One enters the House, through the Main Entrance Door from the front Verandah. Every time you enter your house you activate a presiding energy in relationship to the mandala of the house at that point. A door must be precisely located for the activation of most beneficial energy.


As Vastu is a science, there is logical, scientific explanation for every guideline. As an Architect, I have attempted to explain these guidelines rationally and scientifically.


The main entrance door should be fixed on an auspicious day after performing Vastu Pooja. The Location of the Main door is also very important. To figure out where to place a main door, imagine that you are standing in front of the house and divide the front facade of the house into into two parts with an imaginary, middle, vertical line. The door should be placed towards the centre, either in the left or the right half, depending on the direction the  door faces.

 North- facing door should be in the left half when facing the house, that is more towards the  North-East. Avoid placing a door in the right half (North-West). The Reason - Its preferable to have more openings in the North and East to allow the useful sunlight constantly, through the day. Since the door is opaque, it should be placed more to the centre of the wall and windows should be kept in the North-East.

The door should not be at the corner of the walls, but a few feet away from the corner junction. The Reason - Its preferable to have more window openings towards the North and East to allow constant sunlight through the day. Since the door is opaque, it should be placed away from the N-E corner, more to the centre.

West facing door: can be located in the left half when facing the house, that is  favouring the North-West. Avoid placing a door in the right half (South-West). The Reason - Its preferable to have more window openings towards the North to allow constant sunlight through the day. It is best to avoid openings in the South-West since the Sun is in the South and West at midday and in the afternoon.

If a house has a main entrance in the West it should have a corresponding door in the East also. The Reason -To allow maximum, useful UV rays found in the morning sunlight, into the house, since it is beneficial for health of the inamtes. (vitamin D synthesis)

South facing main door: must not be in the center of the building but should be  in the right half when facing the house, that is more towards the South-East. Avoid placing a door in the left half (South-West). The Reason – It is always preferable to have few openings in the South-West as explained above, since the hot infra-red rays of the afternoon sunlight are projected, maximum towards this direction.

If a house has a main entrance in the South there should be one more corresponding to it in the North direction also. The Reason – To allow the constant light from the North into the house.

East facing door: can be located in the right half when facing the house, that is more to the North-East. Avoid placing a door in the left half (South-East). The Reason - Its preferable to have more openings in the North and East to allow the useful sunlight constantly, through the day. Since the door is opaque, it should be placed more to the centre of the wall and windows should be kept in the North-East.

Thus you can see in Vastu, there is no bad location for a main door. Its the pseudo vastu pundits who claim that South and West entrances are bad and the entrance door should only be in the North or East, because they take the Vastu Shastra guidelines too literally – Since Vastu recommends more open space in the North and East to enable the pleasant morning light and constant North light to permeate the house, it makes sense to have the entrance from either of these directions. But it’s not a hard and fast rule.


main-doorAvoid the main door directly facing the main door of the opposite house. The Reason- It is quite uncomfortable when both the doors are open, as one unconsciously tends to look into the other house.

Avoid the main door directly facing an abandoned, rundown or dilapidated building: The Reason- It is quite disconcerting, every time you open the door to see an eerie looking building right in front of you.

The entrance gate and the main door should be on the same side: It is not considered good if the main door to the house is on the opposite side to the entrance of the property. The Reason- It doesn’t make sense to have the entrance on one side and then have the main door on the opposite side as guests and outsiders are forced to walk right across the length of the site, thus invading into the privacy of the inmates.

Avoid having an underground tank, septic tank under the main entrance: The Reason - In case the tank has to be opened or cleaned, it can be very inconvenient if it is right in front of the main door.

Avoid locating the main entrance door in the corners of the house: The Reason- If the door is in the extreme corner, it will be difficult to  have a neat furniture layout in the room, as the corner is used for movement.

Avoid locating a wall directly in front of the entrance door: There should be a door that opens to the next room in line of sight, opposite the main door. The Reason- The fresh air entering the house, every time you open the door, can flow into the rest of the house and finally go out through the exit. This allows the house to breathe properly.

