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Salarpuria Greenage by Salarpuria group, is an under-construction residential apartment complex with 2-bedroom and 3-bedroom flats. Greenage consists of 10 apartment towers, consisting of 1672 flats, spread across 21 acres of landscaped area. It is located on Hosur Road, near the Silk Board Junction in Bangalore. There is another entrance from Begur Road.

Salarpuria Greenage on Hosur Road, Bangalore
Aerial view of Salarpuria Greenage on Hosur Road, Bangalore showing 10 blocks


Salarpuria Greenage is promoted jointly by the Salarpuria Group and it’s sister concern, the Sattva group. Established in the year 1985 in Kolkata, the Salarpuria Group today is a well-known name specializing in the construction of IT parks, retail outlets, residential buildings and business complexes.


The Master plan of Greenage has been designed by HOK, USA, an internationally acclaimed architectural firm, the landscape design is by Cracknell, UK and the local architect is  Zachariah consultants, Bangalore.


Salrpuria Greenage is a 21 acre property with 10 apartment towers of heights ranging from 18 to 25 floors. Since the towers are tall, there is around 75% of open spaces available. There are totally 1672 flats of 2-bedroom, 2-bedroom + study and 3 bedroom units ranging in area from 1345 to 3000 sqft.


The amenities offered at Greenage include water purification plant, helipad, jogging track, theatre, swimming pools, kids play area, central plaza with landscape and water features, 2 screen amphitheatre with large seating capacity, a hi-tech media center, club house cum health spa, town square, departmental store, water sports and many more.

The club house has the usual features like table tennis, billiards, badminton court, squash court, gymnasium, aerobics floor, indoor games, restaurant etc.

Site plan of Salarpuria Greenage, Bangalore
Site plan of Salarpuria Greenage, Hosur Road, Bangalore showing the layout of he blocks


A unique system for forming casts in place of reinforced concrete building structures, called the “Mivan System Formwork” construction system is used in this project. Using this system, all walls, floor slabs, columns, beams, stairs, balconies, together with window and door openings are cast in place in a single site based operation. The resultant building is strong, accurate in dimensions and tolerances, with a high quality of finished concrete surface, meanwhile being fast, adaptable and cost effective.

3-bedroom apartment in Salarpuria Greenage, Bangalore
Plan of 3-bedroom + 3 toilet apartment in Salarpuria Greenage, Bangalore


Since I am an Architect based in Bangalore, I am able to review some of the projects and builders in Bangalore with confidence. These reviews will hopefully help you in making the right decision when planning to buy a flat. My reviews are unbiased and solely based on the merits and demerits of the design of the buildings.


  1. Location: Greenage‘s prime location, on Hosur main road is a plus as it is easily accessible and close to most of the areas in the City.
  2. Courtyard design: Typically, each tower has 8 – 12 units arranged around a large courtyard. In such courtyard designs, it can get a bit claustrophobic to look out of the window and see other apartments and an enclosed building. However in this design, it is interesting to note that, in all the units, the rooms that don’t need a view like the bathrooms, are placed facing the courtyard while the bedrooms and dining room have a view to the outside.
  3. Floor plan living: In the plan shown above, the living-dining-open kitchen space will appear large because of the L-shape and open plan. The Foyer is quite large .
  4. Floor plan Bedrooms: The Master bedroom has ample wardrobe space.
  5. Floor plan toilets: There are some 3-bedroom units in this project that have only 2 toilets. This is the first time I am seeing a project Most people insist that every bedroom should have an attached toilet. But I presonally feel with the experience that I’ve had in the past 15 years, that 2 toilets are just fine for a 3 bed unit, especially when space is a constraint. A buyer generally prefers to have 3 bedrooms instead of 2 bedrooms, because a typical family of 4 needs a master-bed and 2 bedrooms for the 2 kids, wherein one of them can double up as a guest bed also. However, in most cases an extra bedroom and attached toilet means an increase in built-up area, which many cannot afford. So by avoiding the extra toilet, the builder can squeeze in an extra bedroom which  then is tempting for buyers, as the overall area is reduced by about 80 sft (around 4-5 lakhs less).
  6. Finally I found a promoter, who has aknowledged all the Architects associated with this project, in their promotional site, and that is the Salarpuria Group, one of the rare few. It just goes to show that they surely understand that the Architect adds value to a project.


