The Puja Room is the room where the family’s deities, idols, religious texts are kept and used exclusively for prayer, worship and meditation. It is a sacred room and the space from which all positive energy radiates to other rooms. That is the reason why, according to Vastu Shastra, it is preferable to have it in the centre of the house. However this is not always possible and so it can be located in certain auspicious directions as explained in this post.

The Puja Room is the room where the family’s deities, idols are kept.

The important thing to consider regarding a Pooja/prayer room, is that it must be protected from “negative energy”. Once you have made a pooja or prayer room in your home, the room automatically starts to radiate positive energy. However, if the pooja room is left unprotected, the positive energy starts to weaken due to influence of negative energies that may be present in your home. Hence, you must make some tweaks so that it emanates positive energy in and around your home.

So, what can be done to make this possible? According to Vastu Shastra, the right placement of the pooja room, the arrangement in the room, lighting and the colours, can ensure that this room is protected from negative energy and  radiates positive energy. So to know more about making your Pooja room a vastu compliant space, read on….. 

simple pooja mandir

Listed here, are some of the Vastu Guidelines for a Pooja room. Since Vastu is a science, every guideline is based on logic and reasoning.  As an Architect, I have attempted to explain each of these guidelines rationally and scientifically under the following headings, so that you have a choice and can decide what you want to follow or don’t instead of looking at Vastu as a superstition:

What Is The Best Location For A Pooja Room?
What Are The Vastu Guidelines For The Interiors of A Pooja Room?
Where Should The Idols Be Placed In A Pooja Room?
What are the Vastu guidelines for the pooja things in the Pooja Room?
What Are The Ideal Colours For A Pooja Room?
What Should Be Avoided In A pooja Room?


  • First choice for Pooja Room loaction: North-East Direction or the Centre of the house.
  • Second choice for Pooja Room location: East or West Directions of the house.
  • If none of these corners are available, the pooja mandir can be located in the NE corner of any room except bedrooms, toilets and store rooms.

In earlier times, a well designed, large space was exclusively reserved for prayer but today with reduced space availability, the Puja Room has become a tiny space, sometimes just a small mandir placed in the Kitchen. Whatever the size, the location of the Pooja room is the most important consideration. 

Pooja mandir
If it’s not possible to have a pooja room, a pooja mandir can be used instead

If there is no space for a Puja room, the Mandir can be placed in the North-East corner of the Kitchen or any room except bedroom, store room and toilets: The Scientific Reason – In apartments it may not be possible to have a separate Puja room, but since one starts the day by entering the Kitchen, having a Puja here helps one to spend a few quiet moments in meditation.

In a big site, the Puja room can be in the Centre of the House: The Scientific Reason- The central part of a large house should be kept open to allow proper flow of air and cross ventilation. It makes sense to have a Puja room right in the middle of this court as it can be seen from all rooms and the space is utilized.

In normal sized homes, the Puja room should be in the North-East. East or West are the second best locations: The Scientific ReasonEarly at dawn, the Sun is in the North-Eastern part of the house. These hours are ideal for Yoga, meditation, prayer or study as it is very quiet and peaceful. Also, the early morning Sun’s rays have a very beneficial effect on our  health. Therefore, the North-East corner is the best position for the Puja Room/prayer room or meditation room.

The Puja Room should be in the Ground Floor and not in the Basement: The Scientific Reason – A basement is a dark and dingy place and one cannot benefit from the morning sunlight here.

The Puja Room should not be on the upper floors: The Scientific Reason – The Puja room is meant for worship or meditation and this activity is recommended for everyone, everyday, especially in the mornings when our minds are fresh and not yet corrupted by many thoughts. If the Puja room is located on an upper floor, then it can put off physically inactive people like the obese, or the elderly or the ailing, from making the trip to the Puja everyday. The climb up the steps can put them off and since it is out of sight from the commonly used rooms on the ground, one may even forget to spend a few minutes everyday, in thought about God or life!



The Puja room should have a lower ceiling: One can use false ceiling for the same. The Scientific Reason – A Puja room is generally a small room and so having a low ceiling will make it appear more proportional.

Pooja room door
The pooja room door should have two shutters

Door to the Puja room should have two shutters: The Logic – When doing puja or meditating, the door is kept open outwards and can come in the way if it is one shutter.

The Puja room can have a pyramid shaped ceiling: The Scientific Reason It is known scientifically that the energy under a pyramid is extremely positive and can help in meditation.

