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This yet-to-be-named commercial project, currently known by its Block Package designation, is just one of the many towers coming up in India’s largest greenfield megaproject, the Gujarat International Finance Tech-City. The three towers in Block Package E with 65, 60 and 60 floors will be amongst the tallest in the upcoming 80+ skyscraper skyline.

A night perspective view of the Package E towers in GIFT city.


Before I describe the Block Package E towers, its necessary to give some information on the GIFT project.The picture shown below is that of the proposed Gujarat International Finance Tec-City (GIFT), which will be one of the world’s largest and most modern financial hubs. The site is located at Gandhinagar, the capital city of the industrial Indian state of Gujarat and near the state’s commercial capital, Ahmedabad. In addition it’s strong proximity and infrastructure connectivity with Mumbai ensures that mutually beneficial development occurs between the two metros.When completed, GIFT city will be at or above par with presently acknowledged global financial centers such as Shinjuku (Tokyo), Lujiazui (Shanghai), La Defense (Paris) and Dockyards (London). Size-wise too, at over 75 million sq. feet of office space, it is almost twice the size of Shinjuku, Luijiazui, La Defense and Dockyards combined!

Gift City on the banks of the river Sabramati. The Block package E towers can be seen on the left side of the skyline.

 The scale of GIFT is singularly massive, unparalleled in the world except for a handfull of Dubai megaprojects. GIFT-City will have 312 tall buildings — the tallest being the signature Diamond Tower with 87 floors; another 40 buildings with more than 50 floors and many more with 24 plus floors of height. The entire project is not only fully approved but already completely sold out due to insane demand. Construction will begin later this year.

For more information on GIFT as a whole, check out GIFT CITY.


Here is a bird’s eye-view of the Package E towers. Note the spire on the lower building


Located on block (or in GIFT development parlance “Package”), “Package E”, the three towers are designed by ECADI Architects, the master planners of many of Shanghai’s newest projects. The Package E Towers will be fully commercial in use which will make them amongstthe  tallest commercial projects in India.


The tallest of the three buildings will stand at 65 floors, and the other two at 60 floors. But interestingly enough, the tallest element of the project, a spire, is actually located on one of the smaller, flanking buildings. The three buildings of the block package are connected at a number of levels by criss-crossing sky bridges. The towers are located within the cluster of skyscrapers along the riverfront of the GIFT project All the three towers are completely clothed with glass. The common design element of cut-facades inspired by a traditional Indian-cut diamond, (since Gujarat is known as the ‘diamond capital of the world’) can be seen in this design also. The re-reflections of sunlight on the glass facades can give an illusion of a sparkling diamond in the hot gujarat sun!

A daytime view of the Package E towers. Note the interconnecting sky bridges and the spire.
The tower has been completely approved by all governing and oversight bodies and will be constructed in the first phase of the project. Construction is expected to begin later this year, but may be put on hold if more redesigns/upscaling of the project is in the offing.

All pics in this article are courtesy ECADI Architects and GIFT.

For more information on buildings/projects designed/executed completed in Gujarat, go to:

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