The nine sectors of the Bagua map relate to the nine areas of your house and these in turn are linked with nine aspects of your life. If you are unhappy about a certain aspect of your life, you can use Feng Shui to improve that aspect of your life.

The first step is to find the aspect of your life that you want to improve. Then using the Bagua, find the sector in the house that relates to that particular aspect, and make changes in that sector, as described here. But don’t try to do too much at once, since Feng Shui is about balancing energies, not overding one at the expense of others.


If you want to get ahead in your career or change it completely, then you should reinforce the North sector.

Elements: “Water” is the key element in this area. You can use a simple water feature such as an aquarium or a blue bowl or even an image of fish. Metal and Wood elements are both compatible with Water, so you can introduce a little of both in the North sector. For example you can have a water feature next to some plants. Or you can have some metal items such as stainless-steel objects, gold or silver framed pictures or a bowl of coins.

Balance and harmony: It is important not to over-emphasize water in the North, as you may end up working day in and day out, without any rest.  You will start believing that your career takes precedence over everything else, which could be detrimental to your relationships. So avoid the use of black and dark blue, the colours associated with water in the North. Also, avoid bedrooms here since they are meant for sleep and rest and not for careers. But in case you have a bedroom here, avoid dark blue colours at any cost.


If you want your talents to be noticed or you want to have a sense of achievement or you want success from one of your skills, then you should reinforce the South sector using the appropriate Feng Shui elements.

Elements: “Fire” is the key element of the South since this sector represents brightness and happiness. You can use a ‘fire’ feature such as red colour, a photo of red sunrise or an image of red birds, etc.

Balance and Harmony: Though ‘red’ is the colour of the South, make sure to use it in moderation since too much red may cause anger and unsettled emotions in your home. Also, too much fame can make you intolerant and self-centred, so it is important not to over-emphasise the fire element in the South sector. To balance the fiery energy, use wood or earth elements and their colours like soft ochres, desert yellows, plants and books. This balance will give you a more realistic sense of what fame and fortune mean to you, while still encouraging high self-esteem and achievement of personal goals without over-inflating your sense of importance.


If you feel you have financial problems or you want to increase your wealth, then you should focus on the South-East sector of your home.

Elements: The Chinese consider the South-East sector, the most important area of the house because it represents the family’s prosperity and wealth. The key element of the South-East sector is “wood”. So you can use images of greens and yellows and place a money plant near a window in this sector.

Balance and Harmony: One should not overdo the Feng Shui changes in this sector by indiscriminate use of money plants and other ornaments as it can lead to problems. Though there can be an increase in finances, problems like greed, financial manipulation and envy are likely to take over if you get too obsessed with improving the feng shui of this sector. To balance the wood element, incorporate ‘ fire’ and ‘water’ elements by using bright lighting and red glass objects. It is better to avoid a toilet/bathroom in the South-East corner as your finances will be constantly ‘flushed’ away. But, in case you have a toilet here, the solution is to keep the toilet seat down and the toilet door shut when the room is not in use.


If you want to improve the family relationships or the general well-being and health of your family, then you need to reinforce the East sector of your house.

Key Element: “Wood” is the key element of the East sector. You can place objects like plants, ornamental money plant, natural wooden artefacts or even a piece of green malachite in this part of the house.

Balance and Harmony: Since good health is the key to a happy life, it is important to balance the energies in the East sector well. The chinese believe that good health is about the balnce of yin and yang energies in the body, while allowing the Chi to flow freely. You can use wood along with water and fire to get the balance of energy. For example you can have plants along with a water feature like a painting of ships, moving water, waves and waterfalls. If you have no place for potted plants you can incorporate a painting of a vase of flowers or peaches. In case you have a missing East sector due to the shape of the house, you should hang a mirror facing the East to encourage positive energy. Also, enhance the East sectors of all rooms to reinforce the missing East sector.


If you have creative urges and want to create something new in your life or have children, then you need to work on the West sector of your house.

