Vastu Guidelines For Bathrooms | An Architect Explains

Vastu Guidelines For Bathrooms | An Architect Explains

Bathroom is a broad term used to describe a room where one takes bath, uses the WC and uses the Wash basin for brushing teeth and washing face. In ancient times, when there was no water supply through pipes and no drainage and sewage pipeline system, people used the open spaces for daily ablutions and bathrooms meant for only bathing were located near the water source.  However today with the availability of water through taps and the underground sewage-line system, we can afford to have Bathrooms (also known as Toilets) as a part of the house, with the basic fixtures – W.C., wash basin and bath shower/bathtub – all combined in one room.

bathroom accessory

To ensure that the flow of cosmic energy through the house is not affected by the improper positioning of bathrooms, Vastu Shastra lays down guidelines on their positions, the positions of the fixtures, doors, windows etc. Here, I have explained the Vastu Guidelines for Bathrooms. Since Vastu is a science, every guideline is based on logic and reasoning. As an Architect, I have attempted to explain these guidelines rationally and scientifically, so that you can decide what you want to follow and what you don’t, instead of following them like a superstition.


The Bathroom should be in the North-West or West: If it is attached to the Bedroom, it should preferably be to the North-West side of the room.The Scientific Reasoning – In India the infra-red rays of the Sun get projected on the West side and so the West side is hotter, especially in the evenings.  Therefore, Bathrooms placed in the West and North-West help to block the western sun radiation to other parts of the house, keeping them relatively cool. In addition, the hot west sun rays help to dry up the Bathrooms faster. Also, by keeping the Bathrooms in the West side, far away from the North-East corner, where in olden times the open well or water source was preferred, the percolation of waste water  into the water source during the monsoon season when the ground water table rises,was prevented.

The second option for the location of the Bathroom, is the South-East:The Scientific Reasoning Since most people use the Bathroom in the mornings, the beneficial sun rays coming from the East side will be useful to the user.

Avoid the Bathroom in the North-East and the Centre of the house: The Scientific Reasoning – In earlier times when the major drinking water sources were open wells, tanks etc, there was the need to purify the water by the UV rays of the morning sunlight and so the North-East corner was preferred for water sources. Therefore, the Bathrooms were to be kept far away from the North-East, so that the the percolation of waste water into the water sources during the monsoon season when the ground water table rises, could be avoided.


Use anti-skid tiles as bathroom flooring


The Bathroom floor should be higher than ground level:The Scientific Reasoning – For the proper draining out of the waste water from the Bathroom, it is obvious that the Bathroom level should be higher than the ground level.

Avoid marble flooring in the Bathroom: The Scientific Reasoning – Marble is extremely slippery when wet and hence should be definitely avoided in Bathroom floors.


The bathroom fixtures should be placed along the walls of the bathroom


The wash basin, bathtub and shower can be in the North-East, North or East of the Bathroom:The Scientific Reasoning – In earlier times, the water for washing and bathing was stored near or directly above the Bathrooms, as there was no elaborate plumbing system wherein water was distributed throughout the house from just one water tank. Hence, it was preferable to have this water source in the North-East side where the sun’s beneficial UV rays could purify the water.

The WC (commode) can be in the West, South or South-West of the Bathroom: The Scientific Reasoning – The WC was placed away from the bathing area so that  it does not pollute the water stored for bathing purposes.

The WC should be oriented facing North or South: But not in the E-W direction.The Scientific Reasoning -In earlier times, when people sat in the open for the daily ablutions, it was necessary to shade their face from the Sun and hence the E-W direction was avoided. Also it might have been out of a sense of respect to the Sunrise and Sunset, since the Sun was considered the major energy source.

The head position in the Bathtub should be towards South: The Scientific Reasoning – The human body acts like a magnet with the head as the North Pole. So lying down with the head in the North direction, will cause the two North poles to repel each other and hence cause a feeling of restlessness .

The mirror can be on the North or East walls: The Scientific Reasoning – If the mirrors are placed on the North and East walls, then the constant light from the North and the morning sunlight from the East will fall on our faces as we look into the mirror, thus enabling us to see ourselves better.


