanks
    Hi Vijay,
    Your proposal for the ashoka, coconut trees seem to be okay. But I am not sure if it is legal to plant sandalwood tree in a house compound.

  14. Kartik says:

    i have a commercial plot .. with its main entrace from the south.. also there is a tree with thorns at its trunk just near the entrance ..

    please tell me if i need to get this tree removed, other trees in the plot are Annar, Tulsi plants, Green Chilli plant, Lemon Tree and Bel Tree (shiva tree which give Bel as a fruit)
    Hi Kartik,
    As long as the tree does not come in the way of the entrance or obstructs light to your building, you do not have to get rid of it.

  15. koumudi says:

    Dear sir,
    some body told me that its not good to plant Rubber Plant at home. Please advice
    Hi Koumudi,
    It is not recommended in Vastu, being a milky sap producing plant. But it is allowed at the boundary.

  16. shreyas says:

    I am an advocate by profession. I reside in an apartment scheme on ground floor and one Ashok tree is just opposit my bedroom on southern side. i am adviced to cut down the tree because as per vastu shastra one should not have Ashoka tree. please advice

    Hi Shreyas,
    An ashoka tree is a tall tree that can cut off a lot of sunlight from entering a building. So that’s why it is not advisable to have Ashoka trees nearby. But ii can help reduce the heat on the Western and Southern sides of a plot. So since this tree is on the southern side, I do not think that you should cut it down. I actually think that you should feel lucky to have a tree near your bedroom window.

  17. sristi says:

    it’s very very useful
    Thank you Sristi for the appreciation. Please share in your circle so that this site reaches a wider audience.

  18. PSN MURTHY says:

    what is the effect if long trees like coconut ormango trees exists in my house in the northeast corner/direction in my house
    Hi PSN Murthy,
    It all depends on the distance of the trees from the house. As long as these trees do not cast a permanent shadow on the house, especially in the early mornings, then it’s ok.

  19. PSN MURTHY says:

    will these long coconut tree or mango tree which is 14 feet away from the super structure cause harm to the health of owner and family
    Hi PSN MUrthy,
    No, they will not affect the health of the owner since they are quite far from the building. (A minimum distance of 10 feet is taken as a thumb of rule).

  20. kavita says:

    I want to know at which direction I must keep pot of peepal tree as it is essential for our worship it is suggested to worship by someone
    Hi Kavita,
    It is best to keep the peepal tree pot in the West.

  21. Murali says:


    Recently i bought a plot facing west side. main road passes through west and south(so this plot is at the corner of the road(south-west).
    I hope, i have made clear to you. Now, there is only one coconut tree on the north side and it is very taller. I’m planning to build a house after 2 years and now planning to plant trees and shrubs..
    i thought to plant coconut, neem, mango, banana, thulasi et.,
    Can you pls suggest me to make this auspicious…

  22. Anthony Brown says:

    I have seen this particular page to be totally useful. Thank you for posting it.
    Hi Anthony Brown,
    Thank you for your comments. Please share in your circle.

  23. Love your site - need ur services says:

    We plan to acquire a plot & build a house.
    We need ur services as a sensible architect.

    Can I get ur contact details.
    We live in bellary.

  24. tina says:

    I have been told by some people that having a lemon plant in the house lawn is inauspicious.
    However considering the usability of the lemon, i want to know whether it is really true?
    Hi Tina,
    I am glad you are questioning what ‘some people’ have said and are using your common sense. In my understanding, any plant that is useful will be acceptable according to Vastu.

  25. Raju says:

    Please let me know whether I can keep tree of Kariveppilai in front portion (located in western side near gate and also within the compound) my house. Some one said that keeping the tree in front portion is not good for the family and asked me to remove the same. Is it correct?

  26. Mohite says:

    Me also facing the same problem.. A big peepal tree was planted besides my house and the tree shadows will fall on roof top, according to my grandmother it is more than 50yrs old.. since I know we have faced lots of problems related to health and house.. the tree now has grown giant and the roots are entering house and nearby areas.. so can we live in that house or can we remove the tree?? What should be done to live a normal life??

  27. Lalchand says:

    Dear Sir/Mam,
    I recently purchased a site in east facing direction (east-west::20 ft and north-south:51 ft )
    In which at the north-east corner a long coconut tree is grown to which can i know is it right for the vastu shastra …..????so i hope that you give some suggestions to it …….??
    Hi Lalchand,
    Since the Coconut tree has very little foliage and is so tall, it will not obstruct the sunlight as much as other trees would. So it should be okay but make sure it is away from the building.

