There are two Water Tanks that are required in a House:

The Underground Water tank also known as the Sump. The municipal water pipe is connected to the Sump. Hence this tank has to be close to the road as the water lines run along the road. Usually it is located below the Car Porch/Garage.

The Overhead Water Tank. The water from the sump or Well/Borewell has to be pumped into the Overhead tank in order for it to be able to flow down into the house.


An underground (sump) tank placed below the ground

Here, I have explained the Vastu Guidelines for Water Tanks. Since Vastu is a science, there is logic and reasoning behind every guideline. As an Architect, I have attempted toexplain these guidelines rationally and scientifically, so that you can decide what you want to follow and what you don’t.



The Sump should be located in the North-East corner : The Logic -Since Vastu recommends that the North-East corner of a site be left open, to allow the useful morning sunrays to enter the House,  it makes sense to have both the Water source as well as the Sump close to each other in this corner (since they are anyway under the ground and will not obstruct the light). However, if the sump is used for storing the municipal water, it makes  sense to have it in the  front, as you will need a shorter connection to the municipal water lines.
The Sump should not touch the compound walls or the building walls: The Logic -The sump should be a separate structure and should be kept a little away from the compound and building walls, to prevent any kind of dampness from seeping up the  walls.

Overhead water tanks placed on the terrace.



The Overhead water tank should be in the West or South-West of the building: The Reasoning - The South-West corner should be the heaviest, to create a balance of positive energies in the house/building.

Avoid the Overhead tank in the North-East corner of the House: The Reasoning – Though the North-East corner represents Water, avoid a tank here because the North-East has to be the lightest part of the house for a balance of positive energies.

Avoid the Overhead water tank in the South-East corner. Also, avoid the Overhead water tank in the North-West corner (if possible). However if it can be located only in the North-West, then it should be small in size, of less height, and situated at a distance of at least two feet from the North-West corner. The Scientific Reason – The basic rule in Vastu is that the building should be higher in the South and West sides and should be much lower in the North and East sides. By keeping the North and East sides much lower, constant sunlight from the North and morning sunlight from the East can reach all parts of the house, whereas  by raising the building on the South and West sides, the hot evening sun will be prevented from heating up the rest of the house.

Avoid the Overhead tank in the centre of the building (Bramhasthan) -  as  it is a load on Bramha, the supreme one. The Scientific Reason –  Structurally it is not safe to have a water tank in the middle of the house roof, unless it is a column-beam structure.

tank on stilt

The overhead tank should not directly rest on the roof slab


The Overhead tank should not directly rest on the roof slab: The Scientific Reason – In case there is a leak in the tank, the dampness can seep into the building causing structural damage and fungus growth which is not good for the health of the family.

The Overhead tank should be at least 2′ (60cm) above the topmost roof slab: The Reason -The higher the water tank is above the building, the greater will be the pressure of water, thus enabling the water to flow in full force in all the taps.

The Overhead water tank can be lined with light coloured tiles: The Logic – This will ensure cleanliness of the tank, as it is easy to maintain and there is less likelihood of growth of fungus. Moreover, the white tiles allow one to see all the dirt while cleaning.

Avoid plastic water tanks as far as possible: The Scientific Reason – We are still not sure about the health hazards of storing water in plastic containers. But today because of the convenience of plastic tanks and the inevitable leakage of concrete tanks, we are seeing more and more plastic water tanks.


Plastic water tanks are available in different sizes and capacities

In case you use plastic water tanks, use black or dark blue coloured ones:The Scientific Reason – Dark colours prevent the sun’s rays from entering the tank unlike light-coloured or transparent tanks. The sunlight that enters will encourage algal growth. (Thanks to Manoj for the correction).

