The Kitchen which is usually adjacent to the DINING ROOM, is an extremely important part of the house, where healthy food for the family is prepared and cooked.  In ancient times, cooking was done on open stoves and the washing of utensils, and preparation of food was all done outside. Hence Vastu guidelines were primarily based on the Sun and the main wind directions. However today, the Kitchen has become a compact, efficient, safe and easy place to work in and so the planning is different.


Here, I have explained the Vastu Guidelines for a Kitchen. Since Vastu is a science, there is logic and reasoning behind every guideline. As an Architect, I have attempted to explain these guidelines rationally and scientifically, so that you can decide what you want to follow and what you don’t.


South-East or North-West: The Scientific Reason - In earlier times, when the cooking was done on open stoves outside the house and combustible building materials were prone to catch fire, the cooking fire was preferred in the S-E corner or the N-W corner, where the hot summer wind, blowing from the S-W to the N-E direction could not cause damage by carrying sparks.

Avoid the Kitchen in the North-East : The Scientific Reason - Since the constant, morning sunlight enters from the North and East sides, these areas are reserved for a Meditation room and a Living hall from which all other spaces open. Hence it is a waste to have a Kitchen here.


A kitchen should be lit with the morning sunlight


The door to the Kitchen should be in the North, East or North-East: The Logic - In a South-East kitchen, it makes sense to have an L-Shaped counter on the South and East walls for efficient use of space. Therefore, the entrance can be only from the North or West walls. Since the Living and Dining areas are in the Northern part of the house, it is natural that the door to the Kitchen should be from the North side.

The door should open clockwise: The LogicMost of the population being right handed, it is easier to open the door in a clockwise direction when entering into the Kitchen.

The larger windows should be in the East: The Scientific Reason – The early morning sunrays are very beneficial to health and the UV rays of the sunlight kill germs. Hence the morning sunlight should be allowed into the house, especially in the Kitchen where germs thrive and multiply. Moreover, the sunlight is good for the health of the person who is busy in the kitchen in the mornings and doesn’t have the time to go out and get exposed.

Additional smaller windows can be in the South, for cross-ventilation: The Scientific ReasonIn a Kitchen, where there is a lot of cooking fumes and odours, cross ventilation will ensure that the hot air and fumes exit out of the house and are replaced with fresh cool air from outside.


The windows in a kitchen should preferably be in the East


The cooking stove should be in the South-East corner of the Kitchen: The Logic - In a South-East kitchen, it makes sense to have counters running on the South and East walls, for proper and efficient use of the space. Naturally the S-E corner becomes suitable for the main kitchen appliance, namely the Stove,  as the rest of the counter space can be used for preparing and cleaning food to be cooked.

One should cook facing East: The Scientific Reason - Since the women get tied down with kitchen chores from early morning, they don’t get a chance to get exposed to the useful morning sunrays. So the best solution, was to force the women to cook facing East so that they would benefit from the sunlight falling on them.

The cooking stove should not be visible from the outside: The Logic – One feels uncomfortable to cook if people can see form outside.  Hence a little privacy helps.


The kitchen sink


The Kitchen sink should be in the North-East: The Scientific Reason – In earlier days, when there was no running water and water for washing purposes was stored in open vessels, it was preferred in the N-E corner where the morning UV rays would kill the germs and keep the water and the whole area purified.

The Kitchen sink and cooking stove should not be close to each other: The Logic being fire and water do not go together.

Avoid water taps in the corners of 2 counters: There should be no leaking taps in the kitchen. The Logic - It is quite difficult to wash if the sink is in the corner of two counters, as you tend to lean uncomfortably forward. Leaking taps just waste water.


Drinking water should be stored in the North-East of the Kitchen: The Scientific Reason – When water is to be stored, it is better to have it in the N-E corner where the morning UV rays can kill the germs and keep the water purified and clean for consumption. 

kitchen appliances 11

All the kitchen appliances should be kept along the walls


The refrigerator should be in the North-West or South-West  corner of the Kitchen: The Logic - Since the counters are fixed on the South and East walls of a S-E kitchen, the corners available for appliances like a refrigerator, are the N-W or the S-W corners.

The microwave should be in the South-East corner of the Kitchen: The Logic - A microwave just like a cooking stove is used for cooking food and so can be placed next to the stove in the South-East corner.

