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The Storage Shed is constructed in a corner of the Site and is used for storing construction material and also serves as a house  for the Watchman, for the period of construction.

Here, I have explained the Vastu Guidelines for Construction of a Storage shed, and the possible scientific reasons and logic on which they were based, so that you an decide what you want to follow and what you don’t.


Storage Shed: Before the start of the Construction, after the digging of the Well/Borewell, the second thing to be constructed is a Storage shed for storing all the material like cement, wood etc. The construction of this shed in accordance with Vastu, prevents thefts and helps in the smooth flow of the construction work. The Reasoning – A place to store the cement bags and other building material safely and away from moisture is essential, as you can’t keep buying these things in small quantities.

The Storage shed is used for storing material like cement, wood, etc

Watchman should be retained to keep guard: The Reasoning – Having a watchman to take care of the material stored in the shed  gives you a feeling of security and prevents thefts. Moreover, the watchman can help in taking care of other aspects of construction like curing (pouring water on RCC components) etc.


Avoid a Storage Shed in the North-East corner: The Storage shed can be located in any part of the site except in the North or East. The Reasoning – Since the North-East side of the site is to be kept open and is the recommended corner for the Water well/Borewell, the shed should not be placed there, as it will block the sunlight and movement around.

The Storage Shed should preferably be in the South-West corner: The ReasoningThe infra-red heat rays of the Sun, which are projected to the South-West will keep the material stored in the shed free from moisture. Moreover the South-West corner is the least used of all the four corners and hence the most suitable for a Storage shed.

The Storage Shed should be demolished after completion of construction. The Storage shed should preferably be portable as it can be removed from the site after the construction is completed. : It should not be used for further storage/living. The Reasoning – Since the shed is built within the Site, it should be removed after completion of the building, to allow proper movement around the site, proper flow of air and light into the building as otherwise it will be an obstruction.

After the construction, the storage shed should be removed

This post was about the Construction of a Storage Shed. Read about the next Stage in Construction:

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