The Puja Room is the room where the family’s deities, idols are kept and used exclusively for prayer, worship and meditation. In earlier times, a well designed, large space was exclusively reserved for this purpose and was usually accessed from the Living Room. However, today with reduced space availability, the Puja Room has become a tiny space, sometimes just a small mandir placed in the Kitchen.


The Puja Room is the room where the family’s deities, idols are kept.

Here, I have explained the Vastu Guidelines for a Puja room. Since Vastu is a science, every guideline is based on sound logic and reasoning. As an Architect, I have attempted toexplain these guidelines rationally and scientifically, so that you can decide what you want to follow and what you don’t.


The Puja room should be in the North-East, East or North: The Scientific Reason – Early at dawn, the Sun is in the North-Eastern part of the house. These hours are ideal for Yoga, meditation, prayer or study as it is very quiet and peaceful. Also, the early morning Sun’s rays have a very beneficial effect on our  health. Therefore, the North-East corner is the best position for the Puja Room/prayer room or meditation room.

In a big site, the Puja room can be in the Centre of the House: The Scientific Reason-The central part of a large house should be kept open to allow proper flow of air and cross ventilation. It makes sense to have a Puja room right in the middle of this court as it can be seen from all rooms and the space is utilized.

The Puja Room should be in the Ground Floor and not in the Basement:The Scientific Reason – A basement is a dark and dingy place and one cannot benefit from the morning sun rays here.

The Puja Room should not be on the upper floors: The Scientific Reason - The Puja room is meant for worship or meditation and this activity is recommended for everyone, everyday, especially in the mornings when our minds are fresh and not yet corrupted by many thoughts. If the Puja room is located on an upper floor, then it can put off physically inactive people like the obese, or the elderly or the ailing, from making the trip to the Puja everyday. The climb up the steps can put them off and since it is out of sight from the commonly used rooms on the ground, one may even forget to spend a few minutes everyday, in thought about God or life!


A puja mandir can be used in case there is no separate puja room

If there is no space for a Puja room, the Mandir can be placed in the North-East corner of the Kitchen: The Scientific Reason – In apartments it may not be possible to have a separate Puja room, but since one starts the day by entering the Kitchen, having a Puja here helps one to spend a few quiet moments in meditation.

Avoid Puja mandirs in the Bedrooms: The Scientific Reason - Many people may feel uncomfortable to lie around with their feet pointing towards the religious idols, as they believe it is disrespectful to god.

Avoid a Toilet near or above the Puja Room: The Scientific Reason - A Toilet causes disturbance when people use it and also the smell can distract while one is meditating.


Avoid keeping torn pictures of gods


Idols can be in the North-East, East or West of the Puja: The Scientific Reason - The morning sunlight streaming in from the North-East, East and the evening light from the West will light up the idols enabling  you to see them better.

Avoid idols facing North: Because then the worshiper has to face South which is not advisable. The Scientific Reason – When a worshiper sits facing South, his feet are towards the south and his head is in the North. This causes the magnetic North of the body, namely the Head to repel the Earth’s magnetic North Pole.

Avoid broken idols or torn pictures: The Scientific Reason - Praying to a broken idol or torn image of a deity can be distracting.

Avoid idols facing each other: The Logic – The purpose of having idols in a Puja room is for one to be able to see them and meditate on them.

Idols should be kept at least an inch away from the wall:The Scientific Reason -Keeping the idols away from the walls, ensures that there is proper movement of air and incense smoke through the room.


The lamp should always be in front of the idol


The lamp should always be in front of the idol:The Scientific Reason - The idea of having a lamp is to light it and if it is placed  in front of the idols, one can see them better.

The puja things should be stored in the South-East of the Puja room:The Scientific Reason – All the puja stuff should be kept away from the North-East and East, so that there is no obstruction to the morning sunlight.

Avoid a bell in the Puja room: The Logic - A Puja room at home is not made to replicate a temple. It is more of a meditation room and loud sounds should be avoided.

Avoid photographs of dead people in the Puja room: The Logic - While many people believe in showing respect to the dead, it is better  not to have their photos in the Puja room as they may be distracting or bring back painful memories.

Food offerings should be placed in front of the idols: The Logic – Whatever is offered to god should be always placed in front of the idol as a mark of respect. Moreover, it is less cumbersome to remove and replace if it is right in front.

A cupboard lower than the idols can be placed against the South or West wall: The Scientific Reason - This way, it will not be an obstruction to the useful morning sunlight.

Avoid storing or hiding money or valuables in the Puja room: The Scientific Reason - Many people may feel they are being disrespectful to God by keeping things and hiding stuff here.


