GREEN BUILDINGS | An Architect Explains

People have been environment-conscious for the past couple of decades. However, the primary focus was on reducing pollution from industries and on utilising renewable resources. It is only in recent years that people have realised that buildings and building construction activities are the largest consumers of energy on the planet. That is how the Green Building Movement was started. An Architect Delves Into The Latest Trend, Green Architecture, And Shares The Creative Solutions For Sustainable Buildings That Consume Less And Conserve More…….

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SUSTAINABLE LIGHTING | An Architect Explains

Clients, whether Corporates, Institutional or private, are getting more interested in sustainable solutions in their projects. This is due to the growing concern about irreversible environmental damage and a frightening escalation in energy costs as governments compete for a better share of the earth’s resources. Designers are coming up with several options for Sustainable Lighting that are getting better and better by the day…..

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