Today, with the easy availability of housing loans, with better and competitive professional services, with innumerable building materials and products in the market and with ample information on the net, house construction in India seems like a walk in the park!

But in reality, constructing a house in India or anywhere for that matter can pose its own challenges in terms of varying cost, lack of knowledge, risks involved etc.Construction is a science and has been practised for ages but it is one aspect that is not documented well enough. In this blog I, a Bangalore based Architect want to share with you some invaluable tips, ideas and advice from the experience that I have acquired. I hope to clear all your doubts and misconceptions and make the process of construction interesting, smooth, hassle free and enjoyable.

The Construction of a House involves stages. To make it simpler, I have classified the stages under sub-categories and explained it all here in my blog:

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