The Compound wall protects the site from animals, thieves, etc and serves to demarcate the boundary of the property.  Here, I have explained the Vastu Guidelines for Construction of the Compound Wall, and the possible scientific reasons and logic on which they were based, so that you an decide what you want to follow and what you don’t.



Compound Wall construction: The third thing to be constructed  after the Water Well and the Storage Shed is the Compound Wall. This should be built just before the construction of the House begins. The Reasoning – The purpose of the Compound wall is to protect the site and the material stored in the Storage shed, from the outside environment, from thieves, etc. However, if there are buildings all around the site, the Compound wall can be done after the construction.
Begin Compound Wall construction in South-East: Construction should begin on an auspicious day. The Reasoning – Since the Compound wall is meant to protect from the elements ans thieves etc,  psychologically the owner will feel that he will be protected if the construction is done at an auspicious time.
Northern part of Compound Wall to be built last : The Reasoning The Northern and Eastern sides are to be left open to allow Sunlight into the House, and the building is to be built in the South-West corner. Therefore, it is advisable to build the North Compound wall later as it is easier to dump building materials in the Northern open space.
Compound Wall should not be higher than the House: The Reasoning – If the Compound wall is higher than the house, it will cut off light to the House.
compoundCompound Wall should be higher and thicker in the South and West sides : The Compound walls on the North and East sides should be a foot (12 inches) shorter than on the West and South sides. If this is not possible, then the North and East sides should be a minimum of (3 inches) shorter. The Reasoning – The higher and thicker Compound wall on the South-West, prevents the hot evening Sun rays from heating up the house and the lower compound on the North-East allows the useful morning Sunlight into the House.
Compound Wall should be two-thirds the height of the main door: The Reasoning The Compound wall should not be taller than the house but should be tall enough to give the inmates a sense of privacy.


Two gates are preferrable: The Reasoning – It makes sense to have a big gate for the car to enter and a smaller gate which is easier to handle near the entrance.

Avoid gates in the extreme corners: The Reasoning It is inconvenient to open and close a gate that is fixed to the corners of the wall.

Main gate and the entrance door should face the same direction: The Reasoning For visitors entering through the gate, it is easier for them to notice the main door if the door is also facing the same direction as the gate.

Avoid a gate in the South side: The Reasoning The South is not considered auspicious for an entrance, but obviously if your Site is a South facing one, the gate has to be in the South side.

Gates should open clockwise: The Reasoning Since the majority of the population is right-handed, it is easier to push open a door or gate in the clockwise direction.


This post was about the Construction of the Compound Wall. Read about the next Stage of Construction:


  1. Pavan says:

    Dear Sir,

    I have a south facing site which is 50 feet width. Bangalore’s set back laws are such that I have to leave 10 feet on the west and 5 feet on the east.
    This is against the vaastu principle as indicated in your columns.
    Can you kindly provide any suggestions on how this contraint can be circumvented ? THe option of leaving 11 feet on the east means, I have only 30 feet for contruction.
    Any ideas you can offer ?
    Regards, Pavan

    Dear Mr Pavan,
    There are lots of people with south facing plots who interchange the left and right setbacks, in order to have more setback (10′ in your case) to the East and the less setback (5′) to the west. It is perfectly acceptable and will allow more sunlight into your house. Of course you have to get sanction from the authorities, which is not usually a problem.

  2. संजय बरबडे says:

    बहुत अच्छी जानकारी दि है । काफी अच्छा लगा ।
    अगले बार जानकारी के साथ डायग्राम या स्केच देते तो और समझने में
    आसान होता . धन्यवाद
    (Translation: You have given very good information. Appreciate it a lot.
    Next time if you give information along with diagram or sketch, it will be easier to understand. Thank you Sanjay)
    Thank you Sanjay,
    I agree, accompanying diagrams will make the understanding easier. But I am not able to add them to this site template.

  3. vijay says:

    The information given here is very nice and important for future architecture.
    Hi Vijay,
    Thank you. Glad you appreciate it. Please share with in your circle.

  4. Jim Geoghegan says:

    your article makes sense, i love it.

  5. avi says:

    sir i need book VASTU SHASTRA GUIDELINES plz he
    Hi Avi,
    You can refer to my posts on Vastu Shastra.