  28. Jeet says:

    is it safe to keep an aloe vera plant in the house (i mean gallery)
    Hi Jeet,
    Any useful plant like an aloe vera can be planted in your garden.

  29. kuljeet singh says:

    my house is north facing. i am having 7 ashoka trees (weeping ashoka tree) out side the boundry wall and 1 Bel tree insie the wall.
    on north/east is the gate and on the eastern wall near the gate is bougainvillaea tree.
    pl suggest if these are okay or some change is reqd.
    kuljeet singh
    Hi Kuljeet Singh,
    I am assuming you have the Ashoka trees (real name -Mast trees) on the North Side. They are tall and obstruct light and useful sunrays to the house. So remove them. Similarly a bougainvillaea plant on the eastern compound wall will obstruct morning sunlight. So remove it. Instead, you can have short flowering plants along the East and North compound walls.

  30. Ashwani says:


    I have a important question, we live on first floor and willing to buy neem sapling and keep this auspicious tree in hour house on first floor, in the center of house there is aangan (first floor) and we want to keep this tree there, kindly suggest if there is any relilgious or scientific boundaiton that suggests not to keep Neem tree within the house ?
    Hi Ashwani,
    Neem tree is one of the few trees that emits less carbon dioxide in the night. So it can be placed inside a house as it will not affect the inmates adversely.

  31. VARUN GUPTA says:

    Hi Varun Gupta,
    Creepers are okay provided they are not grown on the East or North compound walls.

  32. homi bharucha says:

    Hello very good information, my question I have a terrace which has one open wall facing east and one south , I had potted some bougainvillea plants on the terrace walls but I hear it’s not good as per vastu so I had them removed, now can I put small plants on the terrace walls as to add some greenery to the terrace .please let me know thanks regards Homi
    Hi Homi,
    You can have potted tall plants on the South side and short flowering plants along the East wall. Avoid creepers on the East wall.

  33. sudhir says:

    Should we plant lemon tree in our kitchen garden .Lemon three is thorny ?
    Hi Sudhir,
    If a thorny plant is useful such as the lemon tree, aloe vera and rose plant, then you can have it in your garden.

  34. JACOB says:

    My house is facing East. There is a Lemon tree planted by my Mother in the north side of the house and its having full of fruits now..its stands out side court yard but within the boundry wall… is there any vastu problem with this… should i remove it…please let me know your advise. thanks…Jacob
    Hi Jacob,
    By Vastu guidelines, a lemon tree should not be planted in the North, East or North-East because it is tall and has thick foliage which can obstruct useful sunlight. In your case, since there is an existing lemon tree that yields well, I suggest you leave it in it’s present position, but keep it short by pruning regularly. Also keep the North-East and East free of shrubs and tall plants.

  35. B.S. Choubey says:

    What is advantage/disadvantage if almond tree is either inside or outside the boundary wall of house/office??

    Please suggest where should have to grow almond tree??
    Hi B S Choubey,
    You can plant an almond tree in the South or west of your property inside or outside. Avoid planting any trees with large leaves or thick foliage in the North or East or North-East.

  36. alka says:

    can we keep a chilly plant at home as someone said that itis good for growth in property. while some say that it creats fights at home. please guide.
    Hi Alka,
    There is a lot of confusion in the net about ‘auspicious’ plants and trees. According to me, any plant or tree that is useful either because of it’s fruits, flowers or medicinal value, is auspicious and can be planted within the house compound. So a chilly plant is okay.

  37. Isha says:

    Given that Aloe Vera has such high medicinal properties but is a thorny plant, is it advisable per Vastu to grow the plant in your house. Many thanks for your advise.
    Hi Isha,
    Good question. Aloe vera, rose bushes, lemon tree have thorns but are acceptable in gardens because of their usefulness and medicinal qualities. Moreover, they deter animals from making your garden their home.

  38. Juel says:

    Dear Sir/Mam
    My House is south facing, and land is also facing east to the road. I would like to plant a Lemon tree in south or South west direction of my house,
    I have also planted a Banana Tree in my house, west side of my garden, Mango tree in south of my house. some one suggesting me to remove the plants. Please suggest me, are the Lemon & Mango tree are auspicious or inauspicious for my home and garden.
    Hi Juel,
    There is no harm in having banana tree, mango tree and lemon tree in the West and the South. But do not plant them in the North or East.

