The Puja Room is the room where the family’s deities, idols are kept and used exclusively for prayer, worship and meditation. In earlier times, a well designed, large space was exclusively reserved for this purpose and was usually accessed from the Living Room. However, today with reduced space availability, the Puja Room has become a tiny space, sometimes just a small mandir placed in the Kitchen.


The Puja Room is the room where the family’s deities, idols are kept.

Here, I have explained the Vastu Guidelines for a Puja room. Since Vastu is a science, every guideline is based on sound logic and reasoning. As an Architect, I have attempted to explain these guidelines rationally and scientifically, so that you can decide what you want to follow and what you don’t.


The Puja room should be in the North-East, East or North: The Scientific Reason – Early at dawn, the Sun is in the North-Eastern part of the house. These hours are ideal for Yoga, meditation, prayer or study as it is very quiet and peaceful. Also, the early morning Sun’s rays have a very beneficial effect on our  health. Therefore, the North-East corner is the best position for the Puja Room/prayer room or meditation room.

In a big site, the Puja room can be in the Centre of the House: The Scientific Reason-The central part of a large house should be kept open to allow proper flow of air and cross ventilation. It makes sense to have a Puja room right in the middle of this court as it can be seen from all rooms and the space is utilized.

The Puja Room should be in the Ground Floor and not in the Basement: The Scientific Reason – A basement is a dark and dingy place and one cannot benefit from the morning sun rays here.

The Puja Room should not be on the upper floors: The Scientific Reason - The Puja room is meant for worship or meditation and this activity is recommended for everyone, everyday, especially in the mornings when our minds are fresh and not yet corrupted by many thoughts. If the Puja room is located on an upper floor, then it can put off physically inactive people like the obese, or the elderly or the ailing, from making the trip to the Puja everyday. The climb up the steps can put them off and since it is out of sight from the commonly used rooms on the ground, one may even forget to spend a few minutes everyday, in thought about God or life!


A puja mandir can be used in case there is no separate puja room

If there is no space for a Puja room, the Mandir can be placed in the North-East corner of the Kitchen: The Scientific Reason – In apartments it may not be possible to have a separate Puja room, but since one starts the day by entering the Kitchen, having a Puja here helps one to spend a few quiet moments in meditation.

Avoid Puja mandirs in the Bedrooms: The Scientific Reason - Many people may feel uncomfortable to lie around with their feet pointing towards the religious idols, as they believe it is disrespectful to god.

Avoid a Toilet near or above the Puja Room: The Scientific Reason - A Toilet causes disturbance when people use it and also the smell can distract while one is meditating.


Avoid keeping torn pictures of gods


Idols can be in the North-East, East or West of the Puja: The Scientific Reason - The morning sunlight streaming in from the North-East, East and the evening light from the West will light up the idols enabling  you to see them better.

Avoid idols facing North: Because then the worshiper has to face South which is not advisable. The Scientific Reason – When a worshiper sits facing South, his feet are towards the south and his head is in the North. This causes the magnetic North of the body, namely the Head to repel the Earth’s magnetic North Pole.

Avoid broken idols or torn pictures: The Scientific Reason - Praying to a broken idol or torn image of a deity can be distracting.

Avoid idols facing each other: The Logic – The purpose of having idols in a Puja room is for one to be able to see them and meditate on them.

Idols should be kept at least an inch away from the wall: The Scientific Reason - Keeping the idols away from the walls, ensures that there is proper movement of air and incense smoke through the room.


The lamp should always be in front of the idol


The lamp should always be in front of the idol: The Scientific Reason - The idea of having a lamp is to light it and if it is placed  in front of the idols, one can see them better.

The puja things should be stored in the South-East of the Puja room: The Scientific Reason – All the puja stuff should be kept away from the North-East and East, so that there is no obstruction to the morning sunlight.

Avoid a bell in the Puja room: The Logic - A Puja room at home is not made to replicate a temple. It is more of a meditation room and loud sounds should be avoided.

