It has been validated that energy emitted by matter takes its form from the matter. This means that a triangular shaped object gives off an energy pattern in the form of a triangle; an irregular shaped object gives off an irregular shaped energy pattern and the energy form extends in all directions similar to a ripple effect. According to Feng Shui, when you are outside a building you are affected by the ripple effect of the energy emitted by the shape of the building; but when you are inside a building you are being affected by the compressed energy emitted by its shape.

Odd shaped house

Shapes can have a profound effect on the Feng Shui within a building, either helping or impairing the well-being of the occupants. A house needs to feel comfortable and have a restful environment. But many times, in an attempt to make a statement or to create something unique, architects play with the shape of the house/building and design homes that are not conducive to rest. Rather, one feels unsettled or restless in such houses.

As an example, many Chinese restaurants have circular tables instead of square ones because circles create unstable chi (energy) that is always circulating, while squares create restful chi. So people tend to linger longer at square tables, which is what the patron does not want, since he needs more customers to walk in.


A square or rectangular shaped plot/house is ideal in Feng Shui: These shapes are stable and solid. The chi can flow smoothly around the house and settle in square or rectangular rooms. So, people naturally feel at home in such a house. Moreover, the floor plan in a square/rectangular house is usually logical and easy to navigate. Therefore, when looking for a house or office, try to find a home that is square or rectangular and allows you to walk through it without getting confused. While the house shape is important in Feng shui, the shape of the plot is also very significant. So look for a square or rectangular site as well.

A rectangular or square shape is stable and solid

Circular sites/houses should be avoided: The chi in such a house is not still and does not create a restful effect. People do not tend to stay long in a circular house. Correction – But if you already have a circular house, you can use plants to create lines within the house to give an effect of square/rectangular shaped rooms. This will slow down the chi and create a more restful feeling.

The chi of a circular house does not create a restful effect

Houses that have ‘missing’ or ‘hollow’ portions like ‘H’-shape, ‘L’-shape, ‘C’-shape are generally not suitable, depending on what section of the house is ‘missing’: A ‘hollow’ occurs when a portion of a house is ‘missing’ and a ‘protrusion’ is formed when a portion of a house becomes prominent. Notwithstanding the ‘protrusions’ or ‘hollows’, if the center of the house is still located within the house, then it indicates that the unity of the family is preserved, as the center of a house is considered as the ‘heart’ of the house. However, in a house with its center located outside, due to its irregular shape you will find a broken family or family members preferring to spend more time outside the house.

Triangular sites/houses should also be avoided: There is an imbalance in this shape as one side is open  while the other is very close. Inside such a house, odd angles are created within the rooms. These angles especially the ones that point at you, are called ‘poison arrows’ as they channel strong chi (called sha chi)at high speed towards the people in the room, which can affect the well-being of the occupants. Moreover, the floor plan of a triangular house is often confusing with 45-degree turns and oddly placed doors.  Correction – If you already own a triangular lot, then you can use bushes or trees to square off the plot. If you have a house with a lot of angles, you can block the sha chi, using plants to block the angles.

Triangular building should be avoided

So, the next time you find yourself in an unusually shaped building, just stop and notice the feel of the place. If you feel confused or dizzy you will know why shapes have a profound effect on the inhabitants.  Buildings designed as per Feng Shui principles may seem boring and simple because of the square and rectangle shapes, but they energise the inhabitants and can in turn promote their success and well-being.

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Feng Shui is conceptually similar to its Indian counterpart Vastu Shastra in that, they both try to harmonize the flow of life-energy (“Chi” in Feng Shui or “Prana” in Vastu) through the house. You can read more about the Vastu Shastra Factor, the Site Shape here:

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