The Pooja Room should be well ventilated and well lit and can have doors and windows in North or East walls. If windows are not possible, then bright artificial light should be provided. The Scientific ReasonThey admit the morning sunlight into the prayer room.

Keep the Puja room clean always: The Logic By cleaning the Puja room everyday, it ensures that one spends a few moments in prayer. Also it is a way of showing respect to God.

There should be a threshold at the entrance to the Puja room. The Scientific Reason – A threshold prevents ants and insects from entering and this is useful in a Puja room, as foodstuff may be offered in prayer.

For lengthy meditation, sit facing East and avoid facing the idols: If meditation is going to last for more than 15 minutes one should not sit exactly facing the idols. The Logic When meditating it is best to face East as the morning sun rays are beneficial to one’s health. If one keeps looking at the idols, it can be distracting. Moreover the energy that radiates from them can be very strong.



Idols can be in the North-East, East or West walls of the Puja room. Avoid placing them on the South wall: The Scientific Reason The morning sunlight streaming in from the North-East, East and the evening light from the West will light up the idols enabling  you to see them better.

Idols should be kept at least an inch away from the wall and make sure they are not broken, cracked or disfigured: The Scientific Reason Keeping the idols away from the walls, ensures that there is proper movement of air and incense smoke through the room.

The idols should be placed at a  height, such that they are above your navel when you are praying depending on whether you prefer to stand or sit while praying. The Scientific Reason -You will be able to concentrate on the idols best, when they are at this height (neither too low down nor too high up).

The idols must be in perfect condition. They should not be broken, cracked or disfigured: The Scientific Reason – While praying to a disfigured idol, you may feel that there is no well-being because you are not  able to replace it with a perfect one. It affects your mind.

The idols must not be too big in size- they should not be more than the span of your hand from tip of your thumb to the tip of your little finger: The Scientific Reason – It is difficult to concentrate on a big idol as as you get distracted by the different parts. In case of a small idol, you can take it in wholly.

There should not be too many idols. Give away duplicates of deities and keep the Puja room uncluttered: The Logic An uncluttered space does not harbour positive energy. Also, when there are too many idols, you can get distracted while praying.

The idols can be made of stone, wood, silver, gold. Alternatively they can also be of brass, bronze or clay depending on your preference. 



The puja things should be stored in the South-East of the Puja room: The Scientific ReasonAll the puja stuff should be kept away from the North-East and East, so that there is no obstruction to the morning sunlight.

A cupboard lower than the idols can be placed against the South or West wall: The Scientific Reason – This way, it will not be an obstruction to the useful morning sunlight.

Incense sticks, oil for lamp, kumkum can be stored below the pooja ghar: The Scientific Reason –  It is practical to keep the regularly used items just below the pooja ghar.

You can place an Agnikund in the prayer room in South-East corner and face East while making offerings to the fire. The Scientific Reason – SE is traditionally considered the position for fire in Vastu Shastra.
The lamp should always be in front of the idol: The Scientific Reason – The idea of having a lamp is to light it and if it is placed  in front of the idols, one can see them better.

Food offerings should be placed in front of the idols: The Logic Whatever is offered to god should be always placed in front of the idol as a mark of respect. Moreover, it is less cumbersome to remove and replace if it is right in front.



Colours in the Puja room: Can be white, light yellow or light blue. The Scientific Reason – Light colours  reflect light thus enhancing the bright and well-lit look of a space. 

yellow and blue pooja room
Colours in the Pooja room should ideally be light yellows and blues

Similarly, if you are using marble or granite for the flooring or counter or shelves, make sure you use only white colour. The Scientific Reason – White marble/granite reflect and shine more than other colours.



Avoid having a pooja room under a staircase or in a store room: The Scientific Reason: As one climbs up or down the stairs you may feel you are trampling on the gods.

Avoid Puja mandirs in the Bedrooms. And avoid sleeping in a pooja room: The Scientific Reason – Many people may feel uncomfortable to lie around with their feet pointing towards the religious idols, as they believe it is disrespectful to god. But if there is no other choice, you could consider having a pooja mandir in the NE corner of the bedroom.

Avoid keeping broken idols or torn pictures or old idols brought from temples: The Scientific Reason Praying to a broken idol or torn image of a deity can be distracting.

Avoid a Toilet near or above the Puja Room: The Scientific Reason – A Toilet causes disturbance when people use it and also the smell can distract while one is meditating.