The door to the Puja room should have two shutters


The Puja room should have a lower ceiling: One can use false ceiling for the same. The Scientific Reason – A Puja room is generally a small room and so having a low ceiling will make it appear more proportional.

The Puja room can be a pyramid shaped space: The Scientific Reason - It is known scientifically that sitting in a pyramid especially while meditating can create positive effects on the health of the person.

Keep the Puja room clean always: The Logic – By cleaning the Puja room everyday, it ensures that one spends a few moments in prayer. Also it is a way of showing respect to God.

Door to the Puja room should have two shutters: The Logic - When doing puja or meditating, the door is kept open outwards and can come in the way if it is one shutter.

There should be a  threshold at the entrance to the Puja room.The Scientific Reason -  A threshold prevents ants and insects from entering and this is useful in a Puja room, as foodstuff may be offered in prayer.

For lengthy meditation, sit facing East and avoid facing the idols: If meditation is going to last for more than 15 minutes one should not sit exactly facing the idols. The Logic - When meditating it is best to face East as the morning sun’s rays are beneficial to one’s health. If one keeps looking at the idols, it can be distracting. Moreover the energy that radiates from them can be very strong.


Colours in the Puja room: Can be white, light yellow or light blue. White or light yellow marblework in the room is preferred. The Scientific Reason – White marble shines and reflects light, thus enhancing the bright and well-lit look of a space. The same is true in case of light colours.

This post was about the Vastu guidelines for the design of a Puja Room. The Puja room is usually adjacent to a Living room or in a Kitchen.  Read the Vastu guidelines for the design of these spaces here:

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  1. Maruti Nilajkar says:

    My Building Face North Side, I construct pooja room next to front door north-east side Building Corner. is this right side for pooja room.
    Hi Maruti,
    It is the ideal position for a pooja room. Go ahead.

  2. Lakshmi says:

    Hello Sir,
    Great information!
    I have a doubt. Is it okay to just light a lamp and pray without any idols or pictures?
    If so, in which direction should I light the lamp?
    Thanks and regards
    Hi Lakshmi,
    sure you can. I would suggest you pray facing East. But some people pray facing west (the idols face East). Follow the tradition followed in your family.

  3. nikki says:

    what material should you place the idol on
    Hi Nikki,
    You could place it on any natural stone (granite, marble) or wood shelf. But avoid porous stones like Kota, limestone etc in case you are placing oil and lamps as well on the shelf.

  4. priyanka says:

    my pooja room and bathroom share common wall and are adjacent to each other. everywhere in online it says both should never be adjacent or opposite.
    but i never found exact reason for this
    can u help explaining me this in detail?
    Hi Priyanka,
    The premise is that, while praying, you may get distracted by the smell, the people going in an out of the toilet and the sounds of ablution! Another worry is that the toilet walls may get damp and can adversely affect the adjoining rooms. But in today’s world, toilets are kept clean, odour free and are water-proofed to avoid seepage and dampness. So there is no harm in a toilet and a pooja room sharing a wall provided it is a thick one.

  5. srinivasa rao says:

    Pooja room in my house is in middle of the house towards north east side.main door is West facing ,when we open the main door pooja room will be seen.pooja room has gap of small portion ,wall is not it advisable to close the wall with a glass to direct viewing of pooja a mandir When we enter into house.kindly advise.
    Hi Srinivasa Rao,
    You could do that so that your eyes are drawn towards the mandir as you enter the house.

  6. vivek says:


    1. Can the Mandir be placed facing the NW corner of the house? Means, when worshiping I am facing East/NE?It is a duplex house, with the Mandir placed near the stairs going down. Kind of a small landing on the 1st floor
    2. Can I place small decoration ganpathis in the family room with their backs facing West-North corner of the house (WN corner has windows) ? which means the idols face East?
    Thanks a lot for very informative suggestions that you give!
    Hi Vivek,
    The positions you have suggested for the mandir and the ganapathis are all fine. Please go ahead

  7. pushpa says:

    Sir our flat main door is east facing .ther is no place tu keep puja room in northeast .can we keep in southwest corner.
    Hi Pushpa,
    Sure you can. Practicality is more important in such matters.

  8. jaya says:

    Can i face the photos and idols facing south and myself while doing puja facing northside.
    Hi Jaya,
    Yes that is the right position.

  9. praveen says:

    I have query on idol facing and our facing. Actally in our new house we are planning to keep pooja room in such a that it/idols faces north direction and we will be facing south direction,
    So is this direction are suggestable? If not any work arounds?
    Thanks in advace for your suggestins/help,
    Hi Praveen,
    If your prayer time is short this would be okay. But ideally it should be the other way around – you facing North and the idols facing South.