It is preferable to have two doors, an entrance and an exit door: However, the exit door should be smaller than the entrance door. The Reason- The fresh air entering into the house through the entrance, will go out through the exit and thus be forced to pass through the rest of the house, thus allowing the house to breathe.

door3The main entrance door should be the largest door of the house: The Reason- A large main door looks inviting and allows big objects, like beds, to be brought in from outside without difficulty.

The main door should open inside and clockwise: The Reason- If the door swings open in a clockwise motion, you use your left hand to open the door for the guests, thus enabling you to guide them in with your right hand.

Avoid self-closing doors: The Reason- With self closing locks available nowadays, the doors can shut and close by themselves, but there is the risk that the door will close accidentally in the breeze while the keys are inside the house.

Avoid creaking doors: The Reason- Doors that creak indicate bad workmanship and that the door hinges are not well oiled.

The main door should have a threshold: Shoes should not be kept in front of the door, but to the side. The Reason- The shoes in front of the door can be an eyesore and cause you to stumble.

Auspicious signs on the door like ‘Om’ and “Swastika': The Reason- When you or a guest stand in front of the door it is better to see some pleasant images instead of just a plain door.

Wood of Teak, Honne, Matti are good for the main door: Wood from Peepal, Coconut, trees giving flowers and fruits out of season, Thorny trees, Fragrant trees, etc should not be used. The Reason – Its important to protect useful trees that provide us with fruit etc.

The main door should have a threshold: The Reason – The threshold will deter ants and other pests from entering into the house.

This post was about the Main Entrance door, which leads into the Interior of the House and the Living Room. Read about the Vastu guidelines for the design of this space as well as for the Internal doors and Windows:

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  1. Venkatesh says:

    I have bought a flat where the main door is facing South east when i am holding the compass in my hand. I understand this is not the right direction but when i keep the compass on the entrance of door it points south direction. Sir pls suggest some advice and remedy to follow and solve my problem.
    Hi Venkatesh,
    Place the compass on the floor at the entrance door threshold. You stand inside the house and look at the direction, the compass is pointing. It may be South or SE or in between (S-SE). It does not matter. Please do not be affected by the general vastu advice that South is bad. South is one of the cardinal directions and some plots face that side.

  2. Santosh says:

    Hello Sir,

    We havean apartment with West facing enterace. The builder says it’s Vastu complaint. Kitchen is in the south east and a wide balcony in the north east with room. Apartment on 4th floor, and just below the apartment, we have the main enterance of the house east facing. It’s a corner flat with most windows facing east and north. I am unsure if I should go with a west facing apartment. Your suggestions are welcome.
    Hi Santosh,
    West facing apartment is okay and everything seems to be according to vastu. Moreover, it is a corner flat. Bur before finalising, go with your family and feel the space. If you all like it instinctively, then it is the right one for you.

  3. Anu says:

    Dear Sir:

    We are buying our first property in France. With regards to the same I have several questions, I am unable to determine the center of the apartment which we are interested in buying so as to draw the vaastu directions. The layout is not a square or a rectangle and is unevenly shaped. South portion is extended from east to west direction as compared to north portion. Moreover according to my calculation the master bedroom is both in the south east and in the eastern quandrants. So direction should I attribute it to? Similarly the entrance appears to be south west directions. However there is another apartment opposite to this one so would that logically mean that infra-red rays anyways cannot pass and therefore it is will not have the ill effects as stated by vaastu shastra? Kindly share with us your ideas. It can help us make a decision weather to proceed with the purchase or look for a better prospect.
    Hi Anu,
    Generally a SW entrance is not preferred in India. Why do you want to follow the vastu shastra guidelines in France. According to me it is not necessary because the apparent sun movement, wind directions are different from that in India. But if you are affected by the negative comments on the net about a SW entrance, You can check some of the remedies such as fixing Hanumanji’s tiles on either side of the door etc.

