Council of Architecture (CoA), India

The Council of Architecture (COA) an autonomous Statutory Body of the Government of India, has been constituted by the Government of India under the provisions of the Architects Act, 1972, enacted by the Parliament of India, which came into force on 1st September, 1972.

The Council of Architecture is charged with the responsibility of enforcing the Act throughout the country, including Registration of Architects, regulating the Architectural Profession and Architectural Education throughout India, besides maintaining the Register of Architects. For this purpose the Council of Architecture has framed Regulations as provided for in the Architect’s Act, with the approval of the Government of India.

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Here, I have briefly summarized the most recent Council of Architecture regulations and guidelines (2009) in simple language,  so as to enable you to understand easily all that is expected from an Architect – his educational qualifications, his Services, his Responsibilities, his Professional Fees, the Schedule of payment, his Professional Liability and Architectural Competitions.

For the official website on the Council of Architecture (COA), Click here:

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One thought on “Council of Architecture (CoA), India

  • November 13, 2014 at 6:28 am

    As a practicing architect & a designer in Bangalore, (which is supposed to be an emerging global design hot-spot as per a BBC News article), in a general discussion about the perils of the practice with a fellow architect, I was rather disheartened to learn that, just about 2% of people building in India approach an Architect for their design / work. (This claim, I agree needs a citation).
    I am unaware of if this percentage is better in the neighboring countries or even the western world. On a larger note, what seems to be more alarming is the the number of people / industries who are unaware of Design as a larger profession and the acute lack of knowledge and will in approaching designers / firms for work in the fields such as Exhibition Design, Industrial Design, Product Design etc. Interestingly, so far a professional management & recognition body such as “India Design Council” was non-existent until recently, despite the fact that the first designers graduated out of India sometime in the mid 1960’s.
    In any case, the percentage of people aware of architecture in general and approaching architectural firms in India seems rather poor. On a bleaker side, the number definitely gives some insights into the poor quality of buildings & nature of the built space that surrounds us, perhaps owing to the lack of collective awareness and knowledge in the public domain, let alone about good design.
    Whilst doing a general search on the practice in India over the internet, I chanced upon some statistics and writing on Architecture and the practice in general, which you have put up on the Internet in the form of a Blog. Not elaborating or quoting the other links and sections there, it seemed that this firm is actually doing a good public service to the architecture community as a whole.
    The entries are from more than a year ago, but one may find it interesting as well, especially to share it across with clients. You may read the entries here:
    About Architects
    Architect’s Educational Qualifications
    Statistics on Architects in India
    Selecting an Architect
    Advantages of hiring an Architect for your Project
    The first meeting of a Client with an Architect
    Nature & Scope of Work of an Architect
    Architect’s Scope of Services
    Architects’ Scale of Fees
    Stages of Payment of Architect’s Fees
    The Blog also includes a “List of Architects in India”. It is also rather sad that any public service / general information such as this is not available either in the Council of Architecture in India website or the Indian Institute of Architects website, which are supposed to be stalwarts of Architectural practice in the country. Perhaps they could take a cue from the “Guidance & Publication Section Web Page” at the Royal Institute of British Architects’ website and have some publications related to architecture unlike what there is currently. Perhaps a similar section may be included in websites such as “The World of Design in India”.
    Best wishes & good luck!
    Hi Prashanth Nandiprasad,
    Thanks so much for your appreciative comments. Coming from a fellow architect, it is a huge compliment. Like you say, I decided to do this, to make people aware of the importance of architects and designers. I believe the mindset of people is gradually changing, which is a good thing.
    Also I have explained Vastu Shastra scientifically in an attempt to remove the ‘superstition’ associated with it.

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