Avoid photographs of dead people in the Puja room: The Logic - While many people believe in showing respect to the dead, it is better  not to have their photos in the Puja room as they may be distracting or bring back painful memories.

Food offerings should be placed in front of the idols: The Logic – Whatever is offered to god should be always placed in front of the idol as a mark of respect. Moreover, it is less cumbersome to remove and replace if it is right in front.

A cupboard lower than the idols can be placed against the South or West wall: The Scientific Reason - This way, it will not be an obstruction to the useful morning sunlight.

Avoid storing or hiding money or valuables in the Puja room: The Scientific Reason - Many people may feel they are being disrespectful to God by keeping things and hiding stuff here.


The door to the Puja room should have two shutters


The Puja room should have a lower ceiling: One can use false ceiling for the same. The Scientific Reason – A Puja room is generally a small room and so having a low ceiling will make it appear more proportional.

The Puja room can be a pyramid shaped space: The Scientific Reason - It is known scientifically that sitting in a pyramid especially while meditating can create positive effects on the health of the person.

Keep the Puja room clean always: The Logic – By cleaning the Puja room everyday, it ensures that one spends a few moments in prayer. Also it is a way of showing respect to God.

Door to the Puja room should have two shutters: The Logic - When doing puja or meditating, the door is kept open outwards and can come in the way if it is one shutter.

There should be a  threshold at the entrance to the Puja room. The Scientific Reason -  A threshold prevents ants and insects from entering and this is useful in a Puja room, as foodstuff may be offered in prayer.

For lengthy meditation, sit facing East and avoid facing the idols: If meditation is going to last for more than 15 minutes one should not sit exactly facing the idols. The Logic - When meditating it is best to face East as the morning sun’s rays are beneficial to one’s health. If one keeps looking at the idols, it can be distracting. Moreover the energy that radiates from them can be very strong.


Colours in the Puja room: Can be white, light yellow or light blue. White or light yellow marble work in the room is preferred. The Scientific Reason – White marble shines and reflects light, thus enhancing the bright and well-lit look of a space. The same is true in case of light colours.

This post was about the Vastu guidelines for the design of a Puja Room. The Puja room is usually adjacent to a Living room or in a Kitchen.  Read the Vastu guidelines for the design of these spaces here:

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  1. umesh says:

    Very Good for the persons which favors a lot



  3. Suryaprakash Kukyan says:

    Excellent information and logic explained in details.

    Would you also explain the logic behind why Pooja Room Cannot be on the upper floor of the house?

    Dear Mr Suryaprakash,
    THank you for pointing out that I havent explained why the Pooja room cannot be on the upper floors. Here’s my chance to explain it to my readers.

    The Pooja room is meant for worship or meditation and this activity is recommended for everyone, everyday, especially in the mornings when our minds are fresh and not yet corrupted by many thoughts. If the pooja room is located on an upper floor, then it can put off physically inactive people like the obese, or the elderly or the ailing, from making the trip, up the steps, to the pooja everyday. Since it is out of sight from the commonly used rooms on the ground, one may even forget about spending a few minutes everyday in thought about life or God!

  4. On the whole it is very useful. But one has to consider the modern apartment living in as many floors as possible some even without lifts. The most important thing in any prayer has to be devotion (Bhakthi) and all other factors depend upon individual circumstances. We need to try to observe as many as possible in the given circumstances.
    I recommend this site to all.

  5. pratibha says:

    Really thank full giving all this information.
    still some droughts are pending like should we use wooden mandir or marble ?

  6. K says:

    If the Idols and pictures should face east and we have to face east, so we have to turn our back the the Idols and/or pictures? is that OK?

    Thanks for the great guidelines

  7. admin says:

    If you read my post Vastu Guidelines | Puja room, I have mentioned that the idols should be placed in the East, West or North-East of the puja room, preferrably facing East, so that they will be lit by the morning sunlight, streaming in from the East. So obviously the worshipper has to face West, in order to face the idols and that is fine. In fact in most parts of the country this is followed.