Two separate Overhead water tanks are preferred – One , for storing water for drinking, cooking etc and the other, for storing water for bathrooms, gardens etc: The Logic – Nowadays, due to the shortage of piped water, it is advisable to use this water only for cooking and drinking purposes, as it is generally chlorinated, purified water. The water from an additional water source, like Well or Borewell within the site can be used for Bathrooms and Toilets as you may not be sure of the purity. Naturally the water from theses two sources should not mix and so it is better to have two separate tanks.

The Solar geyser should be above the level of the overhead water tank: to ensure proper flow of water, and all the equipment attached to the same should be installed in the South-East of the roof. The Scientific Reason – Since the South East is considered the corner representing Fire, ‘Vastu pundits’ generally recommend that all electrical and heat related appliances be placed in the South-East. That is the only scientific explanation!

The Overhead tanks are located on top of the roof and are accessed by the Staircase. Read the Vastu Guidelines for a Staircase here:

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  1. CrisBetewsky says:

    It’s a pity that people don’t realize the importance of this information. Thanks for posing it.
    Hi Cris Betewsky,
    Glad you appreciate this. Please share it.

  2. QFDaniel says:

    Actually,good post. thx

  3. bharath says:

    my house is an west facing portico and the main door is in north west ,i have a small sump in noth east corner , due to water shortage i wanted to construct a sump in northwest corner which is a portico also ,. should i do that for me it is important, what are the effects from the sump being in north west .plse let me know.

    Dear Mr Bharath,
    The best thing to do would be to enlarge the existing sump in the north-east, either in area or in depth, since the municipal water connection must be already in this corner. But if there is a space restriction, then it makes sense to have another sump in the North-West corner, since it is also an open portico. But make sure this doesn’t mean extra expense for another pump and for the change of the municipal connection.

  4. Dr Mukaesh Agrawal says:

    Please write on detail about underground water tank below Car porch/Garage in North-west Corner. because u r write somewhere that underground watertank present only in north-east but some where below car porch.
    Hi Dr Agrawal,
    I have quoted what Vastu Shastra recommends – the “ideal position” for a sump is the North-east. But this does not mean that it is the only acceptable position. You have to look at different factors such as: the corner that has ample space for a big sump, the corner that is closest to the municipal water lines, easy accessibility to the sump and ample space around the sump for maintenance and cleaning. Most people put their sumps below the car porch or garage, because most of the above mentioned factors are met.

  5. shalini says:

    good bcoz you have given reasons
    Thank you Salini. The idea of giving explanations is to enable my readers to understand that Vastu is a science. Please share this with others.

  6. sump in south west corner says:

    i have sump nearly at the north east direction of my west facing house. but as the sump is small and i have a space in south west corner of my building, i planing to construct sump can i do it. please reply urgently as i plan start work shortly
    Hi Sridhar,
    If the existing sump is small and you want a bigger one in the South-West, go ahead. Just make sure the municipality water lines can be easily connected to this position.

  7. Dr Agrawal says:


    One comment says dark tanks are good because they absorb sun’s UV rays which purify water. WRONG. The UV rays can only purify water if the tank is clear and the UV rays can enter inside to kill bacteria. Please remove that comment, it is misleading.
    Hi Dr Agrawal,
    You are right – dark coloured tanks will reduce the absorption of UV rays. Thank you for the correction. And as Mr Manoj has rightly said, “the dark coloured tanks limit the passage of sunlight to water. White or transparent tank would readily allow most light to pass to water in the tank. Sun Light will promote algae growth on the surface of tank.” I have made the correction.

  8. Manoj says:

    Correction. Dr.Agrawal. I understand that dark coloured tanks will limit the passage of sunlight to water. White or transparent tank would readily allow most light to pass to water in the tank. Sun Light will promote algae growth on the surface of tank. This is the reason. No funda of UV etc.
    Hi Manoj,
    Thanks for the correction. I have changed it in my post. I welcome criticism and comments from my readers.

  9. tarun says:

    what should we do if underground tank is in south east direction out of house and in the case of it can not change to any other direction
    Hi Tarun,
    Keep it there.