  6. Santosh Kumar Sahu says:

    The information given by you is very useful. thanks
    Thank you Santosh Kumar Sahu, I would appreciate it if you can share it in your social circles.

  7. raj says:

    Hello sir
    this article is very informative.
    I just wanted to know that is ok if we don’t have compounds
    as ours is a NE corner site but very small plot 720 Sq Ft.
    Plz mail me
    Thank you Raj, I would appreciate you sharing it in your social circles. There is no compulsion to have compound walls but there is a lack of privacy. Animals can easily enter. it may encourage passers-by to come close to the house and peep in. By avoiding the 6″ compound walls you won’t save much space.

  8. BHAGYASREE says:

    which Directions of the gates is preferable, please suggest
    Hi Bhagyasree,
    The direction of the gate is dictated by the direction your plot faces since you will enter from the road. But in case of two roads, it is preferable to have at least one gate and some open space towards the North or East of the plot.

  9. Kandwal says:

    thanks sir ..
    Thank you Kandwal for your appreciation. Please share

  10. jayasubbareddy says:

    sir my plot having east.north roads facing north,we need small gate in east,in north side main door opposite small gate side big gate .how many gates possible in vastu
    Hi Jayasubbareddy,
    For a house, 2 gates are sufficient. You can add the second gate in the East.

  11. Bharathi says:

    Our house is east main gate is in the north east for the car and us to we have one more car. can we open the southeast side as we Can park the other car there.according to vastu is this feasible
    Hi Bharathi,
    Sure, you can have one more gate in the South-East.

  12. sudipto bhattacharjee says:

    i reside in south facing plot my road in front my residence flowing from south to east and from south to west my compound gate is on south side and my home entering door facing east
    so my question is which one is my main door according to vastu sastra the compound wall gate or door entering my house
    Hi Sudipto,
    The main door according to Vastu, is always the door through which you enter the house. Since your main door is facing east, it is ideal.

  13. Subba says:

    Looking to buy a 200 sq Ft. plot south facing since there is no raod on the east , north and west sides. Can we buy this plot in a view to construct a house with Main entrance of the house to be in EAST but the main gate will be in South Side.
    Hi Subba,
    It’s a good idea.

  14. suseela says:

    I have a site with 13 cents , it has closed compound with gate when i purchased it
    can we start construction within compound ? or it has to demolish ?
    Hi Suseela,
    You can start construction without demolishing the wall. But if the gate is small, then you may have to demolish a part of the wall near the gate to enable easy transportation of construction material.

  15. P.Yesu Babu says:

    Dear Sir,

    In my house there is a compound wall gate in north side of the house, my opposite house end corner of their house west corner was exactly opposite to my compound wall gate. Is any problem for this please explain it.
    P.Yesu Babu
    Hi Yesu Babu,
    There is no harm in having the compound gates opposite to each other.

  16. arth says:

    have the main rod only on south side
    so compound wall gate has to be on south side only.
    pls suggest.
    Hi Arth,
    Have the compound wall and car porch in the South-East.

  17. Naidu says:

    Dear Sir,I have a WEST facing villa.Builder kept the set back 10 feet on the west ( entrance side) and 5 feet on the east ( rear of the house) .
    This is against the vaastu principle as indicated in your columns.
    Can you kindly provide any suggestions on how this constraint can be rectified with remedies? builder says he can’t change the front elevation. if there are no remedies done, what is the effect of this kind defect?
    Thank you.
    Hi, Since you have less setback in the East, make sure you keep it clutter-free and open to allow the useful, morning sunlight into the house. Avoid tall trees, shrubs or obstacles in the East. If it is possible, have long windows (upto the floor) on this side of the house. All these measures will allow you to enjoy the morning light.

  18. ASJ KRISHNA says:

    Dear Sir

    Articles which you are publishing is very useful. I have question regarding Compound length /breath:

    1. My House is facing West Side
    2. I have maintained wall South/West side same height and North/East maintained same height which is lower than South West

    3. Lengths : South West to South East – 51.3 ft
    North West to North East – 51.1 ft
    South to North (west side front) – 35 ft
    South to North (east side back) – 35.7 ft
    4. Question how to do corrections at South West Corner Compound
    Please advice.