    However, if the puja room is used for meditation as well, it is better to sit facing East, towards the sunlight, and not facing the idols (as they will distract). This may mean that your back is turned to the idols, but as long as you don’t feel it is disrespectful, it is fine. However, if you feel uncomfortable about it, you have the option of keeping the idols facing West or South.

  8. Lakshmi says:

    Hi, very good article …. We have our pooja shelf in the east with the idols facing west … Is it ok to have pooja room in this direction ??? also which side shld i light the lamp ???? shld i light it facing east or it is ok to light the lamp facing west as we do it now … Kindly explain …

  9. pratibha says:

    In advance thanks for your guidelines.

    kindly tell me that should we use wooden mandir or Marble madir.

    Dear Ms Pratibha,
    The choice is yours. if you feel maintaining a wooden mandir is easier than a marble one, then go for that. Only remember that the mandir should always be clean, spotless and uncluttered.

  10. ogrodzenia says:

    That is some inspirational stuff. Never knew that opinions could be this varied. Thanks for all the enthusiasm to offer such helpful information here.

  11. sathish says:

    Highly Informative site. great to see a resonable logic behind every suggestion been published.
    Like you said,due to space constraints, people living in apartments were in a situation to have puja room in a part of the kitchen , would you also explain if puja room can be a part of dining room ?
    Thanks in advance ..

    Dear Mr Sathish,
    I have attempted to explain vastu so that you can apply its principles to your particular situation. There are no hard and fast rules in vastu and as long as rooms get enough light and air, it is fine. So you can have a puja room anywhere except for the toilets and bedrooms. Only make sure that the idols are well lighted in the morning (ideally facing east), when you do your pooja.


  12. Anil Jain says:

    Dear Sir,
    I have a question.I am constructing the house and planning to have 2 pooja places. One on Ground Floor in my mother’s Bedroom IN NE corner and another is on first floor. The pooja room on first floor is 3 feet away from Brahmasthan and in NE quadrant starting from brahmasthan as a ceter point. The location of pooja is adjacent to Bathroom but with a separate wall and commn wall will have sink and WC will be away from the common wall. Is it right to have this location as physically Toilet and Pooja room dont share the common wall. Moreover, the entry to this pooja room is totally away and independent. Scientifically both the enclosureds have no direct connection and therefore, the smell will never be an issue.
    Please guide.
    Anil Jain

    Dear Anil Jain,
    If the pooja room is unaffected by the toilet, I donot see why you have any doubts. The idea is so that you are not affected by external unpleasant odours or noise, when you are meditating or doing pooja.

  13. Georgiann Carthens says:

    I must say you have a cool post. This hit the spot and then some! Thanks for posting this and sharing it with the world. I’ve just bookmarked your site. And I will check back soon to read your other articles. Keep up your awesome work.

  14. Vasavi Acharya says:

    Very nice article.I am clear about everything concerning puja room now.Thanks

  15. Ram mohan says:

    Dear sir,
    your article is very good and informative.
    My house is under construction.The pooja room is in North-East corner of the house.But the problem is the door to pooja room is in south wall and no doors in either east or north sidefor the pooja room. will be there any vaasthu – dosh?
    Dear Ram Mohan,
    The entrance to the pooja should not be of concern. Just make sure that the deities are placed facing East or West and that you sit facing them. Avoid sitting, facing the South.

  16. Pankaj says:


    Thanks for such an informative details made available on site. Very useful.

    However, I have a query. I am living in a duplex as tenant. House & main gate is east facing. Two entry doors – one is east and other south facing. South facing door leads to hall having drawing cum dining space. East facing door is small room kept for Puja purpose at groung floor. Another door to this room is west facing. East facing door is placed at north-east of the room.

    Our question is – Can we place our wooeden temple at the back of closed east facing door. Secondly, can we keep PC (computer) in this room.

    Would be highly greatful for an early response.