  10. Mihir says:

    Can I construct the compound Gate over the underground water tank ? Is it permitted by vastu shashtra ?
    Although the opening of the tank would not come in front of the gate, but the gate lies above the underground tank.
    Hi Mihir,
    How can the underground tank project beyond the compound wall line. I assume the gate is above the end of the underground tank in which case it is okay.

  11. Suresh Rai says:

    Presently I have a Water Tank 2 feet underground and 3 feet above ground level at the South East corner of the verandah. I want to remove it from there and make the ground level in the South East corner, and install an underground water tank in the South West corner of the verandah. I know that installing the overhead tank in the South West corner is the best solution as suggested by Vastu, but it is the frontage of the house and an overhead tank would spoil the frontage design and would also block the light and air to the drawing room. I can also consider the underground tank in the South West corner which is 4 feet underground and one feet above ground. Can you suggest the best solution given the constraints. Thanks in advance.
    Hi Suresh Rai,
    Since your house faces South, It is better to have your underground tank in the South either in the SE or the SW corners. But have it completely below ground. The over head water tank can be towards the back of the house as you rightly say that it spoils the front elevation. Do not compromise just because Vastu Shastra recommends certain”ideal” positions.

  12. Deep says:

    I am having south facing house……..can make water sump under stair case in south west area of the house.
    Pls advice.
    Hi Deep,
    If there is no space in front of your house, then only think of putting the sump under the staircase. Make sure the staircase structure is safe and the sump cover is open able outside the house for maintenance.

  13. Naveen says:

    My house plot is constructed on the mountain rock which lies at the east side of the plot. The under ground water tank is constructed in north west corner due to the reason that its hard to demolish the rock at north east. Is this OK ?
    Hi Naveen,
    Being practical is being sensible. There is no point in wasting money on demolishing a rock just so that the sump can be constructed in the “ideal” vastu position, the North-East. Vastu advocates being practical.

  14. Indu Sharma says:

    Hi,As I am having a southwest facing house,I have an open space in southwest.The directions N,E,S,W are at the corners of my house.Now I want to construct an underground water tank.Plz suggest me the right positrion for it .As I live at Dehradun,a semy hill station,the slop of my house is towards southwest.I also want to know that can I cunstruct an underground tank under one of my rooms(without touching the walls) that is in the north of my house? I don’t have an open space in North east direction.Plz give me your suggestions as soon as possible because some renovations are due in my house and i want to start the work as soon as possible.
    Hi Indu Sharma,
    Since your house is South-West facing, you have open space in the South west and your site slopes towards the South west it is better to have the sump in this location. Do not put the sump under the house as it will be difficult to maintain and any leak and overflow may go undetected and affect the foundation of your structure.

  15. vandana says:

    my house is east facing. There are two bedroom & hall & kitchen according to vastu.There is also one room on south east corner on second floor. my overhead tank sevenfeet position at south west corner of plot. which is not equal to the roof of south east corner. because there is a room at south east.(aagney cone). please suggest me am i right.
    Hi Vandana,
    I have not understood your query. I assume that you are concerned that the roof level of the SE room is more that the level of the water tank in the SW corner. This difference in roof heights will matter only if, there is a water connection to the SE room because water flow may be limited.

  16. T.Baban says:

    my house is south facing but entry door is west facing i have to construct a sump below the staircase at east south side of the plot because there no other space. what should i do ?
    Hi T Baban,
    Go ahead and build it in the South-East. It will be close to the municipality water lines.