    Thank you Jai Krishna,
    Your site is not a perfect rectangle with 90 degree corners, but the difference is very small and you need not do anything about the compound walls. It is sufficient if the house has 90 degree angles.

  19. If the compound wall of one plot is joined with the other plot compound wall(both are different heights & in between there is no space between two walls)is any problem according to the vastu.
    HI Venkata Borra,
    It is better to have the compound walls attached to each other without a space between, as it will be a dirt collection area.

  20. Dr D S Prasad says:

    Your suggestions are very useful.

    I have a plot facing south 72×50 ft 72 ft length on the south side.From the right after 15ft there is a road 30 ft width facing the 72ft length side(at 90 degrees angle) and then the remaining length(72-30-15ft) will follow.If we want to have 2 gates as suggested on the south side,could you kindly advise us the relevant vasthu guidelines?
    Thank you Dr Prasad,
    I assume the spearing road is from the South and hits the South-East corner which is okay in Vastu. you can have both gates in this corner and use the space for a double car porch – 18′ width and 15′ depth. Keep the compound wall high where the spearing road is visible.

  21. rakesh jain says:

    in my house the boundary gate is on north east but it is on extreme corner it is good or not, the total front area is 40ft,and the gate widht is about 8ft. i can not shift the gate because it is in front of open area if i shift it then i can not keep 4 wheeler. please advise me what to do.
    With Regards
    Rakesh Jain
    Hi Rakesh Jain,
    The gate is in front of your car porch and is the right place to be. Don’t shift it.

  22. Siva says:

    Dear sir
    I am constructing a house and ground floor is left for parking and 2 portions are constructed in 1st floor with staircase in middle. Can I have 3 gates ( 2 for car parking and 1 small one infront of staircase)? Please clarify
    Hi Siva,
    You can have the 3 gates since the ground floor is used for parking only.

  23. Nilesh Mahatme says:

    It’s such useful information for dream home. Everyone feels to have own house, and the information will add star to dream.
    Thanks for useful hint.
    Thank you Nilesh Mahatme for the appreciation.

  24. chelladurai says:

    I plan to build a house. At present i want make a compound wall in my land. May i know how many feet width required for main gate.My land width is 41 feet and length is 101.5 feet. My plan is 8 feet width main gate. is it correct?
    Hi Chelladurai,
    A minimum width of 9′ is preferable especially when reversing a car. Ideally it should be 10′.

  25. Rajesh Rathi says:

    Dear Sir / Mam ,
    I have visited your Web site and all the information given is very Helpful . Further , I want to construct compound wall for my Newly purchased open plot. In this regards, I have very much like the picture of red and brown stone which mentioned on the page of compound wall Now , I want to know from your end: a) Where should I get this stones in India ? b) will you send me their complete address and phone number ?
    For the above information from your end , I will be grateful to you. Thanking you .
    From : Rajesh Rathi, Amravati , Maharashtra
    Hi Rajesh Rathi,
    The stones in the picture look like sandstone.

  26. Venkatesh G says:

    Hello Sir,

    I have Purchased south facing plot, would like to know ideal position for trees like neem, amla and small flower plants. Also suggest car garage and position for small and big gates.
    If possible, please give a proper design of all rooms of house.
    Hi Venkatesh,
    Since you have so many requirements, it is better you consult a vastu consultant.

  27. Subhash says:

    Dear Sir,
    I constructed the house as per vaasthu guidelines. Now somebody suggesting need to build vaastu boudry around the house addition to the compound wall. My house is facing south but main door is facing to east. Is is necessary to have another vaasthu boundry? Suggested vaasthu boundry is affecting garden area and carporch infront of the house. Please give your suggestion.
    Best regards
    Hi Subhash,
    Adding an additional boundary is just going to eat up your garden space. So why have it? However, if you are keen to do something about it, then grow tall plants along the vastu boundary suggested to you to demarcate.

  28. Subhash says:

    Thank you very much for your reply. It is a very good idea to grow some plants and it will serve as a vaasthu boundry.