The mirror should be well lit


A large window can be in the North and a smaller ventilator in the East or West: The Scientific ReasoningThe small window either in the East or the West will allow the sunrays to dry up the bathroom quickly, while the bigger window in the North will allow constant light into the Bathroom. Also, by having 2 windows on adjacent walls, cross-ventilation is allowed which ensures that fresh air replaces the humid air.

The door can be in the East or North-East: The Scientific Reasoning – The door should be located away from the commode to prevent it from hitting the WC and obstructing the space near it.


Light shades are the most suitable colours in bathrooms


The Colour of the Bathroom walls: Can be according to one’s choice but it is preferable to havelight shades. Avoid red and black color.  The Scientific Reasoning – Light shades brigten up a space and make it appear larger. One may not notice any dangerous insects or animals that can enter the Bathroom through the floor traps, if  dark colours like black and red are used. Also, the dirty floor corners may go unnoticed, if dark colours are used.

This post was about the Vastu guidelines for the design of a Bathroom. The Bathroom is accessed from the Bedroom.  Read the Vastu guidelines for the design of this space here:

The Vastu Guidelines are very similar to the guidelines used by modern Architects in designing a house. To read about an Architect’s guidelines on the Design of a Bathroom, go to: 

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46 Responses to “Vastu Guidelines For Bathrooms | An Architect Explains”

  1. Jignesh Rupani says:

    Dear Sir,
    I need your advice on the new house, which I have recently booked and is under construction at the moment. The house is basically an independent twin bungalow with construction on ground floor and the first floor. In the First floor, Master bedroom has an attached bathroom. And the flooring level of bathroom is 6 inch more than the Room level. Bathroom is one step up than Room level. So as per vastu is it Ok or bathroom and Room should have the same flooring level?
    Thank you very much. With best regards, Jignesh Rupani
    Hi Jignesh,
    Ideally the floor levels should all be the same. But because it was not planned earlier, the bathroom has to be 6″ higher in order to be able to take out the pipes. It is okay, but place a half-inch thick granite strip at the doorway so that the water from the bathroom does not flow into the bedroom.

  2. raman says:

    Thank you for your guide lines for bath room is north-west side & taps are fitted in the sout hwall while taking bath our face towards south will facing& Also same in the kitchen is east-west side here also tap is fitted in south wall .
    pls suggest vastu solution if any wrong in this direction .
    Hi Raman,
    It is very easy to get obsessed with Vastu but difficult to implement practically. In any room there are 4 walls and 4 directions. Naturally, some of our actions will be performed while facing south. It is not possible to avoid them. But make sure that, when doing activities for long periods of time, you are not facing South because it disturbs your mental equilibrium. So, what you have in your house is fine and there is no need for any solution.

  3. Ashok says:

    Sir, is bathroom suitable at the corner of north on veranda opening on N-E direction
    kindly advise .
    Hi Ashok,
    It is not the ideal location since the toilet will block the NE corner of the veranda.

  4. Deep says:

    Hello – I live in a rented apartment and my bathroom happens to be in the South East. I have read that the South East is a bad direction for bathrooms since it is the fire corner. I cannot change anything on the location of the bathroom since it is a rented place, could you suggest any other remedies?
    Hi Deep,
    I have a toilet in SE corner and I do not see any associated problems. The important thing is to keep the toilet doors always shut. This will negate any fears that you have.

  5. Ritu says:

    Sir I am getting my house made and the master bedroom occupies the whole of southwest corner of the plot. The dressing room is in the southeast of the bedroom and through it is the bathroom. The bathroom door is in the southwest corner of the bathroom with vanity in the north and shower in the northeast and wc on the south and a southeast corner window. Is the above setting ok?
    Hi Ritu,
    Yes it is okay.

  6. srinivas says:

    Dear sir,
    For west side road house,which face of main door to be fixed.

    Considering attach bath room inside the room,what could be the size, Example: 11 feet length and 16 feet width which have bath room in north west side .Is it ok.
    Please SUGGEST.
    Hi Srinivas,
    A main door in the NW face is the best option. The minimum size of a bathroom is 5’x7’6″, though 5’6″ x 8′ is preferable. You can also opt for a square toilet like 6’x 6’6″.