  17. venkat says:

    I have an independant house north facing. I plan to build a sump now but in the north east there are pillars columns hence please suggest the alternate position , this is urgently required as there is no water in chennai. Thank you so much in advance.
    Hi Venkat,
    Since yours is a North facing site with municipal water lines in this direction, it is practical to have your sump anywhere in the North side of your plot . If the space available is narrow, make a deep sump. But do not try to fit it in between structural columns

  18. Nirmala says:

    My house is East facing and the entry/Main door is also East facing.An underground water tank is in the north-west comer(Vayavya-khuno).Just I want to know for myself, that is it harmful in future? One Vastrushashtri informed me that this underground tank will begin to give result after seven years. We purchased this house before 4 years.
    Hi Nirmala,
    Why will it take 7 years for the bad effects? Of course, in those 7 years if you do not maintain the sump regularly there can be bad effects on your health.

  19. T.Sen says:

    My house is south facing but area is very short, due to that I have no place to build the sump out side of my house. My Kitchen is on north-east side and one old short defective sump was under the kitchen, municipality water line entered from South to my under ground sump, If I renovate that sump and make it under Kitchen, then what I should to do is there any problem for our future. Please reply immediately because I have to build within a week.
    Hi T Sen,
    A sump under the house is not a good idea. Sometimes the sump may overflow, maintenance of such a sump is very difficult. Ideally you should use your setback area for a sump- even if it is narrow, you can increase its capacity by making it deep. I do not think renovating your sump without affecting the house structure is possible.


    i have sump nearly at the north east direction of my west facing house. but as the sump is small and i have a space in south west corner of my building, i planing to construct sump can i do it. please reply urgently as i plan start work shortly
    Hi Shyamal,
    If the existing sump is small and you want a bigger one in the South-West, go ahead. Just make sure the municipality water lines can be easily connected to this position.

  21. Roopa says:

    We are constructing house and almost 65% of work is done. We have borewell in north east portion of the site and as there was shortage of space we made sump in north west side. I want to know if I can leave it as it is or should I think of some solution.

    Hi Roopa,
    I personally think there is nothing wrong with your sump and borewell positions. You just need to make sure that the sump is leak proof and large enough to store water for your daily use, so that it gets circulated and does not remain stagnant.

  22. Girish says:

    Hello sir..
    there is water leakage problem in my house but we could not found where it is actually.. My family members suffering from health problem..i think this is done by water please give me solution…water tank is placed in north west direction on the second floor and it is white color painted…
    Hi Girish,
    It is nor clear where the water is leaking. I suggest you get a good plumber to check all your pipes and water tank and set right the problem. You are right in thinking that the persistent water leakage(dampness) must be affecting the well-being of the inmates. So get the problem rectified at the earliest.

  23. Rohit kumar says:

    northeast of my house is higher than all other corners.
    my house being at corner of south & west my north side is higher.
    overhead tank is at center to the east wall.
    please find me solution….
    Hi Rohit Kumar,
    In vastu,it is recommended that the North-east portions be lower than the south-west so that the morning sun rays that enter the house from the North-east, can permeate the whole building. Since your site is higher in the north-east, lower the compound wall and have a lot of open space in this direction, so that sunlight is not blocked.

  24. Anita says:

    Is overhead tank to south is OK?
    Our house staircase is to South and we are using the staircase headroom for Overhead tank. Is this OK?
    Hi Anita,
    The overhead tank in the south can reduce the effect of the hot afternoon sun rays that come in from the South.

  25. sharad dargad says:

    sir , before 2 months my office owner has built underground water tank in the south west corner of my office .from then I am facing much problems in my business .please advise me the remedies for this problem.
    Hi Sharad,
    I think you are unnecessarily linking the newly constructed water tank with your problems. Focus on your work and look into yourself because anyway, you cannot control what the owner does to his building. Good luck!

  26. balasubramanya.k says:

    I have an twin house single floor north facing separated with common wall in between. I have the sump in north west corner of
    one portion & stair case in north east of other portion is it ok according to vastu or need to interchange, i am planning to construct the 1st & 2nd floor if really important will do it because front passage is about 6/50 (sump of 5/10 almost)
    common separated with small 4 feet wall in middle of two house
    this is urgently required. Thank you so much in advance.
    Hi Balasubramanya K,
    Since you are planning to construct further and are willing to make changes, go ahead and interchange the staircase and the sump as it will free up space in the North-East corner. Make sure you have lots of windows in the NE corner.