  10. S. Harisha says:

    sir, my flat maindoor is facing east and where should I keep small pooja mantap as northwest corner is for going to kitchen I have two options southeast corner and southwest corner or west wall or east wall
    Hi Harisha,
    You have four options East wall, west wall, SE corner or Sw corner. Choose the position in which there is ample light and ventilation and where you can stand and pray without being disturbed by movement of the people inside the house

  11. geetha says:

    the pooja room in the north east corner while facing the photos in the west is correct or not. The house facing the east entrance main door.
    Hi Geetha,
    The pooja room is in the right corner according to Vastu. Facing west is okay as the idols will be facing East.

  12. Rethi says:

    Can a room be built above the pooja shelf is kept? pl advice.
    Hi Rethi,
    Do not bother too much about what is built in the upper floors. Jut make sure your pooja area is well ventilated and lit

  13. Bhavani says:

    I staying in 3 room rented flat, but there is no specific pooja room.
    But we have decided to keep one room for pooja purposes.
    The room is where suppose to be pooja room.
    However there is space to keep the idols so in the cupboard we kept the idols
    Is it okay or how are we suppose to keep, please guide.
    Hi Bhavani,
    Since you have decided to keep a room exclusively for pooja purposes, why not invest in pooja mandir or fix some shelves to place the idols. A cupboard is fine but the doors should be kept open.

  14. kirthika says:

    sir, my house facing east direction , my doubt is we should have pooja room opposite to the main door so that when i open the main door i can see the pooja idol?
    Hi Kirthika,
    Many old houses have the arrangement as you describe – as one opens the main door, they see the pooja room, maybe it was considered auspicious to see god’s idol as one enters the house. It is perfectly fine.

  15. Deepanjali says:

    We r in us. I have kept the God beside fire place. Is it fine? There is no wall behind God. Gods are kept on table without any wall behind them. Is it ok to have them in open middle kind of space?
    Hi Deepanjali,
    Keeping the idols near the fireplace is okay. But keeping them in the middle of the room witout a backdrop is not okay. Ideally there should be a solid back (wall) behind the idols.

  16. mitesh patel says:

    sir i have flat of east facing entrance and toilet on north side and i want to place pujaroom backside of that toilet is it ok if i will maintain the toilet neat n clean .plz guide
    Hi Mitesh,
    I am assuming that the puja room will be sharing a wall with the toilet. If the door of the toilet does not open opposite to the pooja room, it is fine.

  17. Hari says:

    Can I keep same god picture more than one time in pooja shelf
    Pooja almirah is 3 steps
    I kept lord venkatesh pic in all 3 steps
    suggest me sire

    Hi Hari,
    Why not? If you have so much faith in this god, have as many as you like.

  18. Hari says:

    My wife suggested to keep amman calendar in pooja shelf
    and have to tear the dates to current date daily basis
    Is that some kind of belief or is it ok to continue?
    I ‘ve never heard of this belief
    Suggest me please
    Hi Hari,
    Always respect others beliefs, especially wife’s! If your wife believes in a calendar, allow her to have it in the pooja room.

  19. suraj padhiyar says:

    My living room is rectangle. While main door is near North east corner. I can cut the living room and make the east-south east corner as mandir room. But I am not comfortable since if we get any guest, person praying in the room may get disturbed also theorising room will get significantly small. So can I keep my mandir opposite my kitchen which is technically in the west (central) part of my flat. The wall sharing mandir is of my kids /guest room. Idols will be facing east. While we will be praying facing west. But this place gives some privacy. Please guide
    Hi Suraj,
    The second option is much better. Privacy is important while praying.

  20. vasanthi says:

    Sir which side should the door of the pooja room should face? when Hall is a square when we place the pooja room in the north east corner then the doors will be facing the west is this ok?
    Hi Vasanthi,
    It is okay and you can face East while praying.

  21. Rajani says:

    can we keep the single door for pooja room?
    Hi Rajani,
    Sure you can.

  22. RP says:

    If there is no concern for elderly people or other similar problem, is it okay to have Puja room on first floor.
    Is there any other reason for not having it on first floor, instead of ground floor.
    Thanks RP
    Hi RP,
    It is okay to have the pooja room in the first floor.

  23. Saurabh Aggarwal says:

    My Pooja room is in the south corner of the house. I know this is not vastu compliant , but this is the only place we had for pooja room. Our idols facing west and worshippers face east. Any remedy for pooja room in south part of the house.
    Hi Saurabh,
    You have made use of the available space. So it is okay. The positioning of the idols is also fine.