  7. Sriram says:

    Dear Sir,
    Do we need to consider toilet and kitchen ventilators and exhaust fan opening as a window for window counting
    Please provide your suggestion.
    Hi Sriram,
    In earlier days, because of the mode of construction using wood and mud, there was need for symmetry and even number of windows for balance. But in modern buildings you do not need to count windows/ventilators/doors. You can have any number according to your requirement.

  8. arjun says:

    hello sir i really thank you for the service and the way you explain is very good.
    now there is a bedroom in north-east part of my house because it was west faceing house now we changed into east facing because on the west side they have constructed house so on entrance from west. what can be done can you pleas help me.
    Hi Arjun,
    Nothing is to be done. Use the bedroom in the NE as a children’s bedroom.

  9. gopalkrishna says:

    Hi Sir,

    1) My son room is in SE, on the first first floor, just on the top of our ground floor kitchen. it is eIs it ok ?
    2) My site is a NE sloping land with an underground garage in north east. We are planning a light west facing stairs ( from east to west ) stairs to access the ground floor. Is it ok ?
    Thank you
    Hi Gopalkrishna,
    All that you have proposed is okay.

  10. ajay says:

    Hi.. Can the joint bathrooms be fully projected out in the space left behind the house on south and west? I mean it will result in irregular shape of the building structure. Would it be a problem?
    Hi Ajay,
    No it will not be a problem. But make sure you follow the byelaws and do not build into the setback area.

  11. D J Meghani says:

    Dear Sir,
    I had constructed the house in which the WC is fixed in north west corner i.e face towards south, so is it OK ???
    and in Master bedroom with attached toilet where the head position on the bed keep ??
    and in children bedroom without attached toilet, where the head position on the bed keep ???
    D J Meghani
    Hi Meghani,
    In the master bedroom, let the head position be in the South or East and in the childrens bedroom, let the head position be in the East.

  12. Deepali says:

    Sir, I purchase a small land as per my convenience. pls guid me how should be built up area?(in feet) E-44,W-38,N-28.70,S-30, Road on East- 20 & South side. My plot is at 1st corner in lane.Is it good for vastu.

  13. yogita says:

    hello sir,
    we recently shifted to a leased apartment fir six months in NC USA. here the kitchen is in the southeast corner south facing and in the northeast corner thr is a bathroom with wash basin in th corner thn toilet then bath tub in the order of left to right. beside tht room one small store room n beaide this room obe mire bathroom with wash baain n toilet from left to right. we have an open kitchen in the hall. plz give suggest me whr to do puja n remedies as we hav batheooms in northeast corner n east side.
    thanks in advance.
    Hi Yogita,
    You can find some space in the kitchen or hall for the pooja room. It does not necessarily have to be in the NE corner. It should eba well ventilated and bright area.

  14. Ms. T.mythili says:

    Can my daughters bedroom be built 5 ft from the south east corner and can the ward robe be in the south east corner and the toilet in the south west corner for bathroom of the bed room.
    HI Mythili,
    The SE corner is ideal for a child’s bedroom. You can have a bathroom in the SW corner.

  15. Maha says:

    Thanks for info
    My concern is our house renovation is going on.master bedroom is in sw and in south of sw corner there is attached toilet leaving 3 ft it okay
    Hi Maha,
    It is all okay but make sure there are at least 2 windows in the bedroom to allow for cross ventilation.

  16. AB says:


    We are constructing a new house, with a attached bathroom\toilet in North west direction, for passing the drainage water ( both bathroom and toilet water ) which is the suitable direction.
    Hi AB,
    Send out the drainage to the NW instead of the NE.

  17. Belle says:

    Dear Sir,

    Thank you for the good advice I see here.

    I live in an old tiled house which is nearly 100 years old with little modifications now and then.