Avoid placing idols on the South wall of the pooja room: Because then the worshiper has to face South which is not advisable. The Scientific Reason – When a worshiper sits facing South, his feet are towards the south and his head is in the North. This causes the magnetic North of the body, namely the Head to repel the Earth’s magnetic North Pole.

Avoid idols facing each other: The Logic – The purpose of having idols in a Puja room is for one to be able to see them and meditate on them.

Avoid a bell in the Puja room: The Logic – A Puja room at home is not made to replicate a temple. It is more of a meditation room and loud sounds should be avoided.


Avoid pictures of animals or photographs of dead people in the Puja room: The Logic – While many people believe in showing respect to the dead, it is better  not to have their photos in the Puja room as they may be distracting or bring back painful memories.

Avoid pictures of wars, crimes, turbulence or any negative emotion in the Pooja room: The Reason – It is believed that these pictures unconsciously disturb are minds in a negative way.

Avoid storing or hiding money or valuables in the Puja room: The Scientific Reason – Many people may feel they are being disrespectful to God by hiding things and hiding stuff here.

Do not keep a dustbin in a pooja room: The Scientific Reason: It brings in negative energy.

This post was about the Vastu guidelines for the design of a Puja Room. The Puja room is usually adjacent to a Living Room or a pooja mandir is placed in a Kitchen.

If you want to make the rest of the rooms of your house/apartment also Vastu compliant, then go to:

To know how suitable a house is, according to Vastu Shastra, you can cross check it’s Vastu compliance with a score sheet which works as a guideline. The score obtained will help you make a fruitful decision whether to  take up or reject the house. Check it here in my other blog: House Construction In India:

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    My Pooja room on first floor, idol facing east. Other than toilet & staircase, can I construct rooms on 2nd floor over the puja room.

    Hi Rajan,
    Of course you can.

  • April 24, 2021 at 12:39 pm

    These ‘scientific’ reasons seem very made-up. Yes, Sanatana Dharma is scientific and spiritual, but these particular reasons on this particular website seem fake.

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    Please tell me can i make a mandir in shaft one side wall is of bathroom and other side living room and back side iwall will be shaft wall.i want to cover half of shaft to make mandir room

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    Very helpful post. Thank you for sharing.

    I have a very large open space in the centre of house(Brahma-sthan; exact centre of construction) & there is glass on the top of the centre area to allow sunlight inside house just like in old time we use to have “jangla or chawk”.

    Will it be recommended for in-home temple? Can I Use this centre with glass top for temple instead NE corner & will it give good energy as compared to NE.

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    Very informational site.

    Couldn’t find if we can construct a small private Temple in NE corner outside house in garden area of the plot? Will there be any negative impact of private temple on residents of the house?

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    I am constructing my house I placed pins room at NE corner facing towards the dinning room 20×12ft including 2nd floor staircase apart from general staircase in SW side. Size of pujaroom is 5×10ft adjusent to this room kids and study room these east wall than 9×10 ft space and kitchen 11×10 ft . My son advise me to transfer puja room to 2nd floor with 10×14ft above 1st floor where we have temple space for Luna room and in social Barbara pins in 2 times in a year with Homa mean Yagyan entire family and guest will assemble there space will not problem because we have a 2nd dedicated staircase towards the 2nd floor inside house from the 1st floor.Can u advisiable plz as per bastu. Or can I extend 3 ft towards the north in 1st floor NE corner to convert puja room 8×10ft size in 1st floor of the original place of puja room. Can Pujaroom be a false celling. I request you plz advise me by mail or WhatsApp. My mail add [email protected] WhatsApp is 9438168121.

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    I have 2 options to place my mandir, the first is in the Northeast or east side of the home in the formal living room, but there is a bathroom above the room and also the west wall of the room has a toilet next to it. Second option is that i am making a study in the south-southwest of the home, can i place mandir there on the northeast/or west wall of that room. Please advice.

  • August 18, 2020 at 3:50 am

    Would like to take your advice for placing the Puja temple. At present the temple is on the South wall. Can be shifted on North East wall but under a wall hanging big cabinet. Would it be okay to fix the temple under the cabinet on the North/North east wall. Which day would be auspicious to place temple? Can I place temple on Ganesh Chaturthi on 22/8/20(Saturday)? Eagerly waiting for your advice. Thank you and Regards
    [email protected]


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