Work Of An Architect | An Architect Explains

Everyone knows that an architect is a person who plans, designs, and oversees the construction of buildings. But many people are unaware of the exact services rendered by an Architect and what to expect. For example will he make changes to the design if you do not like it? How many times can he be expected to visit the site? How do you know if he is qualified to practise? What are his professional fees and scale of charges? What is the schedule of payments? etc. An Architect describes the job of an Architect…….

Selecting An Architect | An Architect Advises

Building a house is an important event in anyone’s life. But it is far more complex than you realise. Many problems can arise during the construction and overwhelm you. An Architect can see possibilities and find solutions to your needs and problems at the site. S/he helps you in choosing the right contractor, in the selection of materials, checks the Contractors’ bills, co-ordinates with other consultants. And s/he ensures that the project is completed even if egos, delays or hitches threaten to stall the project. So it is wise to select an Architect for your project. Read more ……

Statistics Of Architects In India

It is advisable to look for an Architect near your site, as it will prompt him/her to make more site visits. Regular site visits make a huge difference to the way the construction proceeds. So you can go through the comprehensive list of Architects in your city. You could also look at famous Indian and International Architects. You may also be curious to know the statistics of Architects in India and the ratio of male to female Architects…..

Council of Architecture (CoA), India

The Council of Architecture (CoA) an autonomous Statutory Body of the Government of India, has been constituted by the Government of India under the provisions of the Architects Act. The CoA is charged with the responsibility of enforcing the Act throughout the country, including Registration of Architects, regulating the Architectural Profession and Education throughout India, besides maintaining the Register of Architects……

Architectural Institutions In India

As of 2016, there are about 484 institutions in India, imparting undergraduate degree course in Architecture. The standards of Education being imparted in these institutions is governed by Council of Architecture Regulations, 1983, which set forth the requirement of eligibility for admission, course duration, standards of staff and accommodation, course content, examination.