    As I live in the hills, the house was built facing the slope (contour) which is south east but more towards east. Keeping the entrance as East, I have two of my bedrooms one in the middle of the house in North, the other on the North West corner. But both the toilets are positioned together in the north west corner.(Projecting out)
    Question 1
    I enter the bathroom from my middle bedroom towards West which is (eastern wall of the bathroom) My mirror is on the west wall, toilet seat is facing east, shower is is on the west wall and the ventilator is on the north wall.
    Question 2
    My second bathroom is behind the first bathroom which both are on the NW corner and entrance to the second bathroom from my other bedroom is north (which is on the south wall of the bathroom) mirror is on the east wall, toilet seat is facing west, shower is on the eastern wall and the ventilator is on the north wall.
    Kindly suggest any changes to be made.
    Hi Belle,
    You are living in a 100 year old house. Evidently it has served well, so why bother about the minute details such as toilet seat, mirror positioning etc. Just make sure that there is good light above the mirror to light up your face and that there is good ventilation and light in the bathrooms.

  18. eric says:

    Kindly explain Why the bed should not be in front of the bedroom door.Also how the living room should peaceful mind can be acquired
    Hi Eric,
    In tiny rooms this cannot be avoided. But in bigger rooms, it is preferable that the bed not be in front of the door. This is to ensure a free movement space as you enter the room.

  19. Nethra says:

    Hi Sir,
    We are planning for duplex house, where ground floor guest room and first master bedroom are in South West corner. AS ground floor guest room bathroom is common it comes to south west corner and for Master bedroom we have small dresser come to south west corner. Is it ok..? Is kubera moole considered for only master room or even guest room also need to taken care.
    Hi Nethra,
    According to Vastu Shastra, the SW corner is considered the “Kuber Moola” and therefore must not have a toilet. But if the bathroom is coming in the SW quadrant it is okay. It does not matter even if it is a guest bedroom or not.

  20. Rochelle says:

    I bought a two storey house recently my
    1)master bed in NE and 3 more at the back of the house is in NE direction
    2) main door SW
    3) kitchen SE
    4) two toilets under stairs
    Is this ok?
    Hi Rochelle,
    I assume you bought this house because you liked it. So there is no need for unnecessary doubts.

  21. N Venkata ravi says:

    Dear sir, our bedroom is attached bath room is in north west side of the bed room.small place is open in north east corner due to bath room. Is the position ok. Bed room and attached bath room is to consider as one or vastu applicable separately for both. Sir please comment. With regards Venkata Ravi n.
    Hi Venkata Ravi,
    Whatever you have described is all okay. The vastu is always considered separately for each room

  22. Ritesh says:

    Dear Sir,
    My bathroom is in North West.Please advise regarding the WC placement,when I sit where should my face facing with two options.
    Hi Ritesh,
    It does not matter but accoding to vastu it should preferably be in the North-South axis facing North.

  23. Rv says:

    Hello Sir
    We have bought a home with North Entrance. We have a bedroom on NE corner planning to use it as Pooja room. There is a bathroom next to the bedroom on the East with WC facing North.
    Can a bathroom be on East side ? Are there any remedies ?
    please advice.
    Hi RV,
    There is nothing wrong with your arrangement. Rest easy.

  24. Priyanka says:

    Pranam sir, I have an interest in vaastu for long back & I have studied a lot on this subject . My friend wants a bedroom for his 9 year son in the NE direction of her with attached bathroom in north of the bedroom . What do you suggest ? Is it okay?
    Hi Priyanka,
    A NE bedroom is not ideal as a master bedroom, nut can be used for guests and if there is no other option, then by the children. But make sure that the toilet in the North of the room does not block off the light and ventilation to the room.

  25. Jaiganesh says:

    Hi sir,we bought a new flat with north which our master bedroom is in south west with attached bathroom can we keep wc n west east direction.kindly suggest.
    Hi Jaiganesh,
    Please don’t interfere with the existing positions of the bathroom fixtures and let them be in the orientation that they are in. Otherwise, it would mean a lot of expenditure and unnecessary complications since the sanitary and water lines have to be diverted only for your apartment. All this could eventually even result in leaks.

  26. Hemavathi M N says:

    Hello – We have recently shifted to 2BHK rented apartment and here bathroom happens to be in the North East and south west . I have read that the NE & SW is a bad direction for bathrooms. I cannot change anything on the location of the bathroom since it is a rented place, could you please suggest any other remedies?
    Hi Hemavathi,
    If you go through other sites on the net, you will get many remedies for this so-called “dosh”. But as a scientific minded architect, I cannot recommend them to you. According to me, as long as you have ample light and ventilation in a house and maintain it clutter-free and keep the toilets hygienic, it is vastu-compliant.