    Warm Regards,

    Pankaj Saxena

  17. Arvind Adiga says:

    Cheers, I just stopped in to visit your blog and thought I’d say I enjoyed myself

  18. Auras says:

    Hi… I have a flat in Pune n wish to have a pooja room There is no place in the kitchen but there is a guest toilet which i can convert to a pooja room
    Now u have said not to have toilet up or down… but all other flats in the bldg have their guest toilets up or down in the same position… but the floors are separated by RCC brick work flooring n sand
    so should i think og converting n making that a pooja room n what other things i can do to balance the vibrations.. thank you

  19. Vimala says:

    Hi sir,

    Can we place the pooja shelf on the north wall west corner, not totally corner a inch aside. Idols of God would be facing south and we would be facing north. Is this okay. Please suggest.

    Ms Vimala,
    To make it easy for us to remember, Vastu Shastra likens the human body to a bar magnet, with the head as the North pole. So we are cautioned to avoid sitting or sleeping with our heads in the North as the 2 North poles will repel. But the scientific reasoning is that the Earth’s magnetic North pole which is actually near the geographic South pole has a positive effect on our brains and so it is advantageous to keep our head in the South whenever we are sitting around or sleeping. So we should do most of our sitting activities, facing North. Thus doing your pooja facing North is a good idea. You can read more in this post VASTU | EARTH’S MAGNETIC FIELD

  20. seema says:


    Thanks for the informative article. I have a question regarding the pooja room entrace. In my house directly opposite the entrace of the pooja after about 10ft, there is a corner of a wall. This corner wall intersects the pooja room entrace at about hald the width of the pooja room door. I was told that this is not advisable and that one end of the pooja room door should be aligned with the corner of wall. Please advise. I have given a sample Below.

    |———————| \|——————————-|
    | | |
    | Kitchen |/ | |
    | ^ | Bedroom |
    |———————| | | |
    | \| | | |
    | Pooja |——————————-|——-|
    | Room /| | |
    |———————| Living Area ———> |
    \ |
    \ |

  21. shashi says:


    Can we have a puja room above the under ground water sump in the north-east corner.


  22. Deepak says:

    If i have 2 same kind of idols can i put them in one pujaroom?
    If East or North side of my flat is bathroom and kitchen then where to put pujaroom or i should not have pujaroom?

  23. Siva says:


    Shall we have 2 entrances to Pooja room, one from the inside the house and other entrance from outside i.e., access from Thulasi Madam to Pooja room.


  24. anil walia says:

    The east/west/south/north are exactly on the corners of plot.My pooja room is situated exactly in north east as it is clear in the map. on the two walls of pooja room one facing south east and other facing south west. Which is best positon to place idols of good?.

  25. Pranab says:

    Thank you for such nice suggestions.
    my house does not have a place for separate pooja room. i have 2 options.
    1. make small place in my living room, adjucent to staircase. idols facing west, puja facing east. the place will be conjested. without much natural light.
    2. staircase landing on 1st floor at the west corner. have enough natural light, idols facing east, puja facing west.
    please advice, which option will be better.

    with best wishes,

  26. mithi says:

    We have a puja room in north east corner of our house , but the idols will be facing towards and we will be facing north while praying.Is this ok? Please guide.Thank s in advance.

  27. priya says:

    if pooja place is placed in the center of room is possible or not.

  28. pranjal says:

    recently i have purchased a flat. i made a provision for pooja room in north-east direction in kitchen. now i am pllaning to furnished my home. my question is can i shelf for storage above the mandir?

  29. Dr Rajavelu says:

    Dear Sir, Amazing facts and thanks for your time. I live in Uk and am buying a House in a gated community on a 5.5 cents land. They have given their plan in which Pooja comes in South. In NE is Bedroom. North is dining. East is utility room then backdoor. Can I leave pooja as it is or replace to Utility ? or have to change the entire plan?
    Many thanks
    Dr Rajavelu

  30. nithya says:


    very useful & informative site,
    i m cleared of all my doubts regarding the pooja room,
    Thankyou so much.