  24. revathi says:

    I am having karuppuswamy photo in my pooja room, Can i keep that photo? my friends saying must not keep that photo in home, and my mother-in-law having big vinayagar(black stone) idol in pooja room some people saying according to vasthu black stone idol must not keep in home. Can i remove those two? My family facing many problems one after one financially i dont know the exact reason? pls help…
    Hi Revathi,
    I personally do not agree, as I feel one should keep the idols and photos that one believes in the pooja room. But if your friends’ advice is affecting you, then better to remove the above mentioned idol and photos. Psychologically you will feel more positive.

  25. mohan says:

    Hello Sir,
    I am planning to buy an apartment, which is north facing. The living room in the apartment has a small balcony on the west side of the flat, facing towards east and located adjacent to the common bathroom and foyer (besides main door). I mean this balcony is in between foyer and common bathroom. This balcony space, now I want to change it to Pooja room, which accordingly suits the best in the place. Now the problem is Vastu, which I don’t know. I googled about this and found out that pooja room should be placed in north-east corner of the house and should not be besides bathroom. Can you please advice whether this balcony place is suitable for pooja room?
    Hi Mohan,
    As long as the toilet door is not opening into the balcony, it should be okay.

  26. Sash says:

    can we place pooja mandir (dont have seperate room for it )in living room?. here problem is that when we open main door pooja mandir will be seen . is that ok ?..
    Hi Sash,
    You can. Many people like to see the pooja mandir as they open the door.

  27. Vinay K6mar says:

    I have my puja Ghar on top of the fireplace is this right what should I do but it is in the north east corner of the house it’s my in laws house if I say something they always get offended . Pl give me some suggestions
    Hi Vinay,
    Leave it as it is. Why do you want to change something that has been there and anyway it is not your house. Doing pooja while a fire is blazing below may not be safe and will be uncomfortable. If you do not light a fire in the fireplace, then it is fine.

  28. Divya says:


    There is no space in my home to keep pooja ghar. My house is north facing and north east corner has been occupied with kitchen. We have ventilation towards south. South east is having a washroom and it doesn’t have a door towards south west. shall we keep pooja ghar in south west corner. There will be ample space beween washroom and pooja ghar. Just wanted to ask whether we can keep pooja ghar in south west corner or not.
    Hi Divya,
    If there is free space in the SW corner, go for it. Only make sure to place the deities facing the way you are used to. Some like the deities facing East, others prefer them facing west.

  29. hari says:

    I have pooja room in north east corner, but adjacent to this have kichen(common wall for kitchen and pooja room and far opposite to pooja room there have toilet both are extremely at two ends. On top of pooja room i have a bed room also..Pls advice have to change anything on my plan.
    Hi Hari,
    No need to change the plan

  30. Reena Nath says:

    1. Is it ok for the Pooja area to be in the south east corner of the house and if so should the idols face east or west. Incidentally it is also part of the kitchen
    2. Is it ok to place any cupboard or pictures behind the wall of the pooja room
    Hi Reena,
    It is okay. The facing of the idols is a matter of personal choice. Keep it the way you are used to in your family.

  31. Anu says:

    Hello sir
    I live in us i have a duplex house . Ihave doudt of place puja shelf if I place puja shelf in northeast it is facing the steps for the second flour and it appears when someone enters the first floor straight. Is it ok or can i place it in south west wall.
    Hi Anu,
    Place the pooja shelf in any place where you feel comfortable and peaceful.

  32. Ankita says:

    My Pooja Room is in east direction, Opposite to the washroom, please suggest any remedy for it.
    Hi Ankita,
    You do not need any remedy. Just keep the door to the washrom closed always.

  33. Leena Giridhar says:

    Hello Guruji,
    My parents have taken a 2 BHK house for rent.
    1. Behind the Pooja room there is attach bathroom.
    2. Pooja room entrance is in Hall and door s facing to East
    3. That attach bathroom entrance is inside the master bedroom and facing towards south
    4. In that bathroom the toilet is west side
    5. And the roof of the pooja room can be seen when we enter that bathroom
    Could you please suggest whether its a vastu problem and any solution for the same
    Could you please give the solution for the same.
    Regards, Leena
    Hi Leena,
    Do you mean to say that the roof of the bathroom is open? In that case it is not good for your health.

  34. mt says:

    Sir we bought a flat.main door facing is west, southeast kitchen, northeast kids bed room,
    There is no appropriate place for mandir.there is a bathroom in kids bedroom.the wall of the bathroom is in front the main door of the house in the east direction.the bathroom door opens in to the kids bedroom.can I put the mandir to that east wall Facing west to the main entrance.
    Hi MT,
    Yes you can.