  39. MOHANA says:

    Vert informative, whether we can plant trees in south east
    we have space in south east.
    Thank you Mohana,
    You can plant short fruit trees like pomegrante (anar) or flowering trees like jungle geranium (chetty) in the South-East.

  40. rajesh krishnan says:

    I have a courtyard inside my is in the middle of house adjacent to maindooe facing east of size around 10×11 feet with tulsi in middle and surrounded by bamboo.
    Pls advise if we can have bamboo inside house and also suggest other trees/plants that can be grown instead of this.
    Hi Rajesh Krishnan,
    Avoid Bamboo inside your courtyard as it is a very fast spreading and invasive plant. I suggest you leave it with the tulsi since it is not a very large court. But if you like, you could add a jungle geranium (chettipoo) for its colourful red flower bunches that are commonly used for pooja.

  41. PANKAJ SINGH says:

    is it good to plant the gauave tree in kitchan garden
    Hi Pankaj Singh,
    Guava is a very popular fruit and hence can be planted in the kitchen garden.

  42. Ranjit choudhary says:

    Good one , its really useful
    Thank you Ranjit Choudhary. Please share among your friends.

  43. Nilesh says:

    i have implant a bamboo in WEST garden. It is beside of house. Is it useful to growth in Heath, Wealth, Progress?
    Hi Nilesh,
    The Bamboo plant is basically a grass and therefore, spreads very rapidly. Since it grows tall, the roots are quite strong and spread all around. That is the reason why it is not recommended in house compounds. But you can keep a small version of it in a pot somewhere in your house as it is considered auspicious in Feng Shui

  44. Suresh Kumar says:

    Hello Sir,

    Thanks very much for the useful information.
    I bought a Bonsai Peepal plant which I was looking from long time. I’d like to keep this bonsai tree in house balcony. Please suggest which place/direction is good as per vastu.
    Hi Suresh Kumar,
    Place it in the West of your balcony such that it does not obstruct your doorway or your circulation space in the balcony.

  45. srinivas says:

    dear sir,
    in our house, Tamarind tree was existing on south west corner of our plot. some people are saying not good to have such tree there. pl guide mre.
    Hi Srinivas,
    Big trees like the Tamarind tree should not be planted inside the house compound because it’s roots are very strong and can exert pressure and cause cracks to the foundation of the building. But a shady tree like the tamarind tree in the South-West is ideal to cut out the heat, provided it is far away from the building. To check if it is far enough, ensure that the shadow of the tree does not fall on the building between 9 am to 3 pm.

  46. Varsharani Sunil says:

    Sir, bilva tree is allowed in farm house or not
    Hi Varsharani Sunil,
    The Bilva tree is a sacred tree, usually found in Shiva temples since this tall, tri-folate leafy tree is associated with the hindu god. It is a medicinal tree used for treating some ailments. It can be planted anywhere for example in a farm. However, keep in mind that there is the danger of falling fruits which are very hard and heavy. They can cause damage to persons and buildings. So keep the tree away from the buildings.

  47. anil kundra says:

    Can we plant Ashoka Trees in our school? If so, which variety?
    I heard that the straight growing variety is not good?
    Hi Anil Kundra,
    Actually, the Mast tree has been mistakenly referred to as the Ashoka tree. The mast tree is a is a tall, majestic evergreen tree with a straight trunk having shining, drooping leaves with a wavy margin. It’s straight trunk was used for making masts of sailing ships and hence the name. The soft wood of the Mast tree is still used for making packing cases, scaffolding, matches etc. It is an excellent avenue tree when planted close and commonly used for manicured gardens. If you want to cut out the hot afternoon Sunlight from the South or South-West, this tree can be planted along the boundary close to each other.
    On the other hand, the real Ashoka tree (Saraca asoca) is a spreading tree very similar to the ‘flame of the forest’ and with crimson flowers. Buddha was believed to have been born under this tree and so it is considered sacred by the Buddhists. The Ashoka tree is a medicinal tree and probably that is why it is worshipped and found in temples.

  48. Vikas says:

    Is it advisable to keep a Peepal bonsai in my house?
    Hi Vikas,
    Yes, you can.

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