The exhaust fans should be in the East walls: The Logic – Since the cooking is done in the S-E corner, while facing East, it is obvious that the exhaust fan or chimney should be placed here.


Avoid overhead storage above the cooking stove: But it is useful to have overhead storage in the rest of the areas. The Logic - The space above the stove should be left open or fitted with an exhaust system (like a chimney) for the fumes to dissipate. Otherwise there is the likelihood of the overhead cupboard catching fire. Also cleaning the cupboard, shelf etc will be quite difficult as it will be covered with oil and grease.


Ideally, there should be a dining table in the kitchen


The Kitchen is the best place for the daily meals: The Logic – In earlier days, the lady of the house first served the meal to the rest of the family before eating herself and so it was convenient for her to make hot food and serve it right there instead of making it before hand and then transferring it all to the Dining room. Moreover, there is a charm in watching the lady cook the food right in front of you. The anticipation of the food makes it taste better and worth the wait.

The dining table should be in the North-West and not in the centre of the Kitchen: The Logic – If the Dining table is placed in the kitchen, it is best to keep it in a free corner, where there is less activity and the ideal place for that in a S-E kitchen, is the North-West corner. If it is placed in the centre of the room, it will be an obstruction in movement and the efficient use of the kitchen.


The colour of the Kitchen walls: It is good to have a lot of green colour in the kitchen. For example green granite for flooring or green pictures, as this helps improve the appetite of the family members, Other suitable colours are soft pink and orange. The Logic – Studies have found that the color of a food can greatly affect how its taste is perceived. Some colours are thought to be stimulating, like the bright yellows and oranges at fast-food outlets that are intended to make you eat more, while others are thought to be soothing, like the greens of a rainforest.

This post was about the Vastu guidelines for the design of a Kitchen. The Kitchen leads to the next spaces namely the Store Room, the Kitchen Garden and sometimes the back Gate. Read the Vastu guidelines for the design of these spaces here:
The Vastu Guidelines are very similar to the guidelines used by modern Architects in designing a house. To read about an Architect’s guidelines on the Design of a Kitchen, go to: DESIGNING A KITCHEN

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  1. Kishore Suri says:

    I have purchased flat on second floor entrance is south facing and the kitchen is on middle west wall entrance of the is open from east and the sink is in the north west corner facing of the cook while cooking is possible only on south or north
    pl advice me.
    Hi Kishore,
    Keep the cooking facing North.

  2. Ruchi Agarwal says:

    I have purchased a flat on twenty first floor ,main entrance of the flat is east , master bedroom is south west only the kitchen is on middle west wall entrance is open from east , cooking range while cooking is possible only on south or north side. Washing sink is also possible only on north or south side.
    pl advise me with options.
    thanks and regards.
    Hi Ruchi,
    Keep the cooking range in the North. The sink can be in the North if there is ample space after the range. Otherwise keep it in the South.

  3. sudha says:

    We are building a house and we will have the kitchen in the north west corner of the house..
    can you please advise in which direction the stove needs to be placed.
    The dimensions of the kitchen would be 18 x 13.
    We plan to have the dinning also in the kitchen.
    Thanking you,
    Hi Sudha,
    In a North west Kitchen the counters are generally in the north and west sides. You can place your stove in the North counter. Since you have a large kitchen you may be able to have a counter in the East, then place the stove in the East.

  4. aarti bhoi says:

    my kithen is in south-east direction but sink in south wall what sould i do ?
    Hi Aarti Bhoi,
    If your cooking stove is not in the South, it should be okay. Doing any activity for long periods facing South, should generally be avoided as it affects the magnetic equilibrium of our bodies.

  5. SANKAR says:

    Hi Sankar,
    I have heard that the SW is not recommneded for the Kitchen. But according to me all corners SW, NE, SE, NW are suitable. It all depends on the orientation of your site. In fact, the NE which is considered taboo for kitchens in most of the country is the preferred position in Kerala!

  6. archanan says:

    hello sir, i have rental house where my kitchen is in the west and the cookin wil b done facing north.please help.
    HI Archanan,
    Go ahead and cook!


    my kitchen is at N W. we want to know the face of cook can be towards West side
    Hi Sushil Kumar Modi,
    In a North-west kitchen, the counters will most likely be in the North and West. If the North option is not possible then you can have the stove in the West.

