Feng Shui is a Chinese system used to create and improve positive energy called Chi in your surroundings. It is the art of placing buildings and objects so that the Chi is accentuated and can flow freely and unhindered by the precise positioning of your house, furniture, decorations and other objects which then will bring positive vibrations and not negative ones that create discord and chaos. If your home is surrounded by positive energy it is believed to create harmony, good health and wealth.


Therefore the right time to apply Feng Shui principles is at the time of designing a building. As an Architect practising in Bangalore, my interest in Vastu Shastra has led me to study Feng Shui. Though I am not as well versed in Feng Shui as in Vastu Shastra, I have made attempts to understand it. So when a client requests me to apply Feng Shui principles to his/her house design, I use my understanding of Feng Shui principles as described here:

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