  4. Kafia says:

    I have purchase unit 7 of area 2780 SQFT. The entrance is South west facing but building entrance is east facing. Please suggest if this is ok . Will i have any problems in future if we buy this apartment
    Hi Kafia,
    You have to trust your instinct in this matter. When you stand in the space, do you feel happy about buying it. If so, go ahead.

  5. Pallav says:

    Please suggest me if my house main door in north-east corner facing balcony of North-West Corner. Is it preferable or not? and also balcony open space is more than the main door area.
    Hi Pallav,
    I did not understand your query. A main door in NE is good and having a big balcony space is also okay.

  6. Seema says:

    we are shifting to a NORTH EAST facing house and as soon as we open main door the kitchen is right in front ,its a open kitchen in SE corner ,is that not correct according to vastu,pls advice.
    Hi Seema,
    It is a question of personal feeling. If you are in the kitchen and do not like being seen by a guest entering the house, you can think of making the kitchen closed.

  7. ankit says:

    I plan to buy a flat in India. The main entrance of the individual flat is facing in between South West and West. The whole building entrance is north west facing. Kindly suggest if this is OK according to Vastu. For flats is it the entrance of individual flat OR the entrance of whole building that matters? Kindly advise, Thanks
    Hi Ankit,
    It makes more sense to look at the entrance of the whole building rather than the individual flat because the door of the flat usually opens into a lift/staircase lobby rather than to the outdoors from where light and air enters.

  8. Manchurian says:

    Dear Sir,

    My entrance is exactly as what you mentioned in the East facing. Its east facing with private lift entrance but in the south east part of the house. We have one more door again in the south east part of the house. Since its a rental property and we have signed the lease for 2 years, is there any remedy to this? I feel that the happiness of the house is gone..
    Your help and advice is greatly appreciated.
    Hi Manchurian,
    I don’t understand your query. Have you leased out the property to smeone or have you taken it on lease? What do you mean by the happiness is gone? The door in the SE was always there. So why should there be a change suddenly? I think it is all in your mind.

  9. Pooja raikar says:

    Hi ,
    I am looking to rent an apartment in Dubai. I have seen a few apartments with North East main entrance door when standing outside the apartment. I would like to know whether it is auspicious or not?
    Thanks Pooja
    Hi Pooja,
    Vastu principles are based on direction and are specific to India. I do not think you should apply the same principles in Dubai – unless you want to psychologically feel comfortable.

  10. Nilesh says:


    What a Great way to Explain everything So Positively.
    I always wanted to see people follow the right person.
    You are positive with all the educated and scientific knowledge of How to live Positively.
    Everything Can Never be Negative as Positivity makes its way out of anything.
    thanks for doing a Great job for the World.
    Hi Nilesh,
    Thank you for the appreciation.

  11. pami says:

    we are taking two flats joined together. the entrance faces the staircase, staircase in south so entrance of home is in centre facing towards south.
    is it okay.
    Hi Pami,
    It has to be okay because you have no other choice. And anyway I do not believe that there is anything negative with south-facing houses.

  12. Sunil Shastri says:

    Hi, I am buying a flat which has west facing, east is open with balcony, and windows and room extend towards north direction, so the entrance is south west when we go out of the flat, will it be good to my wife and child? But we feel positive inside the house. Pls guide me. Thank you with regards.
    Hi Sunil Shastri,
    If you feel happy and positive inside your house, then there is no need for further discussion. Even otherwise, the description of your house seems to be fine.

  13. Nitin Shrivastava says:

    Dear Sir,
    I’m living in a rented flat . my main entrance door is facing the balcony . is it okay ?
    Hi Nitin,
    It is okay.

  14. Madhu says:

    Hi sir.. V r constructing duplex house now. V have kept main entrance in North west side( not in the corner) . People r telling v should not keep the main door in that place. Pls suggest me sir. V have option to move it on west face on North corner. Pls guide us to take proper decision . Thank u sir.
    Hi Madhu,
    A NW entrance is okay according to me. I do not understand why people are saying it is not good. But if you have the option to shift it to the nOrth corner, then go ahead and do that.