Key Elements: “Metal” is the key element of the West. You can place some wind chimes, a brass bell or a white or gold or silver image in this sector.

Balance and Harmony: By activating the West sector of your house, you can create a harmonious family life and boost the psyches and development of your children. But, if you use too much metal in the West, there is the possibility that your children may become obstinate and uncontrollable. So it is necessary to use some Earth and Water elements to balance out the energies. A good earth booster for the West sector is pink tourmaline or rose quartz crystal. You could also have a jar with pebbles or shells from the beach. To motivate a child, place a piece of amethyst in the child’s work area.


If you want to meet your perfect partner or find romance or improve your love relationship or create harmony between you and your lover, then you need to reinforce the South-West corner of your home.

Key Element: The South-West area of your home is reinforced with “earth” elements. You can use pairs of real flowers or a picture of lovebirds or figurines of couples. A piece of rose quartz crystal helps to improve tolerance and understanding between the couple.

Balance and Harmony: It doesn’t help to cram the South-West with endless photos of you and your partner, or mementos and old letters from past love affairs. Similarly, too much earth enhancement in the South-West will swamp you with love problems rather than create harmony. So to balance it out, you should incorporate fire and metal elements, like metal furniture or gilt picture frames. If your bedroom is in the South-West corner, then do not hang mirrors that reflect the bed  as this distorts physical desire. Introduce a fireplace or shades of  red in the decor and fabrics. You can introduce metal by choosing a brass or wrought iron bedstead.


If you want to improve your mind, seek wisdom, achieve something in education, you should focus on the North-East sector of your home.

Key Elements: The key element of the North-East corner is “Earth”. You could fill a bowl with small stones or pebbles and place it on a table in this corner. Use soft ochre colours and images of harvest, autumn or a favourite landscape on the walls.

Harmony and Balance: Too much earth enhancement can make family members show off their knowledge and think they know the best  or use their knowledge as manipulative tools. To maintain the balance in this part of the house, you need to use “fire” and “metal” cures. You could use red in your decor or hang a gilt-framed mirror. If your study happens to be in the North-East sector, then it is good feng shui. But you need to balance the high energy in this sector with a metal cure like line drawings, etchings or engravings on the wall. You can place an amethyst crystal in the North-East corner to boost the mind-power.


If you want to improve the communication channels with your friends/mentors/colleagues, make new contacts or boost your interactive skills, you need to reinforce the North-West corner.

Key Elements: “Metal” is the key element of the North-West corner. You can use white colour, silver-threaded cushions or wind chimes in this area.

Balance and Harmony: In feng shui, this area is associated with good luck or ‘mentor luck’. Having a mentor was regarded  as the pathway to power, good luck and ultimate happiness. To attract this kind of luck and cultivate mentors (people who can get you where you want to be), you must balance the North-West area well.  Too much emphasis on metal cures will cause your networking system to be overloaded with too many mentors. You will thus end up listening to everyone you meet. So, to balance out the energy in this sector, you can use “earth” cures like natural crystals, ceramics and use earth colours like ochres and yellows in your furnishings and decor.


If you want to know yourself better, feel at one with yourself, then you need to enhance the core of your home.

Key Elements: There are no ruling elements for the core area. So you need to use a combination of all the elements. You can choose one enhancement from each of the elements to enhance self and personal growth. For example:

To add wood: Choose an upright plant or a vibrant landscape image.
To add fire: Place a mirror on the wall facing good light.
To add water: Place an image of flowing water.
To add metal: Place coins in a metal cup.
To add earth: Place a large conch shell on a table, hang a tapestry or incorporate soft browns and ochres in your decor.

If there are several walls in the core area then hang these enhancements on the walls. If the core area falls in the middle of a room, then place the cures on the nearest table or ledge.

Once you have understood the basic principles of Feng Shui, you can either apply them to an existing building/property or to a proposed building.The steps to be followed have been explained systematically and in detail under the following chapters:

To use Feng Shui in an existing building or property, go to:

To use the Feng Shui principles in a proposed building, go to:

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