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House construction is the process of constructing a house. It involves several actions- from the initial clearing of the site to the final house warming ceremony. House construction is undertaken by a contractor and supervised by an Architect. The process of house construction can become one of the most trying periods in your life if there is no proper guidance, planning and co-ordination. For hassle-free house construction, Vastu Shastra has formulated some guidelines on the ‘design, location, direction, disposition and construction of the interior and exterior spaces of a house’.


So what is Vastu Shastra and how does it ensure a smooth, tension-free construction? Vastu Shastra is an ancient, Indian building science which was formulated on the premise that, “man is happiest and healthiest when he is able to derive from the beneficial effects of the surrounding natural elements (like the Sun, wind, air, water, magnetic field and the cardinal directions)”. To achieve this, a Vastu code was developed which gave the house builder a framework for safe and efficient building work and advised on everything from the selection of the site, the plan of the house, the choice of materials to the rituals to be followed at each stage of the house construction.

As a practising Architect, I have found that modern ‘architectural science’ and ‘Vastu Shastra’ are very similar sciences, the main difference being that there is a touch of religion in Vastu Shastra, in the form of rituals. Even though they are not a part of my professional training, I believe they are beneficial since these rituals have positive psychological effects on the person constructing the house. So listed here, under the following headings are all the Vastu guidelines that may be useful for you when you embark on your ‘house construction’.

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