    Best regards

  29. Anand says:

    I have a south facing site. I have constructed a two storey house. Ground floor main door is east facing and First floor house is south facing. I have three Gates in the south. One small for people to walk and two big gates to park the car. All the gates are on the south compound wall and all are facing the road. Kindly advise whether having 3 gates is advisable.
    Hi Anand,
    There is no harm in having 3 gates, in fact it is advisable. You have to look at practical convenience in such matters.

  30. kutty says:

    i have south facing i made new entrance gate in the east corner of this plot.facing to main road .please give me advise
    Hi Kutty,
    Okay That is fine.

  31. anup says:

    I have two iron shutters in a the compound wall gate made from iron hollow pipes. The visitor has to climb 3 stairs from the road level to open this compound wall gate to enter the verandah portion of the house. The gate is facing east direction. My doubt is the shutters of this compound wall gate should open out or in.?
    Hi Anup,
    If the visitor has to climb steps to open the gate, then it is better that the gate opens inside. But when you are going out of the house, it will be better if it opens out. so to simplify matters, have a gate that swings both inside and outside.

  32. dr. vanitha gowda says:

    We have a West facing plot. We have a building with three floor- a house on each floor. All main doors face east. There are four gates in the compound to facilitate car parking- one on south east side, and three gates on the west compound. Is this ok?
    Hi Dr Vanitha,
    It is okay.

  33. Radhakrishna says:

    we have a west facing plot. due to lack of space, I would like to keep pillars of one portion attached or combined with compound wall. So I want to know that is this pillar attachment with compound wall is auspicious or not as per vastu?
    Thanks in advance for your reply.
    Hi Radhakrishna.
    It all depends on the by-rules of your area. You are not allowed to touch your neighbour’s boundary as the water from your roof will flow into the neighbour’s space. So ideally it is better to put the pillars a little away from the compound wall.

  34. Vivek says:

    I want to place my main gate,kindly tell me where I can place or
    My Plot IS east facing
    As some authorities says that divide the front in 9 parts
    Kindly elaborate it
    Hi Vivek,
    Ideally have the gate in the NE corner. But it also depends on your house plan and position of your car porch.

  35. Ashok says:

    House is faced towards north,main road s on east side.So planing to build a main gate towards east and one small gate towards north.Both are almost north east only.But we may need one more gate towards south of south east just because we have small kitchen garden as well old shall we go ahead with 3 gates or only 2 gates I.e east n south gate.please guide.
    Hi Ashok,
    You can have three gates.

  36. Mamatha says:

    1. Can we have three gates – 2 for Car parking Gate & 1 small gate for daily usage. Our plot is facing west.
    2. In the elevation towards north side can we have a 2 /3 circles. Our plot is west facing.Ground & 1st FloorMain door are facing North.
    Hi Mamatha,
    Yes you can have three gates. It is more practical. As for elevational treatment, it is one of personal taste and choice.

  37. Sathish says:


    I have purchased a built house of 30X40 plot and built up house of 600 sq ft. The door / gate facing north (road also on north). Due to tech problems I have fixed ready made compound and on the north east and north west side there is a taper of half a foot towards the west. All other sides are 90 degree.. pl suggest is it ok or any corrections required
    Hi Sathish,
    Half a foot of taper on a 30′ length will hardly be noticeable. So it is okay.

  38. anitha says:

    I have a 30*40 north by road facing plan ready for which a pillar supports the structure for 1st floor at ne and pillar is planned at the perimeter( adjacent to boundary wall). Can this pillar be constructed this way at the boundary … Will this be a ne major defect??
    Hi Anitha,
    Ideally the NE corner should be open. But that does not mean that a pillar will affect the vastu. If there is an open porch, then it is good.

  39. Ramu says:

    Back side West facing gate where should it be placed.
    Hi Ramu,
    Place it more to the NW. But since it is the back gate, it really does not matter.