  35. Ira says:

    We are facing problems in finding right place for Pooja ghar at home. Our house main door is in SW and there is one study room adjacent to it which is the only available area for making Pooja ghar.but this area lies in sw of house. Can I make mandir here close to wall that shows east?
    Hi Ira,
    Since you have some free space, use it for the pooja room. It does not matter that it is in the SW. As long as it is well-ventilated and lit, it will do.

  36. Deeksha says:

    Hi Sir,

    We live in US. Our home faces south east (more towards south). I ham considering to use a closet around the Back right side of house (sorry of North east) . Closet has no windows, just a door that opens inwards the closet. This is on first floor. The idols will be placed facing west sort of. Is this configuration ok?

    Also planning to put Ganesha idol on main floor facing the entrance (this is sort of middle of the house). Idol will be placed in a carved niche on wall. Niche is not directly facing the door.. Faces slightly south east (more towards East) . Is this ok too. Some say to use another Ganesha at door entrance facing opposite.. Any suggestions in the shape size directions? Thanks so much!!!
    Hi Deeksha,
    Ideally a closet without windows is not the ideal place for a pooja room. Look for some other nook in your house where there is ample ventilation and light. It does not necessarily have to be in the North-East. As for the Ganesha, I am not sure about your friend’s suggestions. I personally think it is fine to have it in the niche.

  37. Divya says:

    My apartment is facing North. NE is the Main door. NW is the Kitchen. there is no place to keep the pooja room in NE side..
    However I have a open area in the SE side in the first floor. There is a roof glass in the middle of the House . So can I keep the idols in the SE open area in first floor close to the middle roof opening… Idols facing West?
    There is a bathroom diagonally opposite to this place..
    Please advise.
    Can you please share your email id to send the plan?
    Thank you
    Hi Divya,
    Yes you can.

  38. suman says:

    Hello sir,
    Is it ok to have a pooja room under the staircase(size 1×1) facing the northeast. I want to make poojaroom there as it is in northeast direction and next to the entry of the house and I can see the deities everyday..Thanks
    Hi Suman,
    Yes you can since the location fits into most of your criteria. But go ahead only if you or your family members do not feel that you are stamping on the deities as you climb the staircase. It is all about how you feel because when you are on the first floor and a pooja room is on the ground floor, you normally do not think that you are walking over the deities.

  39. srinivas says:

    Due to space issue, we constructed 3 feet puja room inside North east corner of Kitchen room. God photos are kept east and north wall inside puja room. We can’t enter into the room only god photos and puja materials are inside that room. We sit outside of puja room and we do the puja. We arranged 1.6 width size two doors for that puja room. Actually my flat is having 8 doors(dvaramu) and 6 windows (including kitchen dvaramu). Is it consider puja room door as other door and count goes to nine? Is it vastu issue, if yes ..can we keep curtains instead of doors for puja room. Please suggest us.
    Hi Srinivas,
    Count the number of door openings instead of the number of door shutters. So yours is an even number which is fine.

  40. Manish patel says:

    Hi Sir,
    My Home is facing West- East side please suggest me can i build pooja room in center wall of north south or should i build in south – east corner because house has build and door is the north east corner .
    Hi Manish,
    You can build the pooja in the SE if there is no other space for it.

  41. Revathy says:

    I bought a duplex house, whether pooja room cab be set in first floor, can you pls suggest me…
    Hi Revathy,
    It all depends on how you use it. If you do daily pooja and find it difficult to climb upstairs, then it is better in the ground floor. But if there are no such issues, then the first floor is fine.

  42. Gurumurthy P says:

    can we place pooja room door face south whereas Idols are placed towards west direction due to space constraints
    Hi Gurumurthy,
    You can.

  43. B T srinivasan says:

    Hello sir,In our house pooja room idols are facing to north side and we are praying facing by east side and it is very small size. Also the pooja room doors are double door and facing north side. Pooja room back side having kitchen.
    Please suggest whether pooja room is in auspicious place and in which direction we should face to pray?
    Hi Srinivasan,
    It is in an okay position. Praying facing East is also good.

  44. B T srinivasan says:

    our house having west side road and the main door placed at the north east side.(facing north with double door) If it opens, can see the pooja room.
    Please suggest the main door location is auspicious place or not and when main door opens can see the pooja room is good or not.
    Hi Srinivasan,
    All that you have described is okay according to vastu shastra.

  45. Subramanian says:

    I have bought a flat,main door facing is North.
    There is no appropriate place for pooja Room cabinet.
    I am planning to place opposite to kitchen,Idols facing East
    will it be better.
    Kindly suggest.
    Hi Subramanian,
    Yes that appears to be a good idea.

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