WORK OF AN ARCHITECT | An Architect Explains

Everyone knows that an architect is a person who plans, designs, and oversees the construction of buildings. But many people are unaware of the exact services rendered by an Architect and what to expect. For example, why should an architect be involved in your project? How many times can he be expected to visit the site? How do you know if he is qualified to practise and whether he is registered with the Council of Architecture? What are his professional fees and scale of charges? etc. Here, an Architect describes the job of an Architect…….

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Building a house is an important event in anyone’s life. However, it is a complex process and problems can arise during the construction that can overwhelm you. An Architect sees alternative possibilities and finds solutions to problems at the site. S/he helps you in choosing the right contractor, materials, checks the Contractors’ bills, co-ordinates with other consultants and ensures that the project is completed even if egos, delays or hitches threaten to stall the project. So it is wise to select an Architect for your project……

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