  40. suresh says:

    1. My plot(60 x 40) has roads on west(40ft) and south(60ft). building is 42(SW) x 30(NS).
    2. I have left more space for garden on south(8 x 60) and varanda and car park on west(14 x 40) but lesser space on north(2 x 60) and east(4 x 40).
    3. Main door faces west with a small gate facing west in line with main door. but my larger gate for car faces south and placed 2 feet away from SW corner.
    4. I have another medium size gate facing south 2 feet away from SE corner for residents of 1st floor.
    5. Septic tank is in NW corner and 1st floor balcony at SW corner.
    6. master BR at NW corner of building with attached bath at eastern side of room
    7. Kitchen at SE corner opening into a dining hall in middle south
    8. Pooja room at NE corner with idols and images on west wall facing east
    9. children room at ceteral north next to pooja room.adjoining the 2nd bedroom wall at western side staircase raising towards north halfway and then raise towards south the remaining halfway.
    10. In 1st floor 3rd bedroom at NW with attached bath at NW corner. adjoining 3rd br is a studyroom at eastern balcony at SW corner. garage at NW corner below which is septic tank. overhead tank at SW corner of terrace
    11. A separate portion for servant is built on 1st floor facing east and downstairing at SE
    all my frnds and relatives say most of these are bad vasthu. pls say do i have any remedy. sorry if i hve dist..
    Hi Suresh,
    What others say should not bother you. You need to assess your house by yourself. Have there been any tragic incidents or bad luck in this house. Every family has its share of ups and downs. So based on that you must feel confident about your house and not get affected by people with not much knowledge about vastu. But just to make you feel better, you could make some changes like decluttering your house. Get rid of unnecessary things.

  41. prabhu j says:

    I have built a house facing south and i have to built a compound backside the front wall and gate distance is 33 feet and the distance between elevation sitout and gate is 18 feet so at what distace i have to built a the compound wall from the backside wall….please reply
    HI Prabhu,
    I have not understood your query. What is your doubt?

  42. Prasanna Lakshmi T says:

    I have a 30X50 North facing site and intend to build a house according to vaasthu shastra. Could you please suggest if the compound wall has to be built in all the four directions of the house or can it be limited to EAST and North of the site according to convenience.
    Thanks and Regards.
    HI Prasanna,
    The purpose of a compound wall is to limit the entry of animals and people. So it is better to have a compound barrier on all 4 sides. If you do not want a wall it can be a grill.

  43. Pavithraa says:

    We have one gate in the south west (though not corner) part of our two storeyed flat. Ground floor entrance now opened to east and first floor flat opens in northwest aligned to the main entrance in the ground floor and the compound wall gate. In the east there are three gates. Two big ones for car parking and one south east small gate. Now we plan to open a small gate right in front of the east door on hte ground floor. If we do so there would be a small wall left on east around the middle towards northeast half of east. Is this ok? any thing else to be changed?
    Hi Pavithraa,
    I do not see any problem with regard to the small wall that is left.

  44. Ramu says:

    My house main door is facing east. Can I want to place a big gate of 8 feet’s. But the conner of the wall will be coming in between that 8 it advisable to put a gate likre that.
    HI Ramu,
    It is always better to align openings like gates with open spaces or with doors. Because it looks ‘aligned’. BUt since you want a big gate and you do not have much of a choice, you can go ahead as practical considerations are always given priority.

  45. devi says:

    south.faceplot main dooris south face. somebody consult east side to changethe main door. pl refer suggestions i want my enterence in south face
    Hi Devi,
    I think you are saying that you want to stick with your South facing door instead of changing it to an East door, as suggested by somebody. Bravo! stick with your decision. There is no need to change unless you are convinced.

  46. PYLA DIWAKAR says:

    sir thanks for the information you are sharing
    i hav one doubt.there is a house beside to us..their compound wall is constructed a bit higher,beside to my compound wall and no space is left between there any vastu dosha..require information sir
    Hi Pyla,
    There is nothing to worry.

  47. JAYARAMAN says:

    Hi Jayaraman,
    To park the car you will have to remove the compound wall in that portion. It is okay.

  48. raman says:

    my plot is face fowards east I want 2 know about tbe boundry gate possition. is any calculation of placing the front boundry wall gate?
    Hi Raman,
    The best position for the gate will be opposite the car parking on the East boundary wall.

  49. Nagesh says:

    I have entrance north side. And blocked east west,and set back is south is it correct according to vastu.
    Hi Nagesh,
    Blocked East and West will mean that there will be no light form these two sides. But if you are getting ample light from the North and South, then it is okay.

  50. anand says:

    as for vasthu main gate lenth 13 feets correct? or not?
    Hi Anand,
    A gate of length 13 feet is okay. It can allow easy parking of car.

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