List of Architects In India

List of Architects In India

Whether you are looking to build your dream home, adding to your existing home or renovating your house, no matter what your building project is, never underestimate the value of the services of an Architect. As an Architect with more than 20 years experience, I can only say repeatedly, that it is best to invest in the services of an Architect.

The expertise of a good and skilled Architect will:

  • free you from concern;
  • provide you with value for money
  • give a creative vision towards the project,
  • save you a lot in construction cost and
  • definitely increase the value of the proposed property, when it comes to the resale of it.

Choosing your Architect should be done with care. Choose him like you would your doctor as your relationship will be a lengthy one involving big sums of money. If possible try and find someone who listens to your ideas and requirements with care and whom you can trust and feel comfortable with. In addition, look for an Architect who works or lives near your house construction site as it will encourage the Architect to make more site visits. I believe one of the most important aspects of the services of an Architect, are the site visits s/he makes. A lot of important decisions and corrections are made at site, which ultimately will decide the final, finished building. In fact I rate site visits as more important than some fancy, extremely detailed drawings which the illiterate workers at site may not even be able to fathom.

So here I have linked my site to the list of Architects in India. Click on the city you live in and then look for an Architect by keying in the pin code of the area in which your site is located.




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2 Responses to “List of Architects In India”

  1. ankita ghosh says:

    Dear Sir,
    I have submitted an application along with a dd of inr 600 on 2nd Dec 2015 .But Till now i have not received the certificate from you,It is almost two months over. Pls advise at your end.
    ANKITA GHOSH, B arch
    at present Architect at Malik Design studio bangalore
    Hi Ankita,
    You must be meaning 2nd December 2014 and not 2015. Usually it takes more than a month to get the certificate from the COA. I have received many queries regarding the delay in getting back your certificates. Send them a reminder.

  2. Ravi kumar says:

    Nice information thanks for the posting.
    Thank you Ravi Kumar for the appreciation.

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