  8. manjula says:

    hi sir
    recently i buit up our own house but i confused about which colour is suitable for bedroom, kitchen, hall, childrenbedroom,
    Hi Manjula,
    Refer to my posts on colours in interiors.

  9. murali says:

    I ma buying a flat , kitchen is on the west side and the cook will be facing the west. Entrance to kitchen is from the east or north east . Please advise whether its ok to go ahead with this ??
    Hi Murali,
    According to me it should be okay.

  10. girish says:

    dear sir,

    in my kitchen cooking direction is facing south is it ok?
    Hi Girish,
    Doing any activity for long periods facing South, should generally be avoided as it affects the magnetic equilibrium of our bodies. So try to shift the stove to some other direction.

  11. Nilesh says:

    I live in a rent room, the kitchen is in North side, & kitchen window is east side opening, so pls. suggest for vastu, I cannot keep stove in front of open window. So the gas stove supposing faces north direction…is my kitchen suitable according to vastu shastra???please tell me.
    Hi Nilesh,
    You can have the stove facing North.

  12. Rajneesh says:

    Recently, I shifted into a rental flat in Ghaziabad. I am facing lot of money-loss problem. Later I came to know that in my kitchen, cooking is South direction facing, and there is no option to change the direction in kitchen.
    Is there any remedy for the same, or I should change the flat immediately.
    Hi Rajneesh,
    Cooking, facing South is not advisable since it can affect the magnetic equilibrium of the body. I will not connect your money problems with this, but you are obviously disturbed. So make some changes.

  13. nilanjana says:

    Is it recommended for cooking facing west direction/south direction?
    Hi Nilanjana,
    The preferred directions are North and East, but if you do not have that option you can cook facing west. Facing South should generally be avoided, as it affects the magnetic equilibrium of our bodies.

  14. Dulal Baruah says:

    My kitchen shelf where the stove is keep is black colour. Often i feel some dissatisfaction about it. Would it harm my family ?
    Your suggestion expected in this regard.
    With best wishes and regards.
    Dulal.from Guwahati.ASSAM
    Hi Dulal Baruah,
    Why do you feel dissatisfied? Is it because there is a general taboo against black colour in Indian culture? Most commonly used granite counters in India are the black ones as they are quite dense and less likely to get stained or scratched. But then, if you feel psychologically unhappy about it, why suffer? Replace the counter.

  15. jayanti says:

    hi sir.
    i recently purchased one new apartment house with kitchen in north east direction.. according to vastu shastra it is not a preferable direction.. but i am helpless.. cant relocate the location of the kitchen also.. so pls help me in this regards..
    Hi Jayanti,
    Just because Vastu Shastra recommends that the kitchen should “ideally” not be in the North-East, it is not a hard and fast rule. In fact in some parts of the country (Kerala), I have come across kitchens in the North-East. Since you cannot anyway relocate it, you have to stop feeling ‘helpless’ and look at it positively.

  16. MOHIT says:


    I have recently purchased a flat facing north-east, the kitchen is in south-east corner, but the face while cooking would be towards north-east and the sink is in south-east corner.

    Could you please suggest is it fine as per vastu.
    Hi Mohit,
    I think as per Vastu it is perfect.

  17. Ashwini says:

    Hello sir.
    I recently purchased one new apartment house with kitchen in north east direction.. according to vastu shastra it is not a preferable direction.. at the time of cooking my face @ north side.but i am helpless.. cant relocate the location of the kitchen also.. Please give me suggestion. Thank you in advance
    Hi Ashwini,
    Just because Vastu Shastra recommends that the kitchen should “ideally” not be in the North-East, it is not a hard and fast rule. In fact in some parts of the country (Kerala), I have come across kitchens in the North-East. Since you cannot anyway relocate it, you have to stop feeling ‘helpless’ and look at it positively. Facing North while cooking is good for you.

  18. Dr Mukesh Garg says:

    Our kitchen is facing east direction and entry from west with a large window on east side.
    So can be place gas stove in north direction?
    Please advice us.
    Hi Dr Mukesh,
    Cooking while facing North is a good choice.

  19. GKP says:

    hello sir,
    we have no space in ground floor for kitchen .shall we
    fix it in first floor SE corner and in that room we have to step down three steps after the door immediately….
    when we open the door we have to step down three steps to the floor…is it ok…sir
    Hi GKP,
    No it is not acceptable as you have to step down 3 steps. It will be impractical to carry food and provisions up and down the steps. Moreover, the kitchen should be in the ground floor near the dining area. Find a space, otherwise make the dining room, a kitchen-cum-dining space.