  15. Hello sir…we have finalised one property,am bit confused with directions. When we enter in our flat we face north direction… So is it like our flat is north facing?
    Hi Deepti,
    The way to check the direction is to stand inside your flat at the main door and look outside. The direction You are facing is the direction of your flat. In your case, as you enter the flat you are facing North so then your flat is south-facing.

  16. Shivi says:

    I found tour article to be very informative.. Great work!
    I have a question..the entrance door of my flat is south-west facing and we have a wall just opposite to the entrance door as we enter inside..its a rented flat hence we cannot do any there any remedy to minimise the dosh?
    Looking forward to your valueable suggestion.
    Thank you.
    Hi Shivi,
    First of all thank you for the appreciation. A wall in front of the main door is fairly common in apartments. But do not think of it as a ‘dosh’. It serves to protect your privacy as one cannot see into the house from the lobby. The only disadvantage would be that the positive energy entering through the main door will have to be redirected. But energy can also enter through windows in the rest of the house. The only thing you probably should do is avoid having a mirror on the wall opposite the main door as it ‘reflects’ the positive energy.

  17. ganesh says:

    Can we have a door near a main door for a separate room? Please advice me… Thanks in advance
    Hi Ganesh,
    You can have but there will always be a confusion for guests as to which is the main door. So make the main door entrance conspicuous by having some framing, designs and the entrance way should lead to the main door.

  18. Deepa says:


    we are planning to buy a flat of west facing. what all we need to check before we buy?
    i really appreciate your reply
    hi Deepa,
    Just make sure that there is ample cross ventilation and light in the flat.

  19. hardik says:

    Hello sir,

    I bought a flat of west side facing main enterence. Some people told me its not good. So request you to guide me.if its some problem in west side so give me solution pls.
    Hi Hardik,
    A west facing entrance is not a problem.

  20. S.K.SAMY says:

    sir, My house main entrance door is facing EAST. There is underground water tank I We have to walk over the under ground water tank which is between main gate and main entrance. Is it o.k.? We are just now building this new house.
    Hi S K Samy,
    It is okay as long as it is not within the house. But if you can avoid it and keep it under the car porch, then go for that option.

  21. Paul says:

    We are buying a west faced flat. The main entrance is in north west side of the flat. But there is a wall directly infront of the main door. We have to enter house and turn right side to go to living room. Is it ok.
    Pl re ply
    Hi Paul,
    It is okay to face a blank wall as you enter. But make sure that there is a lot of cross ventilation through the house.

  22. Vanetha says:

    Hi Sir,
    Shall we put Lord vinayagar symbol in main door?
    Hi Vanetha,
    It is a matter of personal opinion.

  23. ROHITH SHETTY says:

    sir good morning my name is Rohith Shetty, i live in bangalore i am planning to buy a residential plot/site in bangalore can u pls suggest me which direction site is over all good to me to purchase my DOB is 16-03-1977
    Hi Rohith,
    I cannot recommend a direction based on your date of birth and that is not the scientific way. But in general as an architect, I have found that North facing plots are the best followed by East facing ones, as it becomes easier to design a house along Vastu principles in such plots. The West facing and South facing plots are also okay but a little more challenging for the architect, especially if the client wants to adhere to vastu principles.

  24. Manish Rai says:

    I have a house with a door in South-East(When exiting the house) and North East when entering the house ?

    Should there be any Vaastu defect due to to this ?
    If yes , what would be the remedy
    Hi Manish,

  25. Vishal Shinde says:


    My house main entrance is at south east direction , as door situated on east wall. what will be the result for health wealth and prosperity for me and my family members
    Hi Vishal,
    Since the door is in the East wall, it is good as per Vastu.

  26. NDesai says:

    Sir, we are moving new appartment When We Enter in the house it face South direction is that called South Facing house and when we exit from the house it face North Direction..while entering in the house in compass is showing 160/170 degree.Is that me and my husband having so much problem of understanding i dont want to have any more porblems as we are moving in new i can send you the floor plan please advise.
    Hi N Desai,
    If, as you exit the house, you are facing North, then it is a North facing house, which is good according to Vastu Shastra.

