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Colours have the ability to either depress or exhilarate and play a very important role in health and happiness.  Our body absorbs color energy through the vibration each color gives off and helps to maintain a healthy body, mind, and soul.  When something goes wrong or is out of balance, we can strengthen our energy centers through the conscious use of color. It is believed that exposing a diseased body to the right coloured light is helpful in hastening the healing. Healing by means of color and light was the first type of therapy used by man.  Today, Colour Therapy has once again become very popular.


Here, I have explained the soothing effects of different colours on our body. The human body can be divided into Seven zones, each of which is represented by a colour of VIBGYOR.

VIOLET: indicated at the top half of the head is good for ailments related to mind, diseases of the scalp, migraines. It also suppresses appetite and provides a peaceful environment. Exposure time: 5-25 minutes. The only occasion for a 25-minute application of violet would be in treating sciatica, exposing only the back or sides of the body.

INDIGO: (dark blue) indicated at the bottom half of the head, is recommended for eye troubles, facial paralysis, lung disorders, pneumonia, bronchitis, asthma, ear and nose complaints, deafness, infantile convulsions etc. Exposure time: 10 minutes. For eye therapy usually 1-5 minutes is sufficient.

BLUE: indicated at the neck and shoulders can treat painful ulcers, inflammatory disorders and back problems. Shades and hues of blue can be used for throat troubles, laryngitis, goitre, typhoid and other fevers, jaundice, sore throat, small pox and related ailments, hysteria, insomnia or sleeplessness, lowering blood pressure, itches, painful menstruation, underweight problems etc Exposure time: 5-15 minutes. Never over-expose around the head region.

GREEN: indicated at the haeart and lungs part of the body can alleviate heart problems, cancer, headaches, flu, blood pressure. It is soothing and is relaxing. It helps those suffering from depression, anxiety, nervousness etc Exposure time: 10-25 minutes. This is the only colour that can be applied at such length.

YELLOW: indicated at the stomach part alleviates muscle cramps, stomach problems, digestive disorders, constipation, gallstones, stress and nervous disorders. It energizes, relieves depression, improves memory, stimulates appetite etc. Exposure time: 5-10 minutes.

ORANGE: indicated at the lower part of the torso is good for chronic asthma, phlegmatic fevers, inflammation of kidneys, epilepsy, cholera, allergies and constipation. It also stimulates the nervous system and increase your appetite. Exposure time: 5-15 minutes.

RED: indicated at the legs is good for skin problems, bladder infections and anaemia, bodily weakness, colds, circulatory deficiencies, paralysis, baldness etc. Red also stimulates brain wave activity, increases heart rate, respiration and blood pressure, and can also assist in burning fat and reducing weight. Exposure time: 5-10 minutes. Never more than 10 minutes.

PINK: which can be considered as a hue of red, is an appetite suppressant, relaxes muscles, relieves tension and soothes and calms frayed tempers!

We must take some precautions while exposing to color rays. Colors must be directed only to a specific area and should not be generalized.  Green, yellow and blue may be general. However, red must never be applied to the head region.

This post was about Colour Therapy – healing by exposing to colours. Read about the application of colours in the Interiors of  a house, to improve the overall positive energy and keep up the spirits of the inmates.

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    I enjoyed reading your blog ~ thanks for posting such useful material. Colour therapy is still not very popluar but it has it’s uses.
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    Thank you for the information. My back is giving me constant agony and any advice helps. will let you know if colour therapy helps.
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