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The Dining room is the place where the family sits to eat, have their meals and even chat. The dinner table acts as a unifier, a place of community. Sharing a meal is an excuse to catch up and talk, one of the few times where family members are happy to put aside their work and take time out of their day. It is also the place where guests are entertained and served food and pampered. Therefore, the dining room is a space where you, your family and your guests make some good memories.  

The mood of the dining room must be relaxed and full of positive vibes. Only then the food you consume will have constructive and positive effects on you and your family. Moreover, if the ‘ambience’ is snug and comfortable, the family members will be encouraged to meet at the dining table for a meal every day. This is a dying tradition but important, since research has concluded that in families that ate together, children have reported better relationships with their parents and vice versa.

So, is there a way to make the dining room a comforting, happy place? Well, according to Vastu Shastra, the right placement of the dining room, the door, furniture, lighting and the colours, can ensure that the dining room becomes a space full of positive energy. To know more about making your Dining room a vastu compliant space, read on….. 

Listed here, are some of the Vastu Guidelines for a Dining room. Since Vastu Shastra is a science, every guideline is based on logic and reasoning. As an Architect, I have attempted to explain each of these guidelines rationally and scientifically under the following headings, so that you have a choice and can decide what you want to follow or don’t instead of looking at Vastu as a superstition:

  • What is the best location for a dining room? 
  • Where should the door to the dining room be located?
  • What are the vastu guidelines for the dining table?
  • Where should the fixtures be placed in a dining room?
  • What are the ideal colours for a dining room?

  • First choice for Dining room location: West
  • Second choice for Dining room location: North or East

The Dining room can be located in the West, North or East. The best option is west: The Dining room can be an independent room or in continuation with the kitchen. The Scientific Reasoning – Any direction is suitable for a Dining room, provided it is close to the Kitchen and has sufficient light and enough privacy from outside.

The Dining room should be on the same floor as the Kitchen: The Logic – It doesn’t make sense to have the Dining room on any other floor other than the Kitchen as it will be impractical to carry hot food and utensils up and down a Staircase.


The door can be in the East, North or West: The Logic- The door position can be  any where, depending on the location of the Dining room with respect to the other rooms.

The door of the Dining room and the main entrance door should not face each other: The Logic – Many people feel uncomfortable to be seen eating, when an outsider walks in. So by keeping the entrance door away from the dining room door, this can be avoided.

The dining room table should preferably be rectangular

The best shape for the Dining Table is square or Rectangle: Shapes like round, oval, hexagon or any other irregular shapes are best avoided for dining tables. The Logic – When sitting at a table one needs enough space so that one can eat comfortably. At the same time, there should be enough space on the table to accommodate everyone’s plates and the food to be served without cramping it. A rectangle or square shape is the most efficient shape for this.

The Dining table should be in the centre of the room, away from the walls: The Logic – Only if the Dining table is positioned in the centre of the room, can everyone’s chair be pulled out easily for sitting. If it is put against a wall, that side of the dining table cannot be used for placing chairs.

One should sit facing East, North or West: The master of the house should sit facing East. The other family members should sit facing East, West or North. The Reasoning – When facing East, the useful sunlight, especially in the mornings, can flood the room and bathe the diners’ faces.

Avoid sitting facing South: The Scientific Reasoning When you sit facing South, the Earth’s magnetic North pole and the body’s magnetic North pole, namely the head, repel each other causing a restless feeling.

The dining table should be in the centre of the room away from the walls

The wash basin can be in the North or East of the Dining room: The Scientific Reasoning – In ancient times, water was placed in the North-East so that it gets purified due to the morning useful sunlight’s U-V rays. So Vastu pundits apply this principle to each room where a source of water is required. But in reality today, water comes through pipes and taps from one water tank. So one need not apply this principle everywhere.

Avoid bathroom near the Dining room: The Logic – Every time someone uses the Bathroom, it can be uncomfortable for the rest of the diners sitting at the table. Also the smell from the toilet can be putting off, for the diners.

It is good to have a mirror along the East or North walls The logic A mirror will make the room appear larger and brighter.

Nature paintings and portraits are suitable for a Dining room: The Logic – Paintings of nature have a calming effect on the mind and one needs to be relaxed while eating.

The ideal colours for a dining room are yellow, saffron, orange, light green or blue

The colour of the Dining room walls: can be light blue, yellow, saffron, peach or light green color and shades of pink or orange. The Scientific Reasoning – Some of these shades are thought to stimulate the appetite. Also having light colours makes the room appear brighter and bigger.

The Vastu Guidelines are very similar to the guidelines used by modern Architects in designing a house. To read about an Architect’s guidelines on the Design of a Dining Room, go to:

So now you can see how important it is to enhance the positive energy in a dining room through design. Since the dining room is accessed from the living room and is near the kitchen, it is important that these spaces too are full of positive energy.  Read about them here:

If you want to make the rest of the rooms of your house/apartment also Vastu compliant, then go to:

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