  27. RAMAKRISHNA says:

    can we have toilet in south east corner in a east facing house ie., front side of the house.will it have any vastu dosha? as people say it is Agneyam which is place for fire or related items.
    please clarify my doubt.
    Hi Ramakrishna,
    In south and East facing houses, it is not very easy to place the kitchen (fire) in the SE corner, so obviously it will have some other room. A toilet in this corner is not a defect according to me.

  28. Amisha says:

    My master bed room is quite small, can i put my bed facing a toilet and a bathroom, n can we sleep on that bed facing our legs down towards the toilet and bathrooms. Initially my bed was like that n it affected me, so I made it other way. But the room is getting congested due to little space pls advice some remedies.
    Obliged n thnx
    Hi Amisha,
    The simple rule is that your bed position should allow space all around it. do not do anything that will make the room congested and obstruct the movement space.

  29. Neha says:

    In my new house the bedroom is in southeast corner with an attached toilet is in Northeast corner. Although there is proper light and ventilation thru the window in East and a balcony in the South of the room is it good as per VASTU. I read somewhere that toilet in NE auses cancer.Plz clarify. The kitchen is in north and I can cook facing either North or west. Which. Side shall I fce and cook? Is it OK or any remedy is required. Kindly suggest.thanks
    Hi Neha,
    The NE corner of a house is meant for a meditation room / pooja room, so naturally it is not suited for a toilet. But that does not mean that if a toilet is in the NE corner of a room, it will cause cancer. As long as ther is good light and ventilation to all rooms, there is no need to panic. Also be aware that clutter is not good, so keep de-cluttering at least once a year.

  30. Neha says:

    Hi, I must say yours is the only website which is so logical abt VASTU. Rest will only scare us. They just repear the thing without even telling us how and why.unike earlier when we used to live in our own stand alone houses, Now a days we live in flats where the ventilation light everything has changed. Tatsy we need to change our approach also. I really appreciate your way of describing VASTU. Thanks. Do u also have any vedio channel. Plz share , if any. Regards
    Hi Neha,
    The whole purpose of this website, is to simplify things for the layman and to remove superstitions. I am really glad that you have found it useful. Thanks for your appreciative feedback.
    PS I do not have a video channel.

  31. Arun says:

    Hi Sir,
    The septic tank for drainage is located in NW, however there is a chamber (pipe joint) to divert the flow of the waste in the south west, is that ok to have.
    Hi Arun,
    Yes it is okay. You need to divert the flow in the shortest and easiest route towards the main sewage lines. So there is no need to look at directions for all that.

  32. dinesh says:

    Hi Sir,
    This is new constructing building, we have EAST facing site and would be placing the bathroom corner which is at exact agni mulla, it is on road side of the corner and after kichen will be placing. Please tell me is it good as per vasthu
    Hi Dinesh,
    I have not understood the position clearly. But what I get is that it is ok.

  33. Hema A says:

    recently we booked a flat. we have two bathrooms. one in south-east, behind kitchen. and the common toilet in between two bedrooms (north east bedroom and north west bed room). Is the common toilet vaasthu compliant. please advice
    Hi Hema,
    A toilet between the two bedrooms is a practical necessity and so you don’t bother about the compliance.

  34. Vaishnavi says:

    1. We are considering a duplex apartment where ground floor has south-east corner kitchen and upper floor has an attached bathroom in south east corner right on top of the kitchen. Read a lot of conflicting opinions on this on the internet. Will this be a problem?
    2. Also the apartment shape has a cut in south east corner to accommodate a duct and elevator. We are not sure if this will become a problem for us in future… Looking forward to ur reply. Thank you.
    Hi Vaishnavi,
    A toilet is not preferred above the kitchen for the simple fact that if there is a leak in the sewage lines, it could contaminate the kitchen below. But with today’s construction methods, you can be sure that this in all probability will not happen. It is inevitable that there will be cuts and projections in apartments. You will have to accept it. But it is best if you go by your gut instinct on this one.

  35. Mithun says:

    Hi Sir,

    The flat that I have purchase is a North facing flat and has master bedroom with toilet/ towards the South east corner. Please advise if its OK
    Hi Mithun,
    It is okay.