  27. Monika Miglani says:

    Hi, I am staying on the second floor of an independent house with my husband. The stairs are from inside the house. I had a single bedroom with attached bathroom and a store. I have recently got a kitchen constructed which is in the east corner and the main entrance opens in the kitchen. I had limited options and hence could not follow Vastu before getting the kitchen constructed. My bedroom is in the southeast corner of the plot, bathroom is also in southeast and the store is in the north corner. I am trying to conceive for past 7 years and have had two miscarriages. Please help me with Vastu tips to help in having a healthy and successful pregnancy. Thanks
    Hi Monika,
    I cannot help you with your personal problems. Linking the vastu of the house to your problems is not right. Instead make some changes in the way you arrange the furniture and de-clutter as much as is possible. Having the entrance to the house through the kitchen is not okay. Try to make a separate passage to the rest of the house.

  28. Sapna says:

    I am taking a house on rent which has exactly in south facing north and the kitchen and is facing south west and bathroom is in also at the same place..i went through net i see that its not a good thing…i am very worried..please guide me….
    Hi Sapna,
    When you stand in the house, what feeling do you get? Is it a happy, positive feeling or are there doubts in your mind. If you feel good, then go ahead and take the house. Otherwise avoid it. This is the best test.


  29. nandini says:

    Hi, first of all thanks for ur logical explanation of vaastu directions..when I stand inside the house n facing the main door the compass shows it as south east.. So is that a south east entrance house?
    Hi Nandini,
    Yes your entrance is SE.

  30. anil says:

    dear sir our main door in north and toilet in north east what should we do?
    Hi Anil,
    Nothing is to be done. Just make sure there is ample light and ventilation in your house. Avoid clutter. Get rid of unused and unwanted things.

  31. Kh Premjeet Singha says:


    I have build a house whose Verandah door is just in front of the main door facing towards East direction. I am confused to make the entrance verandah door more bigger than the main door or Vice versa.
    The main door is made of teak wood but the verandah door is grilled with heavy metal and abit bigger than the main door. So is it good according to Home vastu? Or suggests some good advice regarding these.
    With regards,
    Hi Premjeet Singha,
    Leave everything as it is. The main door is actually the teak door and the verandah door is the first door that you enter from. So it should be bigger. So your arrangement is fine.

  32. Nishany says:

    Dear sir… We r planning to buy an apartment at the fourt floor of a four storey building… The main entrance of the building faces south in 5-9 pags that is more on yhe left side… & the main door of the apratment faces west. Is it okay to buy the apartment. I also have options to buy other apartments so this is not the only choice… Pls advice..
    Hi Nishany,
    It seems to be okay. But since you have other options, it is better that you ‘feel’ each apartment. Stand inside each of the options and concenterate on how you feel. If you feel good and positive, then go ahead and buy it. On the other hand if you feel unsure avoid it.

  33. Geeta says:

    Hi I bought a flat its main door opens towards west but North side so it is North west door,and kitchen in North west corner is it good for my family.
    Hi Geeta,
    Do not worry about the door so much. It is okay.Most important aspect is ample light and ventilation to the flat.

  34. Komal says:

    Hello sir,
    I live in Bahrain n we are planning to buy a rented flat which is west facing i.e when we enter the house the direction is West. I just want to know is it ok because here it is very hard to find flats with perfect vastu but at the same time i dont want to compromise with my family’s health n happiness.Thanking you
    Hi Komal,
    Vastu Shastra pricnciples are based on cardinal directions and are relevant only in India. So you are wasting time trying to find a vastu house in baharain which lies on a different latitude and longitude. Just make sure you feel good when you visit the flat and go by your gut feeling.