  31. Anu says:

    In my new bought duplex apart my Poona room is NE, my problem is halfway thru the pooja room is loft with dining table over standing on loft u can c murti directly. Is it ok to put mufti below loft or should I only have murti put on the other half which is not under loft. Pl advice

  32. Steps in Pooja Room says:

    this is nice and informative article. I have a query. Usually people make steps in the pooja room and arrange the idols/photos of Gods.
    1. How many steps should one have (somebody said odd nos 1 or 3).
    2. Is there a guideline on how the idols or items be positioned.
    3. can we have a glass steps to be used as part of the steps – since lights above would pass through the glass materials to fall on subsequent steps?

    pls respond.


  33. KN Vivekanand says:

    Thank you very much for an exhaustive elucidation.

  34. Abhay says:

    Dear Sir,
    We are planning to start our house construction,But we have some doubts related to kitchen.
    As per existing plan pooja room is located at east and kitchen is at south east and sink is at south corner of kitchen.
    Is it ok if we shift sink BEHIND pooja room.(i.e. at the north east corner of the kitchen).If we do so,then a gap will be availabe between pooja room and kitchen sink (There will be NO comman wall)..Is it ok to keep a gap..?
    Kindly reply.

    Thanks in Advance

  35. sanjay says:

    can we place puja room in south- east direction

  36. vinay says:

    thanks for post, one query my house is west facing site, hence I have my pooja room inside kicthen, can we have pooja room door facing the gas stove ?


  37. Susheel says:

    Can we use shelve above the Pooja mandir for any other storage purpose, pls advice.


  38. K.N.V.K RAO says:

    Very good.

  39. sonu says:

    Thanks for the very informative article.but i have aspecific question.i am single living witth parents .we have one dedicated pujaroom in NE corner of house.can i install a second mandir in my bedroom wich is on first floor n in SW side .If yes,in wich direction of the room ( my room’s south is attached bathroom, west is balcony , n north and east has a common space and stairs to ground floor).
    Hope to get early reply as i wish to install mandir on sharadpurnima.


  40. R.K.KHANNA says:

    Very informative article. Can I have my mandir in N/E corner of livingroom (drawing cum dinnig room)of a mumbai flat.At present it is in Bedroom..


  41. Ashwani Mahajan says:

    Dear Sir,
    I am constructing second floor of my house and the space for Pooja room is is in South -East corner. Pl. advise me whether I should proceed for this or amennd the plan since the best place is in North -East corner.

  42. Anil says:


    Iam in search of the photos of same Astha lakshmi on glass.. near hyd?

    Can any body tell me where it can be available?

  43. Sankar says:

    can I have puja in the western part of my flat, with idols facing south?

  44. Sajeev says:

    We have booked a 2 BHK appartment facing west. The South west part of the flat is the master bedroom and the north east part of the flat is the other bedroom. Can we place the pooja idols in the north west part of the hall facing idols in east direction ?

  45. POORNIMA Bhat says:

    We have flat in Mumbai and our house is an East-west facing. We do not have an option of placing pooja room in east-west direction, instead we have only the south, southwest vorner available in the living room
    My husband believes hin having a pure heart while praying n yhat vorners have nothing yo do with it.due to which ive no room to give explainations. Please suggest what can b a solution. I cant kerp it the kitchen nor in bedroom.
    Eagerly waiting for your reply sir
    Thanking you.

  46. Lokesha says:

    There is no optioon for me to setup the pooja room in the North east side of the house isnce there is a main door facing north, and now i have placed the pooja room inside the kitchen north east side below the wash besin is that ok OR do i need to change it.

  47. Sindhu says:

    Hello Sir,
    I have an question. In pooja room god is placed in east with a wall. The God is facing the wall.

    The door is towards the side south side of the pooja room.
    Is this correct or the door should face the God.

    Please advise immediately. Please reply to my email i.d.


  48. Pooja room in my house is located in the north east room, with a granite platform in two layers adjoining the east side wall, so that a person performing pooja is facing East.

    Is this correct in accordance with vaastu principles.

    pl clarify G. Krishna Mohan Rao

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