According to Feng Shui, the correct usage of the five elements in your surroundings can bring a lot of benefits to your life. People have reported increase in wealth, love and improvement in health. The Feng Shui elements are each represented by a specific colour and shape and hence, colour and shapes are the easiest way to use the five elements principle to bring more harmony into your space with Feng Shui.

As an Architect, I have explained the five elements and their shapes and colours under the following headings so that you can use them correctly:

What are the element colours in Feng Shui?
How do you use the Feng Shui colours to balance your environment?
What are the element shapes in Feng shui?
How do you define the Feng Shui element of an object- by looking at the colour, shape or material?



The colour correspondence of each of the five feng shui elements is given here:

  1. WOOD: Green, Brown
  2. FIRE: Red, Strong Yellow, Orange, Purple, Pink
  3. EARTH: Light Yellow. Sandy/Earthy, Light Brown
  4. METAL: White, Gray
  5. WATER: Blue, Black



Knowing how to use colour to strengthen and balance your environment may be a complex feng shui subject, but the basics are explained here.  The right placement of feng shui colours is defined by the Ba-Gua, or the feng shui energy map of your space. Each feng shui area of your house is associated with a specific “aspect of your life”,  “element” and “colour”. In order to enhance the different aspects of your life, you should use the right colours and elements in each sector/direction of your house/workplace, as explained here:

SOUTH – USE RED, PINK, PURPLE, YELLOW, ORANGE – FOR FAME AND RECOGNITION : The energy of the South feng shui area is connected to your Fame and Recognition. The feng shui element of South is Fire, and the colours related to it are Red, Purple, Pink, Yellow and Orange. Obviously, you should not put out the fire, which means you should not bring Blue or Black colours to the South feng shui area of your space (as Water puts out the Fire.)

NORTH – USE BLUE, GREEN – FOR SUCCESS IN CAREER : The North feng shui element is “Water”, therefore, “Blue” colour is the right feng shui choice in the North area to support and help you with your career plans.

EAST  – USE GREEN– FOR GOOD HEALTH AND FAMILY LIFE: The East feng shui element is “Wood” and so the “Green” colour is excellent for improving health and balancing family life when used in the East feng shui area of your home. “Blue” is also a good choice as it is the colour of water, which nourishes the wood element of this area.

WEST – USE WHITE – FOR IMPROVED CREATIVITY: The West feng shui element is “Metal” and the colour is “White”. Pure White in the West could support you in your creative endeavors.

SOUTH-EAST  – USE GREEN, BLUE – FOR PROSPERITY: The South-East feng shui element is “Wood”. So a lot of “Green” colour in the South-East helps create abundance.  ” Blue” being the colour of Water, which nourishes the “Wood” element can also be used in abundance here.

Before bringing color into your environment as a feng shui cure, be sure to study the light patterns throughout the day in your space, as well as see how the colour works with your furniture pieces, decor objects, art, etc. All things should be in harmony.



You can also bring the energy of the feng shui elements with specific shapes, and here is how the feng shui elements are expressed in shapes:

  1. WOOD: Rectangular
  2. FIRE: Triangular
  3. EARTH: Square
  4. METAL: Round
  5. WATER: Wavy



When you start applying the feng shui theory of five elements, you might be confused as to the feng shui element representation of a specific piece of furniture or a decor item: whether to define it based on it’s colour, shape or material?

For example, consider a deep blue coloured, wooden table of  square shape. Blue being the colour of the  feng shui element “Water”, is your table bringing the water element or does it bring the “wood” element, as it is made from wood? Or does it represent the “earth” feng shui element since it is square in shape?

Generally, when you have difficulty defining the element of a specific item, the colour will be used as the first criteria. Second comes the shape, and then the material from which the item is made.

Of course, when the element is obvious, such as a metal staircase (metal element) or a plant (wood element), there is no guesswork! In most cases, though, you will see that each decor item brings two or more elements, and in time you will find it easier to sense, or understand, the feng shui element expression of various items in your home.

Once you know how to balance the five elements in your home by using simple decor items, as well as various feng shui cures, you can expect to have  a harmonious and ideal environment in which to live.

Thus, to bring a strong presence of the Feng Shui elements, you can use the elements as such or represented by their colours and shapes. But the elements shoulod not be used haphazardly. If you are unhappy about a certain aspect of your life and want to improve that aspect of your life, then you need to make some changes by using specific elements in specific sectors of your house/space.  This is clearly explained in:

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