  35. GG says:

    Hi sir,

    I went through your website and find its more informative and useful.
    please advise on our qyery .we have bought a house with main door facing South East direction i.e I will be entering house from South East direction. Please guide us if there is anything I have to take care . Got to know that the buyer what we got this house went through divorce recently after their stay in this house for more than 15 years .I am little concerned. Please advise any remedies.
    Hi GG,
    Your house is a SE facing one. It is not ideal in Vastu but it cannot be rejected just because of that. Now that you have heard some negative comments about this house, it will affect you at a sub-conscious level. So you need to address it. You could start by making sure that there is ample light and ventilation, cross-ventilation in this house. If need be, make some modifications accordingly. If it makes you feel better, then have a prayer/pooja/homa done in the house to remove all negativity.

  36. Vijay Kumar says:

    I have a bathroom in the south West direction…How can I rectify it according to vaastu
    Hi Vijay Kumar,
    This is a common query that I get from my readers. The SW corner is the Kubera moola, the place for the treasury, according to Vastu. It had relevance in the earlier days when food grains (wealth of most Indian agriculturists of that time) were stored, as the SW constant heat would prevent them from getting spoiled. Today it does not matter.
    Yet people are scared to put a toilet in this corner as they erroneously believe that the wealth will be ‘flushed out’. But I can understand the mindset and I know that it can affect your psychology. So the best solution is to make sure that the toilet door is always kept closed. Not only for the toilet in the SW, but follow this rule always for all toilets.

  37. Shalini says:

    I live in Muscat & in a house where the door faces south and is opposite the door of another flat. Is that alright?
    Hi Shalini,
    Please do not bother with vastu in Muscat. The latitudinal and longitudinal differences between India and Muscat nullifies the vastu principles (which are based on direction and position of the Sun in India)

  38. Sree says:

    I am buying North est corner plot Villa built by builder. Can I have two entrances, one east facing and other north facing. Plan is to have bigger door for north facing entrance. First comes north facing door and another 2 steps east facing door. Plan is to use north facing door, puja room will be located in the lobby area of east facing door, so it will be rarely used but would like to have door at east facing as well. Please provide your views on this.
    HI Sree,
    Why would yopu want to have two entrances, if you do not plan to use one? Just stick with one.You can have the pooja room in the East as you have proposed.

  39. Prabhu says:

    Hi Sir,

    Planning to buy a west facing plot and construct house in 1st & 2n floor. GF to be lest as stilt. How to have the staircase and entrance door placed to be vaastu compliant.
    Hi Prabhu,
    More than being vastu compliant, you need to make sure that the staircase is central so that the plan is efficient.

  40. reddy says:

    the main door is in east side when i exit.and directly opposite to that is a lift. Is it good r bad
    Hi Reddy,
    It is good to have an East facing door in Vastu. You need not bother about the lift which is outside of your flat.

  41. ANU says:

    Hi Sir,
    I have purchased a flat in the 1st floor of an apartment. The Main Door is West facing. Balcony and Master Bedroom are towards proper east with proper sunlight to the Hall and Kitchen. Kitchen is towards the North West.Is this vaastu compliant? Am I good to go with this choice.
    Hi Anu,
    Vastu wise it seems fine. But whether it is suitable for you, that decision lies entirely on you. You have to go by your gut instinct. If you feel good about this space, then go ahead.

  42. Amit N says:

    Dear Sir,
    I love the way you handle the whole concept of Vastu. I do have a couple of questions-
    1) I am planning to buy a 3 BHK flat which has a South West entry. I.e. When i enter the flat I am facing the South West direction. Is this good? This door is to the extreme right of the building facade.
    2) I have another option of a South facing entry i.e. when I enter I am facing the South side. This door is to the extreme left of the facade.
    Best Regards,
    Hi Amit,
    Please go through my post. The orientation of a house is read like this. Enter the house with a compass. Then turn and face outside. Note the direction that the compass points to. That is the direction of your house. So from your description I am assuming that the first option is a NE facing one and the second one is North facing. So both or good.

