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An architect is a person who plans, designs, and oversees the construction of buildings. Architects stay involved throughout the construction process and see the completion. Professionally, an architect’s decisions affect public safety, and thus an architect is required to have successfully completed an accredited university degree and an internship for practical experience, to earn a license to practice architecture. In India, to be able to practise, an Architect must have completed a 5 year B. Arch degree and be registered with the Council of Architecture.

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As an Architect practising in India, I have seen the confusion in my clients regarding the exact job of an Architect. They do not know what they can expect in terms of services and how much they have to pay an Architect. Sometimes they are convinced by non-architects that hiring one is a waste of money. But I cannot tell you how useful an Architect is to your project. If you go through these pages, you will get a fair idea of the job profile of an Architect and the extent of services rendered:

Nature and Scope of work of an Architect: An Architect is a licensed professional trained in the art and science of building design, restoring and conserving old buildings and developing new ways of using existing buildings. The work of an Architect is an interdisciplinary field, drawing upon mathematics, science, art, technology, social sciences, politics and history and is often governed by the Architect’s personal approach or philosophy…..

Educational Qualifications Of An Architect: Architects are required to obtain extensive education to develop the skills and knowledge required to practise Architecture. In India, an Architect is required to have completed a 5 year Bachelor of Architecture Course (B.Arch.), an internship to gain practical experience and be registered with the Council of Architecture in order to practise…..

Scope Of Services Of An Architect:  Many people hesitate to hire architects because of the incomplete understanding of the Architect’s role and responsibilities in a project. They assume that an Architect only designs but is not involved in the construction part. But in reality, his services are far more complex and more comprehensive. To understand the range of services Architects provide, read more….

Professional Fees Of An Architect:  In consideration of the comprehensive professional services rendered by the Architect, he should be paid professional fees. In India, the fees is prescribed by the Council of Architecture. However, it is not rigidly followed and the fees can vary very significantly depending on the requirements and complexity of each project and the scope of services provided. So you…..

Scale Of Charges Of An Architect:  In India, the scale of charges to be paid to an Architect is prescribed by the Council of Architecture, but most people do not know it. So as an Architect practising in India, I have described the Scale of Charges recommended by the Council of Architecture, for housing, interior and landscape design, Site development, conservation, alterations, urban design and graphic design….

Schedule Of Payment To An Architect:  The architect’s fee is usually paid out in installments, at various stages typically coinciding with project milestones such as Initial Design, Developed Design, Working drawings, start of Construction and during the construction. At the outset, the Client and the Architect should agree on these staged payments in the contract…..

The Council of Architecture in India regulates the Architectural profession and Architectural education throughout India, besides maintaining the Register of Architects. You can clear all doubts regarding the fees, scale of charges and scope of services of architects in India as laid down by the:

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