  27. manjunath says:

    as per vastu construction of underground sump in southwest is acceptable or not. pls suggest its side effects and correction if constructed in southwest as there is no other space .
    Hi Manjunath,
    There is no hard and fast rule about the position of the sump (underground water tank). Practically speaking, it should be closer to the road since connection to the municipality water lines becomes easier. So, If your site is a south facing one, then the sump will be towards the South. Don’t worry about it.

  28. Vinod kumar says:

    I live in rented ground floor house of a 3storied building,the site is having in it a small gate at north west facing west and other gate entry for 2car porches facing perfect west and under these car parks there are 2 sumps, 1 in the south west towards the gate which is for my house and the other in north west for upper floors, my house entry is placed at north west facing north, I am kind of mentally disturbed if the water tank is affecting me. please advice the best remedy since I can’t ask for any changes in construction coz its a 30″/40″ site in a residential area,. Looking forward to hearing from you at your earliest convenience
    Thank you, Vinod.
    Hi Vinod,
    Do not be disturbed. For a west facing plot that is the right place for the sump. So accept that and forget about it.

  29. Dayananda says:

    Sir, north east corner we have 5′ passage but that is not sufficient to construct a sump tank. So can I extend the sump tank in the living room. So that half of the sump tank will be inside the living room. But man hole of the tank will be in the passage. Is it advisable.
    Hi Dayananda,
    It is not advisable to have a part of the tank below your foundation. 5′ is enough. You have to go deeper and longer to be able to have the tank capacity that you want.

  30. mahipal says:

    My house having a underground water tank in south west direction and house is south facing……is it good situated in view of vastu or need to b change
    Hi Mahipal,
    Since yours is a South facing site, the obvious position of your sump will be in the south and that is acceptable. No need to change.

  31. venkat says:

    Hi sir, My house is east facing. We are having water sump in north east which is directly in front of entrance gate. kindly advice whether it is ok to have sump in front of entrance gate..
    Hi Venkat,
    The sump is usually in front of the gate as it is connected to the water lines near the gate. So from a practical point of view, that is the best position of sump. In your case it happens to be in the right corner as per vastu. all the better. So don’t worry.

  32. Nagaraj says:

    I have a well in NE of my plot and the house is in the remaining area. Now I want to construct first floor house by extending roof over the well. Is it advisable?
    Hi Nagaraj,
    Is the well open or closed? Is the water from the well used for consumption? If the answer is yes, then ideally it should be exposed to sunlight. But if it is not used for drinking and only for gardening, then there is no harm in extending the first floor above it.

  33. balasubramanya says:

    i have the sump at the north west direction of my north facing house. but as the sump is small storage capacity is around 3000L and i have a space in north east part of my building, i planing to construct new sump but water storage is less (7000L) can i keep both the sump because i have totally 4 house in the plot. dimension is 50*40. please reply urgently as my work is going on
    Hi Balasubramanya,
    Your proposal is practical and sensible. Keep the existing sump with it’s connections to the overhead tanks intact. The new sump in the NE can be connected to the overhead water tanks and thus your water storage problem will be solved.

  34. Nagesh De says:


    I am constructing the house- site WEST(40×30) facing and main door at North east , as per the plan the the water sump will be of 10×8 size which is @ North east , since our main door is also @ North east ,some part of water sump will come under the house is this viable option to have some part of sump inside the house , can you please advice.
    Hi Nagesh,
    Instead of having the sump under the house, increase it’s depth so that it has the desired capacity.

  35. priya says:

    I wanted to know if a bed room can be built on the 1st floor over the water sump? We were planning to extent the ground floor terrace and make a larger bed room?
    Hi Priya,
    You can do so.

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