  20. shenbagadevi says:

    Sir we are planning to remodel a house .sir what colour of granite is best to lay for keeping the stove according to vaastu..please help me..I am confused with black,green or white.which one is THE BEST
    Hi Shenbagadevi,
    Ideally go for black or a dark coloured one as they are denser and absorption of water is limited.

  21. Resha says:

    Hello Sir,

    My kitchen location is NE, with gas in east direction, however my refrigerator and water purifier is on the south wall and storage cabinet in north. Will it have any adverse effects, please suggest any corrections. Thanks.
    Hi Resha,
    As long as your kitchen has adequate ventilation and light, there will be no adverse effects.

  22. srividya says:

    Staying in rented flat. my kitchen entry is from east..while cooking I have to face west..there is no option of north as no slab is given towards north and sink given towards south west side..exit fan and snall window given towards south side.. is it good..please advice.
    Hi Srividya,
    In a rented accommodation, it is impossible for you to make structural changes like shifting the counter. So make the best of what is available. Just make sure there is lot of light and ventilation.

  23. lakshmi ashok says:

    my entrance is south, my kitchen entrance is west, stove on north wall, cooking facing north side, my sink on nw, big window on west, refrigerator on se.
    Hi Lakshmi,
    No need to make any changes. Go by the present layout.

  24. HEMANGI says:

    Hi Hemangi,
    Place the stove in the North facing counter.

  25. Gautam Harnik says:

    I have finalised upon a house.
    Master bedroom: SW
    Children’s bedroom : NW
    Parents bedroom : NE
    TV Room / Guest room : SE
    Kitchen : North towards North East of the house.
    Big window and door to dry balcony on North wall.
    West wall has a door to servant room.
    Considering the location of the kitchen , I can use some of your expert advice.
    Thank you.
    Hi Gautham Harnik,
    The children’s bedroom in the SE, parents bedroom in the NW and TV room in the NE would have been better. But if you have finalised the present layout due to size consideration, it is fine. The kitchen position is also okay.

  26. Madhu says:

    Hi Sir,
    Thanks for providing such a good site with all required information. Now I am confused by different view given by other vastu consultants and not sure to keep my apartment or sell it off. Below are the details. Kitchen – Falls mid of West – Provision to cook facing West or South is only possible. Sing is at North-west. Its a open kitchen with dinning hall in East. Master bed room – North West – Facing South. Attached bathroom facing North.
    Guest/Child bed room – North East facing south and balcony facing East.
    Main Door – It was facing South, I changed slightly and made it East facing by changing the main door. Main Toilet – Next to Guest/Child bed room – Facing West. Please suggest your changes and comments and clear my confusion. Should I retain this apartment or sell it off!!!
    Hi Madhu,
    Why are you thinking of such drastic measures? The layout more or less seems to be okay, according to me. So stick with it. Just make sure the circulation between rooms is smooth and the furniture can be placed without coming in the way. Otherwise, make some changes by shifting the doors.

  27. sachin kumar says:

    I have to construct our home. Our kitchen is in west side. The way to enter into kitchen is in east side of the kitchen. How Should I build my platform as Kitchen size is 5’6″ (west to east) and 6 feet (south to north. How should I put my slab. I am planning to have the platform on south and east side(near the gate). Would the sink good to have in south west corner of the kitchen. and or please guide me for better layout.
    Hi Sachin Kumar,
    It is better to have the counters along the West wall and the North or south walls.

  28. M S says:

    Dear Sir,
    We stay in rental accommodation with Kitchen in S-W. It has a L shaped Platform facing S(longer) and the smaller side on the west with a water sink on its rt end. There’s window too above the western platform. A door opens to a small balcony and a wash area towards the west side(next to the water sink). Till now i used to cook facing south with my microwave in the mid section of ‘L’ and water pot on the smaller side of ‘L’, under the window (West) knowing that both directions are not recommended and structural modifications cannot be done, please suggest the right direction for cooking and any other remedy to be adopted.
    Regards, MS
    Hi MS,
    Since you have been cooking in this direction for so long, why do you want to change? I think you should stick with this position considering all practical aspects. However, if it is bothering you so much, then put a table on the eastern wall and place the stove in that direction.