  36. Bhairavi says:

    Hi Sir,
    1)Solutions for toilet-bathrooms in east direction of the flat.
    2)As per the flat area our kitchen is in west direction. Just opposite to toilet-bathroom.
    Please suggest us if we can sort out this vastu dosh with the help of colouring.
    Hi Bhairavi,
    Do not bother about the kitchen being opposite to the toilets. just make sure that the toilet doors are always closed.

  37. Neha says:

    Hi ,
    Is it okay to have toilet in southwest corner of the house. If not then Any remedy ?
    Hi Neha,
    It is not preferred. Keep the toilet door closed always.

  38. Sarandeep singh says:

    Sir i want to know is it ok that bathroom of 1st floor is above the bedroom of ground floor. Can you plz confirm me that. Because our architecht is saying that it is ok. Sir plz make us sure that …. Is that matters if the bathroom of 1st floor is on level of bedroom of ground floor??
    Hi Sarandeep Singh,
    A bathroom should ideally be above another bathroom or a lobby or a small room that can have a lower ceiling, as there are sinking issues. If the architect has a solution to the sinking then it is okay to have it above the bedroom.

  39. Madhu says:

    Hello sir,
    I want to send you my house layout plan to sèe if it meets all vaastu.
    HI Madhu,
    You have seen in my site, I try to find scientific reasoning for the vastu guidelines. So I cannot say that this is bad and this is good. Therefore I do not do vastu analysis of any plans.

  40. Subramaniam says:

    Dear Sir,
    I am constructing a house and my builder who did the plan states that a bathroom behind the kitchen in the south east is ok and complies with vastu. The door of the bathroom is from the bedroom in the south west and not from the kitchen. Is this ok? I am confused because there are contradictory theories.
    Hi Subramaniam,
    A toilet in the SE is acceptable in Vastu.

  41. Srinivas says:

    Ours is a newly constructed house(North Facing). We made sure most of the Vaastu principles implemented during construction. However, there is one problem with the Kitchen Sewage line running from SE towards SW and we had to run it under the Master bedroom (diagonally) in SW & join it with the Main Sewage line in the West side of the plot. Does it have a negative effect?
    Hi Srinivas,
    In tight sites, sometimes you are forced to run the sewage line below your room. It is not ideal, like if there is a leak you will have to break through the floor. But if it has been laid well with the right slope, it should not create a problem for you.

  42. Nandan says:

    Road is in north area of home
    Bathroom south another one is West
    Daily I am going to huge debt
    Hi Nandan,
    Your debts are not because of your house arrangement as it all seems okay according to vastu. Look at other issues, to solve your problems.

  43. Anand says:

    Dear Sir,
    I find your advice to be very logical and doesnt scare the day light out of people and rather help in arriving at a decision.
    I am currently constructing a house and is facing north east direction (more towards east direction). Please note that the plot direction is also towards north east. Considering the above mentioned orientation of house can closet be located on west side of house facing east? Is there any doshas in it??
    Also what is the basic principle in considering direction of vastu. Is it based on magnetic compass or is it based on the orientation of plot?
    Hi Anand,
    Thank you for the appreciation. Vastu principles are influenced by the cardinal directions, (since the sun’s position is dependent on the directions) and the magnetic effects of the magnetic axis.
    You can have your closet in the west but I have seen that many of my clients ask me to orient the WC’s in the North_south axis based on the advice given by vastu experts. I do not know the reason. But according to me even the East-west axis is okay.

  44. Dr neeru says:

    Sir. Can we have a bathroom in East corner of the northeast facing house.
    Hi Dr Neeru,
    Yes you can have it in the east.

  45. S Misra says:

    Dear Sir, I have a washroom that has toilet in east facing west which is not Vaastu compliant. Can I move the toilet to west facing east? I can have the tap and mirror installed in east? Because of space restriction, the toilet can be installed in north-south direction.
    Hi Misra,
    According to Vastu Shastra, the ideal direction of a toilet is along the North-South axis.

  46. Andy says:

    Dear Sir, finally a person that brings science into a subject that has been turned into a hocus pocus affair. Your insight is much appreciated with gratitude.
    Hi Andy,
    Thank you for your appreciation.

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