  1. Courtyard design: The units are arranged around a large courtyard. In such courtyard designs, it can get a bit claustrophobic to look out of the window and see other apartments within an enclosed building. Moreover when such tall towers enclose an open space, the air-flow through the courtyard will be hampered.
  2. In some of the units, the Living room faces the internal courtyard while the kitchen utility faces the outside. If these two spaces had been interchanged, then the plan would have been better.
  3. Floor plan bedrooms: Except for the Master Bedroom, the rest of the Bedrooms are quite small or let’s say, tight. The furniture shown is a bit smaller than what it really is. This is done to create an impression of a large room with respect to the furniture. For comfortable sizes of a Bedroom, go to Design of Design of a Bedroom.
  4. Floor plan kitchen: The Kitchen is also quite narrow, but since it is an open kitchen, one won’t feel so cramped. You can refer my post on the design of a Kitchen for ideal sizes of a Kitchen.
  5. Floor plan balcony: The Balcony shown outside the Master Bedroom is so narrow that it will be quite impossible to sit there in a relaxed position, thus negating it’s purpose. Ultimately, it will be used for hanging clothes. That reminds me – why is there no space for drying clothes, in apartments? It is a necessity and can prevent the unsightly image of clothes swaying in the breeze in Balconies.

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3 thoughts on “Salarpuria Greenage, Hosur Road, Bangalore | An Architect Reviews

  • April 20, 2015 at 4:26 am

    Thanks for helping the buyers community with your great insightful analysis.
    I have short-listed following builders for 3BHK apartment:
    1) Concord Towers at HM Symphony : Ready To Occupy In six months
    2) Salarpuria Greenage : Ready To Occupy In July 2016

    Here are the Pros & Cons i could think of on these builder projects:

    1)Both are vaastu apartments and meet one of our key requirements.
    2)Both are SBI approved so i am hoping the tile of the land is clean and there are no legal issues and both are safe options to buy


    1) Both doesnt have cavery water but Greenage might get it in near future whereas in Symphony we have to rely on water tankers/borewells .
    2) Symphony has WTP(Water Treatment Plant) which sends the water to toilets not sure how reliable it is. Whereas they use borewell/water tanker water for drinking purpose.
    3) Greenage might not have water problem but its densely populated
    4) Pricing : What would be the best price to negotiate for Symphony and Greenage

    We dont mind waiting for six months to one year as this is for our end-use. So looking in the long-run i.e. 10-15 years now, wondering which apartment would provide us more cherish-able moments.

    I greatly appreciate your valuable thoughts/suggestions. Also any pointers to get more information from these builders on these projects will be of great help.
    Hi Bansilal,
    You have rightly listed the pros and cons from your point of view. Both symphony and greenage look densely populated. If there is a strong likelihood that you will get cauvery water in greenage, then that is a better choice because you can never be sure of the water quality from borewells and tankers – And you are planning long-term. But one thing I always trust is, instinct. You and your family must visit both these projects and ‘feel’ them. Then go by your instinct. All the best.

  • July 17, 2011 at 8:51 pm

    What about noise & air pollution in that area is it with in limits with increase of traffic will that place safe for peaceful living ?
    Hi HRN Swamy,
    Every apartment comes with it’s advantages and disadvantages. Within the complex, it will be relatively peaceful but it all depends on which side your apartment faces.

  • May 14, 2011 at 12:02 am

    I am shyam an engineer from Saolapurkar and associates, Architects , planners and interior designers we are designing Green Town planning system of typical 1 (250 acres) concept can you please give us an opportunity for Design consultancy for your developing Housing layouts and commercial layout of Sarpuria premises with very good Green town planning concept. Give us an opportunity to associate with you. Thank you.
    Hi Nitin Saolapurkar,
    We would like to see a sample of your works – proposed and completed.


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