  43. Monoj says:


    Please clarify, if the main entrance door or the balcony determines the facing of a flat in an apartment? I am a bit confused because unlike individual residential houses the main entrance door and the verandah or balcony is not facing the same direction in case of a flat?
    I shall be buying a flat in an apartment where the balcony will be facing the south and main road in front. As it is a flat the main entrance door will be somewhere on the opposite of the balcony either on the north (most likely) or north west side i presume? I am not aware of the floor plan right now therefore I cannot give the right picture. The flat will be either on the third or fourth floor, one floor below the top floor.
    Presently I stay in a flat where the balcony faces the East with main road in front and main entrance door faces the west, I have bedrooms in north east, south east and south west, kitchen & Puja room in the north, living-dining room in the south, is it ok? It is on the 4th floor, the top floor.
    Kindly advice me on my above queries.
    Hi Monoj,
    I cannot comment when you are not sure of the orientation. But one thing I can clarify is that, whether it is an individual house or an apartment, the main door direction is taken as the orientation of the flat in Vastu shastra.

  44. Lalit says:

    Please can you give a solution for the windows on the South side. Almost all the windows of the 3 rooms open in south direction.
    Please can you provide a solution for it. Since there is lot of tension and quarrels in house.
    Thanks for your help.
    Hi Lalit,
    I wouldn’t attribute the quarrels to the south windows. But anyhow, south windows admit very hot sun rays and can increase the temperature internally. So it is advisable to reduce the amount of light entering from the South side. For this make sure there is cross ventilation, by keeping other direction windows, open. Also use thick blinds, curtains during the afternoons. Plant some thick, tall hedges in front of the windows.

  45. SATHISH K N says:

    Respected Sir,

    I am residing in Kumaraswamy Layout, Bangalore South. My site measurement is 16’x 43′ south facing. I have constructed the house and inside the bedroom at North east, I have constructed a sump. Vastu experts say that I have to instal Pyramids in sump to have wealth. Is that statement is right? Please guide me.

    Sathish K N

  46. Nithyananda says:

    Hi, I am buying a site which has south west facing main entrance gate (Nairuti corner) People are telling we should not keep the main door in that place.There is no other option for change. Pls suggest me sir.
    Thank u sir.
    Hi Nithyananda,
    The best way, is to go by your intuition. Go to the property a number of times and ‘feel’ it. If it feels okay, then it is the place for you. If you feel hesitation, confusion, or stress, forget about it.

  47. siva says:

    Hi sir,
    my entrance door is in north direction.Is it good to have north faced homes .my horoscope is friends say that north facing houses wont suit my horoscope is that true sir.?kindly clarify me.
    Hi Siva,
    As it is, it is quite difficult to adhere to the Vastu principles in every site. On top of that, if you start looking at your horoscope, star, rashi, moon sign etc, it will almost be impossible to meet your wishes. Moreover, I do not know anything about the relationship between the horoscope and the orientation of a house. Mind you, the house will have other members too and you cannot posssibly ensure that everyone’s horoscope suits the house.
    Generally, North facing sites are considered good in Vastu, as most of the vastu principles can be applied and this ensures good light and ventilation to the house. So rest easy.

  48. Nimesh says:

    A office with southeast direction door is auspicious?
    Hi Nimesh,
    Normally a North or East entry is considered auspicious. But since this is a SE door, according to me it is okay.

  49. Sunitha says:

    Sir we are planning to buy a flat facing west..and while exiting compass shows 289 west. .is it south west or north west facing house. ?as v enter the house rooms extended towards left and the main door is at the corner
    Hi Sunitha,
    From what you have described, my understanding is that your main door faces WNW direction, that is, it is more west facing than North. It is okay according to vastu.

  50. N.Vinayagamurthy says:

    Dear Sir,

    I purchased a plot facing East, now I started to construct house facing NORTH. Now I want to fix front door. I have doubt in that sir. The door opening should be in the clockwise or it may be in anti clockwise. Pls conform. I am waiting for your valuable reply please…..
    Hi Vinayagamurthy,
    The main door should open into the house and it should open in a clockwise manner.

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