  29. Amit says:

    we want to buy . 4 Burner stove what is the color of it. Our stove is placed in south east
    Hi Amit,
    You can buy any colour that you like. But as an architect I recommend that you buy a colour that goes with your kitchen counter. For example a black glass one will sit well in a black granite counter and contrast well in a white counter.

  30. HARESH says:

    Respected sir, we are just constructing the house where kitchen is placed just below toilets as per architectural design,so we are in confusion to how to get read of that please suggest me .
    Hi Haresh,
    The only problem with toilets above kitchen is that, in case the toilet floors leak due to faulty workmanship, it could seep into the kitchen. However, it is very rare nowadays especially in houses. Just make sure that during the construction, the sinking, filling and waterproofing of the toilet floor is done properly.

  31. depiga says:

    hai sir
    my kitchen has 5 feet breadth and 7 feet length. is that OK sir?
    what is the vasthu palan for 5 feet sir?

  32. Gautam Harnik says:

    Thank you for your earlier reply & suggestions.
    One more question:
    Cooking range in kitchen is close to the SE part of the kitchen and one faces East while cooking.
    The sink is in the NE part of the kitchen. But how should it be placed ?
    Should The person using the sink ideally face North or East ?
    Please advise. Thank you.
    Hi Gautham,
    Honestly, it does not matter. However, if you want to have it all perfectly in accordance with Vastu, then place it so that you face East. But then again, look at the practicality of that position and make sure that you are not inconvenienced while working at the sink.

  33. Santanu says:

    Hi Sir,

    I am planning to purchase a flat where the kitchen is in the mid west (not exactly in north west). While cooking the person has to face toward west and the sink will be in north direction .
    Is it ok for vastu?
    Hi Santanu,
    It is okay.

  34. Ravindra says:

    Sir, Recently we took a flat. Kitchen is in South-East position. We have L shaped cooking platform where smaller part is in west side. We have a sink in west side (While washing the dishes, we need to stand in west facing). Many are suggesting to change the sink to N-E position. Please suggest.
    Hi Ravindra,
    It is very easy for people to suggest that you change the sink position to an ‘ideal position’, the NE. But practically it involves breaking walls to change the water lines, the rearrangement of your cabinets and a patched up job. I suggest you stick to the present position as there is no harm in facing west.

  35. Hyndavi Ravuri says:

    Respected Sir, Our Kitchen is in S-E position. It has a L shaped Platform facing E(longer) and the smaller side on the South with a water sink on its rt end.(While washing the dishes, we need to stand in south facing). We have a door after the sink to go kitchen balcony. Many are suggesting to change the sink to N-E position. Please suggest.
    Hi Hyndavi,
    The present position seems to be okay because your window will most probably be in the south wall facing the balcony. It is better to have a sink where there is light. It is inevitable that you may stand facing south for some time in any room. That will not affect your health adversely. It is only when you sit for long periods of time facing South, that there may be a negative effect.

  36. Vijaya says:

    Hello Sir, we have purchased a East facing flat. Our kitchen and bathroom wall is sharing. Is there any issue? Do we need to do any modifications? Our kitchen is SE position in my flat. West side wall is sharing with bath room. Please suggest.
    Hi Vijaya,
    Nothing needs to be done.

  37. Mani says:

    Sir ,
    We bought a new flat and the kitchen is in the south-east corner.We have options of facing south or west while cooking.Can we plan it such a way that the person cooking will be facing west ?
    Hi Mani,
    Yes you can.

  38. My kichen is in south west corner having washing area outside from kitchen In kitchen wash area sink is in north west side is it correct and a small sink is made in kitchen in south west area i want to know that is it right place or not
    Hi Gaurav,
    It is okay to have 2 sinks in the positions mentioned, but make sure you use more of the sink where you stand facing North, West or East. Avoid using sinks facing South for long periods.

  39. SUDHIR gavali says:

    Is facing north cooking ok
    Hi Sudhir,
    Yes it is okay.

  40. Ampa says:

    We already have Our kitchen in the SE sector of our house and have an island in the kitchen where our cooking stove is placed facing East. Is this okay as per Vaastu? Appreciate some assurance.
    Hi Ampa,
    Everything you have mentioned is as per vastu. So why worry?


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